April 16, 2024

Don’t Miss Orie-Achina Festive-Night, is hot like Fire!🔥

Achina Town in Aguata LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria; is always hot like Fire; during the festive season like Christmas: December 25th- 5th of January every year, is always a place to be.

Easter Season, same thing!

watch the video of Mbara Orie Achina that you missed on PLANET TV below; is hot like Fire!🔥:

Achina at Festive Night: Don’t Miss Mbara Orie

Achina Youths Council (AYC) mobilize resources, proudly sponsored by great youths of Achina who believe in Progress!

The AYC National leadership of Mr Nnamdi Godwin O Ugbaja, and the executive of AYC National, brought Achina today to line-light.

Picture of crowds at the Orie-Achina festive-night

Don’t Miss Orie-Achina Festive-Night; It worth it

Great youths of Achina made it happening; the likes of our big brothers who may or may not be mentioned.

Special regard to Emeritus National President AYC, Nze Azubuike Eze; and our AYC National Retired President Mr Chinedu Ezenmokwe, we care about our own Nationals!

HRM Igwe G N Obiora, the traditional ruler of Achina, is equally proud of Achina Youths for coming home and identifying with the homeland Achina Idegwu Egbe Buru Ọku asọghi anwuru. Igwe!!!

The Emeritus President General Barr Chito Ezeani who anchored this foundation AYC remains a resourceful treasure to every Achina Youths.

President General ATU, Nze Henry Ezeunara, PG, as of the time of this event is also recognized with his executive.

Kudos! To our DJ E2, proud twin brothers of Achina origin making us proud on the stage.

Night stage picture of crowds at Orie-Achina festive-night


Many thanks to so many champions whose hands are on deck, that may not be mentioned.

Don’t Miss Orie-Achina festive-night Powered by AYC Big Brothers

However, is true we can’t mention everyone that Achina Youths Council is proud of; some: “AYC Big Brothers” can’t be kept in the dark. They always see to the progress of the Achina youths at all time their assistance is needed. The likes of:

  1. Great Emeka Obieli (Otigba) CEO, Rollace Hotels Lagos
  2. Chief Anthony Ezeunara (Ezeobiekezie) CEO, De Santos Hotels
  3. Chief Akajiugo Obinna CEO, Parktonian Hotels, Akwa, Anambra State
  4. Mr. Ikenna Okpala: Mega-Tech
  5. Omemma na South: Nze Bruno Ezeonye
  6. Chief Emmanuel Ezenwamma (Ezeonodugo 1 na Achina)
  7. Chief Chukwudi Ugbaja (Omekannaya)
  8. Original Papa Ejima, Ugoloma na Chinco,
  9. Mr Uzoma Okpala: Ocean P
  10. Ejidike Isaac
  11. Nze Donatus Ezennaya (Ezenkekwereomume 1 na Achina)
  12. Nze Ezeozochukwunwuruahu (Ite)
  13. Ugwuafuruego na Ala Achina (Igwe Giving-Giving)
  14. Mr Sopuruchukwu Ezenwaka (Ezekwueche)
  15. Mr Alphonsus Ejidike
  16. Mr Alex Obiora (Aguba ndị Eze na Ala Achina)
  17. Mr Francis Okpala O
  18. Mr Uchenna Ezendiokwelu (Ezengwongwo na Ala Achina)
  19. Mr Martin Chimezie Orakwe (Onye anweghi ta) Umueleke Youths Council (UYC1) National President; as of the time of this publication
  20. Nze Osita Dim (Eze Akumecharabia): Ebele Youths Council National President; as of the time of this Publication
  21. Uzochukwu obi, Umuezeiyi Youths Council (UYC2) National President, as of the time of this event
  22. Achina Good Friend Club
  23. AYC Lagos Branch led by Ifeanyi Ezeiru
  24. AYC Ghana Branch etc.

Other Great Citizens Achina Youths are proud of

In Achina, we have timbers and calibers of men and women, who has distinguished themselves in various field; especially on things that concerns the Achina youths; and we are proud of them:

Mr Marius Okpala (Ojongo) the “National Lord,” Mr Christian Okpalaosimiri, as of the time of this publication, the Chairman Anyibuife Age grade Achina.

Note! Anyibuife Age grade in Achina is an age grade like no other. They established Customary Courts at Amaiyi (Defunct Amaiyi local Government headquarters in Achina: Aguata South block), they installed Solar street lights before Governor Soludo Nwangbafo powered Achina with Solar street lights.

Anyibuife Age grade constructed culverts etc., In developing Achina….. Anyị…..bu ife….Anyiooo!

Barr Mrs Chekwube Ezekwike and Barr Chike Obieli our AYC National legal advisers; you are recognized.

Hon Augustine Okpala our Emeritus AYC National vice President and one time Acting National President AYC cum Comrd Vincent Ibeh, distinguished AYC Emeritus National Public Relation Officer; both of Umueleke Youths Council pride and brightest.

Senior brothers Mr Ekene Obieli, Mr Vincent igboabuchi (Omereihedike), Nze Ikechukwu Ezeabasili (Igweoha), Chief Chukwudi Ogbuonyeugo (Odichukwumma); are all respected fellows too.

AYC Crowned Distinguished

Her Majesty Ada Idegwu 1st Chinelo Ugochukwu Ilodigwe, Her Majesty Miss Chisom Ezeonuogu: Ada Idegwu II, and His Majesty Okpala Idegwu 1st, Nze Izuchukwu Ezenwadiugwu (Eze omekaodimma), we honor you all our Champions!

We are equally proud of Barr Earnest Okechukwu Ezenwa that equally contested to put Achina on the map of Anambra State House of Assembly.

Achina, a great town that has in this recent time through Hon Anayo Okpalaeke (De Senator) clinched the seat of Anambra State House of Assembly, Aguata 1 Constituency that Achina Idegwu Egbe Buru Ọku asọghi anwuru have longed for, over 42 years. It was a big win for all Achina citizens home and abroad. We celebrate it with JOY.

Our Achina Town Union and the great women folks: ATU Women Wing are all forces to reckon with that made Achina great today, the Umuada Achina Ọnụ-ogu-na-ato are all supportive to our community progress; including the Amaala Ọnụ-ogu-na-ato Achina.

Non Governmental bodies Playing great part

Other non governmental bodies like the Achina Development Association USA, League of Achina women Professionals (Law-P), Achina Citizens Forum etc., Are on ground for Achina robust development.

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