April 15, 2024


WASHCOM is Water Sanitation and Hygiene Committee.

It is an European Union /UNICEF etc. powered program.

Here in Nigeria, we are proud of WASH programs.

For Anambra State, WASH has created impact.

The parent Aguata LGA, WASHCOM has definitions of strong awareness here in Aguata LGA.

Small community Washcom like: Iduu Community, WASHCOM has unbeatable great records.

Obligations of the WASHCOM

WASHCOM: (Water Sanitation and Hygiene Committee) and its executives installed and empowered through the European Union/UNICEF

The bodies mentioned here, handed over the responsibility, authorized, trained to take charge, manage, maintain and sustain any such:

Public services provided by any of the afore-stated body or its parent body; European Union cum UNICEF precisely; in their domicile community

with due respect to the community leaderships and their involvement, domesticating such utility services of the public for proper maintenance and better sustainability.

WASHCOM Aguata LGA Constitution

However, the Aguata L.G.A WASHCOM constitution provides in its supremacy that:

“This constitution is supreme and its provisions binding on all members and authorities of the organization subject to the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria.”

However, Article 2 of the same constitution:

Aims and Objectives; in sub-section 2.1, hold that the aims and objectives of WASH committees are as follow:

“To coordinate and manage all WASH activities in the community.”

Sub-section 2.2 “Mobilize the community and other relevant organizations and concerned individuals to contribute to improve the water, sanitation and hygiene situation of the community.”

Why, Sub-section 2.3 “To liaise with other communities, governmental and non-governmental to ensure promotion of safe water supply, safe excreta disposal practice of hygiene best practices and contribute to promote Child survival and development within the community.”

Notably, sub-section 2.4 “To institute effective community Washcom monitoring of WASH facilities during and after construction as well as sustain monitoring of hygiene and sanitation activities.”

Also, Article 3: Roles and Responsibilities, hold in sub-section IV “Open and maintain Bank Account for the purpose of lodging all WASH funds and proceeds and prepare quarterly account reconciliations and brief the community.”

Moreso, sub-section VII “Overseeing the operation and maintenance of WASH facilities including timely repairs and reporting of broken down facilities beyond their means to L.G.A WASH Department.”

WASH account

Most WASH communities are great in Aguata LGA, like in some LGA in Nigeria. Achina Washcom Federation is one of the town Washcom with accessible record.

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