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Achina Youth Council

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Achina Youth Council (AYC) is the anchored body for Achina Youths affairs.

History of Achina Youth Council

The history of Achina Youths Council (AYC) by Nweke Ifeanyi Green, the author of “Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages, launched 27th December 2012.”

Achina is a town in Old Aguata LGA, in Anambra State, Nigeria.

Achina Youth Council (AYC) is the youth wing of Achina Town Union (ATU) constitutionally installed.

The today Achina Youth Council (AYC) anchored through a Youth Council struggle that started from Umueleke village in 2014.

Before the Achina Town Union General election on 2nd January 2016, few serious minded Youths of Achina in the early 2014, was able to mobilize and was sitting meetings in Umueleke village hall.

The Pioneer mobilizers whom majority were Umueleke Youths, had several meetings before the ATU General election in 2016.

The True Stories of the Achina Youth Council

In 2014, Activist Nweke Ifeanyi Green with Eze Josephat Izuchukwu were having discussion on Achina Youth leadership at Obi Ezenweke in Umueleke village Achina.

At lent, it was discovered that Achina as a town does not have an elected youth body (wing) –

A body through which the opinions of the youths could be heard, and or considered; by the Achina Town Union (ATU) Government, or by the Youths themselves.

What triggered a movement for the establishment of Achina Youth Council

During ATU 2015 August meeting, held in the time of Hon. O . C.J Ezechukwu as the ATU President General:

The administration he led, held a meeting at the Christ Anglican Church field, and on that meeting, the President General ATU openly said that:

The Achina Town Union does not have Youth wing in Achina.”

In his word of advise to the Youths who attended that ATU meeting, he challenged, to anchor a vibrant youth wing for ATU recognition.

The ATU administration on that meeting equally mentioned:

“Dissolving any existing youth wing in Achina, in the name of Achina Town Union youth platform.”

And that was in August 2015.

Discussion Continued by the Duo

The earlier discussion by the duo (Nweke Ifeanyi Green and Eze Josephat Izuchukwu) began to gather momentum each time both meets.

At first, the duo took a bold step, and discussed to the length of suggesting names that will fit a Youth body for Achina Town –

A name that will be recognized by the ATU, and still be connected to the Government; but that will best offer advantage to the Youths of Achina –

The name that will give the Achina Youths sense of Belonging, freedom of opinion, recognition, and a kind of Youth organ that will operate on parliamentary system –

One that will allow the Achina youths to practice how to contribute in a parliamentary sitting.

Those, was the ideas nursed openly on discussion by the duo aforementioned.

Success was Later Achieved

At the end of numerous names that was attached with:

“Organization, Forum, Parliament, Union, etc,” the most striking and invaluable came forth with “Council,” attached to it –

And, it was Nweke Ifeanyi Green who first mentioned the name: “Achina Youths Council (AYC),” that was accepted by the duo, at Obi Ezenweke in Umueleke village, Achina.

However, the Co-founder Eze Josephat Izuchukwu accepted the nomenclature Achina Youth Council (AYC) will yield better fruit in line with the vision of the founding fathers.

Nweke Ifeanyi Green became the Pioneer Great Founder of the Great Achina Youth Council (AYC).

The Pioneer Struggle for Achina Youth Council

Then the journey began, because the new body has to be presented to the people (Achina Youths) for criticism; whether they will accept it or reject it.

However, it was a decision for not two persons; or better, others could give it another name:

When they accept the struggle ahead to anchor an elected youth wing for Achina Town.

For the duo, the Pioneers don’t need to be reminded that Achina as of that time, had no active youth umbrella.

As such, there was no contact database to start calling a meeting of the Achina Youths.

On several occasions the Pioneers met on the Achina Youth leadership matter, their brainstorming was how to sit the meeting of the Achina Youths for progress.

How God Answered

God on one occasion, made way.

One popular Achina Youth by name Nonso Enemuo known well with “Aghadaba,” was holding a “Child Presentation” ceremony for his First son Chinedu Enemuo

At Iduu Community, in Umueleke village, Achina; at Enemuo Family compound precisely.

That was when Achina Youths was informed for a meeting –

After Eze Josephat Izuchukwu mentioned that a lot of Achina Youths will storm the ground for the new child celebration. And he was right!

