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Amala Ọnụ-Ọgu-Na-Atọ Achina

Amala Ọnụ-Ọgu-Na-Atọ Achina:

Traditional Religious group in Achina Idegwu

In the Nigerian religious history, there are three major religions that are most prominent to recall namely: the Christian religion, Muslim religion and African traditional religion.

It is historical that in most towns and villages of the lower Niger, probably the Igbo race, the African traditional religion was most practiced in the olden days.

Some people in Achina are members of the traditional religion. They are called “Ama-ala.”

In Igbo language “Ama” means witness “Ala” means earth meaning the witnesses of traditional religion on earth.

The Ama-ala also believes in the existence of “Chukwu okike,” the God of creation, and “Chi” the personal god.

They also emphasize that “Chukwu okike” remains the supreme of all the gods.

Amala Ọnụ-Ọgụ-na-atọ Achina

Picture of Amala Ọnụ-Ọgu-Na-Atọ Achina banner

This Ama-ala religion in Achina according to history, dated back to the origin of Achina Idegwu.

Their members believes in the slogan: “Ome na ala ga adi.

It was during the time and under the administration of Nwachukwu Obiako as chairman of Ama-ala religion in Achina in the 1980s that the Ama-ala religion in Achina started holding a meeting in Achina again.

That was after the Nigerian civil war which ended in 1970. During the Nwachukwu Obiako administration, Ebele held their meeting separately.

After his death, the office of the leader of Ama-ala religion was vacant, till Ikefuna assumed office as, interim leader in 1997.

During this period the Ama-ala religion in Achina reached a consensus to merge under one umbrella and there after enthroned Agubusi as the Chairman in 2003.

He became the first Chairman of the Ama-ala religion Onu-ogu-na-ato united.

Agubusi died after five years in office and his deputy, Umenwa Ezeuduji took over as interim leader in 2009 and later died after a short period:

While Ezenwosu Ezenwafo (Ihekaego) from Umueleke village emerged the Chairman Ama-ala Onu-ogu-na-ato religion in 2010 with deputy from Ebele village in the person of Onyeme Ezeunara.


Mazi Kelechi Onwuka from Umuezeiyi village took over as the chairman from Ezenwafo Ezenwosu.

The Ama-ala Achina and Isi-Achina community have remained united.

Ama-ala (Heathen) people who believes in traditional practices usually sing a very interesting song on their outing service as:

Iga eje eligwe agaghi eje amara gwele`m`oo (x2)

Ekwensu nochie nu`zo gi enwere nbu jagha lie ya elu, oda ijewe eligwe odaghi ijewe oku nmo.

Our people say “Onye obula rie na nke ochiri ka udo were di.” Egbe bere ugo bere nke siri ibeya ebena nku kwaa ya.

However, one of the most prominent renowned members of the Ama-ala religion in Achina in the person of:

Late Chief Cyril Ezenwa (Obinyelugo; Echuwe Iyi azopuru ngele) who stresses the slogan: “Ome na ala ga adi,”

Obinyelugo remains the pillar of the Ama-ala religion in Achina for his numerous contributions to the sustenance of the ancestral religion in Achina Idegwu till his death.

We don’t forget

“Is a good idea to shun religious sentiment to develop Achina for all things worketh for good for those who believe in God.”

“One who makes haste to kill his medicine man should not forget that his enemies are still alive.”

Is also great to believe that it is the divine will of Gold that we all worship and praise him in different ways.

“We are undoubtedly one but by the mystery of His divine wisdom He made us different for us to appreciate the divinity of creation.

It is a divine law that we should appreciate one another irrespective of religion, culture, belief, tribe, position, tradition, or colour.

These are cardinal points for achieving world peace.”

“However, that we are different make all things beautiful. Imagine a world in which everything is monotonously done. It will simply breed boredom.”

Now you may wish to know the Amala Achina leadership journey, and achievements from time immemorial to date.

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