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I Saw Sodom

I Saw Sodom: A great free ebook you need to read.

Here! Is the Nweke Ifeanyi Green Autobiography Titled:

I Saw Sodom


Nweke Ifeanyi Green

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Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages” a book on Achina Idegwu History by Nweke Ifeanyi Green, 27th December 2012.

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I dedicate this book to my mother Mrs. Florence Odidika Nweke, the founder of Aguata South Women Forum (ASOWOF); who is popularly known with “Adaugo Isi-Achina,” and Madam Quality.


The book I Saw Sodom is a carefully articulated chronicle which x-rayed the experiences of the author from the time his writing skill started developing with his amateur encounters with certain muses and fate accompanying creativity.

The book actually started with an illustration of the author`s real dream in an abstract world with the life style of people who appeared in the dream he best described with story relating to that of the popular Sodom and Gomorrah, where he derived the title of the book.

It went further and captured the real life experiences of the author during and after the launching of the author`s maiden book “Achina Idegwu:The Mirror of Ages,” after the encounter of the “Great Fortune Teller,” in his dream that drive the story.

In this book, the author vividly explained and poured out the secrets behind his success, fame and sagacious achievements in the world of creativity properly synopsized.

He was able to let out how much he suffered before he got healing for his decaying broken leg that was about to be amputated:

Before his mother`s dream brought miracle his way and he survived from his wound that was continuously dropping fluid after 3 years of nursing his injury he got as a result of breaking his leg after two months of launching his maiden book.

This book among other things, has in stock the years of sufferings of the author, and some worthy lessons from experiences as a developing author:

And the breakthrough he secured when he first got the contact on how to self publish an eBook as an indie author:

Oppose to the traditional publishing that took over 8 years of his writing career without the kind of success he recorded in a short while as an independent self-publishing author.

The creativeness of the author`s narrative style and the account of the Google search result for the English name of the wild animal “Edi,” the author chased which resulted later to a fatal accident where he broke his leg, are part of the exciting content of this book.

The stories were captured in a passionately touching great style, with potential that can in some paragraph keep reader at the edge of a seat at certain point, and at some point feel wow!

With sympathy for the stressful life experiences the author went through in search of authentic information on the history of Achina Idegwu town accompanied later with the:

North to South, East to West financial struggle by the author to publish and launch his maiden book “Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages,” cannot be ignored.

In furtherance, this is a book for everyone and for families.

The faith and courage of the author in his time of trouble and secrets are something worth emulating.

His long search for authentic information and assistance from North to South, East to West; in order to be able to publish, print and launch his maiden book, which most traditional authors face:

And his visit to places of authority is best harness from this book that has presented in copious manner the untold stories of the author uncensored, before and after launching his maiden book, than picked in bits from story tellers of folklores.

I Saw Sodom, a book of this century that best described the magnitude of disappointment and expectations of most young and even experienced authors of this time go through.

It equally presented reasons the emergence of eBook and self publishing made the author`s writing career dream a reality.


I appreciate everyone who played a part in my life in one way or the other; and many who are still by my side, playing vital role ;including my readers all over the world.

3:00hrs of 21st century when men dreaded where angels refused to dread, when the beautiful ones were married by those who deserved them, in a land where angels feared to dread, where virgins do not anchor.

I journeyed through the sea with men onboard; and we passed through the desert where ordinary people do not live or go and anchored an Island.

The Golgotha of skull hanging where there was no leg hanging!

After crossing seven seas, and we sighted a virgin land at 3:00hrs midnight; I took a walk alone.

It was 31st October on a Friday morning, a morning after a bloody night party awaiting a Friday full moon party the day we anchored.

First, I saw two brutal Lion-dog that looked scary like a “Cheetah or Leopard (‘Edi’),” one at my front, the other at my back.

There was no one to talk to me or direct me.

Then some minutes later, when the Lion-Dogs went their way, I saw a pretty child at fourteen, I stood firm and gallant like a warrior, waiting to be informed.

And then the beautiful girl child said to me:

“The party just ended few hours ego; but tonight is global full moon.”

I did not understand her.

Before I could ask her what she meant, I saw a handsome young boy above her age, coming from behind and he looked at me furiously when he came closer and said nothing.

Next was taken the girl child away like someone unpredictable and wicked. And I was left alone.

And few minutes later, he came back to me with the girl child:

“You are too handsome to be here, angels do not anchor this ground.”

I was struggling to understand him and he continued…”If not the party has just ended, they will rape you.”

“Rape me?” I asked.

“Like you came to rape my sister…,” He said.

“I don`t understand!” I said.

“Tonight is full moon, a great party; you will understand.” He replied.

He tore his sister`s gown, the beautiful girl child at fourteen and raped her.

“I did it before you!” He said to me with grimace.

I was shocked; and still did not understand.

When I looked tired and jaded, the raped pretty girl child happily came forward to nourish me with cold water drawn from under-earth pot, beside the tent where she was raped by the young boy who left after raping her.

I refused accepting the water from her, sitting under an Oak tree.

“Tell me, what is happening here?” I said to her softly; the raped pretty girl child.

“Sodom! The land of no virgin,” she said, and continued…, “Where virgins do not anchor and remain virgin.

Is our tradition, the people’s culture, that was my elder brother,” She continued… and said “He did it the first time,” “I`m now free to sight full moon tomorrow.”

“Crazy!” I voiced out. “You are even happy?” I said to her.

“We use to peep from the closed windows, and doors, and run away when we notice men coming.”

“Men!” I questioned.

“Yes! Those that deserve the beautiful ones,” she said to me.

“Wonderful!” I echoed. “How?” I inquired.

Then she said to me: “You are lucky as I`m; because everyone is fast asleep this time. After the party, they rest for the next merriment.”

“Hmm! I really don`t understand.” I said to the pretty happy raped child.

“Who are you?” She asked me.

I looked at her and asked her: “How old are you?” and she said “Fourteen!” Then I said to her: “I`m the Peoples-Warrior-King.”

She stood up and ran away.

Next, was central bell ringing viciously after some minutes: “Gbomm…gbommm…gbomm.”

I moved away from my spot and took surveillance 26 meters away. From where, I saw beautiful women and battle ready handsome men. All the beautiful ladies dressed on transparent gown, showing all their nature; men too.

I said to myself: “I don`t understand!”

Few minutes later, I spotted group of men matching towards me unarmed but furious. Their faces I can tell from a distance looked like the shadow of death; and were full of grimace and rage.

At my front, the young boy I saw earlier raped the pretty girl child of fourteen, came forward with the tore cloth of the pretty girl child and said back to the furious men, “Arrest him,” raising the tore cloth up.

I was confuse, and really didn`t understand.

I confidently matched with them on their request; because I wanted to know what I haven`t understood.

It was the “Full Moon.”

Men and women were trooping in; in their numbers happily, handsome able body men and beautifully attractive women and maidens. Majority among them were nudist

In the procession, we were moving in a single file according to certain hierarchy unknown to me and no one was blind-folded not even me.

We passed through seven gates, each with two entrances for the men and women separately.

The Gates were man by each, two vicious and terrible vultures and two dangerous animals with hon, that looks like the Beast; carrying each of the vultures on their head.

After each gate, there were mighty halls filled with ladies and men, with loud noise, no child, and they were living sexual life; with disturbing noise oozing out from halls beyond.

I said to myself: “I yet don`t understand.”

I was accompanied by large group of men and beautiful maidens into the inner hall.

Then I saw a quiet hall beautifully designed and decorated with ornaments, gold and diamond. But everyone in-there was sexually busy with someone or an opposite sex.

I was humbly accompanied by the group of men who discharged the beautiful maidens and ushered me into a chamber; craftily decorated with gold and diamond, ornaments and all kinds of charming items eye can see.

The chairs were gold and diamond plated with silver.

The chamber was quiet and unique from all other halls we passed.

Different expensive illuminating lights in the chamber were all charming and glittering.

In the beautiful chamber we anchored; I was left alone by the men who ushered me in and gave me a seat on one of the gold and diamond chair that can only accommodate two or three persons; like someone who was saved.

Before I could say to myself, I don`t understand, group of women younger than those I saw earlier, beautiful and natural, but look above eighteen, and properly dressed; were already in front of me.

One of the prettiest among them sat beside me; older than others and whispered to me “Do you understand?”  She asked.

I was short of word.

Then others sat closer in front of us on her command, on a one fixed diamond round pallor chair in the chamber that accommodated all of them.

There was no other man in the expensive chamber except me.

Sitting beside me, she said: “They are at our service.”

Curiously, I quickly asked to the one beside me, “Who are they?

The angels of sex,” She softly replied me immediately.

I said to myself inwardly, nodding my head: “Now I understand; Sodom and Gomorrah!!!” I continued…,”The Island of no virgin where angels refused to dread.”

She stole my attention immediately, the one beside me and said to me, “Why are you here lad?

Because we dreaded most,” I replied her.

She nodded her head and ordered for a drink.

I had no better choice, we started drinking.

But you are not really afraid?” She said to me; clapping her laps together.

I`m the Peoples Warrior King, the Warlord that conquered the fear of the unknown,” I said to her confidently.

“Great!” She said and continued… “But you are so attractive and handsome without any scar.” She stretched further and said:

“Warriors, let alone Warlords are recognized in this part of the world with unique vicious scar; that distinguish them from others.”

I smiled, sitting up, took a sip and after some seconds raised my left trouser and showed her a vicious scar on my ankle.

“Hmm!” She hummed; looked at the beautiful maidens with us, that chuckled; and turned back to me and said: “What happened?” she inquired.

In my reply I said: it was on Sunday at 3:00hrs broad-daylight of 24th February 2013; just two months after I launched my maiden book titled:

“Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages,” the history of Achina Idegwu town, my green land, dated back 11th century to the 21st century.

All that happened; dogged to the extent memory can stretch; the past, present, and the future.

I won a contract after the book launch from spirited-elites and great patriots of our community to develop a road-map program:

To coordinate and galvanize; especially the Achina Idegwu work force to refocus towards good governance; to protect, defend and enlighten our good people without fear or favor.

As we were told, did our fearless ancestors and progenitors, our great grand fathers who secured Achina Idegwu before us.

The very Saturday evening I came back with the developed two page document to my father’s compound:

“Obi Okwaraji, the son of Ezeeleke,” the rest home of “Nze Ikejiobodo,” “The first native authority Chief of Achina,” who was a “Pioneer Speaker in Old Aguata LGA,” Chief Ezenweke my grandfather:

I saw an unusual foot print of an animal walk through my father’s compound from the second entrance to the first entrance.

I was coming in from the back entrance (third entrance); then I saw this foot print on the centre of our compound, and I was attracted to it; because my younger sibling Obiageli Blessing swept clean our compound that very day.

The foot print was thick and visible to even a partially blind person.

I asked my father Nze Ikwumere Beneth Nweke, the first son of Chief Ezenweke the “Achina Idegwu warlord,” what type of animal posses this kind of foot print?

Immediately, as he was approaching when he stood some centimeters close to the animal foot prints trying to figure out what type of animal will put down such prominent foot print on our compound.

Then my father said to me “It could be a dog.”

“A dog!” I said to myself; “May be a wild dog.” I concluded.

The next day, been Sunday the 24th of February 2013 at exactly 3:00hrs PM, I was putting on a white singlet and a small yellow short-boxer:

When I had a knock on our house door: “Kpo kpo kpo,” I was quiet; “Kpo kpo kpo…,”Who is that?” I echoed.

I had a voice that said: “I want to buy something.”

It was our neighbor Ndubuisi, a visitor that helps us cut our palm fruit bunch from Ebonyi State; who came to buy food stuffs sold by my younger siblings.

Then I left what I was doing, came around to attend to him.

Because everywhere was quiet; our neighborhood was so calm and noiseless like a vicinity of spirits and ancestors who like tranquility.

No one was really at home; not even my parents or friends; I was around at home alone. My mother and younger sisters just left the home some 26 minutes ago.

Before Ndubuisi who knocked on our house door could explain what he came for, his brother Chibueze, still:

A palm fruit bunch cutter from the same Ebonyi state, our in-law, ran into our compound chasing a wild animal that look like a “Cheetah or Leopard,” called “Edi,” in our local dialect.

Immediately Chibueze and the wild Edi ran into our compound, his brother Ndubuisi who was to tell me what he wanted to buy, now shouted “Okwa …Edi ooo!”

Already, I have with me the two page document; I was to have my bath and submit to Chief Dom Chuks Nwosu Obidigbo (Ezeoba), one of the oldest patriotic historians of our time, for review.

Chief Obidigbo is one of the first set of graduate Achina Idegwu produced; the first citizen of Achina Idegwu that tempt publishing a book on Achina Idegwu history:

When he was a student in 1945, producing a “400 page manuscript;” but lost it at Achina Idegwu town hall when the Biafra Air force army occupied the town hall.

In his 90s, he piloted me throughout my four years research on Achina Idegwu history that produced the book “Achina Idegwu:The Mirror of Ages,” and wrote the Preforward to the aforementioned book.

I had no better choice when the neighbor I was talking to, that interrupted my schedule, by calling my attention from having my bath, ran away through one of the open window of our house:

To join his brother; both who are married with kids; chasing “One of the most dangerous and strongest wild animal in our region; Edi.”

As they both went for the wild animal, it struck my mind immediately; this same wild animal has been terrorizing our community long ago.

Several times, I have had my Uncle Nze Jonathan Ezenweke, who rose to the position of Achina Idegwu Chief Security, son of Chief Ezenweke, said ‘he tried shouting this same wild animal but his English double barrel gun didn`t speak.’

On different occasions, the same wild animal “Edi,” has been visiting our compound, fed on our chickens; even some domestic birds living up our orange tree were threatened.

“Oh!” It struck my memory, “Who knows! It could be this dangerous wild animal that crested that foot-print on our compound,” I meditated.

In just few seconds, different thoughts were running through my head at once. I naturally became agitated; enthusiastically I decided to end the story of the terroristic dangerous wild animal called Edi.

In just 26 seconds, I was self-motivated; with thoughts that ran through my head, I ran into the next room and found two knife; Obejiri (Sword) and Ngise.

I took both; mindlessly, I did not wear anything to protect my foot.

I ran out in fury, with burning rage, wearing the great adventurous war spirit of our great ancestors the great warlords of Achina Idegwu Egbe buru oku asoghi anwuru.

The first neighbor who chased in the wild animal was with a stick; I threw one big machete (Ngise), immediately I ran out:

To the one who came to buy something; whose name is Ndubuisi, and was with just a Sword (Obejiri) myself on bare foot.

Because we live in a very large land space, our compound home: Obi Umuokwaraji; before we could chase the wild Edi down the first boundary of our farm land, between my father and my uncles:

The wild animal disappeared into hiding. And because I wasn`t putting on anything to protect my foot, I sustained a minor cut under my foot; and was bleeding from my foot, slightly serious.

I looked at myself injured under my foot, I started going home. Before I could walk like two poles away, Ndubuisi called me back, shouting he saw the wild animal resting in a close thick bush.

I turned back zealously with speed, and moved directly towards the direction Ndubisi pointed at the jungle.

Unknowingly to me that they were afraid to go closer; because later I was told that the wild animal Edi, is too dangerous:

And that it fight and defend itself like a wounded lion; whenever it gets nervous, let alone when we are serious enough to kill him with great pressure.

Fearlessly, with the spirit of “Achina Idegwu Egbe buru oku asoghi anwuru,” I rushed into the jungle where the dangerous wild animal took surveillance:

With the energy of a thunder storm, and got the wild Edi with my Obejiri; and gave it a very deep cut at the right back leg.

The dangerous wild Edi now ran out of the bush, and was running helplessly for its dear life, with all its strength, managing its right back leg I nearly amputated from the waist.

I was vigorously without-break, pursuing the dangerous wild animal that was grunting “Huuoo!” like a wounded dog; with a kinetic energy close-range without mercy; but with intention to behead the terroristic wild Edi; for the entire community to celebrate freedom.

Before 26 seconds could complete from the time I gave the wild animal a brutal cut; next to us was a very deep gully site of about 28 fit from the first coach.

Very close from where we were; covered with sharp cut and left over bamboo trees.

The wild animal with grumbling pain, jumped into the last deeper coach of the gully site.

I didn`t knew how deep the gully-site filled with dangerous sharp cut bamboos was; because both of us were running on the level land from the top.

When eventually I got very close to the bamboo filled dangerous gully site with that speed, and discovered that before me is a very deep gully site with sharp cut bamboos:

Between our boundary and our neighbors, I couldn`t stop myself; because I lack Automatic Break System as human being in motion.

Then, I jumped with that force and energy as I was chasing the dangerous wild animal that jumped first without changing direction.

Immediately I jumped, I had “Kpom,” and my left leg was deep buried inside the ground at the first coach of the gully erosion site; surrounded with very sharp standing half cut and left over bamboos.

At first, I could not move. And lucky enough, none of the half cut bamboos around injured me.

I focused my eyes and saw the dangerous wild Edi hanging between bamboos; like someone that committed suicide.

Its three legs and the wounded right back leg were un-useful for the wild animal; because the wild animal was hanging between some tight bamboo trees that clamped it.

And therefore, the wild animal was unable to help itself escape at the last coach of the site.

When I tried raising my leg, it was firm under the earth; I tried pulling my leg, it was difficult to come up; I added effort and pulled my leg out from the soil.

Then I saw white long thing that looked like painted white stick, and I also discovered that my left leg from the ankle has moved out of its location.

I thought initially that the white something that looked to me like a stick was something else; but it was my bone.

I lost my flesh, my bone was broken into pieces within the ankle and was out of shape from the ankle; as if I would walk without foot; because my left foot was out of position; bending west-ward, while my bone pointed out without foot.

I was disappointed; but not too nervous; I only said to myself in a mixed language “National! You don fuck up.”

Immediately, I was bleeding heavily from my left broken leg; still trapped inside the gully.

I looked up to know if I can see those men on top, who chased the wild animal with me to help me out first, I did not see anyone.

I tried positioning my ankle back to its original position so that I could walk out of the site with it; but it was not possible any more.

I tried and tried again myself to no avail. That was when I became nervous; and immediately screamed for help; before I bleed to death.

Though I wasn`t so scared; because I believed it could be fixed.

I already know someone in my community that work on broken bones no matter how bad it is; popularly known with “Dina,” a great daughter of Onwugbara, married by Mr. Anthony Okpala in Umuozubo quarter in Umueleke village:

Just few kilometers from my father`s compound. Dina is a woman who is not afraid of the unknown when it comes to broken bones.

Nevertheless, I screamed like a wounded warrior; Ndubuisi now came and found me helpless; because I was already crawling out and tempting to jump out of the pit where I was trapped, but was not able to help myself.

Ndubuisi later came and slowly jumped into the pit to help me out.

He tried backing me; but before then, I saw his brother Chibueze who went down to the wild Edi and was hitting the wild animal that was hanging helpless, bleeding seriously too and mumbling in great pain; without moving.

I had the dangerous wild animal humming and grunting in pain “Hoo…hooo…,” when Chibueze was hitting the wild Edi with strong stick.

When we managed and came out of the jungle where our people live, after a long struggle-out of the jungle; Ndubuisi was very tired; because I crossed my right hand on his shoulder holding him tight with my right hand and was jumping:

With my right leg in movement out of the jungle, with my left leg suspended from touching the ground; while my left hand was what I used to support my injured left leg; till we came out of the jungle.

It was an adventurous experience.

The first person to sight me was my younger cousin Chisom; who at the time of the incidence, should be at the age of 12 years; and not more than 14.

She is a deaf and dumb. She can`t talk or hear anything; but healthy and meticulous.

She saw me suddenly and ran away immediately.

When my cousin Chisom saw me and ran away, I just wondered in my mind, what or how she would describe or explain to our people; especially to our Aunty Grace Ezenweke; who she saw:

And or what happened to me; because she was then in Special Primary School Umuchu for the physically challenged. And we are not yet conversant with how to communicate with her using sign language.

Another child saw me and ran away too; because my wound looks horrible at sight.

When I was lying down by the side of a native track road in our community; and saw myself bleeding continuously from my injured left leg.

I had no better choice than scream harder to attract near bye neighbors; after Ndubusi made move to look for my uncle Nze Jonathan Ezenweke who rose to the position of Achina Chief Security and live very close where I was at that time.

Then like an appearance of an Angel, a brave and vibrant young looking lady matched forward; who live closer to where I positioned.

She particularly I noticed vividly.

She was coming towards me with agility, with the spirit of a gallant veteran; approaching closer to me, before others began to rush down; and she asked everyone to clear road; Oluchukwu Moureen Iloka (JP) is her name.

She held me at my hand and raised me up, supporting me with my hand round her neck and moving with me with that support like someone walking with crouches.

I looked at her courage and enthusiasm and said to myself inwardly “This one is Boy-Girl,” a woman that is strong and brave like a warrior.

Then I knew, there are still many brave and courageous people in our great community untapped and undiscovered.

She was walking with me to the main road as I was limping along with her; assisted by the first man to appear in the incidence, Mr. Joseph Iloka the father of Adaugo Precious.

Later, my Uncle Nze Jonathan Ezenweke came down with his security motorcycle and picked me up.

It was later when the “Brave lady,” visited me at the local orthopedic hospital in my village; that I knew she is related to Ozoemene Iloka a member of Nigerian Army.

I was grateful!

When my Uncle Nze Jonathan Ezenweke offered to take me straight to “Dina`s local Orthopedic,” to know if there will be any remedy to my serious injury:

Gushing out thick block; like the sweat Jesus noticed as described in the Bible when he was to pay the supreme sacrifice on the cross of Calvary.

I told my Uncle to take me home first; for me to get something.

He did. I came back to my father`s compound, jumping with my right leg while my left leg was suspended.

I locked everywhere in our house, and took with me the two page document; and joined my uncle; who took me straight to the local orthopedic hospital.

My blood was spotted everywhere I passed, even in our compound, and the roots we took to the orthopedic hospital.

It was on Sunday, 4:00hrs pm, just one hour after the show that started 3:00hrs pm.

