April 15, 2024

BrainPower Workshop

BrainPower Workshop was born out of the will to impact knowledge on human.

The founder of BrainPower: Nweke Ifeanyi Green saw the need to develop human capital resources:

He created a workshop program that has the capacity to turn abilities into wealth from knowledge base to practical reality.

BrainPower Workshop 1st Episode

The BrainPower Workshop 1st Episode took place at Multipurpose Computer Center (MPCC) Umuchu in Aguata LGA, Anambra State Nigeria:

On the 11th of September 2020 successfully.

The Founder Jassy Coaching Services, Obinna Nwakpadolu was present, Osinachi Ezeagha, Obinna Ezeukwu, with Her Majesty Queen Ilodigwe Chinelo Ugochukwu:

The Ada Idegwu 1st and the Founder My AFRICA TV Chinedu Unekwe and other great public motivational speakers all delivered.

The above Maiden BrainPower Workshop was triggered by the Nigeria Jobberman Soft-Skills program that Nweke Ifeanyi Green performed excellently on:

With a walk-away Jobberman certificate he obtained after the Jobberman Program.

The BrainPower soft-skill program anchored at Umuchu

2nd Episode

The 2nd Episode came with the introduction of the Book Review; of Nweke Ifeanyi Green 3rd eBook titled: “The Rich and The Poor.”

Did we continued? Yes! 3rd, 4th, 5th Episode have been Dusted, with book review.

At the time of these Episodes BrainPower workshop, Mr. Ucheonye Nzubechi the Manager MPCC was helpful.

The unfolding Episodes at MPCC Umuchu was a hard talk for those who want to Grow Rich.

We decided to halt. And created the blog site www.brainpowerplanet.com to continue online.

Was MPCC helpful? Yes!

Chief Ezeemo is the CEO of the “Orient Group Int’l” under which the great MPCC serve as a subsidiary company.

We wrote as a team to the company and they accepted our application before the BrainPower Workshop commenced.

Today, we are glad to have impacted on the life of those who were privileged to attend the BrainPower Workshops.

Though the students were not steady; because many of them were higher institutions students and College students who attended when they had school break.

But we made a point in the life of those who graced the BrainPower Workshops.

Are the BrainPower Team willing to partner with companies? Yes!

Even online, and on physical workshops. You can contact BrainPower through our site page for Program schedule.

We BrainPower Secondary School students, Colleges, Churches, Market men and women, kids, Parents, families, political class, vulnerable, physically challenged, skilled workers

Even certified professionals, Cooperative Farmers, individuals, Town Union, Youths Organizations, private and public establishment, NGOs, Traditional Cabinet Council, state, nation, etc.

No matter your level, or those you want us to BrainPower, we have Workshop program designed for all, with capacity to drive our listeners to the top of enviable career.


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