Courageous Moment for Achina Youth Council

However, the two Pioneers attended the celebration.

How will this information be passed was another issue for the two.

At the celebration ground, held at Enemuo family, the two Pioneers were together reasoning where to start, before Simon Iloka, popularly known with Kajad, surfaced.

And because Simon Iloka was equally popular, and advanced youth in age as of the time of the struggle, and also from Umueleke, he was first to be approached.

He was told of the idea to call a meeting of the Achina Youths for the purpose of instituting an elected youth wing for Achina Town –

Openly announced at ATU General meeting by the President General as of the time in discuss to be vacuumed.

Consent for Achina Youth Council

Mr. Simon Iloka did not immediately made his feelings known –

But he was not against the idea sold to him by the Pioneers initiating the movement for a Youth wing for Achina Youths.

From there, few other Youths of ọnụ-ọgụ-na-atọ Achina were informed; after Simon Iloka asked if Hon. Innocent Igboanu is aware of the movement, which he was told “No.”

Some notable Achina Youths were informed at the ground without publicly announcing the motive to anchor a youth body for the Achina Youths at the celebration ground.

The Struggle to anchor Achina Youth Council Continued

The next was meeting the Pioneers had separately, and reached to meet with Hon. Innocent Igboanu, that was mentioned by Simon Iloka.

As the two Pioneers stormed the Igboanu compound to meet Hon. Innocent Igboanu to join hand and organize a sitting of the Achina Youths, he was around in honor of the scheduled visit.

After a long discussion with him, the two Pioneers who came to invite Hon. Innocent Igboanu to attend a scheduled first meeting of the Achina Youths:

At Umueleke village hall, were surprised to learn that he was the leader of the defunct Appointed Achina Youths platform that was dissolved:

By the ATU leadership openly in ATU August General meeting by the O. C. J Ezechukwu led administration of Achina Town Union (ATU). Nze Henry Ezeunara was the Secretary.

The Pioneer Achina Youths Meeting

On the first Achina Youths meeting date held at Umueleke village hall, all the available stories were told. Few Achina Youths attended.

The two Pioneers (Nweke Ifeanyi Green and Eze Josephat Izuchukwu) was present.

After the meeting, contacts were collected. Another date for meeting was accepted before the meeting closed.

Protocol Observed

Announcement was placed in different churches, in Achina.

Hon. Innocent Igboanu did not attend with some Achina Youths who were part of the defunct appointed executive.

On the second meeting, Achina Youths attended, but did not satisfy the expectations of the Pioneers.

Again the leader of the defunct appointed Achina Youth platform did not attend.

But some of the Executive of old and older Achina Youth platforms that existed was noticed attending the second meeting held at Umueleke village hall.

Another meeting was fixed. And at every meeting, the idea of Council was sold to those who attended.

Notably, Achina Youths Council was accepted, and non ever clamored for change of name.

Leadership Interest on Achina Youth Council

Achina Youth Council (AYC) survived several meetings; till reactions began to build-up; especially from the official table of Umueleke Village Development Union:

Against the formation of Achina Youth Council which was later narrowed to village level for smooth take-off.

As the village leadership interest started gathering heavy momentum openly towards the youth formation, many Achina Youths who attended previous meetings started slacking back gradually.

Only the strong continued

Many, paused from attending the meeting, while some bold ones were seriously in support of the movement:

For an electable Achina Youth wing that should be enshrined in ATU Constitution, and be recognized as “Achina Youth Council (AYC).”

Someone like Destiny Ezeunara, who was making serious bold positive moves towards establishing the Umuezeiyi unit of the baby Council, was prominent among others who may not be mentioned.

The going came to a point

Time came in 2015, when the going became tough when only the tough Continued the going:

The Pioneers initiating the Achina Youth Council movement was having great leadership tussle with the Umueleke village Union:

Under the leadership of Chief Samuel Onyeaka, who was also preparing to hand-over in his first four years tenure.

And as Chief Samuel Onyeaka was returned incumbent, the Matter became more threatening.

Which at a time made the Pioneers to start thinking otherwise.

What Rekindled the Struggle to anchor Achina Youth Council

Nevertherless, the ATU General election was due by December, and was conducted on the 2nd of January 2016.

