April 15, 2024


Wedding is the union of two persons usually male and female in most countries of the world.

Kinds of wedding captured on BrainPower

Most weddings captured under this category are white wedding ceremonies.

Male and female; through the holy union under the church procedure are beneficiary.

Why the ceremony?

The union, is for the two to become husband and wife.

And for them to start reproduction legitimately; and be recognized by the society as legally married.

Dress code

Suit (for the man) and gown (white gown for the woman) is mostly the prominent dress code in most part of the world

Under this category, we present to you legal ceremonies of two, that worth viewing and with content that worth your time.

Who attends this kind of ceremony?

In Nigeria, and in most part of the world, this ceremony is usually attended by the both family, friends and well wishers etc.

There may be video content captured on PLANET TV for most of the ceremonies under this category.

Find out what it will take on BrainPower for your ceremony to be presented under this category

Enjoy! Our contents in this category

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