May 21, 2024
PG Achina Praise Soludo Good Works in Achina, meeting photos

PG Achina Praise Soludo Good Works Meeting Photos

PG Achina Praise Soludo Good Works in Achina Town; demonstrating his joy for Anambra State that is blessed with Prof Soludo.

The President General of Achina Town Union (ATU), in a meeting with the APGA ward I Achina, did not hide his joy for what His Excellency Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo is doing for Achina Community.

Hon Tony Ezenwaka, npom the Achina Town Union (ATU) President General pointed that Anambra State has not have a better Governor like Prof Chukwuma Soludo.

“Soludo is a Governor that has achieved what many has not in just less than 4 years.

Before 2 years in office, he has done a lots of roads, both federal roads, and Achina community has benefited not just one road network, but more than two of long kilometers of asphalted road connecting different communities to Achina.

Now, Achina is enjoying roads linking Achina community with Onneh, Ogboji, Umuomaku, Ndiokpalaeze, etc. And work is speedily ongoing.

Flyover and other infrastructural development and road construction at Ekwulobia, and in the entire Aguata LGA etc, is all what we have never had in the past.

Anambra is APGA State. And APGA will remain stronger in Anambra State.”

PG Achina: Hon Tony Ezenwaka, npom

However, members of APGA ward I Executives in Achina pledged their loyalty to the Soludo Government, promising to always support Prof Soludo’s ambition.

Hon Anayo Okpalaeke, member representing Aguata 1 Constituency was present in absentia; represented by his PA. He gave his words to always play his part as house member.

Special Assistant (SA) to Governor Soludo on Legislative Matters, Hon Charles Ezenwaka, longest served Administrative Secretary Achina Town Union, expressed Soludo’s commitments towards the good people of Achina.

“Whenever you are asked to do something, do it well, and remain loyal to the APGA party affairs; you will surely get the benefits.” Hon Charles Ezenwaka SA.

Mr Edwin Ndiokwelu the APGA ward I Executive Chairman, was bold in defining Soludo as a prepared and loaded Governor:

“What Soludo is doing to other people aspiring for position is shot-up; by the type of work he has already delivered

We no longer need those that gives empty promises.

What will anybody offer that Soludo has not demonstrated…”

Edwin Ndiokwelu: APGA ward I Chairman Achina

Hon Okey Adim ex-official Aguata LGA and Hon Ekene unamba Councilor Ward I and Treasurer APGA ward I, Lady Grace Obieli who is the Chair Lady Umuada Achina as of the time of this post, all promised to support Soludo administration.

PG Achina Praise Soludo Good Works

Get it from the horses mouth on this video

PG Achina Praise Soludo Good Works at a meeting captured on PLANET TV attended by APGA ward I Executives

The good people of Achina Community in Aguata LGA, Anambra State have expressed great joy and have pledged loyalty to Governor Soludo through the President General Hon Tony Ezenwaka, npom.

BrainPower Opinion: May we get more favour from our dear Solution Governor Anambra.

Like Oliver Twist, we will not stop asking for more from our hardworking Governor.

PG Achina Praise Soludo Good Works

Am a beneficiary of the Soludo launched “Solution Innovation District” programmes; for the emerging Anambra Digital Tribe.

Many more digital skills Programs is undoubtedly going on in Anambra State, grooming the next digital Billionaires.

Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo Nwangbafor (Odenigbo) is wonderfully creating a new economic prospect in Anambra State.

Many Achina citizens are sole beneficiaries; both in the One Youth 2 Skill Program of Prof Chukwuma Soludo.

We are so proud of you son of Aguata LGA developing both human capital in Anambra State that is exportable abroad.

Nweke Ifeanyi Green (BrainPower), The Achina Town Union Appointed Diaspora Desk Officer and Assistant Secretary Achina Youths Council.

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