Before the ATU General election, Nweke Ifeanyi Green was in the ATU office, then located in Umueleke village hall and Nze Charles Ezenwaka was the then ATU Administrative Secretary:

To pick the form for the office of the Achina Town Union (ATU) President General.

The Revolutionary statements

Nze Charles Ezenwaka advised Activist Nweke Ifeanyi Green to go and organize the Achina Youths; in his word:

Achina Youths has no recognized umbrella in Achina.”

And equally reminded Nweke Ifeanyi Green that he is single; as of the time of the struggle:

“Achina constitutionally will not accept any unmarried Youth for the position of Achina President General.”

The advise by Nze Charles Ezenwaka’s statements rekindled the consciousness to anchor an electable Achina Youth platform that will be recognized Constitutionally by the ATU.

The new Moon appeared

In furtherance, the freedom we enjoy today as Constitutionally installed Achina Youth Council (AYC), started when Bar. Chito Ezeani declared interest publicly:

To run for Achina Town Union (ATU) President General in ATU General election at the end of 2015.

Before the last Achina Town Union August Meeting of 2015, few Achina Youths who responded to the ATU youth clean-up exercise that was scheduled at:

ATU hall premises, to prepare the environment for ATU August General meeting –

Sir. (Barr.) Chito Ezeani Omenukọ, visited the Achina Youths at the environmental ground for his campaign.


The Youths of Achina were saying their mind freely.

And Barr. Chito Ezeani was responding responsibly.

He was meticulous to the point of offering to hear even from some of the aggrieved Achina Youths who just needed a Youth umbrella –

To define the way forward for the progress of the Achina Youths, and to a large extent, Achina in general.

On that clean-up exercise, Nweke Ifeanyi Green was present.

Ifeanyi Nweke, grandson of Chief Ezenweke of Achina, raised a voice from the corner, close to Ukwu-Achị, and said to Barr. Chito Ezeani who was campaigning for ATU President General:

Sir, we want an ATU Youth body that the youth will be able to elect their own leaders themselves; without ATU leadership interference.”

Barr. Chito Ezeani nodded to it, as some of the Youths present agreed to the motion.

Barr. Chito Ezeani gave the Achina Youths who attended the environmental exercise his word:

” Start doing something, and come vote freely on the election day, if I win, and becomes the next President General of ATU, your good requests is as good as done.” And he was bold.

The Youths were all surprised he welcomed the motion.

After he left, many started discussing his personality, and a lot of good things was presented about him.

The consciousness for change

After the exercise, Nweke Ifeanyi Green, quickly mobilized few closer Youths, and booked an appointment with Barr. Chito Ezeani

Who scheduled a meeting at his residence at 6am with the Special Squad led by Nweke Ifeanyi Green.

Eze Josephat Izuchukwu was part of that team; including Samuel Muokwe, Ọnuma Oliver, Somadina Remigus Onwuka etc.

In a meeting with Barr. Chito Ezeani, Nweke Ifeanyi Green openly told Barr. Chito Ezeani in his residence boldly:

That him (Nweke Ifeanyi Green) came out for the same position he (Barr. Chito Ezeani) is running for; not minding his age, and Barr. Chito chuckled!

Support for Achina Youth Council to Anchor

Before the special meeting ended, Barr. Chito Ezeani was promised great support and youth mobilization; as long as he will deliver an umbrella table for the Achina Youths:

That will allow the Achina Youths elect their own leadership; without the ATU interference or appointing leaders for the Achina Youths.

And Barr. Chito Ezeani agreed to the above.

Then the team led by Nweke Ifeanyi Green who visited Barr. Chito Ezeani left, and started mobilizing the youths of Achina again for Achina Youth Council (AYC) to anchor.


After the meeting with Barr. Chito Ezeani, Achina Youth Council (AYC) meetings was called at the same usual venue:

At “Umueleke village hall,” few Youths, especially the ones that believes that the vision of instituting AYC is achievable was attending.

Youths like Kingsley, Obinna Ezeukwu, Stanley Nganwuchu, Hon. Augustine Okpala and others was attending.

Ezenwadiugwu Izuchukwu was the Pioneer Secretary, while Nweke Ifeanyi Green was the Pioneer President.

After each meeting, next meeting will be immediately scheduled, and announcement drafted to most churches in Achina to sensitize and inform the Achina Youths to attend.

