April 19, 2024
Free Annual Outreach Lift A Widow Initiative BrainPower photos

BrainPower Photos at Free Annual Outreach Lift A Widow Initiative

Free Annual Outreach Lift A Widow Initiative (LAW-I) held on the 30th of December 2023 was a huge success.

Lift A Widow Initiative (LAW-I) is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) founded by an accomplished professional, Mrs. Chinwe Ezenwa-Mbah Esq.

The 2023 edition of the LAW-I annual health outreach was held at the Amaiyi Comprehensive Health Centre in Achina, in Aguata LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria.

It has been a usual Program that provide free medical care for the people. A lot of health drugs, administered by professional Doctors and Nurses was what our people enjoyed for free.

Also, children who attended this 2023 edition as usual, got free cooked food packaged along their drugs; administered by the professional Doctors and Nurses.

However, BrainPower discovered that beneficiaries usually attends this free medical outreach from distance places across different states of the Nigerian federation. Just to let you know that the beneficiaries are not just Ndi Anambra or Achina people.

Free Annual Outreach Lift A Widow Initiative

Here are the videos of the event captured on PLANET TV by BrainPower; who was live on the event anchored at Amaiyi General hospital, Achina by LAW-I on the 30th of December 2023:

Here is the Free Medical outreach program of the Lift A Widow Initiative at Amaiyi hospital captured by BrainPower on PLANET TV
2023 Healthcare Program of the Lift A Widow Initiative, gave hope to the locals who may not afford what the LAW-I offered free of charge. BrainPower captured the moments.
View the BrainPower digital Photobook on the Lift A Widow Initiative Free Outreach; merged with the distribution of food stuffs by the LAW-I at different locations.

Lift A Widow Initiative Distribution of Food Stuffs

Statements of Facts

As part of Lift a Widow initiatives (LAW-I) Yuletide care for the widows, single mothers and the less privileged in our society, food items were distributed through the LAW-I branches open with the Churches.

A total of 300 women benefited. To God be all glory.

We appreciate our major donors, Budhrani Charity Foundation, Harmony Trust and Investment company, Emerald Schools, Mrs Yinka Oni, Sweet Angels ltd, Nze Okey Ndu, Embassy Pharmaceutical and Chemicals Ltd, Justitia Attorneys.

Mrs Chinwe Ezenwa-Mbah Esq.: Founder LAW-I.

Free Annual Outreach Lift A Widow Initiative

Lift A Widow Initiative collaborates with other professional organizations and associations like the League of Achina Women Professionals (LAW-P) to lend a helping hand to community men and women.

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