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Royal Farmers Assembly Ltd

Royal Farmers Assembly Ltd is a registered farmers cooperative society limited.


The Royal Farmers Assembly is a Farmer`s Cooperative Society; duly registered as:


Registered under section 4 of the Nigerian Cooperatives Societies Decree 1993, under section 5 (1) of the said Decree as NO. AN.14030.

And was duly signed by AGWUNOBI A.C; the then Director of Cooperatives Anambra State of Nigeria; at Awka Anambra State on the 15th of November 2016.

Royal Farmers Assembly Ltd was captured at the Anambra State Ministry of Agriculture:

“E-Agriculture Control Centre” same day on 15th November 2016; at 3:47 PM, with Cooperative Registration:

“ I.D:CID 1479909319. ”


On the Royal Farmers Assembly (RFA) Limited data base as Government Farmers duly registered with the Anambra State  Ministry of Agriculture; before the time of preparing this publication, as of 2018:

we have more than 111 (One Hundred and Eleven) registered Royal Farmers Assembly (RFA) members; captured at the “E-Agricultere Control Centre”:

Anambra State Ministry of Agriculture in Agriculture Development Programme (ADP) Awka, Anambra State.

Royal Farmers Assembly Ltd Destination


“To sustain mankind through Agriculture.”


“To consistently researching on possible means of sustaining Agriculture for the best interest of Humanity.”


This Cooperative, Royal Farmers Assembly Limited, started with the sum of Fifty Naira.

We sourced, by begging for this money to purchase improved Okro seedlings from our native market Orie-Achina.

Luckily, Mrs. Florence Nweke  assisted the cooperative, purchasing the Fifty Naira Okro Seedlings and:

the cooperative were able to gather and planted 285 Okro Seedlings and 570 Vegetable Pumpkin (Ugu) Seedlings on this day the 24th March 2016:

At Royal Farmers Assembly (RFA) “Test Farm A,” located at Obi Ezenweke in Iduu Sub-Village in Umueleke Village, Achina, in Aguata L.G.A in Anambra State Nigeria.

Nevertheless, the cooperative later gathered more seedlings and planted another One Thousand Five Hundred (1,500) Pumpkin Vegetable Seedlings (Nkpuru Ugu), mixed on the same Test Farm A.


On RFA first planting of 24th March 2016, before the planting, the name “Royal Farmers Assembly” was chosen by the trio:

Nweke Ifeanyi Green, Ezeh Josephat Izuchukwu and Samuel Nmokwe; who was later not active; leaving only the first two with the Royal Farming activities.

Though, the idea of Vegetable Pumpkin (Ugu) Farming came from one of the trio; Ezeh Josephat Izuchukwu:

Who is presently the First “Igwe Omekaodinma” of Saint Joseph Catholic Youths in Achina, and Okpala Idegwu 1st; who suggested:

“Lets Farm Vegetable Pumpkin (Ugu).” Nweke Ifeanyi Green thought of it immediately and said “We need to develop it into a mighty registered Cooperative Society.”

That was on 14th February 2016; at the home of one of the trio`s friend/in-law, Izuchukwu Ugbaja, who came back from Malesia.

The above idea was accepted and consolidated the day the trio, did the RFA first planting; precisely on 24th March 2016:

After visiting the first Vegetable Pumpkin Test Farm cultivated beside a River close to Samuel Nmokwe`s home by Ezeh Josephat Izuchukwu.


In furtherance, when eventually the RFA Vegetable Pumpkin seedlings began to germinate and sprout; at the Royal Test Farm A:

At Obi Ezenweke, the home of Nweke Ifeanyi Green, in Umueleke Village in Achina; many friends started joining.

Because the duo Nweke Ifeanyi Green and Eze Josephat Izuchukwu did not plan for market.

The RFA first harvest when the planted vegetable pumpkin at Royal Test Farm A got matured, nearly discouraged the cooperative:

When the duo took to sale at Nkwo Umuchu market, and faced market price down.

But later ended selling at Eke Ekwulobia market in Aguata.

Royal Farmers Assembly Ltd: Progress

From the RFA (Royal Farmers Assembly) first sale, the cooperative made more than Three Thousand Naira:

And proceeded to the Bank closer; as decided, and agreed, and opened an account with the:

Achina Micro Finance Bank in Achina; with the name ROYAL FARMERS ASSEMBLY; obtaining the account NO. 0130003912 on June 2nd 2016:

With NO. 33 Iduu Road (Obi Ezenweke) Umueleke Village Achina; as the RFA Limited account Address.

This was Three Months after the first group planting of 24th March 2016; at Royal Test Farm A.

As time went on, the RFA Vegetable Pumpkin(Ugu) was over growing; and their was No Market for it as the cooperative required.

Later, the RFA Cooperative Limited had advert on the abs (Anambra Broadcasting Service) Radio:

That the Anambra State Government, through the Anambra State Ministry of Agriculture, “Export Vegetables, including Vegetable Pumpkin (Ugu).”