On one occasion, before election was fixed for Umueleke village Youths to elect who and who will represent them:

At the center (AYC), to contest for positions, was when Hon. Augustine Okpala attended meeting.

Decision that strengthened the struggle

Again, Nweke Ifeanyi Green was the Interim President Coordinating each of the meetings that was held for Umueleke village unit of Achina Youth Council.

Because, after the re-enforcement, the Pioneers decided that every village in Achina should go home and set up their village unit youth council platform first; before the center will anchor.

Eze Josephat Izuchukwu was the Interim Secretary of the Pioneer platform for Umueleke village Youths; as of the time of the struggle to anchor the Achina Youth Council properly.

Leadership Spirit

However, Hon. Augustine Okpala, spoke responsibly in the Umueleke Youth meetings he attended.

And He was supportive to the struggle; as of the time he joined; which was at the time every village youth unit in Achina was decided to go:

And establish their own village unit of Achina Youth Council, and elect candidates to contest for election at the center: Achina Youths Council.

Nweke Ifeanyi Green said to Hon. Augustine Okpala “the position is free for any credible youth. It could be you or anybody.”

What was conquered before Achina Youth Council Anchored

Before the Umueleke Youths were able to elect candidates to contest for electable positions in Achina Youth Council, a lot of troubled water passed under the bridge.

Umueleke village Union under the incumbent Chairman Chief Samuel Onyeaka and his executive intercepted again.

This time, the Pioneer Interim Umueleke Youth Executive struggling to anchor the Achina Youth Council (AYC) was summoned:

By the Umueleke village Union under Chief Samuel Onyeaka’s administration.

Now you may want to know, why did they called?

Because the front was getting hotter, and no doubt, there were some Youths of Umueleke and their counterparts in other villages in Achina, who still believes in the defunct appointed platform led by Hon. Innocent Igboanu –

And the Umueleke village Union strongly believes in them, and stood firm in support of their existence; because they already appointed some youths to oversee the affairs of the youths in Umueleke village.

Clear conscience

When the Pioneers who are championing the new platform named Achina Youth Council (AYC), the Umueleke village unit, was summoned –

The Umueleke village Union under Chief Samuel Onyeaka as Chairman made there decisions known to the new movement.

It was clear, from what the Umueleke village leadership presented as their decision in the struggle to institute an elected Achina Youth Council executive:

At the Executive of Umueleke village Union, in the presence of the Vice Chairman Sunday Uzoezie popularly known with (Estate), Benjamin Okpalayim, Sunday Ebulue, Nonso Enemuo etc.:

That there are already an existing youth platform they know, recognized, and have been working with before the time of the new development.

Umueleke leadership stand

Finally, they insisted that there will be no new Youth platform the executive table of Umueleke village Union will recognize:

If not the old platform led by Hon. Innocent Igboanu at the Achina level.

The meeting was attended by Nweke Ifeanyi Green the Interim President Coordinating the Umueleke Youths who was at the front with vibrant team:

For the institutionalization of an electable Achina Youth Council with village offshoot (unit).

Though Kingsley Nganwuchu later attended; but was outside the hall at Ukwu Udara:

When the Interim Executives Coordinating the new movement for Umueleke Youths platform subject to the AYC was ushered in:

By Nonso Enemuo who is part of the Umueleke village Union executive that was present at the Umueleke Village Union Executive Meeting.

The Burning Desire for progress

When Nweke Ifeanyi Green was allowed to speak at the Umueleke Village Union Executive Meeting floor –

He narrated important points how the movement to institutionalize an electable AYC came onboard.

And ended with asking Umueleke Village Union table to be part of the development.

But Umueleke Village Union made there final decision with a window; by asking Nweke Ifeanyi Green to:

Meet Hon. Charles Ezeobi, whom they mentioned was the Umueleke Youth Chairman the Umueleke village Union executive recognized:

Working as youth Chairman with them in Umueleke village; while Hon. Innocent Igboanu was heading the center (Achina level).

The Preferred

Umueleke village, finalized by pointing at the window, and asked Nweke Ifeanyi Green at Umueleke Village Union executive meeting:

To go and meet Charles Ezeobi the Umueleke Youth Chairman they know:

And tell Charles Ezeobi to call a meeting of the Umueleke Youths; for the Youths of Umueleke to arrange themselves; if the new movement is sincere with their struggle.

