April 15, 2024


FashionPlanet is a BrainPower Clothing brand powered by Brainpowerplanet Nig Limited.

The BrainPower FashionPlanet is subsidiary Clothing brand of BrainPower manage by Queen Chizoba Maryrose a great Professional Fashion Designer

Picture of Mrs Maryrose the Director FashionPlanet
Queen Maryrose the Professional Fashion Designer
Chizoba: Amicable!

Chizoba Maryrose is the wife of the CEO, Brainpowerplanet.com a professional Blogger that create wonderful content for blog readers.

FashionPlanet is the world fastest growing clothing brand on Planet.

Amicable Fashion Designer

Queen Maryrose popularly known with “Amicable” is a native of Aguluezechukwu in Aguata LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Amicable Fashion Designer

Queen Chizoba Maryrose born into the Ezeike family in Umuejekwulum kindred of Ifite-Aguluezechukwu; is a great fashion designer who was groomed in Lagos State Nigeria; as a Fashion Designer.

Picture of the Director FashionPlanet
Both Lagos State Trained Professional Fashion Designer

Areas of Specialization

Maryrose Chizoba Nweke (Nee: Ezeike) is too good in:

Men’s Wear: Senator, Shirts (Long sleeve and short), any kind of Men’s wear, contact Amicable Fashion Designer.

Senator wear
Picture of Senator wear on dummy at FashionPlanet
Contact BrainPower FashionPlanet

Female Wears: Just engage Queen Maryrose in any kind of female Clothing, she has potential to wow! You.

Queen Maryrose
Ladies wear displayed on dummy at FashionPlanet
Your choice our duty

Children’s clothing Male & Female: Just contact Amicable the great Fashion Designer, you will be pleased; because your children will look gorgeous!

Female babies cloth on FashionPlanet
Both simple design contract is welcomed
Children's Cloth on FashionPlanet
Amicable Fashion Designer your family friendly FashionPlanet

How Reachable is Amicable?

Visit our Shop-office at No. 14B, Upstairs, Madam Agugua Obiora Plaza, Orie Achina, opposite Combine School Akpo/Achina.

Director FashionPlanet Mrs Maryrose on her sowing machine at BrainPower Shop-office
Director FashionPlanet assembling a brand new sowing machine at BrainPower Shop-office
BrainPower FashionPlanet
Amicable made this too
DG and the Director FashionPlanet on a traditional wedding picture
Amicable proud Fashion Designer; she made the both clothes: Green & Maryrose (G & M)
Amicable! Chizoba Maryrose, Director of FashionPlanet in a picture
Queen Maryrose

You can Equally contact Amicable on: 08141896314 WhatsApp

Designed official Logo of FashionPlanet

Green & Maryrose, a world class Clothing trademark you deserve! Unisex

Visit Amicable Facebook Page for more information on the Brand.

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