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Chief Ezenweke of Achina

Chief Ezenweke of Achina

Who Is Chief Ezenweke?

Picture of Chief Ezenweke of Achina with Adameziri

The Pioneer Speaker of Old Aguata Who Dwells in The Ancient Obi Okwaraji the Son of Ezeleke

Even the dead “Ndi Nbu Na Ndi Egede” are still alive.

Back in the days when the beautiful ones where married by those who deserve them, “Ngbe ezi di na ugwu ukwa, elu bu ala ọsa. ”

In the 18th Century

After the end of the 17th Century, Chief Ezenweke the son of Ọkwaraọnọnaobu Ogbọgu, the ancestral son of Ọkwaraji the son of Ezeeleke, was at the 18th Century born at the Ancient Obi Ọkwaraji as an only son; with sophisticated up to three times reoccurring only son generational lineage gap which was later conquered.

Ezenweke The Only Child

Before the birth of Chief Ezenweke who was also an only son, oral history, handed over from generation past, has it that Ọkwaraji is the son of Eleke (Ezeeleke), who left “Aja-ala Mbara Ike,”:

Located at Ukpakaamanje at the present Emmanuel Nzekwe compound of Umuọkpalaibekwe Kindred, where Eleke anchored.

Just like Eleke left “Ochie-Obu” in today Umuezeiyi Village in Achina, Aguata LGA, with his younger sibling “Ezeubo”:

Where they were historically born with his younger brother Ezeiyi, and anchored towards Ajaala Mbaraike.

Ọkwaraji bu Aku

The same way, Ọkwaraji the son of Eleke left Aja-ala Mbara Ike, and settled peacefully at the today Obi Ezenweke, known also as: “Obi Ọkwaraji” in Umueleke Village, Achina.

However, history captured that Ọkwaraji begot numerous children later.

But his heir apparent according to our traditional and cultural heritage which reserved Isi-Obi for Diọkwara naturally, as regards to occupying Isi-Obi by right, left the Ancient Obi Ọkwaraji:

Which was later occupied by Chief Ezenweke`s Lineage by providence till date; where life is existing since the 11th Century; over 1,000 years of the settlement.

Anchor Point Okwaraji Son of Ezeeleke

Ọkwaraji the son of Ezeeleke, on his arrival in his settlement, planted “Udumagwu: Ndum Agwu Agwu” at the today Obi Ezenweke, in Umueleke village, Achina; called “Ọda Ọmumu.”

No wonder he begot numerous children.

Nevertheless, oral history down the ages, also recorded that:

“Over 800 years” ago, Ezenwajiobu the forefather of Chief Ezenweke, who lived closer to Udumagwu, begot Ezeokpuwe that sounded wooden gung (Ekwe), at Orie Achina Market, saying:

“No one should fetch Kpalakwukwu around his compound (Obi Ọkwaraji), and if anyone found such bird acting sick around, should return it to him:

So that such person will not eat it and die. That he applied medicine to his Ube Okpoko.”


Ezeokpuwe begot Ọkwaraanọzie; the father of Ọkwaraọnọnaobu Ogbọgu, who was an only son dwelling in the Ancient Obi Ọkwaraji the son of Ezeeleke.

Also, Ezeokpuwe the son of Ezenwajiobu, and Ọkwaraanọzie the father of Ọkwaraọnọnaobu Ogbọgu, where all begotten at Obi Ọkwaraji.

Including Chief Ezenweke the son of Ọkwaraọnọnaobu was born an only son at Obi Ọkwaraji, the son of Eleke.

When Obi Ọkwaraji Was Lonely

In the 18th century, Ọkwaraọnọnaobu the father of Chief Ezenweke, according to history, left the Ancient home, Obi Ọkwaraji the son of Ezeeleke, and ran to “Ikwu Nne ya,” to grow up at Akpo Community.

Ọkwaraọnọnaobu left Obi Ọkwaraji (Today Obi Ezenweke) for a long time; without visiting, and it grew fallow; without any one living in it.

When Ọkwaraọnọnaobu the father of Chief Ezenweke grew up, he was as tall as Chief Ezenweke his son, but bodied. Hairy around his large chest, legs and few hairs around his hand.