And that the executive of the new movement should report all matters concerning the Youths struggle to the Umueleke village Union Vice President Nze Sunday Uzoezie (Estate).

The Fruitful Movement for Umueleke Youths Unit

Nweke Ifeanyi Green and the Interim Secretary Eze Josephat Izuchukwu on the next day, wasted no time, in visiting Hon. Charles Ezeobi at his family house in Achina.

Unlucky for the Pioneers, Charles Ezeobi was not met in person.

A written note was dropped on the floor of the entrance; as no one responded, but the family entrance gate was open.

Next day, the Pioneers revisited.

And fortunately, Charles Ezeobi was met in person, and the message to call a meeting was passed to him as directed by the Umueleke village Union executive who believes strongly in them.

The Honorable

Charles Ezeobi humbly accepted the idea, and said a lot of passionate truth, with willingness to be part of any force that will make the Youths of Achina, and especially Umueleke move forward.

He was asked by the Pioneers of Achina Youth Council movement to choose a convenient date, time, and venue for the meeting.

And was informed properly that the Umueleke village Union was the force behind calling the meeting –

And that they demanded to be informed on the chosen date through the Vice President of Umueleke Village Union (Estate: Sunday Uzoezie) who is resident in Achina.

The date for the meeting was at first hard to fix by the Umueleke village Union recognized Youth executive.

later, the message was returned to the Umueleke village Union Vice President, to whom the Umueleke Village Union handed over the youths agitation to handle.

The Opportunity

Mr. Sunday Uzoezie, advised the Pioneers of the new movement to return to Charles Ezeobi and tell him to fix a new meeting date; and communicate to him for assistance:

Since the first meeting date he fixed came and passed, and was not honored.

The message by Vice President Umueleke Village Union, was carried out.

Charles Ezeobi was informed, and he fixed another meeting date, Umueleke village Union supported the meeting with native kola and Garden Egg.

On that date, only Hon. Innocent Igboanu and Charles Ezeobi attended from their faction, with Nweke Ifeanyi Green and his team; that graced the meeting scheduled at Umueleke village hall.


Few that attended waited to the extent of:

Those who attended was convinced that no one will attend a meeting that has lasted up to closing hour, without new attendees.

When it became obvious that everyone has to go home, the few present humbly prayed with the kola casually –

And consumed as one can, while the rest kola and garden eggs was shared and some wasted.

At that point, based on statements, the Umueleke Village Union faction of Umueleke Youths executives supported by the center:

(Hon. Innocent Igboanu and Hon. Charles Ezeobi), was convinced that Lagos and Kanu is far from Achina.

As God May Have It

The Great Pioneers of the AYC institutionalization, who were struggling at that moment to anchor the Umueleke village unit of AYC:

To make way for AYC central to anchor, returned message to Nze Sunday Uzoezie (Ezeobiọha), at his shop at mbara Orie Achina.

When he got the news, that the Umueleke Youth Executive faction they recognized were not able to attract the Umueleke Youths for a meeting –

He willed it to the Pioneers of the new movement who brought the news to him and said:

“Call the meeting yourself and invite them too. And get back with the outcome.”

The Prepared Group: Achina Youth Council Team

The Pioneers of the new movement who were struggling for AYC National, took the opportunity serious.

They mobilized the Youths of Umueleke, by fixing a particular date, announced it in various churches –

And also invited the Umueleke Village Development Union youth faction executives who are prominent; to honor the meeting invitation.

Behold, Umueleke Youths attended.

Hon. Charles Ezeobi was present.

Though Hon. Innocent Igboanu was absent.


A lot went under the bridge, after the possible stories were told; including demands by some Umueleke Youths:

Who wants to know the members of the Umueleke Youths Executives that are recognized by the Umueleke village Union; without the Umueleke Youths knowing any of them; let alone calling a meeting etc.

But at the end, the Umueleke Youths resolved to bury the hatchet and to move forward progressively.

From that moment, subsequent meetings began to hold properly.

After the outcome of the successful meeting organized by the Pioneers of the new movement to anchor an electable AYC for the:

Achina Youths with village units was returned to the Umueleke Village Union, through the Vice Chairman Nze Sunday Uzoezie, things began to form.

The Issue

However, for the purpose of history, we were not surprised, when the Umueleke Youth executive faction recognized by the Village leadership could not anchor a meeting of the Umueleke Youths.

