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Umueleke Youth Council

Umueleke Youth Council is an umbrella for the Youths of Umueleke village, subject to the parent Achina Youths Council (AYC)

Brief History of Umueleke Youth Council (UYC I)

The Brief history of the Umueleke Youth Council (UYC I) by Nweke Ifeanyi Green the author of “Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages.”

The history of Umueleke Youth Council dated back to the struggle that anchored the Achina Youth Council (AYC).

Umueleke Youth Council Pioneers Moves

However, history can not forget how Mr. Nnamdi Godwin Ozoemenem Ugbaja rekindled the struggle that anchored the Umueleke Youth Forum:

Which was the base upon which the great Umueleke Youth Council anchored.

On the 14th of November 2019, Nweke Ifeanyi Green received a call, it was Mr. Nnamdi Godwin Ozoemenem Ugbaja calling.


On the conversation, Mr. Nnamdi Godwin Ozoemenem Ugbaja said: “the Umueleke Youths in Lagos are facing humiliation why there is no existing Umueleke Youths platform.

And is time to make it happen.

Am out for it, and I believe is going to work. I have spoken with quite a lot of people. And is why am calling you.”

Nweke Ifeanyi Green was excited, and after a long discussion on phone with Mr. Nnamdi Ugbaja, both agreed to work together.


Mr. Nnamdi Ugbaja asked Nweke Ifeanyi Green to create a WhatsApp group to coordinate the Umueleke Youths, but Nweke Ifeanyi Green willed it back to Nnamdi Godwin Ozoemenem Ugbaja:

Who created a Whatsap Group for Umueleke Youths on the 14th of November 2019; named: “Umueleke Youth Forum (UYF).”

Mr. Nnamdi Godwin Ozoemenem Ugbaja later in few days, took a bolder steps, and was able to inform some great young men in Umueleke:

And asked Nweke Ifeanyi Green to Create a separate group for the Interim Executive that will pilot the affairs of the Umueleke Youth Forum (UYF).

16th of November 2019, the Interim Executive platform for Umueleke Youth Forum was created by Nweke Ifeanyi Green.

Umueleke Youth Forum

Undoubtedly, Mr. Nnamdi Godwin Ozoemenem Ugbaja is the founder of the Great Umueleke Youth Forum (UYF) that made way for Umueleke Youth Council (UYC I) to anchor.

The Umueleke Youth Forum through the great efforts of Mr. Nnamdi Godwin Ozoemenem Ugbaja and others who may not be captured:

Came up with an Interim Executive for Umueleke Youths; which was elected online, to anchor an electable Umueleke Youth platform for progress.

The head

The refined Umueleke Mr. Martin Chimezie Orakwe was the bread winner of the Umueleke Youth Forum leadership:

And the below was the executive that did wonders for Umueleke Youths; through Umueleke Youth Forum:


  • Mr. Martin Chimezie Orakwe: Interim President
  • Mr. Chika Ekweruka: Interim Vice President
  • Mr. Ikechukwu Ezeabasili: Interim Secretary
  • Mr. Marius Okpala: Interim Treasurer
  • Mr. Ezeh Josephat Izuchukwu: Interim Financial Secretary
  • Mr. Simon Iloka: Interim Provost
  • Nweke Ifeanyi Green: Interim P. R. O (Digital P. R. O)

Humanitarian Gesture By The Umueleke Youths

In furtherance, the above Interim Executive worked assiduously, and was able to mobilize the Umueleke Youths in great numbers, embarked on charity:

Delivered good will to the Umueleke Youths, and as such, became popular, and was embraced by the Umueleke Youths.

First Meeting

The first Umueleke Youth Forum Home and Abroad General Meeting took place at Umueleke village hall on the 4th of January 2020 Chaired by Mr. Martin Chimezie Orakwe.

On a good occasion, Nweke Ifeanyi Green suggested at a meeting time, that the nomenclature fit for Umueleke Youth platform should be:

“Umueleke Youth Council (UYC),” to match the parent body (Achina Youth Council); and finally, the Umueleke Youths later settled for it.

And a WhatsApp group was on the 1st of January 2021, created for UYC by Nweke Ifeanyi Green, directed by the Interim President Mr. Martin Chimezie Orakwe.

Umueleke Youths Council First Council Meeting

Good to mention, the first UYC Home and Abroad General Meeting was held at Umueleke village hall on the 4th of January 2021.

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