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BookPlanet eBooks on BrainPower is a special page for the collection of electronic Books (eBooks) by Nweke Ifeanyi Green the CEO, Brainpowerplanet.com

Here, we present to you eBooks authored by the professional Blogger: Nweke Ifeanyi Green. Enjoy!

Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages (01 eBook)

The Book, Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages is a compendium of huge historical and social anthropology. The facts are sacred and absolute.

The book covered the antecedents of the Stone Age and dealt with the dynamics of contemporary issues including the socioeconomic, religious and political life of the people of Achina Idegwu.

It is a chronicle of important events which had over the time dominated the experience of the people from the period memory can stretch.


The detailed highlight of the traditional and cultural disposition of the people over the ages is passionate.

From the very beginning of its existence the early contact with the White man and the accompanying battle for supremacy:

The inter communal wars aggression which by that commission provided internal security and cohesion are largely part of the exciting content of this book.

From the era of the worship of deities to the advent of Christianity and the ‘follow come’ formal education and government in Achina and the unfolding issues till date:

The attendant tussles, secession, political manipulations in Achina Idegwu and in some of its neighboring communities are better obtained from this book than either imagined or picked in bits from pockets of uncoordinated folklore.


The feelings that no other archive can further stock or preserve these collections in so much a liberal and copious manner as this book has already done is true.

Perhaps for the local content of patriotism, the perception of the author concerning the personality of an average Achina Idegwu man and woman is:

Understandably presented in an elegant carriage depicting Achina Idegwu people as people with a lot of courage and dynamism.

Finally, the circulation of this documentary (which x-rayed the life and existence of Achina Idegwu) has provided a valuable reference source for further research on the community.

Here therefore lies the compelling need for one to read and keep a copy for oneself and for posterity.

You can now buy the eBook on Achina History in US Dollar, the book titled “Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages” by Nweke Ifeanyi Green.

The historical eBook, Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages is available for sale in Naira; for Nigerian readers who wants to have a copy.

The Rich and The Poor (02 eBook)

The Rich and The Poor, a practical eBook to grow wealthy, you need to read and keep a copy.

From time immemorial, the human race has been questing for wealth and power.

On planet earth, there are two major categories of people that either influence decisions or are influenced by it; “The Rich and the Poor.”

Among these two categories, one of them is found to care for, or be cared for, loyal, suffer inferiority complex sometimes:

And depressed by the action of the other; because of the level or position each occupies on the ladder of success.


However, is either one is rich or poor. Because someone ought to care for or be cared for; serve someone to maintain balance on the ladder of success.

The Rich and The Poor is a motivational book that expose to you the secrets that prevent the Poor from growing rich and secrets to grow wealthier and powerful.

It reviews the do and don`t to prepare one to the top of the ladder of success that is never crowded at the top.

It is a read and practice book to grow richer and powerful with grow rich formula to project one from where he or she is to where he or she wants to be.

You can achieve it

The Rich are objective thinkers who transformed and packaged ideas and plans into results or solutions.

Every human being is a star; but it depends on one’s effort to think out the super star in him or her using a great principle to grow richer and powerful.

Though, the way to wealth, knowledge and wisdom is “Narrow.”

Only those who see opportunities in every situation has the potential to grow richer and powerful can survive; passing through the eye of the needle: “The horizontal projection.”

Find out who is Poor or rich. And how one can move from uncomfortable position to a better position so desired.

Buy the BrainPower ebook edition of the book: “The Rich and The Poor,” in US Dollar; is now available for sale on brainpowerplanet.com

The above eBook: The Rich and The Poor is also available for sale in Naira; if you live in Nigeria. And need a copy.

I Saw Sodom (03 eBook: Free Book)

The book I Saw Sodom is a carefully articulated chronicle which x-rayed the experiences of the author from the time his writing skill started developing with his amateur encounters with certain muses and fate accompanying creativity.

The book actually started with an illustration of the author`s real dream in an abstract world with the life style of people who appeared in the dream he best described with story relating to that of the popular Sodom and Gomorrah, where he derived the title of the book.

Life Experience

It went further and captured the real life experiences of the author during and after the launching of the author`s maiden book “Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages,” after the encounter of the “Great Fortune Teller,” in his dream that drives the story.

In this book, the author vividly explained and poured out the secrets behind his success, fame and sagas in the world of creativity properly synopsized.

He was able to let out how much he suffered before he got healing for his decaying broken leg that was about to be amputated; before his mother`s dream brought miracle his way and he survived from his wound that was continuously dropping fluid after 3 years of nursing his injury he got as a result of breaking his leg after two months of launching his maiden book.

Sufferings and Lessons

This book among other things, has in stock the years of sufferings of the author, and worthy lessons from experiences as a developing author and the breakthrough he secured when he first got the contact on how to self-publish an ebook as an indie author; oppose to the traditional publishing that took over 8 years of his writing career without the kind of success he recorded in a short while as an independent author.

The creativeness of the author`s narrative style and the account of the Google search result for the English name for the wild animal “Edi,” the author chased which resulted later to a fatal accident where he broke his leg are part of the exciting content of this book.

What can not be ignored

The stories were captured in a passionately touching great style, with potential that can in some instance keep reader at the edge of a seat at certain point and at some point feel wow! With sympathy for the stressful life experiences the author went through in search of authentic information on the history of Achina Idegwu town accompanied later with the North to South, East to West financial struggle by the author to publish and launch his maiden book “Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages,” cannot be ignored.

In furtherance, this is a book for everyone and for families; the fate and courage of the author in his times of trouble and secrets are something worth emulating.

His long search for authentic information and assistance from North to South, East to West; in order to be able to publish, print and launch his maiden book, which most traditional authors face; and his visit to places of authority is best harness from this book than picked from story tellers.

I Saw Sodom, a free eBook of this century that best described the magnitude of disappointment and expectations of most-young and even experienced authors of this time go through; presenting reasons the emergences of eBook and self-publishing made the author`s writing career dream a reality.


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