May 21, 2024
Time of late Cyril Uzuegbu of Achina Burial Ceremony photos

Late Nze Cyril Uzuegbu Burial Photos with 92 more on blog Photobook

Time of Late Cyril Uzuegbu of Achina in Aguata LGA of Anambra State was honored with a burial ceremony at his Umuezeiyi resident in Achina; powered with a Catholic Mass service held on the 6th of April 2024.

BrainPower anchored the event; and captured the important moments of the burial ceremony and time of late Cyril Uzuegbu of Achina on PLANET TV:

Burial Mass by the Achina Catholic Church at late Nze Cyril Uzuegbu residence
Church Burial Ceremony and condolences for Late Nze Cyril Uzuegbu on PLANET TV
Masquerade Dance Group performed at the burial ceremony courtesy of in-law: Uzoegbo family of Isi-Achina
Here is the BrainPower Digital Photobook captured at the late Cyril Uzuegbu Burial Ceremony

Time of Late Cyril Uzuegbu of Achina

Late Nze Cyril Ikechukwu Uzuegbu (Alias: Uchechukwu) was born in 1936 into the family of late Josiah Ejimkonye Uzuegbu and Lolo Agnes Ukaechu Uzuegbu (Nee: Okpalugo of Umuokpara Kindred) both in Umuezeiyi village in Achina, Aguata LGA, Anambra State.

He is the only surviving son of his father, after the death of his elder brother who died at early age. And he was tagged: “Otu nwa gboro Agu nwa.”

Funeral Publication By the Family


Because his father went to school in their time, he sent his son Cyril to infant one in the year 1947 at St. Charlse Primary School, today Central School Achina.

Academically, he did well; with English been his best subject from infant one to 1955 when he got to Standard Six. And he was brilliant.

However, he was one of the Nine Brilliant students selected by Rev. Father Shine, to study at the Preliminary Teacher`s College (P.T.C) after he passed a thirty minutes essay.

Nze Cyril Uzuegbu studied at the P.T.C Igboukwu in 1956 with some brilliant students selected from different schools in Achina Parish.

He was a lover of sports; and was one of those selected to represent his school at Empire Day at Ekwulobia.

Cyril Uzuegbu succeeded at P.T.C Igboukwu and came out as a ‘Part C Teacher.’ And he got his first school teaching appointment to Teach at St. Patrick Catholic School Ibughubu Umuchu in 1959 for a two years teaching course.

Owing to the conversion of St. Peter`s Teachers Training College (T.T.C) into Secondary School in 1960, he was one of the students transferred to St. Vincent T.T.C “Agbogugu” to complete his course. and he passed all his papers.

1961, he was posted to Iwollo Parish in Ezeagu L.G.A. There, he took his G.C.E both in ordinary and advanced level with “Wolsey Hall University London.”

Among all other things, he got Igbo Language, History, including British Constitution at advanced level and also Teachers Grade 1 certificate as an external candidate 1962-1966. Later, he got Teachers Grade II certificate or Higher Elementary.

Late Nze Cyril Uzuegbu was a Choir Master at T.T.C Agbogugu. this made the Irish Manager then to appoint him the Choir Master of most schools that he taught.

His ambition to go further to higher institution was hampered by the outbreak of the Nigeria Civil war in 1967.

Funeral Publication page 2

Time of Late Cyril Uzuegbu of Achina : Service Record

Late Nze Cyril Uzuegu served as Teacher at:

  • St. Patrick Ibughubu Umuchu 1957-1958
  • St. Patrick Ogwofra Owu Ezeagu L.G.A 1961
  • St. Theresa`s School Ezeama-Owa Ezeagu LGA 1962
  • St. John`s Olo Ezeagu LGA 1963
  • St. Mary`s Akama Oghe 1964-1965
  • St. John`s Amausiodo Oghe 1966-1969

At the end of the civil war in 1970, Late Cyril was posted to:

  • St. Emmanuel School Nkpologwu 1970-1973
  • Community School Ndiokparaeze 1974-1975
  • Central School Achina 1976-1984

1985, he was promoted to Head Master class III and was transferred to head Community School in Agbudu in 1985. Same 1985, he was transferred to head U.P.E School at Amabor in Agwu LGA. And later he was posted back to head Ogbarimba Primary School Umuchu as a Headmaster I from 1986-1987.

In 1988, he was promoted to Headmaster special class and was transferred back to Central School Achina where he assisted Late Mr C.C Dim.

Nze Cyril Unegbu was in 1989 posted to head Eke-Achina Primary School. and later he was transferred back to central school Achina the third time as a substantive headmaster of the school from 1990-1991 until he retired in 1992.

Religious Time of Late Cyril Uzuegbu of Achina

Late Nze Cyril Uzuegbu was baptized on 25th of June 1948 by Rev. Father Brenman and was confirmed on the 11th of February 1951 under Bishiop Charles Hearey.

Nze Cyril Uzuegbu taught Catechism in the catholic, and was:

  • Secretary Achina Catholic Association 1975-1989
  • Member and Assistant Secretary St. Charles CMO 2006-2010
  • Assistant Secretary St. Charles Building Committee 1977-1985; and later became Secretary in 1986, up to its dedication in 1996.
  • Member and Assistant Secretary St. Charles Parish Council 1995-1997.
  • 1998-2008 elected again as member St. Charles Parish Council
  • Member St. Charles Harvest and Bazaar committee 2001-2002 and in 2008 became the Chairman
  • When old zones were abolished, he organized Eziama Zone, now St. Andrew`s Zone, and was the Secretary from 1998-2002; and Chairman 2002.
  • In August 2008 when the old zones were merged by Rev. Father Aniebonam, Nze Cyril became the Secretary of Holy Family zone 2008.
  • Member St. Charles Laity Council 2008 to his death; and was the financial Secretary.

Social Involvement

In the Time of Late Cyril Uzuegbu of Achina he was:

  • Secretary Onyeachona Achina Age Grade 1975-1989
  • Secretary Umuezeiyi village meeting 1979-1985
  • Member Electricity implementation committee Achina 1992-1996
  • Chairman Odozi Ani Umuezeiyi 2002-2003
  • Secretary Eziama Quarter 1996-2003
  • Secretary Umuezehido Kindred 1992-2008

Family and Culture

Late Nze Cyril Uzuegbu got married to Mrs Marcelina Uzoegbo of Isi-Achina. And the marriage was blessed with Four Boys and Four Girls.

Culturally, he was initiated into the Nze na Ozo Society in 1988. And he was the financial Secretary Ndi Nze na Ozo Ezeihuwe.

May his soul continue to rest in peace. Mr Chinedu for the family.

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