April 19, 2024

Child Presentation

Child Presentation is the official outing of a new born baby in most part of the world.

New Baby!

It is glorious to welcome a new born baby. After marriage, couples are expected to welcome new baby. When it comes, there are some official protocols that initially include child presentation.

For especially christians, it is done in the church.

On BrainPower

It worth attention in this category, the child presentations captured by BrainPower. It equally attracts family, friends and well wishers; and sometimes gifts.

A child is a great future for both the family and the society at large. Not minding most of the child presentations on this category are paid post, it worth documenting.

Secured future for our children is the better society we look forward to.

In BrainPower, we believe a child’s first official outing deserves documentation.

Enjoy this category documentation.

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