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Public Secrets About Eze-Idegwu III:

The position of Eze Idegwu in Achina, Aguata LGA, Anambra State, is prestigious one, reserved for Royalty!

HRM Igwe Godwin N Obiora is Eze Idegwu III. Find out what you don’t know about Igwe Ononenyi.

Who is Igwe G N Obiora

Citation on Eze Idegwu III of Achina, HRM Igwe Godwin Nnaemeka Obiora (Ononenyi).

HRM Igwe Godwin Nnaemeka Obiora, Eze Idegwu III of Achina (Ononenyi), Taurus; born on 25th day of April 1961 in the commercial city of Onitsha:

To the family of Chief Pious Obiora (Nnabuenyi) and late Mrs. Agnes Obiora (Nee Ezeonuegbu) of Umuezeononuju kindred, Dimojiriaku ward of Imenwe kindred in Umuezeiyi village of Achina.

He is the first son out of seven children (six males and one female).

Primary Education

In 1966 Igwe Godwin Obiora was enrolled into the primary school at Niger city primary school in Onitsha, Anambra state Nigeria.

His primary school education was unfortunately disrupted by the Nigerian civil war 1967-1970.

Onitsha having become a war theatre, his parent had to flee to ancestral town Achina Idegwu for safety.

After the civil war in 1970 Igwe Godwin Obiora continued his primary school education at central school Achina where he obtained his first school leaving certificate in 1976.

Secondary School Education

Immediately after his Primary education, in 1977 he was admitted into Saint Peter’s Secondary School Achina.

At Saint Peter’s, in 1982, he sat for and passed his west African School Certificate Examination (WASCE) in flying colors.

Early in 1983 Igwe Godwin Obiora like every other school leaver was confronted with a critical and inevitable decision of life.

It was a decision, whether to further his education or search for greener pasture in other fields of life.

Tertiary Education

In the middle of 1983, he reached a consensus with his parents and traveled to India where he was admitted into the Karnatak University, Dharwad.

1986, he obtained his first degree of Bachelor of Arts (BA) with honor in Political Science.

In 1987, the obedient and smart young Igwe Godwin Obiora courageously overcame the temptation to remain abroad where life comparatively seems luxuriant, and made it back to Nigeria.

G N Obiora returned home in fulfilment of his earlier promises to his father and loved ones to contribute his quota to the development of his father land.

Business Brand

1988 Igwe Godwin Obiora chose Lagos State as base for his Business; under his flagship company “Allied Merchants Limited.”

He flourished into a giant name in the distribution of sanitary wares all over the states of Nigeria.

Igwe G N Obiora was in 1988 initiated into the popular “Ọzọ Society” where he was decorated with the Ọzọ title: “Ononenyi.”

Igwe Ononenyi is a foundation member of his age-group “Achina Amaka.”

Lolo Eze Idegwu III

1991 Igwe Godwin Obiora found his love former Miss Vivian Nonye Ezechukwu from Amesi. And their marriage, blessed with five children, two handsome Princes and three Pretty Princesses.

Contributions to Achina Leadership

However, Igwe Godwin Obiora has served in the following offices:

Vice Chairman Umuezeiyi village Meeting Lagos Branch

Vice Chairman Eleke/Ezeiyi meeting Lagos Branch

Second Vice President Achina Town Union (ATU)

Chairman Achina Town Union Lagos Branch

Member, Committee for the reconciliation of the executive committee of the defunct Achina United Organization, Lagos Branch

Member, Committee for the formation of Achina Town Union (ATU) Lagos Branch.

No wonder Igwe G N Obiora was chosen for the prestigious position of Eze Idegwu III.

Public Secrets About Eze-Idegwu III: Wants to get the details…?

The full details of the captured traditional processes and the ATU leadership efforts for the enthronement of Eze Idegwu III is better fetch in Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages, an eBook on Achina History by Nweke Ifeanyi Green.

December 23rd 2009, Igwe Godwin Obiora emerged Igwe-elect through a keenly contested democratic election held at the Achina Town Hall.

29th of November 2010, history was made as His Excellency, the then Executive Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi (CON) presented a certificate of recognition to the Igwe of Achina.


His Father, now, late Chief Pius Obiora (Nnabuenyi), then, to the glory of God, gave his approval and blessing:

Thus, granting his son Igwe G N Obiora, the freedom to present himself to undergo the requisite processes for the thrown of Eze Idegwu III of Achina.

