May 21, 2024
State of Okwaranwa Erosion Site in Achina photos

Gallery, State of Okwaranwa Erosion Site in Achina & Abuja Public Hearing

State of Okwaranwa Erosion Site in Achina, Aguata LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria is live on BrainPower.

Discover the state of Okwaranwa Erosion Site located in Iduu quarter, Umueleke village, in Achina, Aguata LGA, in Anambra State.

Here is a BrainPower video that captured the state of Okwaranwa Erosion Site in Achina:

State of Okwaranwa Erosion Site in Achina

Watch the BrainPower video of the state of Okwaranwa Erosion Site in Achina Aguata LGA in Anambra State
Here is BrainPower Digital Photobook on Erosion Public Hearing Held at Abuja and was attended by Hon Tony Ezenwaka, npom etc. State of Okwaranwa Erosion Site in Achina

Despite other devastating erosion sites in Achina, the Okwaranwa Erosion Site in Achina requires priority attention in other to save life and properties.

The Government of Anambra State has played part in trying to control the flood and the erosion menace; but the state government efforts needs federal attention.

Achina community has equally done so much in trying to solve the environmental problem caused by erosion in Achina:

Bamboo trees was planted by Achina Town Union, and the state Government has sponsored the planting of erosion checkmating trees in and around the Erosion site.

Yes! A lot of intervention programs and efforts has been carried out. Yet, the situation is still begging for attention and is now expedient.

State of Okwaranwa Erosion Site in Achina

Members representing Aguata constituency both in the state level and the federal is burning energy towards the development; but their efforts are still begging for federal attention.

However, since the Federal House of Representatives have heard the calls by both the Achina people, Anambra State Government and the people’s representatives at various levels, by anchoring a public hearing on the erosion threatening Aguata LGA in Anambra State –

Achina Town in Aguata LGA, Anambra State is one of the most affected community by erosion.

On the above development, the good people of Achina in Aguata LGA is begging for the federal presence and intervention on the popular Okwaranwa Erosion site in Achina.

The President General Achina Town Union Hon Tony Ezenwaka, npom was interviewed on Okwaranwa Erosion Site, and he aired the situation of Okwaranwa erosion site on the-news-chronicle; that needs federal government urgent attention.

Public Hearing on Erosion Menace in Aguata LGA in Abuja

Thursday 2nd May 2024, a public hearing and presentations on the gully erosion devastating Aguata LGA communities in Anambra State was anchored in Abuja by the House of Representatives.

The Federal committee on Environment through the member representing Aguata Federal constituency has invited the public on public hearing organized to present the erosion menace in Aguata LGA.

The House of Representatives on Tuesday 18th of July 2023 considered a motion by Hon Dom Okafor representing Aguata Federal constituency at federal house of representatives on: “Invitation to the public hearing on the need to intervene in the gully erosion devastating communities in Aguata LGA, Anambra State (HR.87/07/2023)

From Federal House Committee on Environment

Here is the official Resolution of the Federal committee on Environment:

The House Resolved To:
i. Urge the ecological fund office and related agencies to carryout impact assessment of the affected communities and fund a remediation plan that will stem the tide of gully erosion in the area so affected;

ii. Also urge the National Emergency Management Agency of Nigeria (NEMA) to provide relief materials to the affected communities of Aguata Federal constituency;

iii. Mandate the committee on Environment works and water resources (when constituted) to make funds available in the 2024 budget estimates for the construction of drainage system and erosion control measures to track the menace of gully erosion in the affected communities.

15th April 2024 federal document signed by Hon Pondi Julius Gbabojor (Chairman).

Achina community in Aguata LGA in Anambra State is using this opportunity to present the situation of Okwaranwa Erosion site in Achina: State of Okwaranwa Erosion Site in Achina through this BrainPower publication. And pray for the federal Committee on environment “on the-spot assessment visit” to this gully erosion site in Achina.

May our prayers be answered with federal attention. Amen!

Here are words from the Public Hearing by Hon Tony Ezenwaka, npom

Public Hearing on Erosion Menace: ACHINA REGISTERS STRONG PRESENCE

Achina community in Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State participated actively in the just-concluded public hearing on the erosion menace in Aguata Federal Constituency.

A motion to this effect was successfully sponsored and argued in July 2023 by the member representing the Constituency in the House of Reps, Hon Dom Okafor

The House adopted the motion and referred it to the Committee on Environment for detailed investigation and recommendations.

At the public hearing held on 2nd May, 2024, Hon Okafor made a graphic video presentation of the massive devastation of the environment in the Constituency –

Particularly in Igbo-ukwu, Achina, Uga, Aguluezechukwu, Umuchu communities arguing that the efforts of the communities and the state government can no longer fight back the menace –

He appealed to his colleagues to feel the pains and dislocations of the people and mobilize resources to come to our rescue.

On their part, the two members representing the Constituency in the State House of Assembly who were given special recognition and opportunity by the committee –

Hon Anayo Okpaleke for Aguata 1 and Hon Tony Muobike for Aguata 2 constituencies respectively drove into the hearts of the committee members, Ministries of Environment, Water Resources and Sanitation –

As well as officials from the Ecological Projects Office, the high level of devastation, deprivation and dislocation of the communities with no end in sight.

They strongly urged the committee to appreciate the enormous loss of land, lives, houses, economic trees caused by erosion in these communities and be very supportive and humane in their comments and recommendations.

Speaking to journalists after the hearing, the President General of Achina Town Union, Tony Ezenwaka, npom who was the only PG out of the 14 in the Constituency that participated –

Underscored the urgency of federal presence in finding an effective and conclusive solution to the lingering erosion problems in Aguata Local Government particularly the Mbuze Okwaranwa site in Umueleke village, Achina.

He expressed optimism that with the concern and commitment of the House Committee and responsible Federal Agencies –

The problem will receive the speedy attention it really deserves to save us from the tension, fears, losses and hopelessness every rainy season presents to the people.

Other members of Achina delegation included Pharm Dr Nworah Okpaleke, Secretary, BOT, Achina Town Union, and Mr Remigius Ezenwa, Chairman, Achina Town Union both of Abuja Branch 2: Report by Hon Tony Ezenwaka, npom the President General Achina Town Union.

State of Okwaranwa Erosion Site in Achina

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