My mother who left the home one hour ago for prayer at the Chapel in Udura, Umulekwe quarter in Ebele village in Achina, with my younger pretty sister Adaora Joy:

Received the breaking unexpected news that I broke my leg and that I was taken to the orthopedic hospital.

She ended her Chapel prayer for that day and came down with my sister Joy to Dina orthopedic hospital and they saw me looking horrible and terrifying.

Honestly, it was difficult to look at my wound; because it was so deep and devastating that it looks like the end of the ‘II World War.’

Everyone at the moment was very disappointed including me.

My lovely sister Joy looked at me and said like me in a mixed language: “National Green! You don fuck up;” “You of all people,” she continued “Was chasing animal.”

I looked at her, and deemed my eyes; because I knew how invaluable they care about me.

But one of the funny-things was that, I was even directing and asking everyone to calm down; that it will surely get better, and never looked defeated or accept such.

Let alone paying attention to sympathizers who came around. I just believed it was a small challenge and made up my mind that it will only take time to get better.

When I took my time and looked around the premises, I saw a lot of wounded people.

Including a child of about 2 year old, Valentine Munachi Ezemezuo; who also broke his leg and was at the orthopedic hospital with us.

I saw myself in the midst of half dead and half living.

Later, I called my cousin who loved to be called “Mr. Rich;” Chukwuma Ezenweke, the second son of my Uncle Nze Jonathan Ezenweke:

And handed over to him the 2 page document, to reach Chief Dom Chuks Nwosu (Obidigbo); and to equally inform him of what happened.

Because it was on Sunday, the presence of a Doctor at the hospitals closer to us where a doctor will be available to stitch my wound was not possible.

Dina and her beautiful only daughter Chimereogo did all they could, including Dina`s husband Mr. Anthony popularly known as “Afa” who called me “Ebili,” when they were looking for able men:

To hold me tight, so that they will reposition my ankle to avoid “Oke na Nnekwu.”

But I bravely told them to do whatever they want to do; because there was no need to call for any enforcement of able men to hold me for them to start working on my broken leg.

I was simply courageous and fearless. When they saw a lion`s heart, they commenced treatment and did all they could and was able to control the bleeding.

They washed my wound as they could, press down my prominent broken bones, and repositioned my ankle; binding it tight with bandages.

And I was much later apportioned a room apartment at the orthopedic hospital; and my parents was asked to stay with me.

The next day was Monday 25th of February 2013; I was rushed to the hospital to see “Kandudi,” a Doctor who will best handle other medical issues.

When we anchored the hospital in a bus, crowd was in the hospital, with many nurses around.

Our people saw me; some started crying; while many where disappointed by the look on their faces.

The Doctor Kandudi was around. He did his utmost; pressing my prominent bone down with few nurses who assisted.

It looked like the world was turning upside down in some minutes; but I endured it, and the Doctor Kandudi was able to stitch my leg after washing it with some solutions; and removing left over leafy materials inside my wound.

I was told by the Doctor Kandudi to go back to the orthopedic hospital and come back after 10 days; so that he will remove the stitching wire.

After footing the bills, I left the hospital with my mother back to Dina`s orthopedic hospital in a bus.

After 3 days, been 28th, the day of the week that I was born, my leg started decaying.

The orthopedic Doctor Dina had no better choice when she discovered that my broken leg was decaying before the day quoted by the Doctor to remove the stitching wire, she called the Doctor Kandudi, and later removed the stitching wire and started treating my decaying leg.

I respect Dina`s enthusiasm, that of her only son Ebuka Anthony Okpala, and my courageous mother Florence Nweke (Adaugo Isi-Achina):

Cum my younger sisters Obiageli Blessing and Adaora Joy; who were spending sleepless nights and never rested in the day to make sure I live.

My leg was about to be amputated when the situation became worse; and I nearly agreed to sign a medical hospital document for my leg to be amputated.

Because I was told to find another solution; but I was vividly convinced deep inside me that I will walk with my legs again to the Glory of God.

I imagined how I will be limping for ever with crouches if I ever survived; or remain on wheel chair for the rest of my life.

Then I remembered all the promises from God upon my life by prophets even before I was born.

I did not forget the words of Lord CN Ezeude my Lord Primate, and great prophets concerning my destiny.

The dreams of my ambitions and destination in life; my forefathers, and ancestors, and their great exploits, and the history of one of my mentor Brother KSB Anagbogu (Ndikanya):

Son of “Njanshi,” who was a “Biafra Major;” during the Nigeria Civil war; very close man to Ike Mba Nnewi “The Biafra Warlord Odumegwu Ojukwu,” who attended one of my Uncle`s daughter`s marriage ceremony at Umuahia in Abia state:

In whose hand I grew up as a boy and he taught me very hard never to relent no matter the situation; and I believed him when he showed me what bullets did to him during the Nigeria Biafra war in his stomach very close to his heart down to his belly was damaged:

With bullets at war front, but he survived bringing most of his enemies down; and later packed his intestines on his hands and traveled kilometers and still survived it.

Other things more dangerous ran through my head; and I told myself “I`m alive;” and equally told my orthopedic Doctor Dina that “Mummy I chose to die here in my community; if there is no other solution available here.”

But to me, “I will not die nor have my decaying leg amputated.” Was my-believe.

“I will walk with this leg one day;” I said to my orthopedic Doctor Dina.

Again Dina saw my burning spirit, and courage; and pronounced my name fully “Ifeanyichukwu;” like my late step grandmother Onwuajanma specially calls my name natively “Iheanyichukwu;” meaning:

“Nothing is impossible for God.” And she finalized with “Aha onye na achogaya ma na azo ya.”

Then she offered to go beyond and do the impossible; because I believed the impossible is possible.

She kept me, and started treating me day and night without rest. To revive the dreaded son of the land whose spirit is wandering in great pain!

At this period, I became a spirit man, focused, talking less, seeing the invisible and understanding the unreadable writings on a white board.

A time came at the orthopedic hospital base on what I was going through physically and spiritually, that I became tempted to know what kind of animal is this “Edi,” mentioned in my native dialect and the exact English name.

Because I was anxious and snooping to find out the characteristics and make up of this particular animal that got me into serious trouble that my decaying leg was threatened for amputation; I became restless and curious, and then decided to know.

Occasionally, I did oral sampling of questionnaires; especially to some of my visitors that appeared experienced and advanced in culture and tradition to me, I feel will tell me something I needed to know about the animal I chased called Edi in our local language.

Some native men and women told me a lot of aged long stories with terrifying superstitious myths, and traditional beliefs surrounding the animal Edi; that look like Cheetah or Leopard.

Even some educated persons informed me too about the animal.

Good number of them scared me with mythological stories which include that the animal Edi is one of the most dangerous wild animal in our region, that hardly appear in the day time.

And that any time it however appears during the day time, it depict an omen of a tragedy or something terrible and catastrophic that may occur:

As some elders around at such time, profess remarkable danger and shun anyone from chasing the wild animal in broad-daylight.

Many of the advanced men and women among those I sourced information about the wild animal from, who may be, tried to scare me, told me that:

Edi is a very dangerous wild animal used for traditional native medicines to fortify those who do not want bullets to penetrate their body.

And that there is what is called “Oshi Edi” around the anus region of the wild animal that is very costly at native wildlife market; more than fifteen to twenty times the price of what the animal meat will be sold for:

Particularly use for traditional native medicine to prevent gun bullet penetration into the human body, and for other ritual. And that in the olden days even up to now, that a traditional native medicine practitioner will pay anything it cost to acquire it:

For those who want to make use of it for traditional medicine; especially for protection. Even the skin (coat) of the wild animal they mentioned is all medicinal and serves protectively.

For some, the animal coat depicts “Royalty;” and is used for Royal decorations.

While some told me that once it appears in the day time other than the night time it normally rove around in search of prey as a carnivore, that it means an old man or woman decided to appear in animal form to fetch food.

And if any one kills the wild animal, that the older person that took the animal form for hunting will die immediately or in few days in some occasions; which was the major reason according to some elders I had discussion with, some elderly ones will always scold the younger ones not to chase the animal whenever it appears in broad daylight.

Some elders, according to them, by looking at the wild animal foot-print, will quickly identify who took the animal form; and most times it always comes from a distance or neighboring community.

They equally mentioned that if the wild animal destroys valuables like domestic-livestock in the animal form, that they will go straight after some time to the person`s house they believe was the animal and warn him or her seriously:

With threat to deal with him or her when next he or she appears in broad daylight in the animal form, that is scary and endangering to the life of the younger ones.

“Wow!” I echoed; breathed in, and exhaled.

I was equally told that the wild animal Edi is capable of climbing average trees to fetch livestock like fowl and also keep it kill in the tree.

And can wander from community to community with potential to cover more than 3-5 communities with very long distance to fetch for food, deposit feces, and usually walk through erosion site, flood track or foot path.

And have been discovered to deposit feces accompanied with bunch of grasses at a particular spot routinely, from a far distance away from where it lives. 

Some said the wild animal Edi sleeps a lot; especially during the day time and that hunters do not shoot the wild animal when the animal is sleeping; to avoid falling asleep immediately.

Those who met one sleeping usually find a way to wake the wild animal first from some reasonable distance before try shooting according to them.

While many hunters according to some elders have reported that severally they have encountered some of the wild Edi and they tried shooting the animal, but bullet will not leave the gun; and if they try away from the animal, their gun will speak immediately.

“Huu!” I echoed; nodding my head at the same time raising my eyelashes with my eyes wide open reasoning what they told me.

These were stories I was told about the wild animal Edi; and I had some discussing similar things sometimes about the wild animal I encountered at the orthopedic hospital background when they had what happed to me.

“Edi amamba akpauri;” is what our people normally hail those who meander from place to place; which underscore how the wild animal Edi rove inter-communally.

Some said that the wild animal is that dangerous that it can attack human being when disturbed.

And that most of the time when the wild animal is trapped, it will bite off its limb if the trap held its limb and go into hiding to nearby river or stream and deep in its injured limb inside the water and stay there till it heals.

And according to them, many hunters have come across some of the injured animal close to rivers and streams; but such injured ones they said is more dangerous than healthy ones.

After the wonderful information about the wild Edi that got me jaded; I decided to search for the exact English name for the wild animal known as Edi in my native language:

Which is confusing to even some educated ones who interchangeably mentioned that the wild animal Edi in English is called “Cheetah or Leopard.”

Then it came to me one good day, and I remembered there are global search engines and then I decided to search for the characteristics of the two interchangeably mentioned wild animals:

“Cheetah and Leopard;” to know which one among them in my native language is “Edi amamba akpa uri.”

Later as I charged my phone, I dived into the Google web address and first searched for “Cheetah,” and immediately, Google presented reports for me and I clicked on the one powered by “Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia;” which presented that:

The Cheetah (Acinonyx Jubatus) which belong to Falidae family is a large cat; and the fastest land animal, capable of running at 80 to 128 kilometer per hour (50 to 80 mph), and as such, has several adaptation for speed, including a light build, long thin legs, and a long tail.

Cheetahs typically reach 67-94 cm (26-37 in) at the shoulder, and the head-and-body length is between 1.1 and 1.5m (3.6 and 4.9ft). Adults typically weigh between 20 and 65 kg (44 and 143 lb).

Its head is small, rounded and has a short snout and black tear-like facial streaks.

The coat is typically tawny to creamy white or pale buff (darker in the mid-black portion) and is mostly covered with evenly spaced, solid black sports.

More gregarious than many other cats, the Cheetah has three main social group-females and their cubs, males ‘Coalitions’ and solitary males.

While females lead a nomadic life searching for prey in large home ranges, males are more sedentary and may instead establish much smaller territories in areas with plentiful prey and access to females.

The Cheetah is active mainly during the day and hunting is its major preoccupation, with peaks during dawn and dusk.

It feeds on small-to medium-size prey, mostly weighing under 40 kg (88 lb), and prefers medium size ungulates such as impala, springbok etc.

The Cheetah will typically stalk its prey to within 60-70 m (200-230 ft), charge towards it, trip it during the chase and bite it throat to suffocate it to death.

Breeding occurs throughout the year, after a gestation of nearly three months a litter of typically three to five cubs is born; Cheetah cubs are highly vulnerable to predation by other large carnivores such as Hyenas and Lions.

Weaning happens at around four months, and cubs are independent by around 20 months of age.

The Cheetah occurs in a variety of habitats such as Savannahs, arid mountain, hilly desert terrain, ranges.

The Cheetah is threatened by several factors such as habitat loss, conflict with humans, poaching and high susceptibility to diseases.

In the past, Cheetahs used to be tamed and trained for hunting. They have been widely depicted in art, literature, advertising, and animation.

Cheetahs are sexually dimorphic, with males larger and heavier than female. The chin, throat and under parts of the legs and the belly are white and devoid of makings.

The rest of the body is covered with around 2,000 evenly spaced ovals, or round solid black sports, each measuring roughly 3-5cm (1.2-2.0 in).

Each Cheetah has a distinct pattern of sports that can be used to identify unique individuals. Besides the clearly visible sports, there are other faint, irregular black marks on the coat.

Newly born cubs are covered in fur with an unclear pattern of sports that gives them a dark appearance-pale white above and nearly black on the underside.

The hair is mostly short and often coarse, but the chest and the belly are covered in soft fur, the fur of King Cheetah has been reported to be silky.

There is a short, rough mane, covering at least 8cm (3.1 in) along the neck and the shoulders; this feature is more prominent in males.

The mane starts out as a cape of long, loose blue to grey hair in juveniles.

The head of a Cheetah is small and more rounded compare to the big cats. The ears are small, short and rounded; they are tawny at the base and on the back.

The eyes are set high and have round pupils. The pronounced tear streaks (or molar stripes), unique to the Cheetah, originate from corners of the eyes and run down the nose to the mouth.

The exceptionally long and muscular tail, with a bushy white tuft at the end, measures 60-80 cm (24-31 in). While the first two- thirds of the tail are covered in sports, the final third is marked with four to six dark rings or stripes.

However, the Cheetah is superficially similar to the Leopard, but the Leopard has rosettes instead of sports and lacks tear streaks.

More also, the Cheetah is slightly taller than the Leopard. The Serval resembles the Cheetah in physical build, but is significantly smaller, has a shorter tail and its sports fuse to form stripes on the back.

The Cheetah appears to have evolved cover-gently with canids in morphology as well as behaviors; it has canine-like features such as a relatively long snout, long legs, a deep chest, tough paw pads and blunt, semi-retractable claws.

The Cheetah has often been likened to the greyhound, as both have similar morphology and the ability to reach tremendous speeds in a shorter time than other mammals, but the Cheetah can attain higher maximum speeds.

Sharply contrasting with the big cats in its morphology, the Cheetah shows several adaptations for prolonged chases to catch prey at some of the fastest recorded speed.

Its light, streamlined body makes it well-suited to short, explosive burst of speed, rapid acceleration, and an ability to execute extreme changes in direction while moving at high speed.

The large nasal passages, accommodate well due to the smaller size of the canine teeth, ensure fast flow of sufficient air, and “The enlarged heart and lungs allow the enrichment of blood with oxygen in a short time.” This allows Cheetah to rapidly regain their stamina after a chase.

During typical chase, their “Respiratory rate increases from 60-150 breaths per minute.” While running, in addition to having good traction due to their semi-retractable claws:

Cheetahs use their tail as a rudder-like means of steering that enables them to make sharp turns, necessary to outflank antelopes that often change direction to escape during a chase.

The protracted claws increases grip over the round, while paw pads make the sprint more convenient over tough ground.

The limbs of the Cheetah are long than what is typical for other cats’ size; the thigh muscles are large, and the tibia and fibula are held close together making the lower legs less likely to rotate.

It reduces the risk of losing balance during runs, but compromises the ability to climb. The mouth cannot be opened as widely as in other cats due to the shorter length of muscles between the jaw and the skull.

The Cheetah has a total of 30 teeth; the dental formula is 3:1:3:1 over 3:1:2:1. The sharp, narrow carnassials help in tearing flesh, these are larger than those of the Leopards and Lions suggesting the Cheetah can consume larger amount of food in a given time period.

The small, flat canines are used to bite the throat and suffocate the prey. A study gave the “Bite Force Quotient (BFQ) of the Cheetah as 119; close to that for the Lion (112),” suggesting that adaptation for a lighter skull may not have reduced the power of the Cheetah`s bite.

Unlike other cats, the Cheetah`s canines have no gap behind them when the jaws close as the top bottom cheek teeth show extensive overlap; this equips the upper and lower teeth to effectively tear through the meet.

The slightly curved claws, shorter as well as straighter than those of other cats, lack a protective sheath and are partially retractable.

The claws are blunt due to lack of protection, but the large and strongly curved dewclaw is remarkably sharp.

Cheetahs have a high concentration of nerve cells arranged in a band in the centre of the eyes (a visual streak), the most efficient among felids.

This significantly sharpens the vision and enables the Cheetah to swiftly locate prey against the horizon.

The Cheetah is unable to roar due to the presence of a sharp-edged vocal fold within the larynx.

Cheetahs are active mainly during the day, whereas other carnivores such as Leopard and Lions are active mainly at night; these larger carnivores can kill Cheetahs and steal their kills; hence the diurnal tendency of Cheetahs helps them avoid larger predators in area where they are sympatric.

In area where the Cheetah is the major predator, activity tends to increase at night.

The lunar cycle can also influence the Cheetah`s routine-activity might increase on moonlit nights as prey can be sighted easily, with the danger of encountering larger predators.

Hunting is the major activity during the day, with peaks during the dawn and dusk.

Cheetahs often inspect their vicinity at observation points such as elevations to check for prey or larger carnivores; even while resting. They take turns at keeping a lookout.

Cheetahs have a flexible and complex social structure and tend to be more gregarious than several other cats (except Lion).

Individuals typically avoid one another but are generally amicable; males may fight over territories or access to females and on rare occasions such fight can result in severe injury and death.

Females are not social and have minimal interaction with other individuals, barring the interaction with males when they enter their territories or during the mating season.

Some females, generally mother and offspring or siblings, may rest beside one another during the day.

Females tend to lead a solitary life or live with offspring in undefended home ranges, young females often stay close to their mothers for life but young males leave their mother`s range to live elsewhere.

Some males are territorial, and group together for life forming ‘coalition’ that collectively defend a territory that ensures maximum access to female-this is unlike the behaviors of the male Lion who mates with a particular group (‘Pride’) of females.

In most cases, a coalition will consist of brothers born in the same litter who stayed together after weaning, but biological unrelated males are often allowed into the group.

Males in a coalition are affectionate towards each other, grooming mutually and calling out if any member is lost, unrelated males may face some aversion in their initial days in the group.

All males in the group hunt together, and possibly also to females who may enter their territory.

If a cub is the only male in a litter he will typically join an existing group, or form a small group of solitary males with two or three lone males who may or may not be territorial.

Unlike many other felids, among Cheetahs, females tend to occupy larger areas compared to males. When a female enters a territory, the males will surround her, if she tries to escape, the males will bite or snap at her.

Generally, the female cannot escape on her own; the males themselves leave after they lose interest in her.

They may smell the spot she was sitting or lying on to determine if she was in oestrus. Cheetahs can travel long stretches overland in search of food.

The Cheetah is a vocal felid with a broad repertoire of calls and sounds. A study shows that “Exhalation of air is louder than inhalation in Cheetah”.

Cheetahs chirp (an intense bird-like call that lasts less than a second); when they are excited, for instance, when gathered around a kill and when summoning concealed or lost cubs by the mother, or as a greeting or courtship between adults.

The Cheetah`s chirp is similar to the soft roar of the Lion. A similar but louder call (‘yelp’) can be heard from up to 2 km (1.2 mi) away; this typically used by mothers to locate lost cubs, or by cubs to find their mothers and siblings.

They equally churr or churtle, while purring of the Cheetah which is similar to purring in domestic cats, is produced when the Cheetah is content, and as a form of greeting or when licking one another.

Other sound and call of the Cheetah includes: bleating, growling, coughing, hissing, meowing (or yowling).

A bleat indicates distress, for instance when a Cheetah confronts a predator that has stolen its kill.

Growls, hisses and moans are accompanied by multiple, strong hits on the ground with the front paw, during which the Cheetah may retreat by a few meters.

A meow, though a versatile call, is typically associated with discomfort or irritation.

Apart from chirping, mothers can use a repeated ‘ihr ihr’ to gather cubs, and a ‘prr prr’ to guide them on a journey. A low-pitched alarm call is used to warn the cubs to stand still.

Bickering cubs can let out a ‘whrr’- the pitch rises with the intensity of the quarrel and ends on a harsh note.

Another major means of communication is by scant-the male will often investigate urine-marked places (territories or common land marks) for a long time by crouching on his forelegs and carefully smelling the place.

Then he will stand close to an elevated spot (such as tree trunks, stumps etc.) with the tail raised, and penis pointed at the area to be marked; other observing individuals might repeat the ritual.

Females may also show marking behavior but less prominently than males do.

Among females, those in oestrus will show maximum urine-marking, and their excrement can attract males from far off.

In some areas, Cheetahs are frequently captured by ranchers to protect livestock by setting up traps in traditional markings sports; the calls of the trapped Cheetah can attract more Cheetahs to the place.

Touch and visual cues are another ways of signaling in Cheetahs. Social meetings involve mutual sniffing of the mouth, anus and genitals.

Individuals will groom one another, lick each other`s faces and rub their flanks against each other. Mothers probably use the alternate light and dark rings on the tail to signal their cubs to follow them.

The Cheetah is a carnivore that hunts smaller-to medium-sized prey weighing 20 to 60 kg (44 to 132 lb), but mostly less than 40 kg (88 lb). Its primary prey is medium-size ungulates. Larger ungulates are typically avoided.

There are no records of Cheetahs killing humans. Generally, only groups of Cheetahs (coalitions or mother and curbs) will try to kill larger prey; mothers with cubs especially lookout for larger prey and tend to be more successful than females without cubs.

Cheetahs hunt primarily throughout the day, sometimes with peaks at dawn and dusk.

They use their vision to hunt instead of their sense of smell; they keep a lookout for prey from resting sites or low branches.

The Cheetah will stalk its prey, trying to conceal itself in cover, and approach as close as possible, often within 60 to 70 m (200 to 230 ft) of the prey (or even farther for less alert prey).

