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Aguata South Women Forum

Aguata South Women Forum, is an umbrella of the Amaiyi women.

Amaiyi, represent the Aguata South block.

The Aguata South block is no doubt politically marginalized.

Marginalization is the act of putting somebody or people in a position which make them powerless, less important so that they cannot influence decisions.

That is why the Aguata South block is missing out in governance of Anambra state and by extension the country.

Agitations captured

“Our youths are in the dark and behind the counter of politics.

No government presence in our area, no university, no polytechnic and accessible road.

The Amaiyi Local government is defunct. The Amaiyi hospital in Achina needs attention.

No youth empowerment and no industry and we ought to care.”

The women of Amaiyi

The Aguata South Women Forum (ASOWOF) separated itself from the North in 2011.

ASOWOF is led by Madam Florence Odidika Nweke (popularly known as Quality and Adaugo):

A political pundit who was a former Iron Lady of ACHARUGO FORUM, founded by the former Honorable member of House of Representative, Hon. Nze Chidi Duru.

Madam Florence Nweke, the founder ASOWOF is a woman who bears the embodiment:

“Like mother like daughter,” as her grandmother Nwaogazi Ezeanuna the mother of Chief Dr. P.C Ezeanuna (Ochudo Achina):

Was sitting on her like throne as the President General, Umuada Onu-ogu-na-ato Achina for decades.

She handed over to her assistance, Mrs. Amaechi Abara.

The Founder

Madam Florence Nweke was born on October 28th 1955 to the great family of late Joshua Ezeanuna and late Jennet Ezeanuna in Umulekwe, Ebele.

She is married to the great family of Chief Ezenweke, the first native authority Chief of Achina:

By Nze Ikwumere Beneth Nweke the first son of Chief Ezenweke of Umuezeanowai kindred of Umuokwaraji in Umueleke village, Achina.

She is a proud mother of six children 3 males and 3 females among who is Nweke Ifeanyi Green an Author, research consultant, great Blogger, and a Good Governance Activist.

Florence Nweke served in various capacity:

She served in the following capacities:

•Vice President Umueleke, women wing Onu-ogu-na-ato ATU Lagos branch

•President General Umuadaugo Isi-Achina Home and Abroad

•Chairlady Home and Abroad Iduu village meeting women wing 1998-2015

•She was former member PTA Committee, Saint Peter`s Secondary School Achina in 1998

•Ex-officio member, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) 1998

•Chairlady Umuokwaraji kindred meeting women wing, 2009-

•Secretary General Umulekwe women wing, home and abroad, 2009-2020

•As an active member of PDP, she was in 2004 the PDP woman leader Achina ward II.

•Because of the love she has for religion, she is an acting Catechist, Marble Collegiate Redeemed Church (MCRC) of Nigeria.

Pioneer Head and Achievement

Mrs. Florence Nweke hails from Achina, Christiana Iloka vice President from Uga, Maryann Ezeonyejiaku (Record Umuagbara) while:

Treasurer from Umuchu, while Secretary Umeokwonna Matter (Simple), the above listed pioneers, under the umbrella of IDI NA OTU AMAKA with the motto:

“Nwanne Di Na Mba,” successfully held their first political summit on 29th of April 2011 at Eke Achina town hall with the theme:

Aguata South Political Update,” which witnessed a large turnout of women from all the villages and towns of Aguata south.

It was also on April 11th 2012 officially, inaugurated as the Aguata South Women Forum (ASOWOF) with prominent personalities in attendance.


IDI NA OTU AMAKA (Aguata South Women Forum) is a forum tailored to help build our people politically and to download to our various villages and towns of Aguata South, the dividend of democracy.

Support they needed

Therefore, the women have demonstrated this strength of oneness for the development of good Governance, the youth can equally do this by setting up modalities for good governance.

The modalities required for effective governance are political platforms like the Aguata South Women Forum (IDI NA OTU AMAKA).

And the non Governmental Organization (NGO) at the grass roots to serve as coalition force that will produce leaders who will deliver Aguata South (Amaiyi L.G.A) from political marginalization.

Is Aguata South Women Forum still meeting? Yes!

Their meeting venue is now at Obi (compound of) Ezenweke in Umueleke village Achina, Aguata LGA, Anambra State

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