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Achina Idegwu History

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Achina Idegwu History, titled “Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages” is now available on eBook for sale.

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One may want to know, who is the author of Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages.. Discover the author of this great book, a native of Achina, Nweke Ifeanyi Green.

Achina Idegwu History

Achina Idegwu History cover book by BrainPower

The BrainPower edition of the book, Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages is a compendium of huge historical and social anthropology of Achina and her people.

This book, is the Maiden Achina History by Activist Nweke Ifeanyi Green first launched since 27th of December 2012 at Achina Town Hall field (Christ Anglican Church Achina field), titled:” Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages.”

Good to Note, the Book, Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages is a compendium of huge historical and social anthropology. The facts are sacred and absolute.

Further more, the book covered the antecedents of the Stone Age and dealt with the dynamics of contemporary issues including the socioeconomic, religious and political life of the people of Achina Idegwu.

It is a chronicle of important events which had over the time dominated the experience of the people from the period memory can stretch.

The detailed highlight of the traditional and cultural disposition of the people over the ages is passionate.

From the very beginning of its existence the early contact with the White man and the accompanying battle for supremacy, the inter communal wars aggression which by that commission provided internal security and cohesion are largely part of the exciting content of this book.

Achina Idegwu History

The Era of worshipping Deities

Right from the era of the worship of deities to the advent of Christianity and the ‘follow come’ formal education and government in Achina and the unfolding issues till date captured.

The attendant tussles, secession, political manipulations in Achina Idegwu and in some of its neighboring communities are better obtained from this book than either imagined or picked in bits from pockets of uncoordinated folklore.

“Notably, the feelings that no other archive can further stock or preserve these collections in so much a liberal and copious manner as this book has already done is true.”

Average Achina Man

Perhaps for the local content of patriotism, the perception of the author concerning the personality of an average Achina Idegwu man and woman is understandably presented in an elegant carriage depicting Achina Idegwu people as people with a lot of courage and dynamism.

Finally, the circulation of this documentary (which x-rayed the life and existence of Achina Idegwu) has provided a valuable reference source for further research on the community.

Here therefore lies the compelling need for one to read and keep a copy for oneself and for posterity.

Lucky enough, here is the 2023 BrainPower eBook edition of the great book “Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages” buy now! And pay in US Dollar.

How to buy Achina Idegwu History with Naira

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Below, is some part of Achina Idegwu History copied from the introduction of the great book: “Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages,” enjoy it.

Achina Idegwu History Religious Belief

Before the advent of Christian religion, and colonial administration in 1913/1914 and 1916 respectively, Achina people were Heathens or traditionalist.

The worship of idols like chi, Udo, Ishigwu, Ogwugwu prevailed.

The Ezekoro deity of Achina was the supreme masculine deity of all Achina people.

“Oral history has it that the Nri stock settlers first planted the Ezekoro deity whose son is Akpaka at Eke Achina.”

The deity was to protect the stream called Ezekoro stream and the Eke and Oye markets.

The Eke was used mainly for ceremonial events such as ozo rites, funeral rites and igu aro rites.

The Oye market was specifically for economic activities and end of the year ceremonies, marriage ceremonies masquerade outings, dancing outings etc.

Traditional Government

The government and administration was in the hands of Ojiofos, elders, isiadas, and age grades of youth leaders.

Through those organs law and order was maintained.

Oracles and diviners played a big role in the judicial administration of old Achina.

With the advent of colonial administration warrant chief and court judicial system were introduced.

So also was Town unionism social club administration came into being.

Indigenous Culture of Achina People

The uniqueness of Achina people is inherent in her way of life known as it culture.

First and foremost, Achina people are inherently hardy, proud and intelligent.

Achina people are naturally industrious –

They are adaptive by nature which explains why they welcomed Whiteman and missionary education which was introduced into Achina in 1913-1916, and gave other towns a good lead in education and rural development.

The network of road which connected Orumba and Ideato in 1948 was done through manual labour when other towns seemed not to have need for roads.

In arts, music, dancing and masquerading, Achina excels till today, as borne out by the Igba Nmonwu and other masquerade carnival show at Oye Achina market square every year between December 25-January 8 attended by admirers far and near.

Other Things that made Achina Idegwu History

The mural decoration at the Obu Ezekoro Achina even at now is still the envy of visitors at Oye Achina as also the art work on the body of the Ikoro Achina at Eke and Oye Achina.

During the forties, the Ntiri Dance staged at Oye Achina to mark the end of Achina calendar year, attracted viewers from Nri, Agukwu, Ideato and Enugu Ukwu.

The Igbawaraja dance, Oku Ekwe Umuagbaruo Achina, Obodo Iduu dance of Umueleke village Achina, Etilogwu Ebenato Achina went far and wide for display and copying.

The Achina Man in the eyes of an Achina man sees his brother as a colleague competitor or rival.

He can be hard on his brother but never on a visitor or stranger.

