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Achina Idegwu Town

Achina Idegwu Town is a community in Aguata South (Amaiyi) in Anambra State Nigeria, recognized on Government database as ACHINA.

Note, the below information on Achina History was copied from the chapter one of Achina Idegwu History, by Nweke Ifeanyi Green, titled “Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages.”


Achina Idegwu was a progressive town in Aguata district back in the 11th to the middle of 18th century.

Achina accommodated its neighboring communities having provided big markets which served as business centre.

However, Achina Idegwu suffered a huge set back in the middle of the 18th century arising from a controversy over Chieftaincy tussles.

The pressing issues, threw up a serious allegation of mismanagement of finances and degenerated to inter-communal disputes.

Things went off hand in this very quiet and peaceful town.

Many people were helpless while leaders of thought made efforts to restore the tranquility for which Achina Idegwu was known.

Achina Idegwu in the 20th Century

The work of the 20th century brought with it a measure of experience in the search for peace in Achina Idegwu.

A lot of water passed under the bridge and the people came to terms with the mistakes of the past.

Moving forward, Achina people resolved to bury the hatchets and to live in peace once more.

This led to the coronation of Igwe Godwin Nnaemeka Obiora, Eze Idegwu III of Achina on the December 29, 2010.

It therefore becomes imperative to collect and document important relics:

To project the challenges facing a contemporary man in Achina and chart the way forward.

Achina Idegwu: Historical Outline

History is the mirror of events, which can in the present, be used to determine the course of future events of a people.

“Achina in a proper historical perspective has existed since the 11th century BC.”

Introduction page: “Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages,” has the details of Achina History. Not captured here.

Achina, by the publication figure of 1963 census, ranks the fifth biggest town on old Aguata local government.

The town is bounded on the west by Akpo and Amesi, to the East by Umuchu, Enugwu Umuonyia

And on the North by Agbudu, Oneh, and Ogboji and on the South by Umuchu.

Verifiable Data on Achina Idegwu Town

According to the historical data of 2006 Nigeria general census, the population of Achina stands at 34,822.

The town Achina largely site on a big plateau sliding Southwards, Eastwards and Northwards, and well served with numerous streams the:

Best of which is Ezekoro stream which is the pride of the town and other towns surrounding it.

The plateau nature of the land area explained why from time immemorial the people of Achina had been dominant farmers:

Because the land is blessed with tropical forest, good soil, streams, and semi-temperate climate.

Little wonder Achina as the local government headquarters, in 1982 was unanimously named Amaiyi:

At a meeting of all Aguata south people in Udo Hall Akpo by a motion moved by Chief (now Igwe G.O. Ezechukwu of Umuchu).

Other towns like Umuchu, Akpo, Oneh, Ogboji, Enugwu Umuonyia, Agbudu, and Umuomaku are all well served by streams or Iyi.

The People of Achina Idegwu

Achina people belong to the light skinned negriod race found south of the Sahara region.

It is believed that they are of the Hebrews stock through the Nile valley into the Niger basin down south.

They belong to the Eri or Nri stock that went through Idah down to Anambra River through Aguleri, Umuleri, Nri, Oreri, Amesi, Akpo, Achina, Urualla and Umueshi.

Towns mentioned above are said to be of one stock whose ancestors participated in the memorable movement about the 10 century AD.


Groups dropped on the way for reasons known best to them.

One of the latest groups is the Uruala people of Ideato L.G.A, who left Achina and settled at the Ulasi Basin.

Till today, especially from the time of: Eze Bar. Okosisi the Traditional Ruler of Urualla interacts with Achina especially during the Idegwu Day Festival.

Achina Idegwu Town Oral History Record

“Oral history down the ages holds that the major settlers of Achina are of the Nri stock:

Consisting of Ebele, Eleke and Ezeiyi brothers who first settled at the plateau proper around Eke Achina.”

While Eleke and the younger brother Ezeiyi moved down towards Oye and Ububa axis, their Ebele brother (the most senior who later grew into 5 villages called Isieke n`ese viz:

Abudum, Ebei, Okohia, Umulekwe and Loloma; stayed out on the plateau, bounded Amesi and Umuchu in the west.

“Another group of people, who settled in the area now called Achina, came from a place called Ibu in Okigwe province.”


All the major groups later merged (amalgamated) in the vast forest called Ohia Ezekoro.

All the groups were hunters and farmers. In the beginning they fought one another but later formed a union which they called Onu-ogu-na-ato for self defense.

Till today, Achina is best known as Onu-ogu-na-ato which is equal in status politically but have variations of usage and culture.

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The below picture of Mbara Orie Achina, showing the popular:

“Orie Achina Round About,” was copied from Facebook in 2021, from Mbara Orie Achina TV (Moatv), powered by Chinedu Okpala.

The Achina Town is popularly known with the name “Achina Idegwu;” in full: “Achina Idegwu Egbe bụrụ ọkụ asọghi anwụrụ.”

The official logo of Achina Town boldly captured at the center stage of the Achina Town Hall:

Was a credit to the Achina Town Union Administration of Sir. (Barr.) Chito Ezeani the Emeritus President General of Achina Town Union (ATU).

Achina Idegwu Town is a great town in old Aguata South (Amaiyi LGA), in Aguata LGA, in Anambra State Nigeria.

Land of The Great Adventurers: Achina Idegwu Town

The History of Achina Idegwu Town is full of greatness and adventures.

HRM Igwe Godwin Nnaemeka Obiora (Ononenyi) is the Eze Idegwu III of Achina.

However, Activist Nweke Ifeanyi Green captured the History of Achina titled: “Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages ,” published 27th December 2012.

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It combines both academic exploits, politics, religious, traditional beliefs and practices:

And ethical researches with a comprehensive, practical and simple approach of:

Tackling social-cultural and traditional controversies, as regards to community development and civilization.

It is all about the historical events and stories dated 11th century to the present 21st century of Achina and Beyond.

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