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Umuada Ọnụ-Ọgu- Na-Atọ Achina

Umuada Onu-Ogu-Na-Ato efforts in Developing Achina Idegwu

Women in Igbo land play a very important role especially when it comes to making peace.

They are ready to go extra mile to ensure they achieve the impossible.

That is why we still talk about the popular “Aba Women riot” of 1929.

In Nigeria, women played, and are playing key roles in the political arena.

Some women we can’t forget in a hurry

Women like Prof. Dora Akuyili, the late former DG of NAFDAC and one time Minister of information and Communication who also was a senatorial candidate of APGA in 2011 general election.

An Anambra born political pundit, Oby Ezekwesili, who was also a former Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria:

Fumilayo Ransom Kuti, mother of the late popular Afro-bit king, Fela Ransom Kuti, the first woman to drive a car in Nigeria.

Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala of World Bank fame and former Minister of finance who nearly succeeded being the 11th World Bank President which started in 1946.

Her Excellency lady Virginia Etiaba, a former deputy governor of Anambra state and the first woman to become Governor in the Federal republic of Nigeria, Magritte Ekpo.

Justice Aloma Marian Mukhtar the first female justice of Nigeria,.


Her Excellency the first elected female President as well as the first elected female leader on the African continent, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia who was on 23rd November 2005 declared the President of Liberia.

Hon. Kema Chikwe the former PDP national woman leader who was former minister of Aviation who was in the forefront of the campaign for 50% affirmative action for Nigeria women in politics to mention but few.

These are some prominent women who have paid their dues in the discharge of their public functions and have created appreciable impact in the service of God and humanity in their style.

The Nigeria women in politics are pushing to fully utilize the 35% affirmative action carved out by the Federal government of Nigeria to accommodate women in Nigeria in politics.


But the truth is that out of the 1,531 available seats in Nigeria only 23 women emerged in the 1999 general election, 27 in 2003, and 96 in 2007.

You will not fail to ask, how many women emerged in the 2011 polls? Though statistics has it that 809 women contested for elections across the country in the 2011 polls and 61 women legislatures emerged across the country.

They include 7 women senators, 13 women ministers and 3 women special advisers to the President etc.

The Nigerian Women: Achina Native Perspective

However, the contemporary women in Achina under the umbrella of “Umuada Achina” (Umuada-onu-ogu-na-ato):

The feminine group of “Umunna,” are doing the same to fine their feet rooted in the development of Achina Idegwu.

In the 1970s, after the death of Bernard Onyekah a promising young graduate, UNN product who schooled under the scholarship of M.C. Awgu of Orumba North,:

Who was a pioneer member of the first undergraduate movement formed in Achina in 1957 by Achina citizens known as Achina Graduate Association (AGA) and Achina Youths Club (AYC) whose motto was:

“Towards enlightened leadership,”

According to Obidigbo, was murdered as a result of fighting for peace in the notorious Achina Chieftaincy tussle by an unconfirmed group of power seekers.

Few days after the death of the young graduate, Obidigbo as a front line member of the same AGA received a threat posted on the screen of his Peugeot car, by a ten year old boy; that he would be the next victim.

The young graduate Obidigbo full of communal responsibility and one of the youngest among the aged, ran to his father and showed him the threat made on his life by the unconfirmed group.

Umuada Ọnụ-Ọgu-Na-Atọ Achina: Wake-up call

His father shouted on top of his voice for the safety of his promising young son “Obidigbo.”

His cry got to the Umuada vanguard led by Onyemaechi Anyacho who was married to the family of Ezeonyeka in Umueleke Nwaogazi Ezeanuna the wife of Ezeanuna the mother of late Chief Dr. P.C Ezeanuna (Ochudo of Achina):

And Ejeagha Ezeude the mother of the Most Rev. C.N. Ezeude, in their large number, assembled to the loud cry-out to see for themselves the bill of threat posted on the screen of Obidigbo’s Car.

They did not hesitate to rally round the whole of Achina and beyond and later at night fall settled at:

“Eke Achina,” abandoning their young children at home, their husband and never returned home till they were assured of peace by their male counter-parts.

Umuada Achina in the 1990s also pushed and successfully placed embargo on rearing domestic wild dogs in Achina after a promising young girl contacted Rabbis from a dog bite.

The Umuada Onu-ogu-na-ato Achina embargo has not been lifted up till today. The embargo does not however, include rearing trained and licensed dogs.

Remarkable incidence by Umuada Ọnụ-Ọgu-Na-Atọ Achina

In 2003 Achina suffered yet another setback.

However, respite eventually came by divine intervention through Umuada Onu-ogu-na-ato led by Madam Victoria Anaekwe (Adaobi), Madam Florence Nweke (Quality), and Late Madam Ezeibenne (Enyinwa).

It all started when the Achina surveillance group (Vigilante group) arranged a young St. Peter`s secondary school leaver by name Nnandi Ezenwaeze a.k.a (Obasanjo) for security interrogation.

In the process of discharging their duty to secure peace and tranquility in the community, they accidentally murdered the boy at their security headquarters in Achina.

Heaven was let loose when the devastating news got to the youths of Achina Idegwu and added to a similar incident which involved Mr. Jekwu Ezekigbo:

Who survived at Orie hospital (Peoples Hospital) after seven days in coma as a result of several strokes of cane he received at “Ukwu Achi,” at the vigilante headquarters in Achina.

The angry Achina Idegwu youths set out in the night of the murder in their numbers to peacefully protest the death of the 27 year old Nnandi.

In the process of the peaceful demonstration, the Achina Idegwu youths became uncontrollable.

They wore the image of their ancestral warriors and in the fury destroyed a lot of valuable things.

The angry Achina Idegwu youths continued the demonstration to the next day on a broad day light, which was an Oye market day.

They stopped the Orie market from holding its commercial activities.

Intervention by Umuada

Even the men in Achina were not able to stop them till Umuada Achina our great sisters and mothers intervened.

They assembled at Oye Achina round about and successfully calmed down the situation.

It is a credit to the Umuada Onu-ogu-na-ato of Achina Idegwu because once again they demonstrated great courage and wisdom to handle difficult situations in Achina Idegwu Egbe buru oku asoghi anwuru.

This type of calamities we pray will not befall Achina, in Aguata LGA, Anambra State; again.

Sure you will be glad to explore the leadership of Umuada Ọnụ-Ọgụ-na-atọ Achina from the time memory can stretch to present day.

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