He over loves stranger which explains why during the Nigeria Biafra war, there were so many refugees at Achina.

They went about freely and established daily markets like Eke Obuji at Abonwagu and Nkwo mba near Eke Achina.


Many named their new born babies “Achina Amaka” surprisingly immediate neighbors of Achina often called Achina names like “Achina nchii.”

The truth is that the Achina man does not take kindly on any one who twist at the “Tail of a Lion,” i.e. if one deliberately hurt him.

It is a way of life of a people i.e. Achina hates culpable ignorance.

A typical Achina man does not give people money. But he can volunteer information on how one can make money through hard work.

Because he wants you to know the location of the stream of wealth, if you are intelligent, you can even fish more than your master and have excess to take care of your needs than being a full time beggar which bores an Achina man.

Achina Idegwu is an ancient community that recognizes hard work.

So as an Achina man, there is need to work hard if one must survive because here is a community that differentiates men from boys or rather the strong from the weak based on one`s solid record of achievement.

Because the real son of Achina Idegwu did not go to Lagos or London to admire the fly over neither does he notice those standing in Otu-Onitsha, let alone others squatting in the centre of the market.


Achina Idegwu-Egbe Buru Oku Asoghi Anwuru is a robust slogan in the tradition and culture of the people.

One may stop to ask, why the appellation “Egbe buru oku asoghi anwuru” with the logo of a smart Hawk fearlessly snatching a tong of fire from blazing red hot pile, surrounded by a cloud of blinding smoke on the name of Achina-Idegwu?

It is as a result of the adventure and gallantry of her people resulting in inter-communal war which predated the colonial era.

Achina Idegwu History Womanhood in Achina

The unique position of women in Achina Idegwu history is worth mentioning.

As pointed out elsewhere above, the community was properly established before the arrival of the white rulers and Christianity came in, in 1913, 14, 16.

Hitherto, the established government and religion were anchored on the Ezekoro Deity which was a masculine deity, with the wife called Nwanyi-bu-uno who was very loyal to her husband and who also was a great warrior and a traveler.

When he was out in the field the wife took charge of the home, and also fed him well on his return.

For this reason, he had great respect on Nwanyi –bu-uno and her Siblings.

This culture influenced the then people of Achina greatly; for which reason, women participated actively in governance, peace keeping, war making and general affairs of Achina.

They cleaned the footpaths of Ezekoro stream, Oye and Eke market.

The Adas especially had key roles to play in maintenance of forest such as Ohia Ezekoro, Ohia Ogele, Ohia Ishigwu, Ohia Ajala, other forest which served as buffer between two towns.

They rallied the Alutaradis or Inyom olas whenever their services are needed by the town.

They saw to it that those who committed abominations were properly checkmated.

Whenever needed, they raise fund for development because of their large population, like the Umuada Ọnụ-ogu-na-ato Achina: the women counterpart of Umunna.

Achina Idegwu Inter-Communal Relationship

For the benefit of oncoming generation of Achina children, I found it necessary to make special reference to the undergoing blood relations of Achina Idegwu, the home of great adventurers with:

Akpo, Amesi, Oreri, Akokwa, Ojoto, Obodo-ukwu, part of Umunze and in greater details Uruala the youngest outstanding offshoot.

In course of time, a hunter known as Mazi Uru from Achina traveled far, for hunting and got to a place where he found a very fertile land.

Because he made a rich harvest after planting on it he called the place Uruala, meaning profitable land.

A place he settled and begot the trio of Ago, Akoli and Ozu as sons.

Achina Idegwu History Mazi-uru Fruit

They later developed into the present three villages in Uruala, in Imo state Nigeria.

In order to maintain and strengthen this cultural and traditional relationship with Achina and Uruala people, it was a taboo for an Achina person to marry from Uruala in the olden days.

This cultural practice had long been broken as a result of generational gap.

History has it that Mazi Uru traveled from Achina through a path in Uruala north which today (as of the time of this publication) has become an erosion site.

He finally settled at Obi Okoro under a tree known as Osisi Agwara which provided him shelter.

This community which our ancestral son and founder of the great Uruala settled is today (as of the time of this publication) ruled by a mornach, HRH Barr. Eze Okosisi.

Uruala has great men and women just as Achina. Men like Chief Nmaduako, a great cement merchant, Ferdinand Anaghara, Okoroama, and the late Innocent Uzoeshie who begot a true son of Uruala Chekwube Uzoeshi, Mr. Chibuike etc.

Uruala “The land of thirsty living,” also has a stream among which is Umuoma stream, which is more of a tourism ground.

Achina Idegwu Pre-Colonial cum Inter-Communal War

In the early 13th century when the beautiful ones were married by those who deserved them:

Before the advent of the colonial masters, Achina Idegwu has fought several war…

Continue reading from the Introduction of Achina Idegwu History titled “Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages,” when you purchase the history of Achina Idegwu by Nweke Ifeanyi Green in US Dollar; or in Naira.

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