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Olando Ezenweke Celebrates Daughter Chimamanda Favour Ezenweke on this day the 24th April 2022 at St. John’s Anglican Cathedral Ekwulobia.

Sopuruchukwu Divine Ezenweke: “Olando Classic Barbing Salon” Orie Achina, close to dispensary Orie Achina, ask of Olando Global!

Chimamanda Ezenweke Olando Daughter Goes to Church

Blessing Ezenweke proud mother and wife of Olando Global was so excited now Mama Chimamanda Ezenweke!

Congratulations! Olando Global a proud Father.

Is Child Presentation! Chimamanda Ezenweke Goes To Church 24th April 2022

Olando Ezenweke celebrates daughter: Excited is the entire Ezenweke family in Iduu community, Achina Town, Aguata LGA in Anambra State Nigeria.

God is gracious! And we are forever grateful to the almighty for Chimamanda.

Olando Ezenweke Celebrates Daughter: Sopuruchukwu Divine Ezenweke (Olando Classic Barbing Salon Orie Achina) is the immediate elder brother to Activist Nweke Ifeanyi Green the DG/CEO Brainpowerplanet Nig Limited.

Mama Adaugo Florence Odidika Nweke (Nee:Ezeanuna) our mother and founder “Aguata South Women Forum” was present.

Olando Ezenweke Celebrates Daughter

Who is Olando?

Sopuruchukwu Divine Ezenweke popularly known with Olando Global Classic Barbing Salon, is a native of Iduu, in Umueleke village Achina, in Aguata LGA in Anambra State Nigeria.

He is the 2nd Son of Nze Ikwumere Beneth Nweke son of Chief Ezenweke of Achina the First Native Authority Chief of Achina.

Sopuru Ezenweke is the 3rd Child of six.

He is a professional barber. A creative Artist, Book and Song writer with unreleased songs!

Sopuru Ezenweke attended Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Electrical Electronics Engineering (EEE) Department.

He is too good in creative drawing, Barbing, and has produced a lot of successful proud professional barbers who are proudly independent with their apprentices.

He is a successful happy and ambitious man. Brother to the great Author Nweke Ifeanyi Green, and the CEO, Brainpowerplanet.com

You can reach the history of Achina titled “Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages” by Nweke Ifeanyi Green

Olando Ezenweke celebrates daughter: Support

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If you have any inquiry or complaints, please Contact BrainPower through our channel. We will attend to you.

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