Alternatively the Cheetah can lie hidden in cover and wait for the prey to come nearer.

A stalking Cheetah assumes a partially crouched posture, with the head lower than the shoulders; it will move slowly and be still at times.

In areas of minimal cover the Cheetah will approach within 200 m (660 ft) of the prey and start the chase.

The chase typically last a minute; “In a 2013 study, the length of chases averaged 173m (568 ft), and the longest run measured 559m (1,834 ft).”

The Cheetah can give up the chase if it is detected by the prey early or if it cannot make a kill quickly.

Cheetahs kill their prey by tripping it during the chase by hitting its rump with the forepaw or using the strong dewclaw to knock the prey off its balance, bringing it down with much force and sometimes even breaking some of its limbs.

To kill medium-to large-sized prey, the Cheetah bites the prey`s throat; maintaining the bite for around five minutes, within which the prey stops struggling.

A bite on the nape of the neck or the snout (and sometimes on the skull) suffocates to kill small prey.

Once the hunt is over, the prey is taken near a bush or a tree; the Cheetah, highly exhausted after the chase, rests beside the kill and pants heavily for five to 55 minutes, mean while Cheetahs nearby, who did not take part in the hunt, might feed on the kill immediately:

Groups of Cheetah devour the kill peacefully-Cheetahs move their head from side to side so that the sharp carnassials teeth tear the flesh, which can be swallowed without chewing.

They typically begin with hind quarters, and then progress towards the abdomen and the spine. Ribs are chewed on at the ends, and the limbs are not generally torn apart while eating.

Unless the prey is very small, the skeleton is left almost intact after feeding on the meet.

To defend itself on its prey, a Cheetah will hold its body low to the ground and snarl with its mouth wide open, the eyes staring threateningly ahead and the ears folded backward.

This may be accompanied by moans, hisses and growls, and hitting the ground with the fore paws.

Cheetahs are induced ovulators and can breed throughout the year. Females can have their first litter at two to three years of age.

Polyestrous, females have an oestrus (“heat”) cycle 12-days long on average, but this can vary broadly from three days to a month. A female can conceive again after 17 to 20 months from giving birth, or even sooner if a whole litter is lost.

Urine-marking in males can become more pronounced when a female in their vicinity comes into oestrus, males, sometimes even those in coalitions, fight among one another to secure access to the female.

Often one male will eventually win dominance over the others and mate with the female, though a female can mate with different males.

Mating begins with the male approaching the female, who lies down on the ground; individuals often chirp, purr or yelp at this time. Without courtship behavior, the male immediately secures hold of the female`s nape, and copulation takes place.

The pair then ignores each other, but meets and copulate a few more times three to five times a day for the next two to three days before finally parting ways.

After a gestation of nearly three months, a litter of one to eight cubs is born (though those of three to four cubs are more common).

Births take place at 20-25 minute intervals in a sheltered place such as thick vegetation. The eyes are shut at birth, and open in four to 11 days.

Newborn cubs might spit a lot and make soft churring noises; they start walking by two weeks. Their nape shoulders and back are thickly covered with long bluish grey hair, called a ‘mantle’. This fur is shed as the Cheetah grows older.

Cheetah cubs are highly vulnerable to several predators during the first few weeks of their life. Mothers keep their cubs hidden in dense vegetation for the first two months and nurse in the early morning.

The mother is extremely vigilant at this stage; she stays within 1 km (0.62 mi) of the lair, frequently visits her cubs, moves them every five to six days, and remains with them after dark.

Though she tries to make minimal noise that might give away the location of the cubs to predators, they are often detected and the mother usually cannot defend her litter from these predators. The generational length of Cheetah is six years.

Cubs start coming out of the hair at two months of age, trailing after their mother where she goes. At this point the mother nurses less and brings solid food to the cubs.

To train her cubs in hunting, the mother will catch and let go of live prey in front of her cubs. Cubs` play behavior includes crouching, wrestling, pouncing, and chasing.

Playing can improve catching kills in cubs. Cubs as young as six months try to capture small prey like hares and young gazelles.

Though they may have to wait until as long as 15 months of age to make a successful kill on their own.

At around 20 months, offspring become independent; mothers might have conceived again by then.

Siblings may remain together for a few months before parting ways. While females stay close to their mothers, males move farther off.

The lifespan of the wild Cheetah is 14 to 15 years for females, and their reproductive cycle typically ends by 12 years of age; males generally live as long as ten years.

However, the Cheetah appears to be less capable of coexisting with human than the Leopard. Though the Cheetah show s little aggression towards human.

In furtherance, after the search, I wasn`t satisfied with the Cheetah search, because it actually did not match with most aged long stories I was told of Edi which includes that:

“Edi is a dangerous night hunting carnivore that can attack human,” and that “Some of its body parts can be used for medicines.”

But the Google search result for Cheetah by Wikipedia presented that “Cheetah is a carnivore that mostly hunts by the day; which has no trace of attacking human,” let alone having a medicinal remark.

Then I decided to search for the historical characteristics of Leopard; to know if it will match my native history of Edi.

As I continued the search and entered Leopard on the search engine of the Google web address, I was presented with reports, and I clicked on the one powered by “Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia” which presented that:

The Leopard (Panthera Pardus) is one of the five extant species in genus panthera, a member of the Felidae.

Leopards are hunted illegally, and their body parts are smuggled in the wildlife trade for medical practices and decoration.

Compared to other wild cats, the Leopard has relatively short legs and a long body with a large skull.

Its fur is marked with rosettes. It is similar in appearance to Jaguar, but has a smaller, lighter physique, and its rosettes are generally smaller, more densely packed and without central sports.

Both Leopard and Jaguars that are melanistics are known as black panthers.

The Leopard is distinguished by its well-camouflaged fur, opportunistic hunting behavior, broad diet, strength, and its ability to adapt to a variety of habitats ranging from rainforest to steppe, including arid and montane areas.

It can run at speed of up to 58 km/h (36mph).

The Leopard`s skin color varies between individuals from pale yellowish to dark golden with dark sports grouped in rosettes.

Its belly is whitish and its ringed tail is shorter than its body. Its pupils are round.

Leopards living in arid regions are pale cream, yellowish to ochraceous and rufous in color; those living in forests and mountains are much darker and deep golden. Sports fade toward the white underbelly and the insides and lower parts of the legs.

The fur tends to be grayish in colder climates and dark golden in rain forest habitats, the pattern of the rosettes is unique in each individual.

Its fur is generally soft and thick, notably softer on the belly than on the back, it tends to grow longer in colder climates.

The guard hairs protecting the basal hairs are shorter, 3-4 mm (0.12-0.16 in) in face and head, and increase in length toward the flanks and belly to about 25- 30 mm (0.98-1.18 in).

Juveniles have woolly fur, and appear to be dark-colored due to the dense arranged sports. Its white-tipped tail is about 60-100 cm (24-39 in) long, white underneath and with sports that form incomplete bands toward the tail`s ends.

The Leopard`s rosettes differ from those of Jaguar, which are darker and with smaller sports inside. The Cheetah has small round sports without any rosettes.

The Leopard is sexually dimorphic; males are larger and heavier than females. It is muscular, with relatively short limbs and broad head.

Males stand 60-70 cm (24-28 in) at the shoulder, while females are 57-64 cm (22-25 in) tall.

The head-and-body length ranges between 90 and 196 cm (35 and 77 in) with a 66 to 102 cm (26 to 40 in) long tail. Sizes vary geographically. Males weigh 37-90 kg (82-198 lb), and females 28-60 kg (62-132 lb).

Melanistic Leopards are called black panthers. Melanism in Leopards is inherited as a recessive trait relatively to the spotted form.

“Results of phlogenetic analysis of chemical secretions amongst cats indicated that the Leopard is closely related to the Lion.

The Leopard is a sister taxon to a clade within panthera, consisting of the Lion and the Jaguar.”

“The modern Leopard is suggested to have evolved in Africa about 0.5 to 0.8 million years ago and to have radiated across Asia about 0.2 and 0.3 million years ago.”

There is considerable potential for human-Leopard conflict due to Leopards preying on livestock.

Although adaptable to human disturbances, Leopards required healthy prey populations and appropriate vegetative cover for hunting for prolonged survival and thus rarely linger in heavily developed areas due to the Leopard`s stealth, people often remain unaware that they live in nearby area.

Leopards have been discovered in unprotected forest patches, grass lands, home gardens, cave and plantations.

The Leopard is a solitary and territorial animal. Adults associate only in the mating season.

Females continue to interact with their offspring even after weaning, and have been observed sharing kills with their offspring when they cannot obtain any prey.

They produce a number of vocalizations, including growls, snarls, meows and purrs.

The roaring sequence in Leopards consists mainly of grunts and is also called “Sawing”, having been described as resembling the sound of sawing wood.

Cubs are known to call their mother with a “urr-urr” sound.

The white sports on the back of its ears are thought to play a role in communication.

It has been hypothesized that the white tips of their tails may function as a ‘follow me’ signal in intra-specific communication.

Leopards are active mainly from dusk till dawn and rest for most of the day and for some hours at night in thickets, among rocks or cover tree branches.

Leopard has been observed walking 1-25 km (0.62-15.53 mi) across their range at night; they may even wander up to 75 km (47 mi) if disturbed.

In some region they are nocturnal. While they have also been observed to be largely diurnal and hunting during twilight, when their prey animals are active.

Male Leopards interact with their partners and cubs at times, and exceptionally this can extend to two generations.

Males occupy territories that often overlap with a few female territories, probably as a strategy to enhance access to females.

Females live with their cubs in territories that overlap extensively, probably due to the association between mothers and their offspring. Individuals tend to drive away intruders of the same sex.

The Leopard depends on its acute sense of hearing and vision for hunting. It primarily hunts at night in most areas.

There have been instances where Leopard hunts by day time. Leopards usually hunt on the prey by jumping down on it from trees.

The Leopard is a carnivore that prefers medium sized prey with a body mass ranging from 10-40 kg (922-88 lb) most significant preferred species they hunt include ungulates, bush buck, impala, chital.

Primate species preyed upon includes those of the genera cercocebus, semnopithecus etc.

Leopard also kills smaller carnivores like black-backed jackal, bat-eared fox, and Cheetah, Prey as heavy as a 550kg (1,210 lb) giraffe is hunted, especially in areas that lack larger carnivores such as Lions or Tigers since they do not need to drag prey up trees to retain it.

“The largest prey killed by a Leopard was reportedly a male Eland weighing 900 kg (2,000 lb).”

The Leopard stalk its prey and tries to approach as close as possible, typically within 5m (16 ft) to the target, and finally pounces on it and kills it by suffocation.

It kills small prey with bite on the back of the neck, but holds larger animals by the throat and strangles them.

It is able to take large prey due to its massive skull and powerful jaw muscles, and it therefore strong enough to drag carcasses heavier than itself up into trees; “An individual was seen to haul a young Giraffe, weighing nearly 125 kg (276 lb), up 5.7m (19 ft) into a tree.”

Kills are cached up to 2 km (6,600 ft) apart. Small prey is eaten immediately, while larger carcasses are dragged over several hundred meters and safely cached in trees; bushes or even caves to be consumed later.

Other predators like Tiger, Lion, Cheetah, Hyena, African wild dog sometimes steal Leopard kill. Leopards retreat up a tree in the face of direct aggression. While interspecies kill of full-grown Leopards is generally rare.

Depending on the region, Leopards may mate all year round. The estrous cycle lasts about 46 days and the female usually is in heat for 6-7 days. Gestation last for 90 to 105 days. Cubs are usually born in a litter of 2-4 cubs.

Females give birth in a cave, crevice among boulders, hollow tree, or thicket to make a den.

Cubs are born with closed eyes, which open four to nine days after birth. The fur of the young tends to be longer and thicker than that of adults.

Their pelage is also more grey in color with less defined sports. Around three months of age, the young begins to follow the mother on hunts.

At one year of age, Leopard young can probably fend for themselves, but remain with the mother for 18-24 months.

“The average typical life span of a Leopard is between 12 and 17 years. The generation length of the Leopard is 9.3 years.”

Leopards have known to humans throughout history, and have featured in art, mythology, and folklore of many countries where they have historically occurred.

“Greek mythology, the Leopard was a symbol of the god Dionysus; who was depicted wearing Leopard skin and using Leopards as means of transportation.”

“During the Benin Empire, the Leopard was commonly represented on engravings and sculptures and was used to symbolize the power of the King or Oba, since the Leopard was considered the King of the forest.”

The coat of Leopard has been popular decorative clothing and a symbol of power, wealth and exotic, being worn by African Chiefs, European Queens, Hollywood and Nollywood firm stars and dancers.

The Leopard-like depictions appears on the coat of arms of several African nations including Benin, Malawi, Somalia, Gabon, and Democratic Republic of Congo; including on the coat of arm of England etc.

Most Leopards avoid people, but humans may occasionally be targeted as prey. Most healthy Leopards prefer wild prey to human, but injured, sick, or struggling cats or those with a shortage of regular prey may resort to hunting humans and become habituated to it.

Although usually slightly smaller than a human, an adult Leopard is much more powerful and easily capable of killing a human being.

“Two extreme cases occurred in India. The first Leopard, ‘the Leopard of Rudraprayag’, killed more than 125 people; the second, ‘the Panar Leopard, was believed to have killed more than 400.

Both were killed by the renowned hunter and conservationist Jim Corbett.”

Man-eating Leopards are considered bold and difficult to track and may enter human settlements for prey, more so than Lions and Tigers.

“Author and big game hunter, Kenneth Anderson, had firsthand experience with many man-eating Leopards, and described them as far more threatening than Tigers…”

However, I was convinced with my search, that the Leopard is the English name for the dangerous wild animal Edi:

Because its historical characteristics by Wikipedia presented by Google matches most of the stories that was presented by some elders who visited me, I interrogated about the wild animal.

Not minding some terrifying beliefs and aged long mythological stories that I was told about Edi the English Leopard.

Nevertheless, I was at Dina orthopedic hospital till 15th, when I had a dream.

Before this dream, I use to tell my mother that something will happen on 15th of April 2013. But honestly, I don`t know what it was or going to be.

At around 12:00hrs midnight of 15th April 2013, I was in a very deep sleep, and I saw myself in a mighty hall, which looked like a Supreme Law Court.

I was comfortably sitting on a seat at the floor section of the mighty hall which has capacity to occupy over 500,000 people at the same time; and it was filled in capacity.

The mighty hall has different sections with podium surrounded with panel of judges; while the centre of the rostrum was open and a little bit elevated.

But everyone in the hall can see and hear each other from all corner and sections. Then some minutes later, I had someone`s name called, the person stood up from the section where we were and matched forward to the centre; surrounded with juries.

The judges said so much I can’t remember and later ordered someone who came forward with a long sword (Ogologo nmagha), lifted it up from behind, and deepen it directly into that person`s shoulder cup; close to his neck and he failed down and died bleeding.

The next person was called upon and the same thing happened to him.

The next voice, I had my name “Nweke Ifeanyi!” I never had anything at the back of my mind, not minding what has happened to others who were previously called.

Never did I reasoned or feared the death of the last two people that just died.

Though the way I saw the situation, no one has a choice of sitting or running away once his or her name was mentioned.

It was fate! Or a spiritual call no one present in that hall can ignore.

I stood up courageously like someone expecting his name and matched straight-forward to the rostrum, and anchored the centre gallantly like a brave warrior; where the last two who came forward before me was murdered; and was awaiting a command of the final judgment.

It was horribly-a-terrible place to stand! A place surrounded by the bleeding dead.

Then, after all the trials, statements, and searches on the pages of mighty books in front of the judges; I only remembered one thing I had last and came back from my dream with “Onweghi ihe ojo imere.” Meaning: “You did nothing wrong.” I then said to myself “God is my strength.”

Immediately, I woke up and reached to my phone to check the time, it was 12:26hrs am. I did not sleep anymore.

I was busy running my mind and was thinking about what happened in my dream and where I sojourned and saw myself.

When my mother woke up in the morning, I told her part of what happened.

She looked at me for some seconds and said nothing. But I believe so much went through her mind like “What kind of son is this?”

Next, a photographer from Aba, Abia state, came and snapped us pictures at the orthopedic hospital.

I only took one shot; because I had no flesh remaining on my body; I looked a goner, like a skeleton, like someone who is going to die any time then.

After the dream, I started healing faster. My bones started growing like a new yam buried under the soil, my skin tissues started sprouting youngly.

I started improving on receiving treatment unlike before; up to August 24th, at exactly 6 months of the injury; I remember vividly, it was immediately the first Eastern International Airline:

“Ethiopian Airline,” Airplane took off from Akamebian Airport in Enugu state, with its first passengers onboard; my radio was on, as they were announcing the taking off:

At the same time I was raised up the first time from the floor at Dina`s local orthopedic hospital to walk to the glory of God for the first time after six months of been on the floor fixed with my bed sore.

It was a great miracle! Not just to me alone; but also to many who were present and or had what happened to me.

I began to learn how to walk with a native walking stick (Bamboo) longer than normal. I said to Dina my native orthopedic Doctor “Mummy thank Ma;” more than three times in 26 seconds.

When I walked for just seven days, my leg started swollen. Then I was asked to lie on the floor again and stop walking.

Later it was discovered that a left over broken bone, forced out by the growing tissue was the trouble; because the wound was soaking wet continuously.

The left over bone was traced and pulled out by Ebuka Anthony Okpala, son of Dina my orthopedic Doctor.

When Ebuka pulled out the left over broken bone, causing the soaking and swollen, blood started gushing out again from the wound. I was again on the floor for another three months receiving treatments.

After 3 months, I was raised the second time, and I continued learning how to walk again until I was discharged from the orthopedic hospital and was coming for treatments from home.

One day when the treatment was not followed up, because of financial constraint; my leg started decaying the second time again.

In fact, this time, it returned back to the initial decaying process, and became worse because it turned adamantly resistant to different kind of treatments recommended.

Though my orthopedic Doctor Dina use to tell me that any day we stop coming or skips the treatments routine protocol, that this will happen; but I didn`t understand to the extent she meant.

The situation later came to a point that I started thinking whether to accept the option of amputating my leg, and carry the cross the way I see it.

Like Jesus in the Bible asked God to take away his cross but heaven shot the doors and windows close from his prayers.

When I was at the orthopedic hospital, I won a Radio award on Solid 100.9 FM, powered by Movement of Voice for Democracy (MoversNigeria), initiated by Ifeanyichukwu Okonkwo (Onwa Nnobi), the anchor of the Peoples Court.

At a time, I thought of calling the MoversNigeria through the Peoples Court, to inform them of my situation; because the initiator of the Peoples Court officially visited me live on my sick bed at Dina orthopedic hospital with his team.

In fact, the team was among the most significant people I remembered welcoming on my sick bed, and they gave me a lot of treasures; after which we took both group pictures together.

Including the first Radio I won out of the first ever three Radios donated to be awarded to participants on the Radio Court, on the first episode of the Peoples Court, Radio Court Award:

Which featured both Lawyers, Doctors, PhD holders etc., and I took smartly with my lead judgment contribution, the first third Radio on air, out of the three Radio donated by the Movement of Voice for Democracy; from my hospital bed they brought to me.

Later, I also participated from home, when I was discharged and anchored the first man to win three times Radio Court Award in the Peoples Court before the 18th episode of the first session of the Peoples Court, powered by the MoversNigeria.

Many other important men and women came to my hospital bed at Dina Orthopedic hospital in Achina, and identified with me.

I appreciate Eze Idegwu III His Royal Majesty Igwe Godwin Nnaemeka Obiora and Hon. O.C.J Ezechukwu, the then President General of Achina Town Union (ATU); who came in company of his Majesty!

Mummy General, Mrs. Chito Ezeude, the wife of my Lord Primate CN Ezeude (Ichie Ozioma) of Marble Collegiate Redeemed Church of Nigeria (MCRC Nigeria), Chief Sir. Samuel Onyeaka (Incumbent Chairman Umueleke Village).

And Nze Edward Ikejiofo (Ezedioranma), who later died three days after paying me a visit at the orthopedic hospital at the age of above 112 years:

A man who told me my late grandfather Chief Ezenweke the “First Native Authority Chief of Achina who was a Pioneer Speaker in Old Aguata LGA,” was best called by men: “Ikejiobodo.” His lovely granddaughter Nzubechi also visited.

I remember some old important women too, who took their time and came in person, like Nne Onyemaechi (Opijere) one of the closest friend to Nne Onwajanma the third wife of my grandfather Chief Ezenweke; also visited, Nne Amuma as we fondly call her, and numerous others.

Others are Joseph Ezeanuna, Chief Donatus Ezeanuna, Cecilia Ezeanuna Obiora Ezeanuna (Binamax), and Chibuike Ezeanuna all from my maternal home.

Some of my school mates represented too: Chibueze Anokete, Architect Chukwuduruo Ibekwe, Engr. Innocent Igboanu, Chidi Ezeoke and many others too numerous to mention.

Many, who did not come in person, sent their regards; like Chief Dom Chuks Nwosu (Obidigbo), the Achina man who had a hand shake with Queen Elizabeth II of England in Brooklyn London in 1959:

And a member of Igwe-in-council of the first traditional ruler of Achina HRH Igwe Job Ezenmokwe, he is the First Achina man to tempt publishing a book on Achina Idegwu history as a student in 1945.

As member of the first set of Achina graduates, he produced a “400 page manuscript,” on Achina history; but lost this valuable document in 1968 when the Nigeria Air force Army occupied Achina town hall.

Other prominent men like Chief C.U Mbaji, Sir Uche Uduji, Engr. Nwaobasili (Oriona) sent their regards too; including Umuada Isi-Achina in general sent messages at different occasions.

I also appreciated those who came when I wasn`t awake and to many who came I did not see or recognized.

In furtherance, instead of seeking for any other help on my decaying leg from the Doctors, because I feared amputating it, I took a decision to be on my own when I was asked to stop coming around for treatment.

First, it was because we were not financially buoyant enough-then to meet up demands to keep maintaining my wound; and secondly based on certain spiritual and physical unexplainable attacks coming from unconfirmed sources.