Move that was productive

RFA Limited had a meeting, and decided to visit the Anambra State Ministry of Agriculture; at ADP (Agriculture Development Programme) Awka.

When the RFA got to the ADP Awka on 28th of September 2016, RFA later met with:

Theresa (Tessy) U. Okoye; who became Hon. Tessy U.Okoye, SA (Special Assistant) to the former Governor of Anambra State His Excellency Dr. Willie Obiano on Agric:

who later same day after serious Agricultural interrogations and Test; introduced the RFA to:

Mr. Emeka Okoli (now Dr.) the Director of Technical Services (DTS); for Anambra State Ministry of Agriculture, as of the time of the report of this publication.

Note: only Three RFA members went to ADP Awka; Nweke Ifeanyi Green, Ezeh Josephat Izuchukwu and Mmadueke Jude Chukwunonso.

Great to mention, the DTS Mr. Emeka Okoli same day above at the Anambra State Ministry of Agriculture, scheduled to come over and visit the RFA Cooperative Farms.

He later did on 3rd of October 2016; the day he scheduled with the RFA Limited; at 11:29AM, met the RFA Cooperative Society Limited on the Assembly of Community Farmers.


The Anambra State Director of Technical Services (DTS) Mr. Emeka Okoli on his visit, advised the RFA Cooperative to get:

properly registered with the Anambra State Ministry of Agriculture by “Mixing Youths and Women into the Cooperative”

Just like said at ADP Awka by Mrs. Tessy U. Okoye; for RFA Cooperative to be benefiting from the Anambra State Ministry of Agriculture Programmes.

After sharing with the RFA, Mr. Emeka Okoli visited the Royal Farmers Assembly Test Farm and the RFA proposed group Farm site:

At Ikpa Akawodida in Umueleke Village Achina and took the cooperative Farms Coordinate.

When the DTS Mr. Emeka Okoli left, the RFA Cooperative proceeded for the Royal Farmers Assembly Cooperative Society registeration:

At ADP Awka; as the RFA was directed; and commenced the RFA Cooperative registration.

Because of Practice

Before RFA anchored its Cooperative Society Certificate, RFA was shortlisted among the selected active Cooperatives:

That was chosen for a two days Workshop Training scheduled 31st October -1st November 2016:

Powered by the Anambra State Government in Collaboration with the UNDP (United Nation Development Programme) etc.:

At King David Hotel & Suites Awka, Anambra State; as the “First set of Dry Season Farmers” to be trained by the Anambra State Ministry of Agriculture, as RFA was told.

RFA Cooperative Society Limited later participated and was empowered with Three (3) Brown New Water Farm Pumping Machines:

“Starlite WP-50,” Organic Liquid Fertilizer (Biopowerplus), Seedlings which includes Basil (Nchuowu), Potato stems etc.

How it was achieved

Few weeks later, RFA got its Certificate of Cooperative Society earlier applied for; with the name :


And a follow come stamp cum Nigeria Cooperative Constitution and Bye law; on this day 15th November 2016.

However, after the Cooperative Certificate was issued to the RFA cooperative, Royal Farmers Assembly (RFA), became a legitimate Cooperative Society:

Registered under the Law of the Nigeria Cooperative Society Decree; for more serious cooperative business.

And have being holding Routine Cooperative Meetings up to date; holding as fixed on:

“Every Tuesday of every Second week of every Month; if Oye, hold next day Wednesday by 2PM; at Obi Ezenweke, Iduu, Umueleke Village, Achina in Aguata L.G.A in Anambra State Nigeria.” And later, Bi-Monthly.

More also, RFA was invited and have attended Government Agricultural Functions including: Workshop Training, Trade Fares, Agric Show Exhibitions etc.

However, irrespective of the RFA members individual Farms, the RFA embarked fully on accountable Cooperative group Farming in 2018:

After serious feasibility studies, documentations and extensive critical Agricultural researches done at the RFA Cooperative Royal Test Farm A etc; from 2016-2017.

The turning point

The year 2018 was when the RFA Limited embarked on the first Cooperative “Group Farming,” and did marvellously well.

Our Mission and Vision to advance business wise by upgrading from the primitive local native farming to the:

Modern Mechanized Agriculture and Farming systems; from Production-Processing-Packaging-Export-Value Exchange:

With the introduction of digital segment through Digital means using projecting Machine and its subsidiary equipments to support the RFA Royal Farming Class; can not be over emphasized:

For the Global Vision of Anambra State  Government of “Aku Ruo Ulo” philosophy of “Thinking Globally and Acting Locally,” is still alive!

RFA Limited has a record of over 200 reported Engagements.

It will interest you to know that the Great Royal Farmers Assembly (RFA) Limited worth more than 500 Billion Naira Presently.

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