April 19, 2024

Send us Money

Send us money through available channels when you need to:

Buy our product

Is very easy to send us money through available payment channels on our site when you purchase any of our product.

We have secured global payments channel through the Paystack Ltd etc.

Even payments through local Nigeria currency (Naira) is possible now, on our site.

US Dollar Payments

Our site support payment in US Dollar through our Company Paystack account channel; and our company domiciliary bank accounts.

Now, you can purchase our products and send us money in US Dollar no matter your location in the world.


This site accept donations through the Donation support page; both in Naira and in US Dollar. However, if the need be, you can donate to support us.

This category, presents different post with issues concerning payment procedures and means through which you can send money to us; when you purchase our products or want to make Donation to us.

Please be informed that donation both in Naira or Dollar, is not acceptable from minors (Anyone below 18 years).

You can contact our company for any complaints; and or whenever you discovered that a minor has made a donation to our donation channel; for necessary action.

Be free to use available channels on our site when you purchase our products; the channels are secured for your transactions.

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