I particularly accepted to go home and decay or attract miraculous sympathy and mercy of God; when some prominent people were frequenting their visit, persuading from all angle that I should accept to amputate my leg.

That was when I took my final decision and withdrew inside for safety. I was inside my room for weeks without going anywhere. Just talking to my God daily and doing the things my mind told me to do at any occasion.

Never did I know I was making the situation worse. Because even the bandages I was using, including materials to treat and clean up my wound were-all-not sterilized.

Therefore, I was dangerously infecting myself the more through self-medication.

One day, my mother came into my room and forced me, that she must see my wound. I reluctantly opened my wound, and she nearly fainted.

It was becoming worse by the day and decaying continuously.

I saw myself dying inside through my body tissue; but was still alive.

Then my mother forced me again to follow her to the medical hospital, and I sluggishly accepted to follow her.

Not minding, I told her that “There is nothing the medical hospital around can do about it.” And I continued…; “Only God can change the narratives,” I said to my mum, and she ignored me and asked me to prepare myself.

At the hospital, the Doctor asked me to open the wound at a private apartment in the hospital, in the presence of my mother.

I un-wrapped my wound bind with bandages, before the Doctor, and he jerked his head and told us that my tissue is already highly infected, and will continue to resist certain treatments.

The Doctor asked me if the bandages I used are “Sterilized?” I said no when I understood what he meant.

Then he asked me to carefully rap the wound back and later suggested what we can do; which include some medical jargons that ended that I will be taking to a bigger hospital:

Where certain specialist Doctors will “Cut-out part of my body,” from my lap or any other place and use it to place at the front of my wound after certain treatments.

I looked at the Doctor and my mother, and asked the Doctor if there is any other option available; and the Doctor said no.

I reasoned how another part of my body will be sliced out and be used to treat my wound, and both of the two places will be receiving treatment; and said “No!” in conclusion to the Doctor`s suggestion.

My mother was tempted to accept the suggestion if that will heal me; but I was very strong with my belief that there is a solution somewhere; till I get there.

Then I said to the Doctor: “Does it mean there is no type of treatment anywhere in this world that can heal my wound without amputating my leg and or cutting-off any part of my body to treat my wound?”

The Doctor reluctantly agreed that it is actually possible to treat my wound without cutting off any part of my body or amputating my leg; but finalized that it may take a very long time to heal; because my wound was continuously dripping.

Then I stood up and told the Doctor that “I accept that long time; no matter how long it may take.” The Doctor looked into my eyes wriggling his head and said “Ok!”

We paid for my hospital Doctor`s consultation bill and for the drug the Doctor prescribed for me, and left the hospital.

I came back home and soaked myself into a high level hygiene practices.

First, I bought new bandages and cotton wool; cut them, wash the bandages, dry it, wash my hands properly with soap under a running clean water, then collected the dry bandages and fold them into size:

Then brought a special stainless plate that has cover; that has capacity to contain good number of the bandages and cotton wool.

I washed the stainless plate with its cover properly with sponge and soap under a running clean water and rinsed it properly with clean running water, then placed the bandages and the cotton wool I rapped into size, inside the stainless plate and covered the stainless plate.

Then brought a special pot with cover that has the capacity to contain the stainless plate and still be properly covered; then I washed the pot and its cover properly with soap and sponge and rinsed it with water.

Then I introduced one and sometimes two small cup of clean water that must not be at more than 2cm or 4cm level inside the pot; to avoid water entering the stainless plate containing the dry bandages and cotton wool when it start boiling.

Then after introducing the small clean water, I then placed the stainless plate well covered containing the dry bandages and cotton wool inside the pot; and cover the pot properly.

Then light a stove and sometimes a gas cooker, and place the pot containing the stainless plate of the dry bandages and cotton wool on the fire and start cooking it for at least 45-60 minutes. After which I off the gas cooker or Stove and allow it to cool without opening the pot.

After 2-3hrs when it cools, I will then wash my hands properly again with soap under clean running water and remove the stainless plate containing the cooked dry bandages and cotton wool. And take it inside my room.

Before I start folding the bandages to use them on my wound, I do these things:

A. I discovered that house fly carry infections; therefore I have to protect everything I use around my wound from such external agents of infections. Because of that I purchased net and secured every possible place around my room; including my door and windows to prevent any external fly from gaining access to my room.

B. Dust carries infections; therefore I have to make sure I do not raise dust whenever I need to open my wound for treatment or open the bandage stainless plate, let alone folding it.

Therefore I sweep my room always before I commence treatment. I equally know that after sweeping my room, my bed-sheet will be filled with dust raised from the room. I have to remove my bed sheet after sweeping my room to replace it with dry neat bed sheet.

C. Because my room was my hospital and I was my own Doctor. I also understand that to reduce dust from gaining access to my wound and my treatment materials, I have to mob my room with disinfectant; even before replacing my bedsheet.

D. Before I open my wound, I use to place a special clean towel/rapper on my bed sheet and place all the materials I must use for treatment and also place my leg there to unbind and bind with bandages; while sitting opposite my bed on a small native chair.

E. Because I must clean my wound with the dry cooked cotton wool and solution, I do not use any kind of solution; I was using “Drip solution” to clean my wound. After which I will use the cooked bandages to bind my wound.

I was also on anti-biotic medication prescribed by the Doctor, and was consuming enough fruits.

F. Any material I use around my wound, I cook it; especially the stainless scissors and the material I use in picking up the cooked cotton wool I use in cleaning my wound with the Drip solution. And always wash my hand properly with soap and water before I commence treatment on my wound.

I continued repeating these and was getting better results; but like said the Doctor; it was taking time; but I was healing gradually.

Though my wound was still dripping till after 2 years; on 8th of May 2015 precisely, when my mother Florence Nweke had an “End of discussion” dream; and was spiritually instructed on what I should do for my wound to heal completely.

It was God in Heaven that decided to answer our prayers.

My mother woke up in the morning of 8th May 2015 and came to my room before I started my every 3 days treatment.

Though I used to treat my wound every day initially, to every two days, till it graduated to every 3 days; after we visited the hospital and the Doctor said that it will take long to heal, when I rejected the option he presented to me.

Lucky enough, 8th of May 2015 that my mother had a dream about my wound healing solution, my routine treatment was equally due on that very day.

I was about to commence treatment on my wound at 8 am; when my mother knocked on my door that morning and said that she had a dream. And that she was directed in her dream to tell me to fetch a native succulent leaf known natively as “Odaopuo.”

Odaopuo leave that healed the author of I Saw Sodom

She said that in her dream, that she was instructed to tell me that I should roast just a leaf of Odaopuo and squeeze out its liquid content; and sprinkle it on the surface of my wound to receive instant healing.

Like Sera in the Bible I chuckled. But I did not argue with her; because I trusted God for a miracle I believe will manifest one day I do not know the date or time.

However, we have Odaopuo very close to our native kitchen in our compound. I quickly reached to it before I commence treatment, and plugged 3 fresh leafs from the mother shrub.

I washed it with clean water, and took it inside my room for a miraculous experiment.

When I unbind my wound after observing other of my routine treatment protocols, I squeezed one of the succulent Odaopuo leaf raw, without roasting it on fire; and dropped its liquid content on small section of my wound surface, to observe the reaction.

I was in my room alone. Then I observed it closer for some minutes and there was no promising action let alone the miracle I anticipated.

Then I said to myself “Let me just do it exactly the way my Mama told me that she was instructed in her dream.”

I then took the second leaf of Odaopuo and used the lighter in my room and burned the succulent leaf till it folded looking roasted.

And then I squeezed out its liquid content properly and allow its liquid to drop on my wound; behold, immediately Odaopuo liquid landed on the surface of my wound, like the “Hiroshima” bomb; a miracle took place instantly.

My wound that was dripping closed up immediately in seconds the roasted Odaopuo succulent leaf liquid dropped on my wound; and I jumped up excitedly with tears of joy:

With goose pimple all over my body and echoed “God has done it!” with a very loud voice that my mother and siblings rushed in to know why I screamed that loud.

“Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!…” I continued “God Can Never Fail!” I stood up with overwhelming joy in my heart, raising my two hands up and was thanking God, with tears running down my chin; “God Thank You!” “Thank You Lord” “Waooo!” “Iheanyichukwu!”

It was miracle for real!

I started singing: “Ihe Chineke kwuru omewo ya; ihe okwuru geme…”

I continued singing, with another song made with my name “Ifeanyichukwu, Ifeanyichineke, odighi ihe nanyi chukwu nezia nomume; odighi ihe nanyi chukwu nezia nomume.”

I sang joyfully unto God for some minutes, and removed my wound bandages aside and waited for minutes that led to hours and my wound never drop fluid again. Just like the woman with the issue of blood in the Bible, I was healed.

My parent, especially my Mum and siblings who have been caring for me, working hard to make sure I do not lack or suffer much were happy like I was; because the miracle ended my wound treatment up to this moment.

After my healing, I occasionally then, use to bind the fresh soft tissue that now formed the surface of my wound with bandage to protect it from external injury and allow it open to receive fresh air and it continued to thicken up.

That was how I got my miracle from God, and got healed without amputating my leg; and continued walking with my two legs again up to this moment to the Glory of “Chukwu Okike,” the almighty God of creation.

Before I received my complete healing, in 2014, after I was discharged from the orthopedic hospital, I went for thanksgiving and friends and well wishers from all works of life anchored including Chief Joe Ifediobi Ijikara (Okosisi Akpo):

Who was the Coronation Chairman of Eze Idegwu III, and as of around that time was the PA to Senator Dr. Andy Ubah; who was representing our Senatorial constituency,. Engr. Johnpaul Uwaezuoke, Mr. Kenechukwu Nwaka.

Comrd Chinedu Okpala and a lot of other dignitaries and friends, who may not be mentioned, honored my survival thanksgiving at Christ Anglican Church Achina on Easter Sunday 2014.

After the thanksgiving, the next day been Monday at 8:26 am, Ndubuisi and his brother Chibueze, those men that chased the dangerous native wild English Leopard (Edi) with me; brought to me:

The dreaded coat of the dangerous wild Leopard “Akpupko Edi,” the exact one we chased; all the way from Ebonyi state where they kept it; after Ndubuisi broke his hand, and according to him, his brother Chibueze had a dangerous accident too that targeted his neck or head.

They humbly told me before my parent and siblings who was around, that the dreaded wild Leopard coat (Akpukpo Edi), is my property; they dropped it on the floor of our house, then I collected it.

Picture of leopard skin that explains mystery of I Saw Sodom

“Now, the wild Leopard coat is a Royal Archive for the world tourists, adventurers and children unborn from generation to generation.” I said.

Then the pretty woman I was narrating the story of what happened interrupted me quickly:

“From Ages to Ages!” She said. And asked me immediately as she wanted to rest her back on the gold diamond seat we sat on:

Assuming you are an Angel, and you are living for humanity, what name among the Angels you will choose for yourself?”

I said “Angel Michael.”

She nodded her head: “Great!” She concluded… “That is a mark of Royalty.” She added.

“Warrior King” she said to me, “My right eye is blind. I only see with my left eye.”

It looked like she was telling lies; because the both eyes were good from sight; inwardly I said that to myself.

“What happened to your eye?” I asked.

She told me, and asked me to keep it secret.

Then she asked me after some sips “What prompted you to write your maiden book?”

I looked at her and the beautiful maidens around without saying a word.

She sipped her drink and said to me “Am waiting.”

“I was in my final year in the University…” I said, and continued: Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), Petroleum Engineering Department precisely in 2008; when in several nights, and sometimes in a broad-daylight, certain muses and fate took over my activities and sleep.

Is either am engaged in my dream about my community Achina Idegwu with serous directives for critical roles I must play for Achina Idegwu to emerge globally or I cry out openly from my dream with spiritual threat to my life if I refused to play a fateful critical role that fate has chosen for me.

These incidences continued to the extent that my academic activities in school were affected.

So many things became difficult for me. I refused to share what I see in my dreams and my academic situation with anyone not even with my close friends.

It became worse when I started having missing scripts and omitted results at school after examinations.

And I was facing so much trouble, financially and otherwise; running from one administrative block to another without positive results. And then I was about to graduate with my mates in the University when all these were happening.

I became convinced that fate and certain muses were roving around me strongly, when even people I do not know will see me either walking along the school or sitting alone at a corner in the school, thinking about what am passing through; I believe no one knows about, and tell me

“Go and do what you are told to do.” Not once or twice and by different faces I cannot recognize.

Most times, I will be shocked and be tempted to conclude that something like or close to “Madness,” is coming upon me. Because such people I do not know and cannot recognize their faces always say that to me when am at the middle of my problem:

Thinking hard, and about reaching a consensus to leave the school and end my academic pursue at few months to my graduation, and go start a fresh life somewhere I have not yet concluded.

It continued till one day that I took a decision, when so many things academically and otherwise no longer work for me positively; to stop going to school.

I decided to take a brake and stay indoors in my lodge at the University, so that I can take final decision on next step to take; whether to continue with my academic struggle or to pack my things and leave the school environment for a fresh life somewhere.

On the first day I refused to go to school, and then I was alone in my lodge at “Presidential Lodge,” in Umuchima-Ihiagwa, in Imo state; when most students have left for school around 12 noon.

It came upon me when the school neigborhood was so quiet like a spirit land; I felt like someone forced to sit-down in an empty room, with too many old people I can not visually see and touch; but hear voices in the background like someone hallucinating; directing me what to do.

At a time, I felt like running away from my room and notify people and or my school neigbors. But there were no one physically present with me. And I do not know how to start explaining to someone what I was going through.

But I was convinced I was with people I can not see, but hear them and feel their presence. When I tried very hard to remove myself from my room, I found myself in a difficult situation unable to help myself out of my room.

As this was going on, I found myself in another world other than the earth my body is. Then, I can`t explain how it happened that I took up my pen and plain A4 sheet on my school reading table and started creating and fixing words.

I produced scripts on Achina Idegwu history, with table of content and the logo of my community designed that moment. I continued till I felt like I was alone, and later proofread what I created; it was marvelous to me.

Later, I conquered the “Fear of the unknown,” and excitedly produced many more scripts on Achina Idegwu my community.

In three days that I refused to go to school, I produced wonderful manuscripts of about 200 pages on my community Achina Idegwu. After going through the pages of the manuscript I created, I was self-fulfilled.

Later in my dream, I was directed to travel to my home town Achina Idegwu. When I woke up that morning, I felt this whole thing is distracting me academically. I refused to travel to my village, till situation forced me to my village:

When I received call from my parent to come back to the village for a family issue; I decided to travel with the manuscript. Even when I traveled to the village, I was not in a hurry to tell anyone what I went through; though later in my village, I went to some older community men and women to dig deep into our community history.

Lucky enough for me, after discussing with my father Nze Ikwumere, he told me some of the things he know; but I was not satisfy.

I wanted someone who will take me through the ages of my community history, a patriotic historian; because I was never a history student but a graduating Engineering Student in FUTO.

However, I remembered Chief Okey Okpalaugo, former Achina Town Union President General who I met when I got admission to study Petroleum Engineering in Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO).

I called Chief Okey Okpalaugo and told him that I produced a material on Achina Idegwu, and that I needed an insight on Achina history.

Chief Okey Okpalaugo was very excited, he sent me his email address and asked me to forward my request to him, so that he will look into it and advice me properly and assist me where necessary.

I did as he requested. Few days later, I received an email from him, gladly praising me that am probably not one of these days “Yahoo Boys,” but a hope for Achina Idegwu.

Then Chief Okey Okpalaugo directed me to meet Chief Dom Chuks Nwosu (Obidigbo); whom he said will be of good help to most questions raised on my questionnaire. I told him, I don`t know “Obidigbo.”

He told me to search for him; with helpful descriptions he gave to me to locate Obidigbo.

Chief Okey Okpalaugo told me that Obidigbo is in a good position to inform me on most of the things I raised. I thanked him and was hopeful as we spoke on phone.

Then when I met with my Uncle Nze Jonathan Ezenweke, he assisted me too on how to locate Chief Obidigbo.

The next day, I prepared and visited Obidigbo at Umuezeiyi village in Achina at his country home.

I don`t know Chief Obidigbo before and have never met him all my life before that day. Following also the direction of my Uncle, I was able to locate Chief Obidigbo.

Firstly, when I came into Obidigbo`s compound, I was immediately captured by the traditional native nature of his compound; which has no entrance gate to his “Obi,” such that he can sight anyone passing or coming in from his anchor Point.

Obidigbo`s compound as of the time I visited, was like a typical compound of a true native Igbo man.

Traditionally programmed; with an Iroko tree standing at the entrance, and across. Before the field (Nbara) at the center of his compound; is his Obi (small open-roofed rest house, where visitors anchor first) with an Udara tree planted about 99 foot close to the rest house (Obi or Obu).

And he was around with someone who visited him that was leaving when I anchored.

It was around 8 am in the morning.”Nnanyi Obidigbo Nde Nna!” I greeted.

“Nnwam Nno!” He replied with a slightly loud voice; and immediately asked “Onye?” Then I said: “Nnanyi, I`m Nweke Ifeanyi, the grandson of Ezenweke.” I told him.

“Chokwe!” He said to me; “Chief Ezenweke from Umueleke village in Achina?” He asked me. “Yes!” I said; “Ezenweke in Umueleke village in Achina.” I repeated.

“Ihaee!” Obidigbo shouted with a loud voice. Then I became somehow frightened; my heart began to beat faster “Kpum… Kpumm… kpumm…” I asked myself why he has to exclaim that loud, resting his two hands on his chest; and drooping, his neck west-ward with his head sagged in the same direction.

Then he asked me to sit-down. I sat-down some distance away from him, in his Obi. He asked me to come close, I have to sit closer to him on a seat next to the one before him; and was somehow perplexed; but very curious with my two eyes focused on him and clocking North South, East and West; like someone ready for unpredictable action.

He asked me “Who is your father?” I said: “Beneth Ikwumere, the first son of Ezenweke.”

Then he said to me “Bia! Is your mother the fair tall woman married from Ezeanuna family in Umulekwe in Ebele village?” I said yes!

Obidigbo raised his two hands up, looking up at the same time, waving his hands antagonistically; and said “Chineke ahizegi,” and concluded: “Nnwam anyi je ekpere Chineke.”

He brought out native kola-nuts he rapped with black nylon and placed them on a serving plate and took one, washed it, and began to pray.

In his prayer which he mentioned forefathers and even the names of ancestors I have not heard and do not know, saying he do not know yet why I came; but he “Foresee that God and the gods have arrested me for an inevitable mission.”

When Nnanyi Obidigbo mentioned that “God and the gods have arrested me for an inevitable mission,” I became worried inside me.

Looking at him, he was an old man possibly above 80, looking like the gods themselves, which he mentioned in his prayer, his Obi, rich with stock of ancient crafted materials, all kinds of native belongings that speak volume in culture and tradition.

His seat, not of this century; everything around him and where we were while he was busy praying traditionally, including the fire he staged beside him with “Oloko Nku,” at the same roof we were, were all the things I was glancing at, gapping occasionally:

And was meditating on, till he finished praying with the kola-nut and landed with “Iseoo!” Then I knew he has ended the prayer and accompanied his prayer with “Amen!” In acceptance for us to move forward.

Obidigbo broke the Kola-nut and it came three pieces; and he said “Anyi je ato ato,” and added immediately: “Onu-ogu-na-ato Achina Idegwu Egbe buru oku asoghi anwuru.”

Obidigbo then said to me “Tuomu, Chief Ezeoba!” I hailed him natively as he requested: “Chief Ezeoba!” “Nnoo Nnwa Obodo!” Chief Obidigbo accepted.

After observing the native cultural tradition accompanying Kola-nut, Chief Obidigbo welcomed me officially. And asked me why I came to meet him.

I told him that “I`m a student of Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), Petroleum Engineering Department,” and that “I wrote something on Achina and wanted someone to pilot me through the history of Achina.”

Chief Obidigbo said “Ekwurum gini!” And requested for the manuscript I produced on Achina Idegwu, and discovered that am writing a book on Achina Idegwu history.

He interrogated me from different angles, including how I found him, and how serious I`m on the journey; with serous worning on the project am about to embark on

When we went deep into our discussion, Chief Obidigbo broke into tears.

“What? Nnanyi!” I inquired and stood up immediately.

Chief Obidigbo asked me to sit-down, and then I sat-down under his command.

He then started telling me the stories of how he first tempts publishing a book on Achina Idegwu history.

According to Chief Obidigbo, he is “A member of the first set of Achina graduates,” and as a student in 1945, he tempted publishing a book on Achina Idegwu history and successfully produced a “400 page manuscript.”

But unfortunately, this valuable work was lost in Achina twon hall, in 1968, when the Biafra Air force Army occupied the hall.

Achina has three recognized major villages, which are: Ebele, Umueleke and Umuezeiyi according to seniority; popularly known as “Onu-ogu-na-ato Achina.”

However, Chief Obidigbo is from Umuezeiyi village in Achina. After loosing this valuable work which he has no money to publish then according to him, that he later sent to the then Achina Patriotic Union (APU):

Which was the then leadership government in Achina to publish, and they kept it at the Achina town hall archive, when they where not able to publish the manuscript into a book at Calabar in Cross River state, where there were industrial printing press own by the Catholic Church; on the bases that it was costly:

Before the Biafra Airforce Army took over the Achina town hall in 1968, where the document was stocked; and the valuable document was lost. And he was not able to reproduce it.

Chief Obidigbo equally told me that, because of his personal experience in trying to publish a book on Achina history, that when my maternal Uncle Chief Pious Ezeanuna (Ochudo Achina) from Ebele village in Achina:

In 2004, came up with a book on Achina history he titled “Foot-Prints for Achina History,” him (Chief Obidigbo) played active roles and contributed in support to the success of the book.

But unfortunately, the book authored by Chief Dr. Pious Ezeanuna on Achina history published on December 2004, was not launched. According to Chief Obidigbo:

“The people of Achina discouraged the book launch with a riot at the venue of the book launch; therefore the book was not successfully launched.”

He equally said that: “The remaining copies out of the 2,000 copies of the printed Foot-Prints for Achina History 2004 by Chief Dr. P.C Ezeanuna were shared to friends and well wishers cum researchers the day Chief Ochudo Achina died.”