How Nature Returned Hope to Obi Ọkwaraji

Notably, Ọkwaraọnọnaobu, because of his height, and strength, was discovered one market day at Orie Achina precisely; when Akpo and Achina great men gathered at Orie Achina Market:

To test their youthful strength at “Ọgbo Akiohibe,” in Orie Achina back in the 18th century when men lived by strength.

Back in those old days, it was a known norm, that whoever first broke open a pilled Coconut seed:

By hitting it open at the prepared sandy ground surrounded by able men from far and near communities, will take it home.

That was one way their generation was testing their strength publicly.

Many women of those days got their husband through watching the men at the market who need help to take home broken Coconuts seeds, when they offer assistance.

Notwithstanding, whenever it got to the turn of Ọkwaraọnọnaobu, the father of Chief Ezenweke, all men present, already know he is going home with it.

And if eventually he is the first to hit a fresh Coconut, he will also go home with it.

What triggered his return

It was either his strength and or jealousy that prompted some rugged men among them to ask:

“Who is this Giant young man from Akpo that does not allow others go home with broken Coconut?”

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the men who voiced out their grievances on Ọkwaraọnọnaobu natural strength were from Achina faction.

Return of Okwaraononaobu

Immediately, with the great spirit of Achina Idegwu Egbe buru ọkụ asọghi anwuru, the Achina men inquired properly, and discovered that he is from Achina.

The son of Ọkwaraanọzie, who they traced to Ọkwaraji the son of Ezeeleke; that left the Ancient Obi Ọkwaraji; for safety and to grow up at his maternal home in Akpo.

The Achina men who discovered him, planned and returned Ọkwaraọnọnaobu the father of Chief Ezenweke back to the Ancient Obi Ọkwaraji, in Umueleke village Achina, where he left from; as a child.

With joy, Ọkwaraọnọnaobu started life, built his own house in Obi Ọkwaraji, and married Nwainyiya from Akpo (Nee: Ọkwarayim), and begot Chief Ezenweke in Obi Ọkwaraji.

Chief Ezenweke Became Polygamous

Chief Ezenweke the son of Ọkwaraọnọnaobu Ogbọgu started growing up in the Ancient Obi Ọkwaraji and to fill the vacuum of less relatives:

Chief Ezenweke as an only son, married three wives; listed below according to seniority in marriage:

Chief Ezenweke First Wife, Children, and Grandchildren:

Nwabugwu, first wife of Chief Ezenweke of Achina
Nwabugwu: Chief Ezenweke First Wife

 Nwabugwu Seraphine Nweke from Akpo Town in Aguata LGA, (Nee: Ezenwaobodo) begot for Chief Ezenweke:

Mrs. Letenwa Irene Nweke Teacher, Community leader, politician, Trader, and dedicated Anglican Church member who held different positions in the church from Girls Guild, Mother, Brigade etc.

Married to:

(Married to Ugbaja Family in Umuezeubo in Umueleke Achina, in Aguata LGA, by Augustine Ugbaja); and she begot: Mrs. Nwakego Ezenwa (Nee: Ugbaja) , Mr. ThankGod Ugbaja, and Mr. Chibuzo Ugbaja.

  • Nze Ikwumere Beneth Nweke, First Son of Chief Ezenweke, married Mrs. Florence Ọdidika Nweke from Umulekwe in Ebele, Achina.
  • (Nee: Ezeanuna) and they begot: Mr. Ikenna Samuel Nweke, Mrs. Amarachi Princess, Mr. Sopuruchukwu Divine Ezenweke, Activist Nweke Ifeanyi Green, Mrs Ọbiageli Blessing, Mrs. Adaora Joy.

Nze Ikwumere Beneth Nweke Son of Nze Ikejiobodo

NZE BENETH NWEKE of Umuezeanowai Kindred, is the first son of Chief Ezenweke of Achina (Nze Ikejiobodo), the First Native Authority Chief of Achina.

Ezenweke was a Pioneer Speaker in Old Aguata LGA (Orumba North & South LGA plus Aguata LGA).