His Royal Majesty!

December 29th 2010, HRM Igwe Godwin Nnaemeka Obiora was enthroned as Eze Idegwu III of Achina.

Chief Boniface Ezeaka became the Traditional Prime minister (Onowu Eze Idegwu III)

Barr K C Ezeanyika, the 3rd citizen of Achina (Mkpịsị Eze Idegwu III).

Official Address by Eze Idegwu III to Ndị Achina

In the address presented by Igwe Godwin Nnaemeka Obiora, Eze Idegwu III of Achina to Achina community on his coronation on 29th day of December 2010, he said:

“After several years of inertia, Achina town is about to emerge again as a formidable town to be reckoned with:

In the scheme of things in Anambra state, as we march forward to assume our rightful position among the 177 ( as of the time of this publication 181) communities in Anambra state.

True talk

However, the journey that brought us this far, has not been an easy one; especially, after decades of wrangling over Chieftaincy stool, which tore Achina town to shreds and left it prostate:

Leaving it with years of bitterness and bickering; years of litigations in the law court and the attendant animosity.

Today, the people of Achina have risen to celebrate the installation of Igwe without rancor but with love and fanfare.

We give the glory to God, for His Great Mercy.

And We thank Him for being gracious to us by giving us the privilege of being witnesses to this great moment in the history of Achina town once polarized over this stool.

The traditional process

My selection after years of careful search for the Igwe that will restore peace, love and unity, started in earnest with my being subjected to a screening committee:

Specifically set up to screen the candidates for the stool, headed, by our distinguished Ichie, Benedict Okpala.

The committee did a thorough job that gave me the confidence to believe in Achina town.

I was made to pass through the rigors of excruciating questions; I warned myself that Achina are not here for a tea party but for a serious business.

I therefore resolved to serve Achina town with total commitment.

What further strengthened my faith and confidence in this great town, Achina was the process of selection.

On 23rd December, 2009, the people marched out in their thousands to select, who they want to lead them.

The popular option A4 was adopted.

The men and women of this town that were of voting age, trooped out enmass, and queued behind us in the open field at the town hall.

The result is what we are today celebrating.

“Land of The Great”

I am humble by the way our people, queued behind me.

Achina town is populated with great men and women; people who are accomplished in their chosen fields of endeavors.

In your wisdom, you gave me the mantle to lead you as the traditional ruler of this great town, Achina; a town that has produced great men and women. I am humbled.

What else can I ask for, than to jointly seek with you, the grace of God; His knowledge and wisdom as we collectively direct the affairs of this town, which has been abandoned for years in the lurch like an orphan.

I cannot do it alone. I cannot embark on this life journey without your support.

Continue to stand behind me as you did on 23rd December 2009. The light lit on that day shall collectively be guarded so that it does not go off.

Royal Duty

After the celebration, are the enormous challenges that go with the office. I call on all well meaning sons and daughters of Achina to rally round me, to give value to this office.

Whatever contribution you can make, so that through this office, we can restore confidence, greater love and progress in this God`s own town Achina, please do not hesitate to do that.

Achina town need peace more than anything. With peace, we can achieve everything.

With peace the great potentials of this town Achina locked up all these years, I assure you, shall be unlocked.

Achina town will move forward as it had never done before.

All the years of locust shall be recovered within time if we all agree to come together and work as one.

The Royal Promise

My promise to God and the people of Achina as I stand before you today is that I shall lead and serve you with the fear of God.

Justice shall be my watchword, in my dealings with all manner of men. From you, I ask for your loyalty.

With love, we can achieve every other thing.

Let us appreciate the fact that I had never been an Igwe before now, I admit that we are undergoing a learning process.

Royal Hope

Whoever that has any good idea that will make this effort worth its while, please, let him come forward with it, for only the best is good for the people of Achina.

We do not need to be Millionaires before we can effectively contribute to the growth of Achina town.

Everybody has something to contribute. Contribute your quota. Do not remain aloof and judgmental.

Do not be more of an arm chair critic. Come out and positively make your own contribution.

Be one of the actors and not spectators and it shall be well with Achina.”

Continue from page 98-111 of the book on Achina History titled “Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages, launched 27th December 2012 by Activist Nweke Ifeanyi Green

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