April 15, 2024

BrainPower Site Updates

BrainPower Site Updates page, inform our visitors on Brainpowerplanet.com programs:

A Professional Blogging and content creating Corporate company powered by BrainPowerPlanet Nig Limited.

Legal Entity

BrainPower is registered with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on the 31st of March 2022 with RC: N0.1913026, as Brainpowerplanet Nig Limited

BrainPower Links

On Brainpower, we purposely attach links of few other relevant pages or post on most of the pages or post on BrainPower; to link our visitors over to other pages or posts on Brainpowerplanet.com

Clickable Links Safety

Be free to click on any link generated by BrainPower, you found on Brainpowerplanet.com

Our clickable links are all safe links; linking (connecting) the BrainPower site.

BrainPower Official Address

The official address of BrainPower is captured on some important pages on this site informing our visitors about us.

How To Contact BrainPower

Note: the “Contact BrainPower” page has a BrainPower Message channels, through which you can send us BrainPower messages, and be able to interact directly with the BrainPower. Be free to reach us!

Customer’s Relationship

Just enjoy our great services, and be free to complain, report, inform, and assist BrainPower deliver unbeatable services to you, and others by messaging us when is expedient.

Subscription Advantage

Subscribe to the BrainPower site notifications to enjoy great services, and get notified when new posts anchors BrainPower; that will add premium to your wealth, and knowledge.

BrainPower Site Updates: Journey History

This site BrainPower was created in 2020 on WordPress. And was upgraded in 2021.

Thanks to Whogohost and Hon. George Ezulike and the Technical Team.

However, BrainPower was officially announced (launched) publicly on the 28th of November 2021 the BrainPower Birthday! to provide great services to mankind.

The www.brainpowerplanet.com launched; is a subsidiary of BrainPowerPlanet Nig Limited.


In BrainPower Blog Post, we may add few relevant post tag (s) on most blog posts; to help researchers locate relevant materials stocked in BrainPower.

What To Click on BrainPower

100% of word and phrases on blue color, on Brainpowerplanet.com are clickable.

Be free to click on them to navigate smoothly.

underlined clickable words or phrases on blue color, are part of BrainPower internal navigation tools.

Payment Channels

Good to mention that BrainPower is now approved for payment in US Dollar through our Paystack account channel; with other local payment options.

BrainPower Site Policy

On this site, BrainPower articulated it’s Privacy policy for users of BrainPower site to know the kind of information collected and how it is used. Read carefully.

The BrainPower Terms and Conditions is equally available for our site visitors; explore it.


You can encourage the development of this site through the BrainPower US Dollar Support page.

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