Information we got also included that the Umueleke Youth executive recognized by the Umueleke village Union executive:

Never held any public meeting up to the time of the inception of the new struggle.

Therefore, many of the Umueleke Youths where as surprised as the AYC Pioneers were; when they understood what that played out.

Rejected Handover

Again the moribund Umueleke Youth executive who was accused by some Umueleke Youths openly:

During meeting time, for not calling or holding public meetings all the long they existed –

Wanted to handover the moribund executive to the new movement. But it was disputed at meeting time –

With great numbers of the Umueleke Youths who have been attending meetings, insisting on the fresh evolving leadership for the Umueleke Youths.


And, it was the decision of the Umueleke Youths to anchor a vibrant new leadership under a fresh mandate and platform.

Notably, it was the fresh agreed platform for Umueleke Youths, subject to the parent Achina Youth Council (AYC), struggling for institutionalization:

That produced the first batch of Umueleke Youths candidates that contested for the First ever Achina Youth Council (AYC) National Executives election –

That came onboard when the present Achina Youth Council (AYC) was instituted as the central youth umbrella of the Achina Youths.


Hon. Augustine Okpala and others were the bread winners of the free and fair primary election conducted at Umueleke village hall, by the Pioneers of the new movement –

Headed by Activist Nweke Ifeanyi Green, that fielded Hon. Augustine Okpala, and others who contested at the central AYC:

On behalf of the Umueleke Youths, when the today Achina Youth Council anchored in the time of Barr. Chito Ezeani administration –

Who later won the Achina Town Union (ATU) President General election that was overwhelmingly supported by the Achina Youths –

Whose major interest as of that time was an umbrella table for the Achina Youths free of Community leadership manipulation and of external.

Those that Contested to Feature in the Achina Youth Council Elective Positions

Now you may want to know who and who contested for the positions due for Umueleke at the AYC..

The Umueleke Youths according to the structure adopted by all the Achina Youths village Units, copied from the Achina Town Union (ATU) –

Leadership rotational pattern, Umueleke Youths will field three candidates to contest for electable positions due to Umueleke according to the system.

Cultural Recognition of Achina electoral system

Because it was a Maiden election, the Achina Youths agreed starting with Ebele Village as the most senior village in Achina village hierarchy.

Therefore, Ebele village was to produce the first AYC President by the constitutional right willed to them as senior in Achina village hierarchy.

Because of that, and based on the part of ATU Constitution the formation adopted –

That was guiding the election of officers, Umueleke, inherited from the ATU Constitutional guidelines, to field three candidates in the below offices:

  1. First Vice President
  2. Treasurer
  3. Public Relation Officer (P. R. O).

Though the AYC National Election was about to take place at the time of Anambra State and Federal General election.

So there was Party, Executive, and individual interest in the Achina Youths local politics.


There was in an occasion, when some Achina Youths residing mainly in Awka Anambra State had special interests on the Achina Youth leadership; in which most, especially the Umueleke Youths, believed was political:

May be in other to be in position of the Achina Youth leadership position to attract the government, came to influence the Umueleke Village Youths election, and at large AYC.

But they met tough resistance from the Achina Youths, and the Umueleke Youths; who were ready for Good Governance devoid of manipulation or government interference.

But before the Umueleke Youths election to field their candidates to the central: AYC; the center agreed.

The untreated wounds created among the Achina Youths Pioneers and Umueleke, and between the Umueleke village Union, was still not healed.

Hope Returned for the Achina Youth Council struggle

Thank God for Barr. Chito Ezeani who came in, as the President General, after listening to major sides, and advised the restive Achina Youths and Umueleke, to “Shield Swords,” and “Synergize.”

The soft advises by the sitting Achina President General Barr. Chito Ezeani, as of the time of the struggle, was a cold water on a hot head.

And behold, all the worried groups Shielded the Swords and Synergized.

Hope returned.

Official Statement that united the Youths

Everyone was counted in again; because Barr. Chito Ezeani in his wisdom as the then President General (PG) of Achina Town Union (ATU), as of the time of the Achina Youth Council (AYC) National Struggle:

Finalized that the ATU youth wing in Achina is from that moment, henceforth, starting afresh.

