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Iduu Washcom

Iduu Washcom is a community Washcom under Achina Washcom federation.

Achina WASHCOM Federation (AWF) is the supreme parent WASHCOM (Water Sanitation and Hygiene Committee) body in Achina; with not less than 23 subsidiary WASHCOM communities under it.

Historically, Achina is a town in Anambra State, Nigeria in African Continent; under Aguata L.G.A.

Achina has Three (3) major villages popularly known as “onu-ogu-na-ato” viz Ebele, Umueleke and Umuezeiyi; according to seniority.

Water Source

Umueleke village is a village in Achina Town, under which “Iduu WASHCOM community” exist as “Iduu Quarter.”

Iduu community WASHCOM, luckily has water source facility with code NO: ANS 070/MB/010 located in it by the great effort of the:

European Union/ UNICEF, Government and the locals etc. Servicing its environs, the Iduu quarter, the entire Umueleke village, and beyond.

Iduu Community Washcom History

However, it is important to note that most of the subsidiary community WASHCOMs in Achina is older than the parent body:“Achina WASHCOM Federation (AWF);” like the “Community WASHCOM Iduu.”

Historically, Iduu Washcom started in 2014 at Umuezeubo in Umueleke village Achina; when the Aguata L.G.A WASHCOM officials held a meeting:

To raise committee for “Iduu Community WASHCOM” at Obu Ezeoke in Umuezeubo precisely, in Umueleke village Achina; under the supervision of Nze Jonathan Ezenweke:

Who is, and as of the time of this publication, the Chief Security of Achina Town, and the Natural Community Home Chairman of Iduu Quarter.

Things to note

On the above meeting, Mrs. Florence Odidika Nweke the Founder of Idi Na Otu Amaka was “Appointed” ChairLady/Chairman “Community WASHCOM Iduu, “unelected.

Samuel Igboanu later became Secretary, Rhoda Ezenweke, Oluchukwu Ezeh, Iloka Ifeanyi etc; were all part of the “unelected Iduu WASHCOM executive.”

The above unelected committee held several meetings at Obu Ezenweke and was able to achieve ODF (Open Defecation Free) certificate for Iduu community:

On 16th of September 2016; through the WASHCOM, powered by the European Union/UNICEF.

But the above committee later became moribund as a result of boring attendance that was not sustained.

What triggered the leadership change

Because of lack of executive attendance and attention towards WASHCOM activities in Iduu community; when the Aguata L.G.A WASHCOM executive meeting was called:

At Aguata L.G.A Council Hall on 12th of April 2017; the ChairLady/Chairman community WASHCOM Iduu:

In the person of Florence Odidika Nweke, the Founder of Aguata South Women Forum (Idi Na Otu Amaka), in the absence of the Iduu community WASHCOM Secretary:

Enlightened Nweke Ifeanyi Green (Son) to join her, so as to capture the meeting proceedings and lecture.

Humbly, Nweke Ifeanyi Green acted in proxy of the Secretary for the Iduu community WASHCOM; on the above date.

Aguata LGA WASHunit Support

After the Aguata L.G.A WASHCOM Executive meeting, the Aguata L.G.A WASHCOM Team anchored Achina; Umueleke Hall precisely; for “Hygiene Promotion Training” on July 2017.

On the meeting, majority of the WASHCOM communities in Achina was present with their executives; excluding “Iduu WASHCOM Executives. ”

Only Mr. John Iloka (the Iduu water facility caretaker) was an Iduu extraction present when Nweke Ifeanyi Green breezed in un-invited:

From another meeting he was coming back from, that did not hold; and discovered it was WASHCOM meeting holding at Umueleke Hall; and sat down later to just listen quietly.

VHP @ Umueleke village hall

As the WASHCOM Hygiene Promotion Training was going on, it was interesting, and later became obvious that:

Nweke Florence Odidika the ChairLady/Chairman Iduu WASHCOM and her executive was absent on the training at Umueleke village hall.

At a point into the training when it became so needful that someone “MUST” answer for and stand in for Iduu WASHCOM:

Nweke Ifeanyi Green on the process, took the plunge; and stood as “Acting Chairman” for Iduu community WASHCOM in other to move Iduu Washcom forward; in the absence of the executive of Iduu WASHCOM.

And was supported by the trainers who came from Aguata; among whom is Mrs. Nkiru Ezeokafor the Executive Coordinator “Aguata Society For Life Foundation” was present and others.

Moving forward

They later gave Iduu community Washcom two: “Flipcharts” for the promotion of Hygiene in the community.

Later into the training some Iduu community members began to come in for the training but none of the Iduu WASHCOM Executive members anchored till the meeting ended.

About 20 VHP (Volunteer Hygiene Promoters) was selected per community including Iduu; while the Flipcharts and other Materials was handed over to:

Nweke Ifeanyi Green who stood as the Acting Chairman for Iduu WSAHCOM and he went home with the materials

Worried Factions

Nevertheless, after the above meeting, there was some worried faction who did not like the “Acting Chairmanship” of Nweke Ifeanyi Green for community WASHCOM Iduu.

The Aguata L.G.A WASHCOM Team later revisited Umueleke village Hall with almost all the WASHCOM communities in Umueleke village in attendance:

But there was no Iduu community WASHCOM members in attendance again.

