April 15, 2024

LAW-P: Great Women Organization in Achina, Aguata LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria.

“League of Achina Women Professionals (LAW-P) is a non-profit organization of like-minded Achina women Professionals that aims to provide a quality lead strategy and intervention:

To impact on all facets of womanhood, end all form of violence against women and children, promote gender equality, women’s empowerment, and lower maternal and infant mortality in Achina”

However, on BrainPower, we don’t just promote organizations doing well. We present what they have offered to the community that distinguished them.

This group of Professional women of Achina, are playing their part towards Achina development.

What LAW-P Wants: LAW-P Great Women Organization

“We want to see a society where women have a say in matters affecting the well-being of Achina indigenes.”


Achina community in Aguata LGA, is proud of this professional women organization. They have unbeatable records in project management and delivery.

The LAW-P can be trusted with any kind of community projects; because they deliver result.

No wonder the Achina Development Association USA (ADA-USA) works with the LAW-P; in getting projects executed in Achina.

Ongoing Resource Center by LAW-P

As of the time of this Publication, the League of Achina Women Professionals (LAW-P) is constructing a multi-million Naira Modern resource center in Achina.

The above structure is the picture of the resource center in Achina by LAW-P; as of the time of this Publication.

Video of Resource Center in Achina by LAW-P

BrainPower: from the information we have gathered, when the Resource Center will be completed, it is designed to be an ICT Hob.

The Resource Center will help students learn ICT for their exams like WAEC, JAMB etc, including vocational skills like Shoe making, Hair dressing, Blogging etc. To upgrade the young people.

LAW-P Projects & Assistance

If any organization need money for projects in Achina community, LAW-P, if voted for, should come top on the list.

Visit the Amaiyi General hospital in Achina and see what LAW-P has done, and is doing.

LAW-P investment in Amaiyi general hospital is something good to mention; they provide medical materials to the hospital to assist patient.

This women organization equally take good care of the resident Doctor: Dr Ifeanyi Erondu etc.

If a woman delivers a baby in the hospital, LAW-P has a free gift packages for the baby and the mother.

Go to schools in Achina, both Government own, community, and private, LAW-P has gifted most families in Achina, school materials through their ward:

Schooling materials like customized school bags, books, writing materials etc, are common things Achina school children smile home with.

Membership into the LAW-P

Membership is drawn from Achina daughters and wives (daughters married outside Achina are eligible and mature singles):

Resident in Nigeria or in Diaspora who have met the stipulated conditions defined in the constitution and bye laws.

Admission is for women who have a minimum of First Degree or HND and have a career or are business owners.

Working Objectives & Principles

Things doesn’t work until there is a clear objectives and guiding principles.

LAW-P, No doubt they have distinguish Professionals; but they just don’t speak grammar! They deliver what they agreed to.

We sat and deliberate a lot on the situation in Achina and how to help our indigenes have a better-quality life and reduce crimes and untimely deaths in our community.

With the help of experts within our members, we develop certain objectives…


Like earlier mentioned, if there are professional groups that can deliver said project in Achina, LAW-P, will make the top list.

Objective Mission enlisted by LAW-P

  • To positively touch the life of all Achina indigenes in terms of sustainable social and economic developments
  • Be Good mentors and role models to our children, investing in education to uplifting academic performance of our children
  • To support those in authority to develop the right policies and programs that are geared towards developing the potentials of women and girls and other young people.etc.

Official Address LAW-P

League of women Professionals, 23, Royal Palm drive (penthouse), Osborne foreshore phase 2, Ikoyi, Lagos State, Nigeria.

LAW-P needs support to complete their ongoing projects in Achina. Encourage their efforts.

Website: www.lawp.org.ng

Contact: 08033196205, 08056719408

Email: info@lawp.org.ng

Executive Members LAW-P

  • Chinwe Ezenwa-Mbah Esq. (President) and Legal Adviser
  • Josephine Ezenachi (President-Elect)
  • Kate Ifeoma Azike (Vice President)
  • Dr. Beatrice Ezenwa (General Secretary)
  • Mrs Pat Mbaji (Financial Secretary)
  • Tessy Meg Ezenwa (Treasurer)
  • Adaku Abel-Osuji (Media & Publicity Secretary)
  • Nkechi Ezenwaka (Welfare Secretary)
  • Dr Adaku Aniebue (Immediate past President IPP)

Fetch more on LAW-P Great Women Organization

Find out the members Board of Trustees of the great LAW-P and other executives not mentioned here.

More information on the activities of LAW-P in different schools in Achina, and other projects executed by LAW-P etc. Available on their site.


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