April 15, 2024

RoyalGreen Foundation

RoyalGreen Foundation (RG Foundation) is a humanitarian service outfit of the BrainPower.

Over the years, the founder of RG Foundation Activist Nweke Ifeanyi Green in his executive wisdom, has offered many the opportunities to meet up with their destiny and fortunes.

Service to humanity” is not just our vision; we Crown Ability which is our Mission!

Everyone matters because we all have abilities.

In RG Foundation, we touch the life of others; especially those that need it.

In Nigeria, we have assisted over 300 students gain access to higher Institutions when they lost hope of being counted among the educated and civilized class.

Is glorious when life is touched; especially those that really need affordable help.

We really have been touching life since 2003, with accessible records and facts.

Many we assisted are today graduates. Some made their masters. Some others now married with kids.

While many are still growing up with their bank account at tender age. While others are schooling currently.

And we have unbeatable records of those who have either benefited from our Academic projects, and or a Firstkids Account we open for those whose situation demands for it at First Bank of Nigeria Plc.

Some, we have offered such support at tender age. Some got our attention within first three months of birth.

And we never thought of stopping this wonderful gesture.

Someone you know may be a beneficiary soon.

We love education because is one of the greatest gift with skills.

We shall like to work with you in lifting our God given society to enviable state.

Cry no more!

Contact us.

support us too; to continue assisting others we groom to groom others. We help others so that they too can empower others, for the world to be a better place for all of us.

Give help today! Join us!

Most of the time, we offer:

  • Cash
  • Education Financial Assistant
  • Advise
  • Counseling
  • Information uncensored
  • Connections to conquer difficulties.

When we adopt anyone into the prestigious RG Foundation, the person will be benefiting for as long as He or She lives. And we keep our word.

Also be rest assured that we will reserve your secrets for you, for as long as you may wish. Unless you or your manager allows otherwise with your consent.

Donate to the RoyalGreen Foundation Education Support

Support RoyalGreen Foundation to assist less privileged students get education

How To Benefit from RGF

For now, we offer assistance to underprivileged students within our reach; we found worthy.

Though, we intend to expand our gesture online soonest, through a careful selection process; to reach more students outside our location as we grow.

The Freewill Donation from spirited individuals willing to support underprivileged Students, do this magic; including our own financial input.

Every support we receive through this channel, is used to uplift the less privileged.

Reach us on WhatsApp: (+234) 08113120481

Email: info@brainpowerplanet.com

You can reach the founder directly on:

Email: royalgreen1836@gmail.com

Meet the Founding Father RG Foundation Nweke Ifeanyi Green on:

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