Then Chief Obidigbo broke into tears again, the second time; I bowed-down my head and was meditating on some of the things he has told me and the future of the project that brought me to him.

Chief Obidigbo said to me “My son, the only one copy of Foot-Prints for Achina history by Chief P C Ezeanuna your maternal Uncle has been here since Ochudo died; and even some Achina people and friends far and near have been asking me to give them the book, but I refused.”

Chief Obidigbo said “I told each of them, the day the person that this book is waiting for will come, I will happily give it to the person.”

Chief Obidigbo stood up and stretched his hand up his “Elu-uko,” and brought out something wrapped with several nylons, and saved under smoke; unwrapped it, and behold, it was a book, the “Foot-Prints for Achina History,” 2004 by Chief Dr. Pious Ezeanuna, my maternal Uncle:

Whom I use to be with, but did not know he wrote any book. Later Chief Obidigbo handed the book over to me with tears of joy; and said “Ihe anaha agha isi ebe oje aputa aputa.” I collected the book from Chief Obidigbo humbly, and inside me, I knew that the journey has just started.

Front page "Footprint for Achina History" by PC Ezeanuna mentioned on I saw Sodom

Ochudo of Achina:

Back cover "Footprint for Achina History" mentioned in I Saw Sodom

Chief Obidigbo told me: “Now you are from Umueleke village currently working on a critical project to launch a book on Achina Idegwu history, which other two villages Ebele and Umuezeiyi village, out of the three villages in Achina have tempted:

And base on who your grandfather Chief Ezenweke was,” Chief Obidigbo continued, “Chief Ezenweke, the First Native Authority Chief of Achina, who in his time represented Achina in Old Aguata LGA (Aguata LGA, Orumba North and South LGA), not minding he was an illitrate:

But very patriotic man Achina had; who willingly handed over to Chief Lawrence Nwabasili; is a shoulder to lean on,” “You should be couragous.” Chief Obidigbo urged me.

Chief Obidigbo later told me so many stories about Achina, and my family, and the exploits of my grandfather Chief Ezenweke I never knew or had.

I was particularly fulfilled when he willingly offered to pilot me through the historical jungle in search of authentic information on Achina and her people, past, present, and future.

Chief Obidigbo equally ancestrally fortified me; and prayed so hard that I succeed launching the history of Achina Idegwu; been “The 3rd citizen of Achina Idegwu Egbe buru oku asoghi anwuru to be attracted prominently to the project of producing a written history of Achina Idegwu.”

Chief Obidigbo also pointed that himself is from Umuezeiyi village the youngest village in Achina; and was the first to work on the project of Achina history, while Chief Dr. P C Ezeanuna from Ebele village which is the most senior village in Achina:

And my maternal Uncle, was the second person to come onboard on the same project; and now “You Ifenayi,” he called me, from Umueleke village in Achina, which is the second senior village according to hierarchy in Achina.

“Humm!” Chief Obidigbo breathed and said “Onu-ogu-na-ato Achina is already involved on the project of Achina Idegwu history.”

He prayed “Nnwam, oku agiri gi agaghi ahuwu gi.” “Amen!” I accepted faithfully; and became armed with the situation of the project am working on.

After spending some time with Chief Obidigbo who loved to be called “Ezeoba”, he sent me to meet with Nze Edward Ike (Ezedioranma).

Because I was jaded, and overwhelmed, I went home and spent the rest of the day without sleep at night; till I finished reading the book “Foot-Print for Achina History,” authored by my maternal step grandfather Chief Dr. P C Ezeanuna:

The owner of Onitsha Holiday Resort LTD cum Travelers Palace Hotel Onitsha, and I was short of word with the sacrifice and commitments needed to achieve what I needed to achieve.

After reading the book by Chief Dr. P C Ezeanuna, I was armed with issues that form Achina history and regretted spending time with my maternal Uncle Ochudo Achina; without knowing him too-well-enough to discover he wrote a book on Achina history; he did not launch successfully while he was alive.

Then I became convinced why I was going through what I was going through at the University. And why people I did not know, told me what they told me.

The next day, I was curious and at the same time anxious to meet Nze Edward Ikejiofo as directed by Chief Obidigbo.

I traced Nze Edward who is a native of Umueleke, and got to his residence, behold, he was around at around after 7am.

“Nnanyi Nde Nna!” I greeted him, “Nno! Nnwam.” Nze Ikejiofo accepted my greeting.

We spoke throughout in Igbo native language; because he was not educated like Chief Obidigbo who sent me to him.

Nze Edward Ikejiofo who offered me a seat opposite him, asked me who I`m, and I said “Ifeanyi, the grandson of Ezenweke.”

“Ihaee!” Nze Ikejiofo echoed natively like Chief Obidigbo; and adjusted his seat backward.

I became flabbergasted why Nze Edward Ikejiofo, who was a pagan, and around one hundred years old, shouted, and again adjusted his seat backward, and positioned tight with his Tobacco snuff on his hand.

Nze Ikejiofo Edward asked me, in English translation: “Did you say Chief Ezenweke?”

I said “Yes! Nnanyi.”

“Ihaee!” He echoed the second time, capping it with: “Omekwe ihe mejehe ahu,” meaning: “Wonder shall never end,” in English translation of his word; and tangled his two thumb with his two hand held in position like a Christian praying to God:

While using the last two smaller fingers of his right hand, and was robbing on the centre of his front left hand, producing a pleasant sound with it.

I sitted up and was waiting for what he will say finally.

Then he said to me “Nno! Nnwam,” Nze Edward Ikejiofo jerked his head east to west, nodded too, and said “Chief Ezenweke!” “Haii! Ezenweke,” “Nze Ikejiobodo!” He mentioned.

According to Nze Ikejiofo Edward, “Ikejiobodo,” was the name my grandfather Chief Ezenweke was known for; “A fearless warrior and a great patriotic leader beyond Achina boundaries who made Achina proud both in the court.” “Ikejiobodo has returned back to us.” Nze Edward Ikejiofo finalized.

Then he asked me why I came.

I told him, “I produced a manuscript on Achina Idegwu history, and visited Chief Obidigbo; who later directed me to meet you.” English translation of what I told him.

“Hmm!” Nze Edward Ikejiofo hummed, “Ozokwa!” Meaning: “Again!” He said. I looked at him, and he continued; “So am alive to see this happen”. He said, in English translation of his word.

Nze Edward later told me good stories about the leadership style of my grandfather Chief Ezenweke; he told me was known with “Ikejiobodo,” and later told me to repeat my visit.

I stood up, thanked him and left.

I returned back to Chief Obidigbo the next day, and he told me that Nze Edward Ikejiofo came to him in the evening, after I visited him (Nze Edward) in the morning; to verify if he (Chief Obidigbo) was the one that actually sent me to interrogate him on the traditional history of Achina Idegwu.

Then I knew that my community is networked with credible men who are serious with who we are.

After spending time with Chief Obidigbo, and gaining more wisdom, and information to move ahead, Chief Obidigbo gave me another book titled “The Survey of How Missionaries Came Into Achina 2009; by Rev. Benjamin Jonathan Ogbozobe.”

Front page how missionaries came into Achina, mentioned in I Saw Sodom

Authored by an Achina citizen:

Back cover of how missionaries came into Achina, captured in I Saw Sodom

I thanked him, and returned back to Nze Edward Ikejiofo who opened up to me and told me some stories about Achina Idegwu I captured. And Nze Edward Ikejiofo later directed me to visit Nze Ezenwafo Ezenwosu (Ihekaego) of Umueleke village

As I left the compound of Nze Edward Ikejiofo in Umueleke village, I visited Ezenwafo Ezenwosu; a pagan, who as of the time of the research on Achina Idegwu history I was working on, was the Chairman of “Amaala Achina Onu-ogu-na-ato,” an umbrella body of all the pagans in Achina Idegwu Egbe buru oku asoghi anwuru.

And Nze Ezenwafo Ezenwosu of Umueleke village gave me great information about the traditional history of Amaala Achina; and other important history of Achina; including some Achina Idegwu inter-communal wars:

Which took us several days of critical work, abstracting and capturing bankable information from his memory, using my ready A4 sheets and pen cum digital gadgets I employed.

I continued moving from house to house, meeting important people in Achina; both men and women in all the villages in Achina.

Gathering facts about Achina Idegwu history past and present; which was consistently moving from weeks to months and years; with serious hard work.

I met Bar. Ezeagu from Ebele village, even former Principal Sir Ebenezer Ejezie, who was a Choir Master and a historian cum others from Ebele village like Chief Augustine Ezeamaku, the Traditional Prime Minister of Isi-Achina (Ikenga Isi-Achina), Joseph Ezeanuna etc.

I also met Bar. Obidinma Ogbozobe (now Prof.), from Umuezeiyi village; and others too numerous to mention; and they contributed immensely.

Women like Mrs. Victoria Anaekwe (Adaobi) who was the President General Umuada Achina Onu-ogu-na-ato, from Ebele village, Mrs. Florence Nweke (Quality or Eriko) President General Umuadaugo Isi-Achina from Ebele village; but married to Umueleke village.

Mrs. Ezeibenne (Enyinwa) from Umuezeiyi village, the President General Umuada Achina cum others like Mrs. Dina Okpala former President Umuada Umueleke, Mrs. Irene Ugbaja former President Umuada Umueleke etc.:

All contributed in one way or the other to the successful collection of documentary facts on Achina Idegwu history; especially as it concerned women activities and their participation in Achina leadership etc.

After about two years of consistent hard work, with the manuscript I have produced; which has passed through different stages and have been criticized and scrutinized by authorities, far and near, I started assembling the final manuscript and facts I have so far gathered.

It took me over three months, working most times day and night; from 6 am to 6 pm and beyond daily; accessing over 36 materials from sources, I placed at my front, consulting each, both some information I captured with my phone and other gadgets that assisted me on the research; and was able to articulate the facts into a presentable manuscript of about 300 pages.

After reading the articulated manuscript, I decided to explore more and expand.

I typed, proofread and printed the manuscript and shared to contributors to scrutinize the manuscript, point at faults; disagree with me and make recommendations.

Later I called back Chief Okey Okpalaugo a former President General of Achina Town Union (ATU); requesting for certain information on Achina leadership. Chief Okey Okpalaugo then invited me to meet with him one-on-one in his office in Port Harcourt in River State by 12:00hrs noon on the date we scheduled.

11:58 am, I was in Chief Okey Okpalaugo`s office gate in Port Harcourt on the date we scheduled. I waited till it was 12:00hr noon and I called him.

When Chief Okey Okpalaugu picked my call, he asked me where I am at that moment. I told him at his office gate in Port Harcourt Rivers State. I have never been there. He sent someone immediately who came and picked me up.

In his office, I greeted him, and he offered me a seat opposite him and I anchored. After some formal introduction, I showed Chief Okey Okpalaugo picture he took with my mother Florence Nweke during an occasion at the defunct Amaiyi LGA Headquarters in Achina; and explained to him my mission.

Again, Chief Okey Okpalaugo was excited, we discussed at length, and he told me to consult past brochures on Achina leadership programs released; and also informed me that more useful material information and write ups will be available soon on the upcoming events in Achina.

I thanked him after spending good time with him and left his office; back to Achina town.

Lucky enough, on 23rd of December 2009, the great people of Achina Idegwu Egbe buru oku asoghi anwuru elected Eze Idegwu III in the person of Igwe Godwin Nnaemeka Obiora; after over 48 years of uncertainty and Chieftaincy tussles in Achina town, over its traditional institution; as the traditional ruler of Achina town.

It therefore became imperative for a documentary to be produced to x-ray the challenges facing a contemporary man and woman in the modern Achina. Nevertheless, I was already in a point of no-return on my facts gathering on Achina Idegwu history.

The pressure to abandon the project which I resisted after two years of consistent hard work; was the courage that continued pushing me forward.

The Coronation of Eze Idegwu III was due on 29th of December 2010, and I was still pushing on with the history of Achina.

After collecting the distributed manuscripts from contributors far and near who was reviewing the manuscript, and or making inputs; I will re-edit, re-print again, and re-distribute again, for corrections and or approval.

I did this for about another one year; before I was able to produce a finalizing manuscript. And later, I called one of my Uncle; Chief Oliver Ubah, who live in Lagos, and told him that I produced a material on Achina history, and that I want to meet one-on-one with the Igwe elect of Achina town, Eze Idegwu III; Igwe Godwin Nnaemeka Obiora in Lagos where he reside.

Excitedly, my Uncle Chief Oliver Ubah told me to bring the material to Lagos immediately. I was in Onitsha with my cousins, Obiora Ezeanuna, and Chibuike Ezeanuna at our Uncle`s house, Chief Donatus Ezeanuna in Onitsha.

Then I raised money from friends at Onitsha and called one of my kindred cousins Boniface Ubah that I`m coming to Lagos. Before nightfall, I was in my Uncle`s residence in Lagos State.

At night, I met with my Uncle Chief Oliver Ubah, presented one of the manuscripts to him; and he carefully scrutinized the manuscript I presented to him, that I produced on Achina Idegwu history; which has passed through stages.

He later after some days, called Mr. C Y Obiora who is a younger brother to Igwe Godwin Nnaemeka Obiora and he came.

Chief Oliver Ubah, my Uncle, spoke with Mr. CY Obiora to take me to his elder brother, the elected Eze Idegwu III, Igwe Godwin Nnaemeka Obiora. Mr. C Y Obiora took me straight to his elder brother, Igwe elect of Achina; in his office in Lagos State.

I spoke with his Majesty, Igwe Godwin Nnaemeka Obiora; after greeting him in his office in Lagos State; and presented to him subsequently, the manuscript I produced on Achina history and he collected it.

Eze Idegwu III, after glacing through the manuscript, I told him is his own copy, Igwe adviced me to harvest his biography from his Coronation brochure which he will be launching on his Coronation day; when I requested for it.

Eze Idegwu III equally encouraged me to keep moving ahead without relenting; and that I should reach him when I need his assistance.

I was very glad meeting with Eze Idegwu III of Achina, His Majesty, Igwe Godwin Nnaemeka Obiora (Ononenyi).

I came back to Anambra State after relating to my Uncle Chief Oliver Ubah in Lagos state, on the outcome of my successful visit to Eze Idegwu III of Achina and he nodded ok.

I continued researching and meeting people who are concerned in major areas on Achina history as I came back from Lagos state; and got to a point, and wanted to add the history of the struggle of the defunct Amaiyi LGA Headquarters in Achina:

And was told after calling several past leaders of Achina; that Chief Joe Ifediobi (Okosisi Akpo), who is a native of Akpo, our neigboring community, is in good position to give me a reliable, authentic information on the struggle for the creation of the defunct Amaiyi LGA.

Chief Okosisi Akpo, now late, a very good friend of Eze Idegwu III, and was the Coronation Chairman of the elected Igwe Godwin Nnaemeka Obiora, I met in Lagos.

Because Eze Idegwu III gave me his contact number when I visited him in Lagos, I called His Majesty, Igwe Godwin Nnaemeka Obiora immediately on phone, and told Igwe that I need information on the struggle for the creation of Amaiyi LGA:

Which I was told that his friend Okosisi Akpo is in good position to furnish me with the authentic information on the struggle for the creation of Amaiyi LGA; I humbly requested the assistance of Eze Idegwu III to reach his friend Chief Okosisi Akpo. Eze Idegwu III promised to assist me reach Chief Okosisi.

Later, I recieved a call, behold it was Chief Okosisi Akpo and we spoke over the phone at the length of nearly an hour on the issue of the creation of Amaiyi LGA Headquarters in Achina; and later, Chief Okosisi scheduled a date to come down to Akpo his community for us to meet.

I after the discussion with Chief Okosisi, returned call to His Majesty Eze Idegwu III about the outcome of my discussion with his friend Chief Okosisi and thanked Eze Idegwu III for his assistance.

Chief Okosisi later came back to Akpo his community from Lagos State just to assist me with the information on the creation of the defuct Amaiyi LGA Headquarters in Achina; and invited me over.

When we met at Chief Okosisi`s native residence in Akpo, he asked me who I am, I told him “I`m Ifeanyi the grandson of Chief Ezenweke.”

Chief Okosisi said to me “Chief Ezenweke in Umueleke village?” I said “Yes! Sir.”

Then he asked me “Who is your father?” I said “Beneth Nweke.”

Then Chief Okosis Akpo said to me “Beneth Ikwumere?” I said “Yes Sir.”

Chief Okosisi nodded his head and said to me “What about Irene?” He asked. I said “Irene is fine.” He said “Letennwa.” Then I nodded my head and was convinced that Chief Okosisi knew the family where I came from.

Irene whose native name is Latennwa is the elder sister to my father, married to the family of Ugbaja in Umuozubo in Umueleke village; by Augustine Ugbaja; and she was a former President of Umueleke village women wing known as:

“Umuada Umueleke,” and was a Teacher, and contested for Achina Ward II councillorship position; and she was popularly called “Onyiri Agu Lawyer.”

After the formal introduction, Chief Okosisi said “Ihe dika nkwe,” that is, “The strength of family connection;” but I did not understand him. He equally told me that he is a titled “Chief.”

Then Chief Okosisi told me, that my father Beneth Ikwumere maternal home is at Ezenwaobodo family in Akpo; which I know. And equally surprised me when he said: “Nkwe di egwu,” that the maternal home of my grandfather Chief Ezenweke is in Akpo; and asked me if I know; I said “Yes!” “But I don`t know the exact place in Akpo.”

I replied Chief Joe Ifediobi (Okosisi Akpo), then Chief Okosisi chuckled, and I sniggered, and focused on him, and he giggled at me jerking his head, before again I tittered, and he did not chortle any more but told me “That is where you are right now.” I guffawed! And understood why he said “Nkwe di egwu.”

And was very surprised that my grandfather Chief Ezenweke`s mother “Nwainyiya,” was born at Chief Okosisi`s family in Akpo.

After which Chief Okosisi welcomed me with “Nbugu,” an Igbo native food prepared with cooked Cocoyam which was later dried and made portage with bitter leaf etc.

After we ate the native food Nbugu, we deepen ourselves in Chief Okosisi`s archive and began to exploit information that went beyond the historical struggle for the creation of the defunct Amaiyi LGA Headquarters in Achina that brought me to his house (my grandfather’s maternal home):

Including the formation of Nbara Oye Clan, the Akpo and Achina dispute that escalated into a bloody inter-communal war between Akpo and Achina in 1963 etc.

After I left from Chief Okosisi`s home, I continued later, gong to other places and meeting people at home and abroad; far and near; including the then President General Hon. OCJ Ezechukwu who was the sitting President General of Achina Town Union as of the time I was concluding:

Who among other things, furnished me through the phone, the statistical data of Achina population captured on the then Nigeria General Census of 2006.

Then I meticulously, later, articulated properly, the fourth stage manuscript ready for final editing and presented it to Chief Obidigbo who was piloting me on the Achina Idegwu historical project.

When Chief Obidigbo went through the fourth manuscript I produced on Achina Idegwu history, of about 400 pages, he said to me “You have stolen the show Ifeanyi.” I said back to Chief Obidigbo immediately “No! Nnanyi Obidigbo, I fixed it.”

Notwithstanding, the pretty woman I was sharing the story with cut in immediately, “Brilliant!” she said to me; finished her drink and turned more drinks into her diamond cup which look similar to the one I was drinking with, and crowned her remark with the “Chosen One.”

And continued almost immediately, and said to me “What were your challenges and regrets? Chosen One!” she asked me.

Filled with the spirit, and the fruit drink mixed with hot, I took the last drink in my cup, and continued; “Challenges were inevitable.” I said.

After the final manuscript which went through over four metamorphosis before the final editing; which was done by the then Deputy Director of News and Current Affairs, Imo Broadcasting Corporation, Sir Bony Nwoha (KSC) in Imo State:

Who also wrote forward to the book Achina Idegwu:The Mirror of Ages; who I luckily met after I visited the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) Imo state branch, for a professional editor that will edit the final manuscript of my book.

I met a lady who did not give me hope at the NTA Imo state.

And my confidence cum instinct directed me same day as I was leaving the NTA, that is very close to the IBC (Imo Broadcasting Corporation), to check on other corporation around, and I breezed in, into the next corporation, and met Sir Bony Nwoha finally at IBC Owerri.

A man who is known with “Mr. Do Good to People,” and he passionately assisted me in editing the final manuscript and contributed immensely; employing the IBC Confidential secretary Grace Obidinma; who was the last typist to work on the manuscript; before I got the edited soft copy from the IBC Owerri.

I continued, as the Pretty woman was listening to me, and said: “The financial capacity to publish the hard copy of the book Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages; which took four years to come to its final stage before it was ready for publishing was a great challenge.”

After the final manuscript of Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages has been edited, 27th of December 2012 was fixed for the launching date, and posters were everywhere around and beyond our community Achina Idegwu; but the hard copy of the book to be launched, was yet to be published and printed.

One day, I was at Onitsha at Chief Donatus Ezeanuna`s house with my cousins, Obiora and Chibuike, I tuned on to “Emmanuel TV,” and was with my cousin Obiora Ezeanuna, I saw Senior Pastor TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV favoured a man with good amount of money. This man according to his story is an educated and hard working man; but does not have enough money to settle down.

Senior Pastor TB Joshua called out this man on his pulpit and asked the church after narrating the man`s story, to show the man love for the man to settle down.

I was surprised when so much money was accumulated for the man; with some who wrote check and presented immediately to the man, to the extent that the man was overwhelmed and slumped. May be because he was not expecting such gesture; though he later woke up.

That was the period when I was looking for money from north to south, east to west, to publish and print the hard copy of my maiden book Achina Idegwu:The Mirror of Ages, whose date of launching has been fixed to hold on 27th of December 2012 and I have been everywhere I know and can for financial assistance:

Which was not forth coming, even from those I hopefully believed will not fail me when I needed to publish the hard copy of my maiden book.

It was around December 2012, and I was desperate to meet up with the launching date already fixed and announced publicly. Then I was attracted by the favor the lucky man received from Senior Pastor TB Joshua, the founder of “Synagogue Church of All Nation.”