Nze Ikwumere, grandson of Ọkwaraọnọnaobu Ogbọgu, great grandson of Ọkwaraanọzie, son of the Forefather Ezeokpuwe, the son of the great Forefather Ezenwajiobu, the ancestral son of Ọkwaraji, the son of Eleke, the Great Progenitor.

Ikwumere Nweke

Nze Ikwumere Beneth, first son of Chief Ezenweke of Achina
Beneth Nweke 1st Son of Nze Ikejiobodo
Picture of Beneth Nweke, son of Chief Ezenweke of Achina

Nze Ikwumere Beneth (Taurus), was born on Tuesday (Afo) 5th May 1944 in Achina his home land at Obi Ọkwaraji by Chief Ezenweke of Achina, who married his mother Nwabugwu from Akpo (Nee: Ezenwaobodo).

Ikwumere Beneth as a growing young man finished standard Six. He is a very  clever person from childhood. He defended some of his siblings while growing up.

As a young man, Nze Ikwumere Beneth married Miss Florence Odidika Nweke (Nee: Ezeanuna) from Umulekwe in Ebele village Achina; the Founder of Aguata South Women Forum (ASOWOF) “Idi Na Otu Amaka,” with the motto: “Nwanne Di Na Mba!”

And also, as of the time of this publication, the President General of Umuadaugo Isi-Achina, she equally founded, and the General Catechist of Marble Collegiate Redeemed Church of Nigeria (MCRC Nigeria).

A remarkable politician popularly known as: “Adaugo Isi-Achina, Quality! Erico! who begot 3 males and 3 females that Succeeded Nze Ikwumere Beneth.

Son of Chief Ezenweke of Achina, Beneth and Florence in a picture
Beneth Nweke & Florence Ezeanuna
Picture of Son of Chief Ezenweke of Achina and his wife Florence
Ikwumere & Odidika weds

Mrs. Florence Odidika Nweke Wife of Nze Ikwumere Beneth

Wife of Beneth, the son of Chief Ezenweke of Achina with Grandson
Florence Nweke with one of her grandson Chinedu Enemuo

Chief Ezenweke of Achina Fruit of New Generation

Mr. Ikenna Samuel Nweke First Son of Nze Ikwumere Beneth

Ikenna Nweke son of Beneth, the first Grandson of Chief Ezenweke of Achina
Ikenna Nweke & Ijeoma
  • Mr. Ikenna Samuel Nweke (Business Man, based in Lagos, as of the time of this publication, now anchored a a registered business in Achina: DE-IYKE LTD ), Husband to Mrs. Ijeoma Nweke a Stylist: (Professional Hair Dresser, based in Nnewi, as of the time of this publication, stays in Ekwulobia, Aguata LGA) from Eboyi State (Nee: David)

Mrs. Amarachi Princess Nweke First Daughter of Nze Ikwumere Beneth

  • Mrs. Amarachi Princess Nweke Attended Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Banking & Finance Department (Married to Imo State: Nmadunweobi (Madu Family by Mr. Okechukwu Madu), (Company Worker @ Lagos)

Mr. Sopuruchukwu Divine Ezenweke Second Son of Nze Ikwumere Beneth

  • Mr. Sopuruchukwu Divine Ezenweke Professional Barber. Attended Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Electrical Electronics Engineering (Owner: Olando Classic Barbing Salon Orie Achina); husband to Mrs. Blessing Ezenweke (Nee:Chukwukwere) from Agbada, Awlor, Orji River LGA Enugu State (Professional Tailor, based in Ekwulobia in Aguata LGA).

Activist Nweke Ifeanyi Green Third Son of Nze Ikwumere Beneth

  • Nweke Ifeanyi Green Attended Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), Petroleum Engineering precisely, (Activist, and the Author of Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages). Now a Professional Blogger and CEO Brainpowerplanet.com : DG/CEO Brainpowerplanet Nig Ltd.

Obiageli Blessing Ezenweke Second Daughter of Nze Ikwumere Beneth

  • Mrs. Obiageli Blessing Ezenweke Attended Federal Polytechnic Nekede (Company Worker @ Lagos), married to Mr. Ikenna Nwafor of Enugu State living in Germany.