And urged the youths of Achina to fall back to the Achina villages and set up the Achina Youth Council village unit –

And elect their candidates to contest for the First Scheduled January 2017 AYC National election.

Because Justice and Progress was important to the Achina Youths, and Development is on everyone’s tongue:

The great Youths of Achina survived what would have tiered the youths apart.

Egbe buru Ọku asọghi anwuru

Grimace on faces started wearing out. Wounds started healing gradually.

The Hon. Innocent Igboanu and Hon. Charles Ezeobi factions understood the need for community development; they cooperated with the ATU submission led by Barr. Chito Ezeani.

From that moment, confidence started growing stronger among the Youths of Achina in the Struggle for ATU Youth wing.

For Umueleke Village Youths, the primary election was scheduled, properly announced, and the Umueleke Youths came out and elected their candidates peacefully.

Umueleke Youths Unit Election Report

On the election day, below was the candidates and who won each position primary.

Post of First Vice President

  1. Okpala Augustine C
  2. Okpala Chinedu
  3. Nweke Ifeanyi Green

The above three candidates contested for the post of 1st Vice President; and Okpala Augustine with Nweke Ifeanyi Green won the primary.

The rules by Umueleke Youths was that two candidates will be sent to Central:AYC, to stand election.

Post of Treasurer

  1. Okpala Chinedu
  2. Eze Josephat Izuchukwu

Post of P. R. O

  1. Ibekwe Vincent

Before January 2017 AYC First scheduled National Election, all the Achina three village Youths units have peacefully conducted their primary election successfully.

Candidates were ready for the AYC December scheduled First National election.

Achina Youth Council Scheduled First Election

On the election day, Barr. Chito Ezeani and his team, the three Achina village Youths units, some observers etc, was at the Achina Town Hall, ready for the AYC scheduled election:

When what the youths were nursing as rumors eventually became reality before everyone at the election hall.

And what was that?

A letter the youths of Achina believed to be purported letter from the Government of Anambra State, stopping the AYC First scheduled January 2017 National election from holding on the election day was read.

The Difficult Moment

The election was almost about to be conducted before the letter came in at the election ground and requested that the election be suspended.

It was the then Achina Town Union President General Barr. Chito Ezeani that read the letter:

To the Achina Youths who gathered to elect their leaders themselves for the first time in the history of Achina Idegwu: Egbe bụrụ ọkụ asọghi anwụrụ in unity.

After reading the official letter, Barr. Chito Ezeani in his wisdom, and as a Barrister, pleaded with the great Achina Youths who assembled to:

Accept the suspension of the election while his administration looks into the letter:

And also promised to do everything humanly possible to make the election holds on next schedule.

Breaking Point

It was like heaven or hell coming closer to the earth. The Achina Youths wore the war spirit of the ancestors, after radical reactions, but later –

Settled with the decision of the Barr. Chito Ezeani led ATU Administration trying to help the youths of Achina anchor a peaceful ATU Youth wing free of rancor.

One thing that is hard to thwart in Achina Youths is the natural last order that:

Nothing will destroy the hope of united spirit, Justice and Progress; everyone reasonable saw coming.

Progress! Was in everyone’s mind who supported the going.

Achina Idegwu!

God did wonders; and the youths raised motion that a date must be fixed from that moment:

Before the youths of Achina will accept to respect the government letter suspending the prepared AYC National election.

Barr. Chito Ezeani whom the youths of Achina looked up to, accepted the motion to fix the next election date that moment, while they work towards it.

Then, Easter Monday, been 16th of April 2017 was chosen, and agreed on. Everyone left with rough smiles.

The Achina Youth Council Successful First National Election

Easter 2017, the AYC National Election took place successfully; with observers who came from different communities surrounding Aguata LGA; including Government Officials from the –

Anambra State Ministry of Youth Affairs and Creative Economy; after serious work by the Youths of Achina and the ATU –

Under Barr. Chito Ezeani as the PG of ATU, and Prof. Obidinma Ogbozobe who was the Secretary of that ATU administration:

Successfully, conducted the first ever Achina Youth Council (AYC) National Election that produced the first AYC National Executives on the 16th of April 2017 at the Achina Town Hall.

The First AYC National election produced Chinedu Ezenmokwe from Ebele as the First Achina Youths Council National President.

Was there really a problem that led to electing new President to complete the 4 years tenure? Yes!

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