Accept the Iduu water facility caretaker Mr. John Iloka; who is in charge of selling the Borehole water:

At Iduu community beside Umueleke village hall; and the Acting Chairman Nweke Ifeanyi Green was present.

WASHunit Advise

The entire Aguata L.G.A WASHCOM Team who revisited, told community WASHCOM Iduu to put their committee house in order:

And come forward to collect their pay for the last WASHCOM Training for the 20 VHP Members.

When everyone including Nweke Ifeanyi Green and all WASHCOM communities in Umueleke has gone; remaining Mr. John Iloka:

Mrs. Nkiru the Aguata L.G.A WASHCOM Team leader of the earlier mentioned Training, later got Nweke Ifeanyi Green on phone.

And asked him to come and collect the pay for the trained 20 VHP; as he refused to release the money to anyone else:

Not even to Mr. John Iloka that was present with her after everyone has gone.

Nweke Ifeanyi Green later came forward after some persuasion and collected the money as the “Acting Chairman Iduu WASHCOM.”

Work Began

When the money was collected, first phase of the assignment attached to it was done, and the Acting chairman Nweke Ifeanyi Green called for several enlightenment meetings:

And for the conduct of proper election of new executives to drive the Iduu community WASHCOM positively.

But on several occasions, there were low turnout of the Iduu people.

Till after a period when the Iduu WASHCOM Acting chairman Nweke Ifeanyi Green complained to everyone concern at the village level; the Iduu leaderships both men and women in position of authority.

The Native Support

At a time, Nze Jonathan Ezenweke the Home branch Chairman of Iduu Quarter, later hit the wooden gong (Ekwe) to assemble the Iduu people on the above subject matter:

Also, the women Folk was alerted using the metal gong (Ogele) by the Chairlady of Iduu Quarter in the person of Mrs. Celestina Ezennaya same day.

When the people of Iduu community (Iduu Quarter) came out in mass, the above subject matter was presented including “Electing Executive” for Iduu WASHCOM.

But the issue of Election was not possible that day; a date was fixed for the election to hold on the last Saturday of that month being “October 28th 2017”.

Iduu community Washcom Election Scheduled

Also, anyone interested on any position from the post of Chairman to the least position was advised to appear on the mentioned date.

Before that Saturday 28th morning, that Iduu community WASHCOM election was scheduled to hold in the later evening at 5PM precisely.

Nweke Ifeanyi Green  the “Acting Chairman” was duly invited at Aguata L.G.A WASHCOM executive meeting by 10AM.

Also invited was Rhoda Ezenweke, and she said she cannot make it to the meeting; Oluchukwu Ezenwazuruahu was informed:

By the Acting Chairman as directed by Mrs. Nkiru one of the coordinators at Aguata L.G.A; Samuel Igboanu and Obinna Ezeukwu was also invited.

Oluchukwu Ezeh and others did not attend; only Obinna Ezeukwu attended with the Acting Chairman Nweke Ifeanyi Green.

On the meeting at Agauta L.G.A Council Hall, WASHCOM communities that do not have “Active Executive” were told to:

“Pass Vote of No Confidence;” dissolve and elect new active executive.

WASHunit Decision

Among other things, the unelected Iduu community WASHCOM executive was on this day the 28th of October 2017 “Dissolved”:

At Aguata Council Hall; and the Acting Chairman Nweke Ifeanyi Green who rejected him being called “Iduu community WASHCOM Chairman” at Aguata L.G.A WASHCOM meeting; said:

“not until am being elected by the people of Iduu community,” that he remains “Acting Chairman.”


He also used the occasion and invited Obinna Ogbodo of Aguata UNICEF and his team who promised to anchor the election of WASHCOM communities:

To witness their washcom election; if they are duly invited; to come and be part of Iduu community WASHCOM 5PM scheduled executive election.

But Obinna publicly debunked the invitation; he said is timely; as he already have other engagement same time according to him.

The invited Washcom Executives at Aguata LGA Council hall were on the above workshop Trained on “how to manage WASHCOM at community level.”

Later in the evening, after the Aguata L.G.A WASHCOM workshop, the 5PM scheduled Iduu WASHCOM election took place at Nze Jonathan Ezenweke compound:

The home branch Chairman of Iduu quarter and the Chief security of Achina Town; after all due protocols and procedures:

The Acting Chairman Iduu community WASHCOM Nweke Ifeanyi Green who declared interest emerged unopposed as the:

“First Elected Iduu community WASHCOM Chairman” at a record time of 5:55PM on this day 28th October 2017.

Samuel Igboanu became Vice-Chairman

Ezenweke Marius Financial Secretary

Celestina Ezennaya P.R.O and others; while Obinna Ezeukwu was elected “Secretary” in absenthia. And Esther Ezeanyaku who later became Treasurer.

Later, the elected new executives of Iduu quarter Washcom delivered a WASHCOM CERTIFICATE for Iduu community Washcom:

And positioned the Washcom community Iduu, in Aguata LGA Washcom federation, the parent Washcom body at the LGA level.

Community Washcom of Iduu is an offshoot of Achina Washcom federation, member of Aguata LGA Washcom Federation, has held more that 36 recorded Washcom Meetings, as of the time of this publication.

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