Mrs. Adaora Joy Ezenweke Third Daughter of Nze Ikwumere Beneth

  • Mrs. Adaora Joy Ezenweke Attended Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) Department, as of the time of this publication, a Teacher at Progresive Primary School Achina, a student of “Home Economics Education” at Umunze Collage of Education; (Married to Enemuo Family in Achina, by Mr. Nonso Enemuo)

Ikwumere As A Business Man

As a business man, Nze Ikwumere Beneth thrived at P8 Ido in Lagos State, Nigeria.

He lived with his children and wife at 134 Orodu Street, and Later 143 Orodu Street in Ajegunle, Apapa Lagos, where he also owned a shop and traded food stuffs.

He retired back to his father land (Achina) at the dawn of the New Millennium.

And continued his life as a farmer, haven inherited large portion of arable farm land far and near.

He was a Chorister as a Father in Christ Anglican Church Achina, the Amaiyi Archdeaconry.

Nze Ikwumere Beneth

Ikwumere equally was a serious member of the Popular “Ekpere Ezeude,” Founded by Lord Primate CN Ezeude, till death.

Nze Ikwumere was the type that does not like contesting for leadership position.

He managed to accept the Secretary of Iduu Quarter Home branch, and willingly asked Iduu community to look for someone to replace him in 2020.

Beneth died on the 16th of February 2021; being Tuesday (Orie) at 11:08am. 

Ikwumere was buried

Beneth was buried same day by Revd Onyeka Nwafor of Christ Anglican Church Achina cum members.

Many thanks to Ven. Ifeanyi Ogbueli who later came; the second Archdeacon of Amaiyi Archdeaconry, who took over from Ven. Paul Nwoka the First Archdeacon of Amaiyi Archdeaconry headquarters Achina.

His Burial ceremony took place on the 6th of April 2021, being Easter Tuesday (Afo) at Obu Ezenweke in Achina.

Other Fruits of Chief Ezenweke of Achina

  • Mr. Ewesula Samson Nweke, Business Man, Driver, Chorister, Singer etc.  married Mrs. Okwunna Nweke from Umuezeubo in Umueleke village, Achina (Nee: Ugbaja); and they begot: Nnaemeka Nweke, Nnaemezigo Nweke.
  • Uzoahia Mercy Nweke Trader (Married to Uduji family in Umulekwe, Ebele, Achina; by Obed Eluma Uduji) and she begot: Mrs. Chizoba, Mr. Ebuka, Kelechukwu, Onyedika, and Chiamaka.
  • Mr. Onwuatuaro Godwisdom Ezenweke Trader.
  • Ejinwanyi Harriet Nweke Craft worker, Prophetess 
  • Nwanneka Charity Nweke Business Woman based in Onitsha (Married to Udu family in Orumba North LGA in Anambra State, by Earnest Udu), and she begot: Mrs. Oluebube, Mrs. Chika, Ifunanya, Chiemerie, Somtochukwu, Oluomachukwu, and Chimaobi.

Chief Ezenweke Second wife, Children, and Grandchildren:

  • Ngbenji Ezenweke 2nd wife of Chief Ezenweke of Achina, from Umeh family in Amaebelebe, Umueleke village, Achina (Nee:Umeh) begot for Chief Ezenweke:
  1. Ndijionu Patricia Ezenweke Palm Oil Business woman (Married to Francis Nmokwe in Umuezeiyi village, Achina; and they begot: Mr. Paul, Rev. Sister Nkechi, Mr. Anthony, Mr. Simon, Mrs. Nwakego
  2. Nze Ihebunike Marius Ezenweke, Business Man, Trader, Company worker, and Farmer, married Mrs. Justina Akuchukwu, from Umuezeiyi village in Achina (Nee: Nwachukwu) and they begot: Chidi Ezenweke, Okwudiri Ezenweke, Mrs. Uchenna, Mrs. Chinenye, Mrs. Ifeyinwa, and Ugochukwu Ezenweke.
  3. Mr. Obiajuru Gaius Ezenweke, Trader, and as of the time of this publication, a proud MASSOB Member, Married Mrs. Eucheria Nnenna Ezenweke from Amesi, (Nee: Ndiukwu) and they begot: Chioma and Nkenjika