The next 2 days, I raised money and left Onitsha for Lagos and visited the Synagogue Church of All Nation without telling anybody; not even my cousins; with intention to meet with Senior Pastor TB Joshua and to know if I will find favor from him, to publish and print my book.

I left Onitsha in Anambra State very early in the morning with my small travelling bag and got to Lagos state. With the direction I got on Emmanuel TV, I was able to locate the Synagogue Church of All Nation in Lagos state around 6 pm.

Then I saw a close restaurant to the Synagogue and breezed in and requested for food. They brought my order.

After eating the food at the restaurant, I went straight to pay for the food, and later pleaded with the owner of the road side restaurant to please allow me keep my bag in his restaurant so that I can go into the Synagogue Church of All Nation and come back for my bag.

The owner of the restaurant said no. I persuaded him and he later told me to come and see bags of people who they allowed keeping their bags and going into the Church for worship and they never come back that soon they promised.

He added that some of the bags have been there for a long time; and the owners have not come for them.  Though he later accepted that after some long time, most of the owners come back to collect their bags.

I continued persuading him and showed him the edited copy of my maiden book manuscript and the launching invitation I have already printed for the book launching:

And told him that I only want to go into the Synagogue Church of All Nation and pray for the successful launching of the book, and that I came from the Eastern Nigeria, that I will come back in a short while for my bag and look for a place to lodge in.

Though I lied to the restaurant owner with the “Lodging in,” just to allow me keep my bag in his restaurant; because as of that moment I was speaking to the man, I only have money that cannot pay for my next meal; let alone affording the bill to lodge in a guest house or a Hotel.

And I was wondering how I will go back to the East; though I was more concerned to get favor from Senior Pastor TB Joshua; that brought me to Lagos from Onitsha in Anambra State of Eastern Nigeria.

The restaurant owner later allowed me to keep my bag in his restaurant and asked me to make sure I come back before night to take my bag. I accepted and dropped my bag at his restaurant.

It was on Saturday evening, because my plan was to be in Lagos state in Western Nigeria on that Saturday, so that I will attend Sunday Church Service at Synagogue Church of All Nation; where I thought I will meet with Prophet TB Joshua that Saturday or Sunday and probably return back to the East by Monday.

I matched straight to the Synagogue Church of All Nation, after dropping my bag, and was able to gain entrance into the church; because they were having a special church program, that later followed with deliverance ministration.

I came in when the church was busy and filled up with members and probably some visitors like me.

The Synagogue Church of All Nation as of the time I visited is a large building with open hall inside, surrounded with other apartments or offices in the same building, well decorated with ornaments, sculptural artworks of biblical personalities; with bold inscriptions instructing people not to worship at or the sculptures created outside the church building walls.

It has sitting sections upstairs, such that most of those sitting around the sections upstairs can still see some of those sitting at the down stair auditorium; while some of those down stair can equally see some of those upstairs.

The Synagogue Church of All Nation is a digitalized Orthodox Church.

Most of the activities going on inside the church were viewable at different corners of the church and outside the church on TV screams connected to Emmanuel TV.

Even some activities outside the church are brought occasionally to those inside the church.

I was actually feeding my eyes, but focused my mind on why I came. Because the church is organized and the men and women wardens and members of the church were meticulous and active, with people from different part of the world.

White men and women were at every corner, with the church program translated in different languages from English to French and to other languages of the world. Yet I was noticed.

I came in that Saturday at around 6:45 pm; and gained access into the church.

I was directed by some people inside the church, I believe are members of the Synagogue Church of All Nation, where to find seat, when I was walking around while the church program was going on, searching for where to attach myself as a new comer.

At each corner I go to and stand looking for space and still focused watching the church program going on with interest to see Senior Pastor TB Joshua, someone will come to me and say “How may we help you?” putting on one or two vest or tag showing he or she is at work.

Then I will tell the person who approached me that “I`m looking for a space to sit down.” Then I will be directed to a section where I will see a vacant seat.

But I was actually looking for where I will position myself and get advantage or opportunities to reach Senior Prophet TB Joshua; if he appears on the program.

At a time, I made my way as the church program was going on, when everyone present was asked to stand up for worship, and I went straight to the base of the stair case I saw people who could be official members of the church taking a stair case created left inside the church to go upstairs:

And I anchored at the base of the staircase; hoping that Senior Pastor TB Joshua will come down from that staircase to anchor the church program; and that may be TB Joshua will notice me when coming down from the staircase and or I will present myself to him for a favor that brought me.

These were all going round my head while I was searching for an advantageous corner to position.

Some minutes after everyone was asked to sit-down, and I sat at the base of the staircase, some official members of the church came forth towards me and asked me to leave my position at the staircase. I adjusted.

Later they allowed me and I was very close to the staircase till that particular program I met ended, and I didn`t see Pastor TB Joshua.

I was very disappointed with myself; because first I don`t have money with me and had none in my account that moment, I don`t know where to sleep and cannot pay for a hotel room or know anybody around, let alone what to eat that night.

But I still wanted to attend tomorrow service been Sunday; with hope I may meet Pastor TB Joshua at or after the Sunday service.

As that particular church program ended and majority of the people who attended the church program started leaving, I gradually was moving to the section where people were concentrated.

Till even the deliverance program that ended last. Then I didn`t see people around the church down stair to stay with.

I made my way to the up-stair through the staircase down-stair and saw people who gathered and sat at their back.

It was the church choirs and others having meeting and many of them where staring at me coded, and I was not contributing to whet they were doing.

I was putting on a white long sleeve packet shirt with black trousers and was with a black nylon bag I held very tight with me, containing a copy of my book final edited manuscript with the invitation cards and complementary cards printed for the book launching scheduled for 27th of December 2012.

I was there at the up-stair section of the church with the church choirs till the choirs and others finished their program and discharged.

I was almost left alone in the church. Later, I came down stair again, and was anchoring around at different corners I found few people discussing; at the time some members of the church was busy mobbing the entire church and arranging seats at night to prepare the church for Sunday service the next few hours.

There was steady uninterrupted power supply in the church all the long I was there.

And the Synagogue Church of All Nation was almost empty while I was still inside the church almost alone in a corner of the church; with those busy mobbing the church.

Then the next thing I saw was group of people matching towards me with camera. I stood up immediately I noticed they were coming straight to me, but they were still some distance away, and then I noticed in their midst that someone among them looks like Senior Pastor TB Joshua I use to see on Emmanuel TV; coming along with the entourage:

Behold, they were coming to me; Senior Pastor TB Joshua was really in their midst and was surrounded by this group that all came straight and stood some 45cm close to me face to face. And I was standing opposite in front of them.

That moment, I was like someone who was spiritually arrested. I was filled with goose pimple and was not able to express myself any more.

An eloquent, fluent and plausible young man, but I was speechless that moment before Senior Prophet TB Joshua I came to meet.

The only thing I was able to do that moment in their presence was bringing out my book edited manuscript and placed it on my chest. And held my printed book launching invitation on my left hand; which I believed was readable from their position.

The Senior Pastor TB Joshua who came down to me with his entourage was putting on a simple round polo shirt, short wear and bathroom slippers; like someone who just came out of his relaxing room.

May be because I did not say a word, and they never asked me anything, some moment after standing face to face with me, for what did not last minutes, Senior Pastor TB Joshua left with his entourage.

As Senior Pastor TB Joshua turned back and started leaving, I was still not able to say a word; till they went away through the staircase.

Then I sat-down immediately and said to myself “Ifeanyi, the TB Joshua you came all the way from East to meet in the West, was right here before you, but you were not able to say something.”

As I was reasoning, “May be if I have said something, may be, just maybe, Senior Pastor TB Joshua would have favored me.”

As I was thinking aloud and was about to conclude may be is the way God and fate have decided for me, was when some able bodied men tapped me from the back, and asked me to go outside the church.

And that they want to luck the church. I turned and said to them “I want to stay inside the church till tomorrow been Sunday, so that I can join the church service.”

They said “No!” That I should go outside, and I left, when they said that I cannot remain inside the church till tomorrow.

I came outside the Synagogue Church of All Nation that night and saw crowd outside the church.

And later I went to another section of the church premises where so many who cannot make it inside the church stay and still carried along with the church programs through the TV screams mounted at different strategic positions.

I was already very hungry; but I had no money to eat.

Then I remembered how we did “Rag Day,” back in the University days before matriculation and decided to adventure for food.

I stood by the corner and was watching carefully for a man my spirit or instinct will direct me to approach, and later targeted a man I felt will not embarrass me, dark in complexion, tall, not chubby, but smart looking; and told the man when I got closer to him, that:

“I came for worship at the Synagogue Church of All Nation, but am very hungry and have no money to eat.”

We were very close to eating section at the Synagogue Church of All Nation, the matured man just came out from; he looked at me, corporately well dressed but hungry.

The man did not allow me to repeat myself or say much, he took me straight as he turned to one of those issuing food ticket in the restaurant at the church premises and paid for a meal, and gave me the ticket they issued him for me to go and get food with it and eat.

I thanked the man and went straight as he was about leaving and queued with my food ticket to get food to eat.

When it was my turn, they gave me good food with the ticket and I ate and drank water later from one of the tap.

It was already around 12 mid-night; no place to sleep, and I do not know anyone around, and did not see anybody I know around.

Later, I found a section at the church premises where people who has no place to sleep stay.

We were there in great number with mobile men and some others controlling the situation there; who were also preventing the crowd from leaving that section and securing them.

I had a lot of stories there; some said they have spent days there. I became frightened because I have no money with me anymore.

Even some who came with their sick ones and some who had serious injuries were there too; waiting for miracle they say happen occasionally.

I was not satisfied staying at that particular section. There was no seat, we have to stand or look for those who got a place with wooden support to attach or squat.

Then after some time, I had someone said that people have started going inside the church; I checked my time, it was around to 3 am. I quickly rushed to the man and asked him “From which part?” “At which entrance point?” The man reluctantly pointed to me the direction.

Then I gradually sneaked out of that waiting section at the church premise and went straight to the direction the man pointed, and asked others till I got to the section. It was around that place I ate food that someone bought for me.

Also, I saw some other people who were sitting comfortably at those sections outside the Synagogue Church of All Nation, watching the church program from outside, taking place inside the church through TVs mounted at different locations outside the church.

It was such an organized place that everywhere there was networked and hooked to what is going on inside the church from different location.

But I was more interested to go inside the church.

Then I asked those watching comfortably outside the church through the TV at a particular section outside, how I can locate where to join those going inside the church.

Then someone pointed and gave me direction. I rushed to that part immediately and saw a very long queue of both foreigners (White men and women), in different age, moving in file and was going into the Synagogue Church of All Nation from a scrutinizing point.

When I got there to join them, so that I can walk into the church, they asked me of my entrance card. I looked at them and knew that those walking in were authorized with a special card to move in.

I tried everything possible to enter the queue, but it was almost impossible. When I succeeded joining the queue, I was screened out at the entrance door; after a long walk to the entrance door.

Then I saw another entrance section and went back and succeeded joining, I was again screened out at the next entrance door; because I have no entrance card issued to those who were allowed to move in.

I continued and tried every entrance section to know if I will be lucky enough to skip the check, by any means, but I was at every entrance point screened out of the entrance queue; especially at the entrance door; by the meticulous wardens at the entrance door.

I refused to give up; and continued. At a time, the curators (wardens) at the entrance doors that screen unauthorized people trying to enter inside the church out, have actually noticed me and have recognized my face, with my restive nature and that I refuse to give up.

And also each of them has asked me severally to go and get my entrance card and I continued coming without it.

Then I decided to try again the last time and this time I took one decision in my mind “I must enter this church or this people will do whatever they like to me,” that was my final decision.

Then I went back and queued in again, and on getting to the entrance door I was praying “God please check me in,” my heart was beating with uncoordinated frequency “Gbim!…gbimm! ..gbim!” “I don`t want to be screened out again,” I was telling myself.

When one of the Warders at the entrance door saw me coming closer, he said, pointing to me “You again,” then I started pleading to him, robbing my two hands together, to let me go inside the church; placing the front of my book cover on my chest, asking him to allow me go in, and refused to leave the entrance door when he asked me to go back.

I stood aside at the entrance door and refused to leave, while others who had their entrance card continued to move in when they flag it.

Then out of sympathy, the man at the entrance door, asked me to go inside. I jumped up and moved into the Synagogue Church of All Nation at around 5:45 am that Sunday.

Because I came in without the entrance card, those who came in with the entrance card were directed where to sit.

I quickly made my way through the staircase and sat on a seat up-stair; at the north side of the church, I later discovered was for the members of the church and not for visitors like me.

Because I did not sleep throughout the night and never changed the white long sleeve shirt I wore from Onitsha in Anambra State to Lagos, from Saturday to that Sunday morning, and I did not have my bath too:

I can tell from the look, on the faces of some people around me, that most of them who were mostly members of the church around me, were not comfortable with me. I was occasionally too, sleeping throughout the church service.

And each time I doze off, someone will tap me after some seconds or minutes and I will wake up from snoozing and be part of the church service.

I was in the Synagogue Church of All Nation upstair and prayed to God almighty, and asked God to “Assist me publish, print and successfully launch my maiden book, no matter the odds; even if I never get favored financially from Senior Pastor TB Joshua.”

That God should “Provide a messiah who will answer this call for me.” Even when I was feeling like to ease myself, I refused to leave my position at the church, to avoid someone asking me for entrance card and stop me from coming in.

Before the church service ended, Senior Pastor TB Joshua preached, performed miracles; but I never had any opportunity to meet him or got the assistance in the way I had in mind.

Later, the “Wise men,” were moving around and came up to where we were, looked at me, with stress all over me, touched me at my forehead without saying a word and passed.

I came out of the church and was sitted at a particular corner outside the church, looking for how I will get assistance to go back to Onitsha in Anambra State or where to rest my head for the next day, or get financial assistance to go meet my people in Lagos:

Because I was born in Lagos State and my relatives lives in Lagos state, including my elder brother; but far away from my location at that time.

As I was standing outside the church reasoning and weighing people that was coming out of the church, and was thinking of whom to approach for assistance, I saw those driving out with their expensive car and wished they knew my condition and dash me money.

Lucky enough, like a surprise, I saw someone I know from my village, a young guy that sometimes act like a woman, coming out of the church.

I focused on him from where I was; not to miss him, because crowd was trooping out of the church. I quickly rushed towards him, and behold, it was really who I thought of, and he recognized me when he saw me. He was very surprise to see me.

I cornered him immediately after some pleasantries and cordial discussions, and told him some of my stories. Then he sympathized with me, and told me to go and get my bag first, and that he will be waiting for me at that particular spot.

I rushed confidently and got my bag; and thanked the restaurant owner, and rushed back to the position he told me he will be waiting, and he did not move out of the position; he was there waiting for me and I joined him.

He told me to wait for him at that same spot, that he wants to fetch someone and will be back in a short while. I waited and he later came back with someone and then he took me to where they lodged.

When we got to where he lodged, I discovered that he is a member of the Synagogue Church of All Nation; and have been attending the church programs frequently.

I took care of myself, had my bath, and changed my cloths. He later gave me food and I slept over in his lodge.

Then the next day been Monday, I told him I have no money with me; and that I need his assistance financially to reach to my people in Lagos who did not know am around, so that I can raise money from them and go back to the East.

He, with good heart, raised some money for me, and I was very glad. Then I quickly recharged my phone and immediately called my people and informed my elder Brother Ikenna Nweke that I`m in Lagos, and he told me to come straight to “Ladipo Market.”

At Ladipo Market, I later met some of our community people over there that assisted me financially, with the Lap-top I also got from my elder brother; but still was not able to raise the kind of money needed for the publishing and printing of the hard copy of my maiden book, whose launching date has been fixed, that brought me to Lagos state.

I later took a night bus and made my way back to Onitsha in Anambra state that Monday.

Though, before the final editing of the book, I received financial assistance occasionally from some spirited citizens of Achina like Chief Cyril Ezenwa (Obinyelugo), Mr. Chidi (Achi), Bar. Earnest Ezenwa (Onwa Ezennabude).

Hon. Nzeribe Ezeanuna and others who freely donated cash for me to continue on the project; including my father Nze Ikwumere Beneth:

Who gave out a portion of land to a neighbor who pleaded for some portion of our land as access road to his new building, and he brought some money that was paid into my account, I later invested on the book at the period I was working on the project of Achina Idegwu history:

When I was at the native home of the Former Lagos state Chief Superintendent of Police, Chief Mike Ezenwere, compiling Achina Idegwu history at Obiti village in Ohaji Egbema LGA in Imo State.

At a point when the going became tougher, that time was already at hand, one of my cousins told me that there is a place we must visit; to know if this project is a wrong thing to embark on, and to be sure that there is nothing wrong with me:

Because he saw me already like a restless man been possessed with something extra ordinary; running from North to South, East To West without been able to get a reliable financial assistance; even from close relatives, community leaders, and friends and well wishers home and abroad, who are well to do.

I accepted the option to go anywhere that will convince even myself that the project is not something that I shouldn`t have embarked on.

We visited a particular place in Asaba Delta state, and it was a shrine. That was my first time in life to go to such place. When we got to the place, it was more like a tourism site:

I saw an owl at a base of a tree at the site of the shrine, and the tree has no leaf, with talking small birds all over the tree making serious continuous disturbing noise with their nest attached all over to the leafless tree branches in number close to a thousand.

Also, there is a river at the back of the shrine we visited. The diviner, after all his incantations, consulted the oracle; and said later, that I`m not doing the wrong thing.

We left and came back home.

But as of 25th of December 2012, the edited final manuscript of Achina Idegwu: The mirror of Ages has not been published into a book.

I was still running from North to South, East to West; sourcing for financial assistance to pay a publisher to start producing the hard copies of the book Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages; which launch date has been broadcasted, and was scheduled launching the next two days.

Lucky enough, I was with Chief Obidigbo few days back, and we were strategizing and thinking aloud, also on how to raise money; especially who will answer the call for Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages to be Published and printed in hard copies, and still launch on the 27th of December 2012 as scheduled.

Chief Obidigbo was sitting very close to “Ama Oji,” at the entrance of his compound, around the Iroko tree at Ama Oji. I was with Chief Obidigbo when a Dozer driver who was working on the road close to Ama Oji mistakenly tried to turn his caterpillar, and drove into Ama Oji bush.

Immediately Obidigbo saw the caterpillar has encroached into Ama Oji, Obidigbo started walking towards that direction scolding against the advancement into Ama Oji by the Dozer driver; a place Chief Obidigbo considered sacrosanct with other people who believe so.

Unknowingly to Obidigbo, and myself, that the Caterpillar driver has incurred the wrath of the Honey bees (Anu) living inside the heave (uji) at Ama Oji.

The Honey Bees came out and was everywhere, and violently, hitting people who came out to watch the work done by the caterpillar both the Dozer driver who left his Caterpillar and started running.

Before we could understand what was going on, and why the Caterpillar driver jumped out of his Dozer and was at the same time as he was running trying to cover his head with his cloth; was when Obidigbo echoed “Okwa anu!” But it was already too late for us.

Obidigbo is already advanced in age in his 90s, therefore he cannot run. He managed to work around with two working supports; one normal customized staff, with a tiger skinned color, and a bended head staff with a ground metal plate that has 4 anchor point at the bottom that provide support for him.

These were Obidigbo`s leg; if he is not pushing a support he called his “Barrow.” I was agile enough, and can run away faster from the situation at that time.

But I saw Obidigbo helping himself home gradually, while the Honey Bees were flying around his head and got him.

He managed to rob his hand around his face and head to scare the striking Bees away.

Then I was left with no better choice, than to explore what my instinct told me.

I pulled off my cloth immediately I noticed he needs my help; and started pursuing the Honey Bees away, which was also hitting me, by waving my cloth around Obidigbo`s head and body; and he was returning home to his Obi gradually, as his energy permitted him.

Immediately Obidigbo and I made it to his Obi (Visitors rest open roofed apartment), Chief Obidigbo asked me what it was by the time, and I said “3:00hrs pm.”

And it was on 24th of December 2012; just 3 days to the launching date scheduled for the book Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages we were working on that has not being printed.

Chief Obidigbo waited some minutes, requested for red oil, and later, brought out Kola nut, and started praying to almighty God with great passion; and mentioned the ancestors.

And said that the Honey Bees that we encountered was a good omen that the book Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages will be launched successfully.

I looked at Chief Obidigbo Ezeoba, and reasoned the whole situation with how many days left, and never doubted him; not even inside my mind; not minding how many days left to the launching date; because I have this strong feeling inside me that God Can Never Fail.

4:00hrs pm, a prominent rich man from Ebele origin anchored. After spending some time with us, he said to Chief Obidigbo as if he knew what we were going through; he said to Chief Obidigbo “Nnanyi, is time Achina Idegwu should have a documented launched history for even children unborn to stand on.”

I believed he knew Chief Obidigbo as a historian.

Then I looked at the rich man with passion, thinking he was the God sent financial messiah; but he declined interest when Chief Obidigbo told him that what he just mentioned is the situation at hand.

And that a book on Achina Idegwu history is on the lifeline demanding for financial sacrifice to be published and printed into a hard copy book for launching scheduled few days coming.

Though Chief Obidigbo did not mention me; but the rich man did not succeed assisting financially.

And after some other discussion that took place between him and Chief Obidigbo, the rich man left.

Then Chief Obidigbo remembered someone, and said to me: “Now there is someone we are going to reach,” he continued, “This man I believe he will not fail us.”

Again I looked at Chief Obidigbo, running my mind immediately on some prominent rich men I know in our community, and reasoned who could be this man Chief Obidigbo believed will not fail.

A man among men that will stand, I said to myself: “God! Let it be true this man will not fail.”

Chief Obidigbo picked up his phone and called the man he said will not fail. After their conversation which did not last long, Chief Obidigbo told me to visit him with my mother.

I was in his house with my mother; and immediately the situation was narrated to him, he accepted the challenge.

His name is “Chief Sir Emmanuel Nwakpadolu (Osisi puru nowa nmiri),” formerly known as “Omere Ihe Dike.” We met him in his native home at Udura in Umulekwe quarter in Ebele village, my maternal home in Achina.

