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Achina Washcom Federation

Achina Washcom Federation (AWF) is an offshoot of the Aguata LGA Washcom Federation.

Achina Town as a natural community is located in Aguata South (Defunct Amaiyi LGA), in Aguata LGA in Anambra State Nigeria.

AWF (Achina Washcom Federation) has 23 Washcom Communities, including Iduu Washcom Community; captured in the Unicef Data baseline.



Achina WASHCOM Federation (AWF) is the supreme parent WASHCOM (Water Sanitation and Hygiene Committee) body in Achina.

AWF has not less than 23 subsidiary WASHCOM communities under it.

Historically, Achina is a town in Anambra State, Nigeria in African Continent; under Aguata L.G.A.

Achina has Three (3) major villages popularly known as “onu-ogu-na-ato” viz Ebele, Umueleke and Umuezeiyi; according to seniority.

WASHCOM (Water Sanitation and Hygiene Committee) is an European Union/UNICEF programme in almost all L.G.A.

Washcom exist in states, and beyond the Nigerian federation for the maintenance of hygiene, sanitation, and its sustainability.

Achina Washcom Federation History

Achina WASHCOM Federation (AWF) came into existence; when some WASHCOM communities in Achina attended a “WASHCLINIC”:

At Aguata L.G.A council Hall in February 15th 2018; as the issue of federating table for all towns in Aguata L.G.A was paramount on the discussion table:

Achina including some other towns that have not yet had a federating table was discovered; and because of:

The numerous contributions of Nweke Ifeany Green; the Chairman of Iduu Washcom, in Achina, was prominent:

Mr. Gabriel one of  the anchor person of  the programme at Aguata L.G.A subsequently, appointed Nweke Ifeanyi Green to be the coordinator:

For “Achina WASHCOM Federation;” cum other towns that had their co-ordinator appointed same day.

Moving forward

In furtherance, on 23rd February 2018 the appointed coordinator for Achina WASHCOM Federation called for AWF meeting at Umueleke Hall.

The meeting was attended by members across different WASHCOM communities in Achina.

After the first AWF meeting, second meeting was fixed and at each meeting, the issue of “Election” was paramount.

The coordinator Nweke Ifeanyi Green refused to continue without election.

Till the third meeting of 13th Match 2018 took place at same venue and was well attended.

Members who attended accepted after a prolonged deliberation to hold election for the key offices pending others for subsequent meetings.

Nomination for Washcom Chairman

However, when nomination of candidates commenced for the post of Chairman for Achina WASHCOM Federation:

Innocent Onwuka from Ndiakaeme nominated Moses Ejidike who is the Chairman Eziama WASHCOM from Umuezeiyi village.

While Boniface Okpala from Nkwere Otu nominated Nweke Ifeanyi Green who is the Chairman Iduu WASHCOM from Umueleke village.

On the process, there were no other candidate nominated.

Ejidike Moses later stepped down for Nweke Ifeanyi Green of Iduu quarter, who became the Chairman for Achina WASHCOM Federation at a record time of 1:06hrspm on this day 13th Match 2018.

Progressively, after nominations for the post of “Secretary” Ezenwuba Uchechukwu from Nkwere Otu in Umuezeiyi village also emerged as AWF Secretary with other post elected same day.

After which AWF meeting was fixed to be holding routinely:

“every last Tuesday of every two months that is not Orie; if Orie hold Tuesday of first week of the upper month by 9AM at Umueleke village Hall.”

Nevertheless, the above highlight on how AWF came to be, Iduu community WASHCOM is one of the most active WASHCOM.

Not just in Achina and have proven it in Aguata L.G.A and beyond.

Washcom Records

On the visit of New York Unicef Mr. Adams to Iduu Community WASHCOM for the defence of:

“Water Safety Plan” and Water Quality Test Analysis; accompanied by Mrs. Obiano of the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Water Resources:

Cum the RUWASSA, Aguata WASHUNIT, European Union/UNICEF teams.

According to report by the resource facilitator Mr. Adams from New York City at Aguata L.G.A, Iduu was praised.

He unavoidably mentioned Iduu community WASHCOM repeatedly as “one of the most active WASHCOM community he visited.”

And when the AWF members attended the all Aguata WASHCOM community meeting at Aguata council hall, AWF was applauded for its efforts, and Achina was duly recognized for it.

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