Chief Ezenweke Third wife, Children, and Grandchildren:

  • Onwuajanma Veginia Ezenweke from Umuezeemenaha kindred in Umuezeiyi, Achina (Nee: Okpalaemeregini), begot for Chief Ezenweke:
  1. Uzodinma Grace Ezenweke, Cosmetics Business woman, Anglican Chorister! At Christ Anglican Church Achina.
  2. Nze Obiamaka Jonathan Ezenweke, as of the time of this publication, Achina Town Chief Security, House Builder, Native Drummer, and Farmer, Married Mrs. Rhoda Ezenweke from Udura in Ebele Achina (Nee: Okpalaogu), and they begot survived children: Obinna Ezenweke, Mrs. Chidinma, Chukwuma Ezenweke, and Obumneme Ezenweke.
  3. Nze Okananwa Abel Ezenweke, Owner ABC Furniture based in Uga/Ezinifite Town in Aguata LGA, as of the time of this publication, married Mrs. Ifeoma Ezenweke from Ogbunike (Nee: Okafor), and they begot: Nnaemezie, Chisom, Mmesoma Blessing, Ujunwa, Chinaza, Onyedika, and Ifechukwu.
  4. Nze Okwuachaonu Emmanuel Ezenweke, popularly known as “Bold.” Business Man at Ladipo Lagos State, as of the time of this publication, Married Mrs. Ijeoma Ezenweke from Ogboji (Nee: Agba), and they begot: Ozioma, Onyinyechukwu, Ekene, and Prosper Febechukwu.
  5. Nmaradinihechukwunaeche Shedrack Ezenweke, Business Man, married Mrs. Ann Ezenweke from Umuezeiyi, Achina (Nee: Onyenwe). No issue as of the time of this publication.
  6. Mrs. Onyemazu Caroline, Business woman based in Onitsha, married to Mr. Cajetan Ilo of Isulo, and they begot: Mrs. Chinyere, Ifeoma, Chukwuebuka, Ifunanya, Chibueze, Ngozi, Chikanso


Akuagha Hope begot Esther Ejinnaka for Ọkwaraọnọnaobu the father of Chief Ezenweke, who was married to Anaebue family in Ebele village in Achina:

And later begot Adameziri Florence only, for Chief Ezenweke, who was married to Joffrey Okpalaugo in Okohia, Ebele, Achina.

Chief Ezenweke Male Children in the order of birth seniority:

  1. Nze Ikwumere Beneth Nweke
  2. Mr. Ewesula Samson Nweke
  3. Nze Ihebunike Marius Ezenweke
  4. Mr. Obiajuru Gaius Ezenweke
  5. Nze Obiamaka Jonathan Ezenweke
  6. Nze Okananwa Abel Ezenweke
  7. Nze Okwuachaonu Emmanuel Ezenweke
  8. Mr. Onwuatuaro Godwisdom Ezenweke
  9. Mr. Nmaradinihechukwuneche Shedrack Ezenweke

The Legendary Chief Ezenweke of Achina In History

In the picture with Great Chief Ezenweke of Achina are Samson: (Ọnyakpa Ezenweke) & Adameziri.

In furtherance, Chief Ezenweke was a very intelligent brave warrior! Lanky, and dark in complexion, whose mother Nwainyiya was from Akpo community.

Chief Ezenweke had a “White Horse” bicycle, and a double barreled Gun, cum locally made guns.

He was a benevolent philanthropist, and a great farmer, who cared a lot for the oppressed and the needy; that bequeathed him the nickname “Azuba Ọyi: Azubọyi.”

He was famous for disciplining younger ones publicly, and setting standard; especially in the leadership circle.

A Native Authority

No wonder! Chief Ezenweke was recognized and installed: “The First Native Authority Chief of Achina before the 50s,” without been literate.

And was representing Achina in Old Aguata LGA (Today Aguata LGA, Orumba North and South LGA), and was a Pioneer Speaker in Old Aguata LGA.