He requested for my bank account. When I sent it to him, he transferred money to my bank account for the publishing and printing of the hard copies of my maiden book “Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages,” to commence.

Then I thanked Chief Sir Emmanuel Nwakpadolu for his kind gesture, called my mother, and informed Chief Obidigbo on the progress; and he echoed “Halleluiah!”

26th of December 2012, the Publishing and printing of the book Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages commenced at Onitsha by “Evermay Publishing Nigeria,” at “Obimalume Industrial Press.”

But before the publishing commenced, early in the morning of 26th December 2012, I lost my digital phone on a public tricycle to phone snatchers; on my way to the press company.

Therefore, I was disconnected with important people working with me on the project.

Then I remembered what Chief Obidigbo told me on one critical occasion when the going became tough, when only the tough can continue the going: “Ifeanyi I don`t associate with failure.” I was very disappointed with myself.

I lost contact with almost everyone I cannot see at that moment.

I was particularly touched, on how Chief Obidigbo in his age will feel, when he cannot reach me any longer on phone at that critical time; that few hours coming was the scheduled time for the book launching he has put in great effort into.

6:45:00hrs pm of 26th December 2012, the book Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages was born; with the first one thousand hard copies that came onboard.

Because we did not pay in all the printing cost, the owner of Obimalume Industrial Press released to me 300 printed hard copies of the book Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages for the launching scheduled to take place the next few hours.

8:00hrs pm, I anchored Achina Idegwu my community, with the 300 hard copies of Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages. And later got my friend Chukwunonso Jude Mmadueke, who piloted me to Chief Obidigbo`s house.

Immediately Chief Obidigbo who was alone at the time we were matching in, sighted me coming in with my friend Jude Mmadueke, who is related to him, sitting at his new Obi, he focused at me with great expectation:

Whether I succeeded or came back with sad news to greet the few hours public expectation of the book launching, and I presented before I sat down, after greeting him, a hard copy of the published Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages to Chief Obidigbo.

Chief Dom Chuks Nwosu Obidigbo (Ezeoba) was very excited when I came forward with the published book. And he echoed when I presented a copy of the book Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages to him: “Egbe buru oku asoghi anwuru!” I replied immediately “Achina Idegwu!!!

I narrated the story of what happened and why I was unreachable too to Chief Obidigbo.

After other serious discussions, and further planning on the launching programs of the book; we did public announcement that night; which ended before it was 5 am, in all the villages in Achina; done with public address system by Mr. Emmanuel Nworah.

Emmanuel, a member of Achina Vigilante group; informing everyone of the launching of Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages the next few hours; whose launching posters were already everywhere long ago in and beyond Achina community.

27th of December 2012, the book Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages was at 2: 03pm unveiled, and launched successfully at Progressive field Achina (Nwikpa) to the glory of God.

“I had no serious regret;” I said to the Pretty woman. Situations that challenged me made me stronger.

I was about turning more drink into the diamond cup I was drinking with, but was attracted to the word “Wisdom,” written in Gold at the bottom of the cup; before the pretty woman I was discussing with dropped her diamond cup and asked me:

“What were the situation like after launching your maiden book and what steps did you take?”

I didn`t move on to turn more drink into my Diamond cup, I dropped it on the Gold plated table in front of us on a spherical tray made of Silver; and said to the pretty woman whose beautiful maidens she said are at our service were akin and meticulously listening to our conversation:

Especially to my narratives without intruding: “The situation after launching my maiden book was one with great potential to discourage a creative mind; that eventually launched me into fame and increased my sagas.”

I continued: immediately after the book Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages was launched, from the next day; I took the hard copies of the book to many prominent men and women in Achina and beyond.

I distributed it to most prominent Achina community leaders, and went from house to house, and gave out the book free to some families I believed should have a copy; to people I believed should keep at least a copy of the book in their family for posterity; without requesting for money.

Over 150 copies were distributed to important people who never paid for it, in and beyond Achina community.

Not minding, occasionally, some influential men and women in Achina sent money to me to encourage me without me requesting money from them.

And how they had about it I cannot tell. Many like that, requested for a copy, while some bought copies.

I was receiving wonderful accolades from spirited individuals. While I was convinced too, from certain statements from some people, that not everyone appreciated the effort that I launched a book successfully on the history of Achina Idegwu.

Including my age and experience on issues in Achina at the time I launched the book Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages.

Just two months after launching the book Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages like I have mention, I broke my leg; when I prepared going back to school to continue my education.

Because I was tied down and cannot move about or engage on activities that involve moving from one place to another at that moment, not minding I travel a lot as an extrovert; I was again arrested by certain muses and God, in that condition, and I started writing other books.

At the orthopedic hospital, I was able to author not less than 8 books in just 6 months period. Which was what occupied my every day at the orthopedic hospital; most times day and night.

And after I came back from the orthopedic hospital, I added more books too. With the old book I created partially before the Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages episode started.

I made out of the situation after launching my maiden book, over 12 books in different genre; Poem, Play etc with each ready for launching; because I was able to write, proofread, rewrite and proofread, till after several metamorphosis that got them ready for publishing.

May be I may not have had the opportunity to create such books all my life if situation like breaking my leg did not tie me down at such a time.

I just took advantage of the situation as one of the best things that happened to me.

When I got better and commenced public activities; I was the best of my kind anywhere I appear for any public function.

I was elevated to different positions at the same time and created a lot of platforms to demonstrate Good Governance for egalitarian society where “Everyone Matters” that I strongly believe on.

Lucky enough, among other things, I got a link to participate in the United Nation (UN) World Toilet Day Event powered by “Friend In Need Trust (FIN Trust)” in 2019; founded by an Indian Prof. Shyama V. Ramani of United Nations University MERIT (UNU-MERIT, Netherlands); through Hon. Onyekachi George Ezulike, the founder of Everyone Matters Movement (EMM Nigeria).

In Furtherance, I was the only participant globally who anchored the event in three different locations on the 19th of November 2019; using Aguata LGA Washcom Federation platform with my executive to achieve the above global height:

And was the only Nigeria representing a platform (Aguta LGA Washcom Federation) that succeeded at the end, after some Nigeria Institutional platforms where dropped for not meeting up obligations required to carry out the world programme.

The WTD2019Event@FIN took place same day at different time at:

1. St. Peter`s Secondary School Achina

2. Pioneer Secondary School Umuchu

3. Iduu Quarter in Umueleke village

However, after launching the book Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages the next day, a student of Nnandi Azikiwe University, Chioma, who was on her 6 months graduation project from the Department of History and a native of Amesi town:

Who visited Chief Obidigbo, that later directed her to me, and she found the book Achina Idegwu:The Mirror of Ages relevant and explored its content, and made her final year project with good grade; and referenced the book on her final year project report.

After her, several students of history beyond Achina have made use of the book Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages; especially University students of history department in different schools in Nigeria like UNN (University of Nigeria Nsuka), Unizik, and Delta State University etc.

I have equally piloted many of them throughout their six months graduation project from chapter one till they defended their final year graduation project successfully, using Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages.

At a time, I had only one copy of the book Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages with me; with no money to get more copies for people demanding for it to purchase. But still have over 500 hard copies of the book where it was printed.

However, as demand for the book continued to increase, many readers in and beyond Achina was even asking me to sell to them the last copy with me; till I placed an embargo for a copy of the book at 150, 000 (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand) Naira.

Though the embargo has been lifted; and the remaining copies was collected at the end of 2022.

The challenge of some of our people living abroad across Nigeria, who were through different platform I featured, demanding to have a copy of the book; change my story for good.

Because of the demand of some of our people living abroad to get the book, I started searching for a means to publish the book Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages on the internet so that a lot of people who want it for their project or for their personal reading can get it no matter their location anywhere in the world.

It was on February 24th 2020, that I started searching for a platform that I can publish the book online to start the sell and distribution globally. It was about 8 years after launching the hard copy of the book Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages that I commenced this search for a global selling window.

Then on searching through the internet, I entered on the search engine address of “Google,” without knowing exactly the platform destination to land: “Online book publishing;” and Google listed results for me.

Then I was immediately attracted to the result that directed to “Amazon,” because I have heard of Amazon.

When I browsed through the platform and was enticed by things I read on the platform, I signed up and owned an account on the Amazon platform to publish my book.

But when I got to a point to add my royalty payment option, I decided to look for other platforms; because I discovered that Amazon pay through PayPal and does not support direct payment to the country of my location Nigeria; but other option were available for me at the Amazon book publishing platform I did not discover that moment.

Then I decided to get to the bottom of the Amazon platform to know if I will get helpful information from the site. I was actually looking for something else and found their list of other platforms they listed that publish books online too; like Smashwords, Kobo, Lulu etc.

Then I went for Smashwords immediately and registered with them by signing up and owned an account on their platform on 1st of April 2020.

Then later, I quickly typed the book Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages with my Personal Computer and excitedly without reading the “Smashwords-style-guide,” and published my maiden book on the Smashwords platform on 24th of April 2020; free of charge.

Later my book was “Flagged” for certain repair, which among other things directed me to implement the Smashwords style guide. 

Then I took my time and went through most of the readable guides on the Smashwords platform with major focus on the Smashwords style guide, and was fulfilled when I updated:

The new version of my eBook Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages on the 6th of May 2020 and in few hours, it made the “Smashwords Premium Catalogue, ” approval for distribution to different retailers, libraries, bookshops in different eBook formats in more than 200 countries round the world.

Available at libraries that use over drive, Baker & Taylor Axis 360, Apple ibookstore which operate stores in over 51 countries:

Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Kobo, WH Smith in Uk, FNAC in France, Portugal, Livraria in Brazil, Bookworld in Australia, Indigo in Canada, Fetrineli in Italy, bol.com in the Netherlands, Paper Plus in New Zealand, Play in Great Britain, Rakuten in Japan, Buy.com (now Rakuten) in USA:

Crossword in India, Eason & Son Ltd in Ireland, National book store in Philippines, Pick `N Pay in South Africa, La central in Spain, Dogan in Turkey, Orbile in Mexico, Sony, Diesel, Flipkart (India`s largest online bookstore) oyster, the Blio platform etc

However I must commend Smashwords for the Smashwords style guide that did not only assist me in the self publishing; but made me a professional eBook formatter.

Then I started online marketing of my book from the comfort of my location, oppose to the traditional book marketing that took over my 8 years without the kind of patronage and world-wide availability of my book presented by the modern method of book publishing and marketing online; that even offer authors great opportunities and global fame.

I later self published my book in other platforms too; because even Smashwords like most others, does not preach or claim monopoly of online self publishing, distribution and sell of eBooks; which is gaining momentum daily for the benefit of both the indie (Independent) authors.

In furtherance, the pretty woman jammed her hands together and said to me “Now you are climbing,” she continued.., “The sky is too large for too-many stars to continue shining.” She advised me:

“Don`t wants to be the only star shining; help others discover and develop their potentials.”

I nodded my head in acceptance; because that has being my destination; to continue helping others grow and develop positively without hurtting other people’s positive interest.

Then the pretty woman cut in as I was nodding my head and said to me, “I have a fourteen year daughter,” she said, “She is the only virgin in this Island.”

I said to myself “Now I understand.”

But consciously, I was tempted to ask, “This is an Island of no virgin, how come there is one still a virgin.”

She continued, “Do you have any question?” Like she was reading my mind; then I quickly asked: “Who are you?” I asked.

She smiled beautifully, “I`m the Great Fortune Teller.” And said to me in continuation: “Now you understand?” “Yes!” I said.

She continued, “Do you need these ones around?” I said nothing, and took up my Diamond Cup of Wisdom again, turn in some drink to sip.

Few seconds, she ordered more drinks. And at 11:45:00hrs, after 26 seconds, the Great Fortune Teller ordered in, 26 most beautiful women I have ever set my eyes on.

In their midst, I found one most charming, with long black natural hair, molded face that matched with her pointed nose, and round chin, matching her ring neck, complementing her sexy and charming Aquarian eyes:

So attractive that one cannot resist looking at her severally. Her waist matched her Olympic height, with her beautiful straight legs that looked like an Olympia horse, coupled with other natural things that creature endowed her wit.

I looked straight into her eyes and felt her, as our eyes met, as I was gazing at what nature bestowed on her, and at the same time the man in me stood up; then I said to myself inwardly “This one I can`t let her go.”

She looked at me the Great Fortune Teller; at the same time I turned my attention to her, and said “Can you pay the price for my daughter?”

I smiled humbly, took some sip and said to myself inwardly, “Price!” I continued, “No other price befit such a virgin in an Island of no virgin, than the price of freedom; price of security, for a golden fish always need a hidden place; she need to be protected from any form of abuse and neglect.

She deserves care and attention. She need not to anchor where the sea is shallow; even if she anchored where the sea is shallow, she need someone strong enough to throw rope across the shore and protect her from going down the ocean.

What else can she need other than a warrior King to protect her from the enemies and grant her the singular privilege of enjoying royalty and homage from loved ones and the people unhurt.”

I looked at the Great Fortune Teller who was waiting patiently and I said, “I will pay the price.”

Then the Great Fortune Teller smiled, took a sip, and said to me in reply as she lowered her Diamond cup “Not so fast, only an Oracle Warlord deserves the Princess of Sodom Island.”

In continuation, the Great Fortune Teller said to me “If you are sure you are the Peoples Warrior King, take her.”

Immediately I had “Take her.” I knew it was a royal challenge. Because all the 26 most beautiful women sampled were putting on the same robe; slightly looking unremarkable.

But one among them according to the Great Fortune Teller is her pretty daughter; the “Only virgin in Sodom Island.”

Because her spirit attracted me, and because she was the reason I anchored the Island, I went straight as I dropped my Diamond Cup of Wisdom on the Golden table, to the 26 beautiful women presented to me to fish out the Princess of the Sodom Island:

And celebrate or make mistake, and lose her for the “Peoples Warrior King,” whom she have been waiting for; the “Oracle and Warlord of the century,” that deserves the only beautiful daughter of the Great Fortune Teller waiting.

As I work across others and got to her, I stopped, and looked at her closely and she was exceptionally beautiful with a gorgeous lips, succulent skin and a special fragrance that smells royalty.

She was number 18 on the role as they queued in a single file. I looked back to the Great Fortune Teller who was watching me; but she took up her Diamond cup to sip her drink to avoid my eye contact with hers; while the beautiful one that took my attention was waiting for my action without looking at me.

I passed her, and noticed the sound of the Diamond cup dropped on the Silver tray “Jagririmm!” Like something that failed from someone’s hand suddenly; but I did not turn back.

Also, I noticed after walking across the beautiful one I stopped to observe closely, before I looked back to the Great Fortune Teller, breathed and exhaled suddenly; then I was convinced that she is the pretty special one that is most cherished by the Great Fortune Teller.

After going round to observe others, the number 26 was also as pretty as the number 18 that I cannot resist; then I returned back immediately to the number 18 and fished her out from among others; and said to her looking straight into her eyes: “What is your name?”

“Princess Amara.” She said to me humbly.

I nodded my head and looked back to the Great Fortune Teller who picked up her Diamond cup with her left hand and turned in a new drink, raised her Diamond cup up to sip and nodded in return; with her right thumb up, signaling great!

Then I took Princess Amara out, and she discharged her beautiful maidens when I asked her to sit beside me, and she sat left, closer to me on the Diamond Golden Chair with the Great Fortune Teller the Queen Mother who was on my right.

It was 12:00hrs midnight that Friday, as I looked at the Golden clock mounted opposite us; sitting with the Great Fortune Teller and the beautiful Princess Amara.

I was honestly jaded and overwhelmed.

I looked at the beautiful Princess I was awarded, and started feeling kinky. When I focused seriously at the Pretty Princess Amara, like someone lost, like I would over look the presence of the Great Fortune Teller:

And became closer enough to Princess Amara, tempted to hold her closely as if to kiss her; she gently said to me as I stretched to her “What is your name at the battle field?” I looked at the beautiful daughter of the Great Fortune Teller and said to her in reply “LordGreen.” Then she said to me softly “My Lord, I`m Pregnant.”

“Oops!” I freeze, pricked my ear and said to Princess Amara the only “Virgin in Sodom Island,” in return, “I don`t Understand.”

Before I could turn, her mother, the Great Fortune Teller, the Queen Mother of Sodom Island said to me, as she dropped her Diamond cup on the Silver tray placed on the Golden table, with her left hand she anchored on my right shoulder:

“Yes! Warlord, she was born on 5th of February and her pet name is Diamond; and She is pregnant for a child; a dreaded son of the land.”

“How?” I questioned. “But she is a virgin?” I asked.

“Yes! She is a virgin.” Said the Great Fortune Teller in reply to my question; and she finalized: “Treat her like a Queen! Warlord.”

Then I said to myself, nodding my head “Oh! I understand.”Princess Amara, the Great “Diamond,” a beautiful daughter of the Great Fortune Teller, a pregnant virgin in Sodom Island; where Angels refuse to dread.

Immediately, I woke up from my dream, and stretched to my torchlight; to check the time.

Before I pointed my torchlight to my clock, I had “Gbom… gbom…,” it was the church bell close to us; that always remind me is 5:00hr AM; sounding; the same time our native white Okọkpa echoed Kokoronkoo!!! And that was the time.


Thank you so much for reading my book; and encouraging me to continue writing. I really feel important for considering coming this far through my work.

I appreciate you a lot, and will always welcome advice and or information to continue serving people like you through my ability.

If you enjoyed this book, I will also appreciate if you can take a moment to leave me a review.

The Author

Nweke Ifeanyi Green formerly known as Nweke Ifeanyi Chukwuma, a Good Governance Activist, an egalitarian adventurer, research consultant, Professional Blogger and a public motivational speaker; Sagittarius, born on 28th of November 1982.

The author Nweke Ifeanyi Green was born at Olufumilayo Hospital in Ajoromi LGA in Lagos State, Nigeria, African Continent.

Because he weeped a lot when growing up as a child, he begotted the name: “Akwa na enye obara,” meaning in English: “Cry supply Blood;” that made him very popular among his peers at Lord Primate CN Ezeude`s Chapel Headquarters in Achina.

4th child and the last son out of the six children, 3 males and 3 females of Mrs. Florence Odidika Nweke (Nee Ezeanuna of Umulekwe, Ebele village), and Nze Ikwumere Beneth Nweke, the first son of Chief Ezenweke, “The First Native Authority Chief of Achina,” the ancestral son of Okwaraji, the son of Ezeleke.

Growing up as a child, the author as a young child was the first shoe maker to start walking around to collect shoes and slippers at Oye Achina Market, to repair for customers at the age of 12 years:

When his counterparts were fixed at a shop waiting for customers; because he just came back from Lagos newly, and was not immediately patronized.

His move attracted so many customers to him and changed the narratives in shoe repair for most customers at the native market, from visiting shoe makers to shoe makers looking for them, collecting their shoes or slippers for repair and return it back for payment.

After the author came back from primary school in Lagos where he was popularly known and called “Baggio,” because he love and played football in primary school:

Mimicking the style of an Italian professional footballer “Roberto Baggio,” each time he appear on the field to play football in different pitch in Lagos state; especially during school tournaments wearing number 9 shirt and tying a ribbon or most time twisted rubber bind around his head that always pour down at his back touching half to his waist.

And most times when he scores a goal, and the post has net, he will rush into the net and hold the net like the Nigeria footballer “Rashidi Yekini,” shaking the net.

He was also known throughout Ajegunle Lagos State: No. 134 and 143 Orodu Street precisely as “Joker,” for always winning playing the game.

His teacher and some students learnt Mathematics from him in primary school at Achina.

In secondary school, he was popularly known with the nickname: “B.I.G,” and was a disciplinary prefect.

At the University he took the name “Charles Green,” and was famously known with “National Green.” But some close friends preferred calling him “National!”

Above 6 ft tall, fair in complexion, with pointed nose; articulate and meticulous time conscious Nweke Ifeanyi Green the grandson of Chief Ezenweke, great grandson of Okwaraononaobu Ogbogu:

Son of forefather Okwaraanozie, great forefather Ezeokpuwe, ancestral son of Ezenwajiobu, son of ancestor Okwaraji and the progenitor Ezeeleke (Eleke); is hardworking, generous, and Charitable Anglican Christian:

Who has assisted over 300 people, as of the time of this publication, secure opportunity into higher institutions, with many, both under-age who have benefited a bank account for educational financing assistance; through his pet NGO: “RoyalGreen Foundation.”

At the University he was a member of:

– Junior Chamber International (JCI International)

– Rotary International Club

– Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) World-wide etc.

Nweke Ifeanyi Green is a native of Achina Idegwu Egbe Buru Oku Asoghi Anwuru (Achina) in Aguata LGA in Anambra State, Nigeria in African Continent; from Umuezeanowai sub-kindred of Umuokwaraji kindred in Iduu quarter in Umueleke village.

The author Nweke Ifeanyi Green is a prolific writer and a professional eBook formatter.

He attended Saint Mary`s Primary School Abukuru, Ajegunle, Apapa, Lagos State, and later Progressive Primary School Achina (Nwikpa), Anambra State, Saint Peter`s Secondary School Achina, and Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), Petroleum Engineering.

As of the time of this publication, he is the:

 – Founder Achina Youth Council (AYC)

– Founder/Incumbent President of Royal Farmers Assembly Cooperative Society Limited (RFA Limited)

– Elected Aguata LGA Divisional Cooperative Council (DCC) board member representing all cooperative societies in Achina

– UN World Toilet Day Event 2019@FIN Trust, certified World Quiz Master powered by Prof. Shyama V. Ramani of the United Nation University Merit (UNU-MERIT, Netherlands)

– Certified with 2020 Cartedo“Design Thinking Challenge to address Challenges possed by COVID-19” supported by Yoma, Generation Unlimited, UNICEF, Foundation BOTNAR, RLABS etc.

The author Nweke Ifeanyi Green has attended over 50 reported workshops and programs powered by European Union/UNICEF, Anambra State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RUWASSA) cum Nigeria Federal Ministry of Water Resources (Nigeria FMWR); and have held the positions below:

– Elected Chairman Aguata LGA WASHCOM (Water Sanitation and Hygiene Committee) Federation.

Aguata LGA Washcom Federation is the largest in Anambra State with 224 Washcom Communities captured on Unicef community baseline.

– Chairman Achina Washcom Federation (AWF)

– Chairman Achina Ward II Washcom Federation

– Chairman Iduu Washcom

– Member Achina Culture and Tourism Committee

– Member Achina Works, Environment and Erosion Committee

– Constitution Committee Chairman for Achina Youth Council (AYC) 2020 Constitution.

Member AYC Electricity Committee

Committee Secretary AYC 2021 Idegwu Day /Youthday Planning &, Fundraising Committee

Committee Secretary AYC 2021 Idegwu Beauty Pageant (IBP)

– Secretary General Iduu Quarter Home & Abroad

– Active Reporter to the Presidency Public Complaints Commission (PCC) Nigeriaombudsman

– Founder/Pioneer Speaker, Public Complaints Network (PC-Network)

– Coordinator & Editor of Everyone Matters Movement (EMM Nigeria)

– Founder BookPlanet

– Founder of over 50 online platforms etc.

Other eBook by Nweke Ifeanyi Green are:

(1). Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages

The Book, Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages is a compendium of huge historical and social anthropology. The facts are sacred and absolute.

The book covered the antecedents of the Stone Age and dealt with the dynamics of contemporary issues including the socioeconomic, religious and political life of the people of Achina Idegwu.

It is a chronicle of important events which had over the time dominated the experience of the people from the period memory can stretch.

The detailed highlight of the traditional and cultural disposition of the people over the ages is passionate.

From the very beginning of its existence the early contact with the White man and the accompanying battle for supremacy, the inter communal wars aggression which by that commission provided internal security and cohesion are largely part of the exciting content of this book.

From the era of the worship of deities to the advent of Christianity and the ‘follow come’ formal education and government in Achina and the unfolding issues till date:

The attendant tussles, secession, political manipulations in Achina Idegwu and in some of its neighboring communities are better obtained from this book than either imagined or picked in bits from pockets of uncoordinated folklore.

Therefore the feelings that no other archive can further stock or preserve these collections in so much a liberal and copious manner as this book has already done is true.

Perhaps for the local content of patriotism, the perception of the author concerning the personality of an average Achina Idegwu man and woman is understandably presented in an elegant carriage depicting Achina Idegwu people as people with a lot of courage and dynamism.

Finally, the circulation of this documentary (which x-rayed the life and existence of Achina Idegwu) has provided a valuable reference source for further research on the community.

Here therefore lies the compelling need for one to read and keep a copy for oneself and for posterity.

(2) The Rich And The Poor

From the time immemorial, the human race has being questing for wealth and power. On planet earth, there are two major categories of people that either influence decision or are influenced by it; “The Rich And The Poor.”

Among these two categories, one of them is found to care for, or be cared for, loyal, inferior sometimes, and depressed by the action of the other; because of the level or position each occupies on the ladder of success.

However, is either one is rich or poor. Because someone must care for or be cared for; serve someone to maintain balance on the ladder of success.

The Rich And The Poor is a motivational book that expose to you the secrets that prevent the Poor from growing richer and secrets to grow wealthier and powerful.

It reviews the do and don`t to prepare one to the top of the ladder of success that is never crowded at the top.

It is a read and practice book to grow richer and powerful with grow richer formula to project one from where he or she is to where he or she wants to be.

The Rich are objective thinkers who transformed and packaged ideas and plans into results or solution.

Every human being is a star; but it depends on ones effort to think-out the super star in him or her using a great principle to grow richer and powerful. 

Find out who is Poor or richer. And how one can move from uncomfortable position to a better position so desired.

Other eBooks coming onboard by Nweke Ifeanyi Green are:

(1). Plan for Family

(2). When There Was a River

(3). Maturity etc.

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Mr. Samuel Ezeudu (my book cover designer), Ucheonye Nzubechi (Deputy Manager MPCC Umuchu), Unekwe Chinedu (Founder MY AFRICA TV), Anyacho Chibuike E. (Importer Photographer), Chief Emmanuel Ezenwanma (Ezeonodugo), Engr. Alexander Chukwudi Obiokwu.

Mr. Ibiam Chukwuemeka (Gentlestar Studio), Engr. Michael Ezenwile (My University Roommate), Goodluck Ujunwa, Engr. Kachi Nwajiagu, Mrs. Uju Abeme (Softnet), Sopuruchukwu B. Ezenweke (Olando Global Classic Barbing Salon), Shedrack Ezenweke, Princess Amara Madu (Nee Ezenweke).

Engr. Moses Okoro, Azubuike Nnaji, Engr. Sunday Ezenwere, Ikenna Samuel Nweke, Gaius O. Ezenweke, Abel Ezenweke (ABC Furniture), Engr. Nwaibe Obiora, Bar. Churchill Ezenwere, Correspondent Ifeanyi Collins Okpala (African Independent Television, Journalist).

Kanayo Obiako, Nnaemezigo Ezenweke, Obiora Metu of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, Ezeh Josephat Izuchukwu (1st Igwe Omekaodinma of St. Joseph Catholic Youth and Co-Founder Achina Youth Council), Mr. Nganwuchu Stanley (Pioneer member of the struggle that anchored Achina Youth Council).

Okpalanwaka Samuel, Sir Bar. Chito Ezeani (Achina Town Union President General Emeritus), Chief Obi (CEO Obimalume Industrial Press), Mr. Ndukwu Everistus (Evermay Publisher Nigeria), Ifeanyi Emele (CEO Dangamacin USA), Chinedu Ezennaya, Hon. Onyekachi George Ezulike (CEO Ezu-like Group).

Okpala Celina Chizaram (Overall best performed Everyone Matters Movement (EMM), Achina Schorlarship Exam 2020; JSS I student of St. Peter`s Secondary School Achina), Alagbogu Chinonso Paschal (Best performed EMM Achina Schorlarship Exam 2020; JSS II student of Community Secondary School Achina).

Nnadozie Assumpta Chinonye (Best performed EMM Achina Schorlarship Exam 2020; JSS III student of St. Peter`s Secondary School Achina), Mrs. Ifeme (Principal Community Secondary School Achina), Mrs. Ezeoke (Vice Principal Admin. C.S.S Achina), Chiemeka Ezeike (Teacher C.S.S Achina).

Mrs. Eziechina Patience Chinwe (Principal Basden Memorial Special School Isulo), Ifewulu Peace Udochukwu (Acting Vice Principal Basden M.S.S Isulo), Chief Godwin Ezeemo (CEO Orient Group), Hon. Ugochukwu Ezeanuna, Valentine Nzube Ezeanuna, Evangelist Chike Ezeanuna, Mr. Eloka Nwosu (Son of Chief Obidigbo).

Mr. Azubike Eze (President Achina Youth Council (AYC)), Hon. Augustine Okpala (ATU Administrative Secretary), Engr. Ndubisi Walter Nwakpadolu (16 Restaurant), Mr. Obinna Jassy Nwakpadolu (Jassy Coaching Services).

Chief Emmanuel Ezenweke (Ezechizoro), Chief James Uduji (Comet Star), Mr. Emeka Uzoezie (Commander Achina Youth Taskforce), Obinna Ezenweke, Queen Chinelo Umeh (Ada Idegwu 1st), Okwudiri Ezenweke, Chimezie Okpalanyanwu, Ugochukwu Ezenweke (USA).

Mr. Ifeanyi Okpalanyanwu, Chidi Ezenweke, Mr. Martin Orakwe (Interim President Umueleke Youth Forum), Udochukwu Ezeabasili, Nnandi Ozoemene Ugbaja (British), Chief Chika Ekweruka (Ochendo Aguata), Izuchukwu Ugbaja, Comr. Vincent Ibeh (Pioneer P.R.O Achina Youth Council).

Chief Chukwudi Ugbaja (Omekannaya), Mr. Ikechukwu Ezeabasili (Igweoha), Mr. Ezeribe Dozie, Mr. Chinonso Agazie, Mr. Marius Okpala (National Lord), Mr. ThankGod Ugbaja, Mr. Izunna Okpalanwa, Mr. Chibunna Holymoses, Mr. Chibuzo Ugbaja, Mr. Nonso Enemuo (Aghadaba).

Mr. Okechukwu Madu, Esther Ezeanuna, Mr. Ezeamama Chigozie, Mr. Kenechukwu Ofoma (Journalist; Anambra Broadcasting Service), Mrs. Nkechi of ABS (Founder Dorcas Foundation) Mr. Don Onyeji of ABS, Ojinnanna Oji of ABS (Bonanguy).

Idara Ukpaya ( Anchor: Africa This Week), Mr. Sam Udekwe of Enugu State (Anchor: Lion Building Chronicle), Nura Muhamed (Radio Nigeria), Rock Akindele (Radio Nigeria), Tokpe Ojeme (Radio Nigeria), Dr. Mrs. Ethel Obiako of African Independent Television (Ezi-Ada).

Mr. Edet Tom (Journalist; Channel TV Delta State),  Life Intercontinental Bear (Founder: Life Progress Booster Radio Show), Mrs. Bianca Odumegwu Ojukwu (Permanent Representative at United Nations World Tourism Organization), Kelechi Boniface Okpala (President; Federation of Aguata Student Federal Polytechnic Oko).

Mr. Chidi Nwakpadolu, Mr. Efion Achigbo (Official;Omega 101.7 FM Umuchu), Mr. Kingsley Gilbert (Official; Omega 101.7 FM Umuchu), Mr. Chukwuebuka Stephen Udokoro, Mr. Nnabuife Onyeka, Ezeukwu Obinna (Secretary Iduu Washcom), Mr. Clement Chigbo (Anambra State Unicef Consultant), Mr. Obinna Ogbodo (Unicef Consultant).

Mr. Victor Ezekwo (Former Program Manager Anambra State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RUWASSA)), Mr. Andy Nwanze (PMEO Anambra State RUWASSA), Engr. Peter Akwobi (Former WASHunit Coordinator Aguata LGA).

Mr. Gabriel Ekwualor (PMEO Aguata LGA), Engr. Augustine (Water Supply Officcer Aguata), Mrs. Freeman Ugochi (Executive Director Creative Minds Development Initiative), Mrs. Nkiru Ezeokafor (Aguata Society for Life Foundation).

Dr. Rose Amasiani (Anambra State Hygiene Officer), Mrs. Oluchi Nwankwu (Anambra State Sanitation Officer), Mrs. Chinweoke Okpaladinaobi (Anambra State Community Mobilization Officer(CMO)), Chioma Eze (Assistant CMO).

Mr. Emeka Udezeh (Water Supply Officer Anambra State RUWASSA), Mr. Emeka Okwuogu (Programme Manager Anambra State RUWASSA), Mr. Toyin Adisa (Unicef Enugu State), Mrs. Ekwutosi (WASHunit Coordinator Nnewi North).

Arey Ogo (Assistant M & E Anambra State RUWASSA), Mr. Adam (Unicef New York), Mr. Ivan (Unicef France), Pillory (Unicef Spain), Mr. Ibrahim (Unicef Chief Nigeria), Mamita Bora Thakkar (WASH Manager Unicef), Mr. Emos (Unicef Resource person), S.O Ome (Director, Water Quality Control and Sanitation/Chairman National Task Group on Sanitation).

Kannan Nadar (Chief of Water, Sanitation & Hygiene; WASH Unicef Nigeria Country office Abuja), Mr. Roy (WASH-SWAp Chief Facilitator), Mr. Patrick Osuocha (Unicef Retirery “WASH Specialist”), Mr. George (Unicef Specialist), Mr. Oyonga Oyonga (Unicef Cross River State).

Mrs. Obiano (Nigeria Federal Ministry of Water Resources), Mr. Obiako Uchenna Nature (Consultant Nigeria Federal Ministry of Water Resources), Chief Pat Ezenwa (Board Member NEWSAN: Network on Water Sanitation; representing South East Nigeria), Mr. Ekatu Jonathan (Unicef Enugu State).

Dr. Ekwere & Willians David (Water Safety Plan (WSP) University of Calaba 2018 Research Team leaders), Mr. Ezeubajekwe Emma (Aguata LGA Community Mobilization Officer), Mr. Innocent Uduma (Unicef Verification & Inspection Officer), Mr. Raphael Anagbogu (Aguata LGA WASH Project Vehicle Pilot).

Mrs. Justina Godsown, Mrs. Rita, Mrs. Chinelo Ezeanowai (CBO), Mr. Festus Ndukwe (Water Facility Operation & Maintenance), Mr. Michael Alichi (Water Facility O & M), Hon. Ejigbalu Uzochukwu (Chairman Idenmili South LGA WASHCOM Federation).

Hon. Julius Udekwe (Chairman Anambra East LGA WASHCOM Federation), Comr. Charles Okoli (Chairman Nnewi North LGA WASHCOM Federation), Mr. Emeka Ogbuagu (Secretary Aguata LGA WASHCOM Federation).

Mr. Okeke Emmanuel Onyeka (Financial Secretary Aguata LGA WASHCOM Federation), Mrs. Ubah Stella (Treasurer Aguata LGA WASHCOM Federation), Mrs. Chinedu Okonkwo (2019 Open Defecation Free (ODF) Community Sensitization Partner).

Mrs. Igboabuchi Grace (Secretary Volunteer Hygiene Promoters (VHPs), Amihie, Umuchu), Mrs. Mba V.N (Principal Pioneer Secondary School Umuchu).

The 2019 World Quiz Masters who are members of the 2019 Sanitation Education Consortium for United Nations World Toilet Day Event powered by Friend in Need (FIN): Bertha Adwoa Koranterg (Noojade Services; Accra Ghana).

Hanan Tahir (The University of Medical Services and Technology (UMST); Sudan), Malik Mino Ereira (Waste Segregation & Composting Movement; Accra Ghana), Priya Shukia, Upasana Gupta, Dhananjay Pandey, Prajwal Venkatesh (Kerala State Institute of Design (KSID).

Kollom, Kerala India), The Indian United Nations University MERIT Netherlands Prof. Dr. Shyama V. Ramani (Founder of Friend in Need Trust and the Chief Pilot of the World Toilet Day Event 2019 (WTD2019Event@FIN)).

Appram Sebastian (AnC Waste Manegement Services, Moree, Ghana), Anurag Kanaujia (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research-National Institute of Science Technology and Development Studies (CSIR-NISTADS), Delhi, India).

Dr. Okorhi Ojiyovwi Johnson, the Assistant Director (Research),/Zonal Coordinator, NECETEM North East Centre for Technology Management (NACETEM), Federal Ministry of Science & Technology, Nigeria. Mr. Ekemezie Francis (Nigeria Prison Amawbia), Mrs. Uju Onuoha (Nee Ezeanuna).

Prof. Moses Iwuala (Former Dean Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO)), Engr. Anyadiegwu (Former HOD Petroleum Engineering Department FUTO), Prof. Njoku (Former Vice Chancellor FUTO), Prof. Francis Eze (Vice Chancellor FUTO), His Excellency Senator Rochas Okorocha (Former Governor Imo State).

The Nigeria Ombudsman Family: The Presidency Public Complaints Commission (PCC), Bar. Stella Amamasi (Former Commissioner PCC Imo State), Hon. Njemanze (Former P.R.O Imo State PCC), Former Honorable Chief Commissioner, the Presidency Public Complaints Commission, Hon. Ewa Udu Esq., His Excellency Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (Former President of Nigeria).

H.E Labaran Maku (Nigeria Former Minister of Information), Prince Jude Nwosu (Nigeriaombudsman), Mrs. Ann (Deputy Director Anambra State PCC), Mr. Samuel Mbonu (PCC Anambra State), Mrs. Amara (PCC Anambra State), Bar. Ogbozobe (Director Anambra State PCC).

The Ebonyi State PCC Family, the Nassarawa state PCC Family, the Peoples Court Family (Movement of Voice for Democracy (MoversNigeria)):Bar. Amalu, Evangelist Joseph Agbo, Mrs. Eberechukwu Anigbogu (Ada Biafra).

Dr. Chukwu Okolo, Chief Jude Ugbaja (Owere Nkwoji), Justice Ekwueme (Ebonyi State), Uncle C.C Eme, Mr. Ben Nmotuanya, Chief Pious Igwenwaokike,  Prof. Peter Ejiofo (Subakwa Igbo Foundation), Chief Modestus Umenzekwe of Red Cross Society (Onwa Ezechimereze).

His Excellency Chief Willie Obiano (Governor Anambra State), H.E Chief Chukwuemeka Ezeife (First Civilian Governor Anambra State), H.E Mr. Peter Obi (Former Incumbent Governor Anambra State).

H.E Senator Dr. Chris Nwabueze Ngige (Former Governor Anambra State), Her Excellency Dame V. Etiaba of Anambra State (First Nigeria Woman Governor), H.E Nkem Okeke (Deputy Governor Anambra State), Her Excellency Dr. Mrs. Eberechukwu Obiano (Wife of the Anambra State Governor).

Chief Maja Umeh (Former Commission for Information & Chieftaincy Anambra State), Chief Alex Onukwuba (Chairman Anambra State Association of Town Union(ASATU)), Prof. Ckukwuma Soludo (Former Nigeria Central Bank Governor), Prof. Chinedu Ositadinma Nebo (2010 Ahiajioku Lecturer).

Mr. Clement O. Nwaonye (Nigeria Best Teacher Award Winner 2017 from central school Abagana Anambra State), Hon. Tony Ezenwaka, Sontochukwu Ezeani of Achina (First Class Graduate; Fine & Applied Art Unizik), Igboanu Chinedu (Founder Phoenix Jnr), Mr. Ikedinaobi Ebenizer.

Rev. Father Felix Nwosu (Principal & Manager St. Peter`s Secondary School Achina), Ven. Ifeanyi Ogbueli (Second ordained Archdeacon of Amaiyi Archdeaconry), Arch. Paul Nwoka (First Ordained Archdeacon of Amaiyi Archdeaconry).

Rev. Edwin Ezechi, Rev. Father Michael Uche Agazie, Rev. Chineme Ezeude (Marbel Collegiate Redeemed Church (MCRC Nigeria)), Rev. Emmanuel Esomonu, Rev. Chibueze Onyeaka, Rev. Augustine Okpala, Rev. Theodore Ezeabasili, Elder Rufus Ogbogu, Mazi Kelechi Onwuka (Chairman Amaala Onu-Ogu-na-Ato Achina).

Onwuka Anthony Nonso, Obioma Christian Mmadueke, Mr. Chika Okpala, Prince Chichebem Ezeani (Noble Int`l Band), Steven Chukwuebuka A. (Blind Musician), Hon. Theresa Udemezue. Okoye (SA Agric to Governor Anambra State).

Dr. Emeka Okoli (Director Technical Services (DTS) Anambra State Ministry of Agriculture), Hon Afam Mbanefo (Former Commissioner for Agriculture Anambra State), Hon. Chris Onukwuba (Commissioner for Agriculture Anambra State).

Mr. Jude Nwankwo (Anambra State Ministry of Agriculture Program Manager), Mr. Clement Oguebuo (Former PM Anambra State Ministry of Agriculture), Mrs. Augustina, Mr. Tochukwu Ebeku of Anambra State E-Agriculture Control Centre.

Mr. Chinaza Asiegbu, Ebuka Eleazar Unegbu, Peter & Paul Ezenwamma, Mr. Ikechukwu Nwosu, Mr. Martins Chijioke, Okpala Chigozie, Ike Uzochukwu, Moneke Maureen, Ezeibenne Chiziterem Precious, Ezeibenne Beneth Chukwumanjo (Blind Farmer from Umuchu).

Clement Ejimofor, Osinachi Godswil Ezeagha (Secretary Royal Farmers Assembly Limited and P.R.O Aguata LGA WASHCOM Federation), James Uche Steven, Chiamaka Augusta Okpara, Umeasiegbu Francis, Ezennaya Innocent, Blessing Oforkaja, Mrs. Dorathy C. Ezeakunne of “Lift A Widow Initiative,”

Chidera Ikeanyionwu (Typist Multipurpose Computer Centre (MPCC) Umuchu), Ijeoma Obiora (Former Typist MPCC Umuchu), Umendu Chimdiebube (Former Manager MPCC Umuchu), Hon. Anayo Okpalaeke, Hon. Chigozie Ezenwa (Former Councilor Achina ward II), Hon. Ezenwamma Ikechukwu Vincent, Hon. Dr. Carter Dike Umeh (Member Anambra State House of Assembly Representing Aguata I Constituency).

Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji (Member Nigeria Federal House of Representative), Senator Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah (Representing Anambra South Senatorial Zone), Chief Nolbert Udoye (Ohamadike: Former Chairman Aguata LGA), Hon. Chukwuma (Former Deputy Chairman Aguata LGA), Chief Mike Ezenwere (Former Superintendent of Police Lagos State).

Nze Charles Ezenwaka (Former Administrative Secretary ATU), Mr. Jerome Okpaluba (CEO Jerik Relaxation Centre Isi- Achina), Prince Abuchi Ezenmokwe (Son of First Traditional Ruler of Achina: HRH Igwe Job Ezenmokwe), Bar. Adaobi Ezeamama (Author), Teacher Mrs. Esiri Adaeze Uchenna (Nee Ezenweke).

Ayo Orawale (Dream FM), Mr. Larry Oguego (Founder Human Right Volunteer Corp), Evangelist Josiah Okpaluba, Dr. Rael Futerman (Chief Learning Officer, Cartedo), Mrs. Ifeoma Igboanu (Teacher; & Secretary General Iduu Quarter Women Wing Home and Abroad), Dr. Mrs. Blessing Chibunna Gozi-Anyaokei (Green Aid Empowerment Foundation)

Prof. Kate Omenugha (Anambra State Commissioner for Education), Miss Favour Ezeaku (RoyalFavour), the Payoneer global payment team, cum Mark Coker (the founder of Smashwords and team), finally, Igboanu Blessing Amarachi and Chizoba Maryrose (Nee: Ezeike). And many others who may not be mentioned; I appreciate all of you.

The Achina Idegwu logo above was created by Nweke Ifeanyi Green in 2010, during the time of writing the history of Achina titled Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages, launched on the 27th of December 2012.

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