According to Chief Ezeoba Dom Chuks Nwosu (Obidigbo Achina), one of the first Graduates Achina Town produced:

A Historian of UNN who lost his 400 pages manuscript he developed on Achina History in 1945 as a University Student; when the Biafran Air Force Army occupied the Achina Town hall in 1968.

Chief Obidigbo never gave up

Fetch detail from the Pre-forward of Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Age a book on Achina History by Nweke Ifeanyi Green; “Page iv-vii” written by Chief Dom Chuks Nwosu himself.

 When Achina has not thought of a Traditional Ruler, Chief Ezenweke was representing Achina Town in official functions as: “First Native Authority Chief of Achina.”

And later willingly handed over his office officially to Chief Lawrence Ezenwaobasili of Ebele Village in Achina:

When he persuaded the Achina people to look for someone literate to replace him. For Achina town to maintain Diọkwara in Old Aguata LGA.

Patriotic Citizen

Chief Ezenweke was a true patriotic citizen of Achina, as captured in page 87-88 of the book on Achina history, titled:

“Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages; 2012 December 27th, by Nweke Ifeanyi,” one of his grandson.

Warlord Chief Ezenweke “Nze Ikejiobodo,” as an Achina Community leader, was a meticulous father and leader who represented Achina and defended Achina in different courts regularly.

Not minding he was an only son, “Fearless!” as others described him.

The Virtue of A Natural Leader

Ikejiobodo Chief Ezenweke was the type of fearless Community Natural leader that will walk into a conference and come back with great favour for the people he represents.

Anything that will benefit Achina, Chief Ezenweke will struggle it home; not minding he was an illiterate:

Which underscores why he vowed that all his children will go to school, but death came suddenly.

According to Nze Ezenwafo Nwosu (Ihekaego) of Umueleke village, Achina, who was the Chairman Amala Onu-Ogu-Na-Ato Achina as of the time of writing Achina history:

Titled Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages, who was still alive as of the time of this publication.

Though, late now, and was among some of the eye witness who saw Chief Ezenweke in his days as a WarLord.

And was close-by, present, the moment Chief Ezenweke Native Gun shot him accidentally.

Man of the moment

Ihekaego, mentioned: “Chief Ezenweke nwere onu ire!.”

That Chief Ezenweke is a great leader that look at issues of the moment critically, and present his opinion in such a manner that others will hardly counter, object or reject.

Unless the people are not really looking for solution or the truth.

In his word: “Chief Ezenweke speaks like a god.”

A word transformed into action, existing in the lineage, that most time cause admirers, or, and especially rivals to think otherwise:

Ọ okwu ye ka aga newe ngbenile.”

Chief Ikejiobodo among other things, created Iduu Road with Ezenwanne.

Ezenwanne was also a vigilant neighbor Chief Ezenweke had.

The both recognized their selves at midnight when on vigilance with “Ikwa!” at such sound, they conquer the fear of the unknown and start coming closer.


They ended a lot of evil deeds at night around.

And that was how they came up with a lot of ethical norms and cultural tradition like “Ida Iya.”

The “Ida Iya na Achina” came from Iduu community and started in Chief Ezenweke`s time.

They usually arrange community sitting where all the community members will be summoned; especially when abominable act was committed or sighted.

Then the men will start traditional ida iya accordingly, and anyone guilty of the abominable act will be embarrassed publicly:

When he comes out to identify himself by ida iya, saying before it, “Ndibeanyi kwenu!!!. ”

Fearless warriors like Chief Ezenweke will echo “Ashi ashi ka …..na atu!” and no one will respond “Iyaa!”

Then such negative community fellow or traitor will naturally write his own history, and turn around positively for good when he demonstrates remorse publicly, to continue with the community.

Before the whitman anchored

They ran egalitarian society naturally; where everyone respected our culture and ethical tradition before the white-men stepped in.

As a WarLord! Who is never “Afraid of the unknown,” Chief Ezenweke, each time there is need for war, at the sound of the great “Ekwe Agha,”:

Chief Ezenweke appears before his follow Warlords for vicious battle, defending the Achina Community and beyond; and always come back alive.

Ezenweke gave Obieke of Amaebelebe in Achina his Custom officer recruitment slot, and he was admitted.

With numerous others he placed in high profile positions far and near, when he was representing Achina community.

His love for Education

  Due to Chief Ezenweke`s love for Education, he constructed the first school writing board, pupils where used to learn western education in his compound.

The mentioned writing board was later transferred to the today Progressive Primary School Achina (Nwikpa), when the Government School was founded, and was used for teaching pupils then.

Nze Ikejiobodo, Chief Ezenweke the Great! Died accidentally, within the end of the year in 1958 on Eke Market day.

His First Son Nze Ikwumere Beneth was 9 years old; at a burial ceremony held at Okpalaebulue Compound in Amagu quarter in Umueleke Village Achina.

He was with Ewesula Samson, one of his son (“Onyakpa Ezenweke”), which was captured on Achina history in a book by Nweke Ifeanyi, titled: “Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages, page 88-89, 27th December 2012.”


According to Nze Edward Ikejiofo (Ezedioranma) of Umueleke village, and Chief Ezeoba Dom Chuks Nwosu of Umuezeiyi village, cum Nze Ezenwafo Ezenwosu (Ihekaego) of Umueleke etc.:

“Umueleke Warriors and the people of Umueleke received information that a group of people was about to take an undue turn for ‘Okwukwu” against the normal tradition.

Son of Ọkwaraọnọnaobu Ogbọgu Chief Ezenweke furiously stood up in anger when his “Ọgbọsọ ” brought the news to him to stop a breakdown of the protocol.


As a leader of the most dreaded and fearless! Achina Idegwu group, he angrily hit his Native Gun “Egbe Ntu” on the ground to stand up as a lanky warrior:

Forgetting that the Native Gun was not on safety mode, and it struck him directly on his face, and he fell down; near dead.

It was a great tragedy and sober moment for Achina Idegwu Egbe buru oku asoghi anwuru.

The entire Achina Community became “Cold” as the condition of his situation struck the people.

Sober Reflection

The weak ran away from the burial ceremonial ground; his kinsmen and relatives like Caleb came immediately from their position, with their gun ready to kill whoever is the cause.

With the great warriors of Achina Idegwu who came forward too, but Chief Ezenweke mentioned immediate that they should not kill anyone, that it was his gun that stroked him.

Strong men of Achina did their utmost best to revive “Ikejiobodo,”:

They moved him down to Bar. Onyekwere compound, mounted their bicycles and was taking him to “Iyi-elu Hospital, there were no motor then, no nearby hospital, and he died along the way.

That was the end of him; a great legend, and the entire Achina Community was thrown into mourning.”

The shock of Chief Ezenweke’s Death

“The great Umuada Ọnụ-Ọgụ-na-atọ Achina Idegwu rallied round the men, shouting “Ikejiobodo Anwugo.”

“The shock of Chief Ezenweke`s death is still fresh in the mind of many men and women of Achina Idegwu and beyond:

Who witnessed or heard the stories of the demise of the great legendary Community Leader Chief Ezenweke, even till date.”

May the soul of all our Warriors, heroes and Community Leaders who have departed rest in peace! Amen!


Nevertheless, it was on record that all the age grades in Achina paid their last respect to Chief Ezenweke in full burial condolence rite.

Even important Masquerades in Achina cum ‘Achikwu” showed up on Chief Ezenweke`s burial in early month of 1959; in respect to his stewardship to Achina Community and beyond.

Which was a first class condolence rite reserved for First Class Community Leaders of Achina, ever bequeathed to Achina citizens before him.

Achina enthroned Traditional Ruler

After the burial ceremony of Chief Ezenweke, the First Native Authority Chief of Achina on 13th of November 1959, Achina Community conducted Traditional Ruler search, selected:

And enthroned Obi Idegwu, in the person of HRH Igwe Job Ezenmokwe, who became the First Traditional Ruler of Achina in February 1960, the year of Nigeria Independence; after Chief Ezenweke`s death.

Royal Confirmation

Even HRH Igwe MZC Okpala Eze Idegwu II, in his time accepted the saying:

“Can Achina still produce a Natural Community Leader like Chief Ezenweke of Achina?”

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