April 15, 2024

The Rich And The Poor is a practical ebook made for everyone who wish to continue growing in wealth.

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Insight on the book: The Rich And The Poor

From time immemorial, the human race never stopped questing for knowledge and wisdom to grow richer.

The Rich and the Poor is a motivational book.

Is an ebook that expose to you the secrets that prevent the Poor from growing rich and the secrets to grow wealthier and powerful.

It reviews the do and don`t to prepare one to the top of the ladder of success that is never crowded at the top.

Practical Solutions

Here is a read and practice eBook to grow richer and powerful with grow richer formula, to project one from where he or she is to where he or she wants to be.

“The Rich are objective thinkers who transformed and packaged ideas and plans into results or solutions.”

Every human being is a star; but it depends on one’s effort to think out the super star in him or her using a great principle to grow richer and powerful.


According to Oxford mini-reference dictionary “The poor is someone having little money or means; not abundant; not very good; pitiable.”

Your mindset determines your level and position on the ladder of success.

You are therefore considered poor when you are not able to expand your mind or horizon; and use your time judiciously.

A time comes in every man`s life, if he must survive, he ought to disobey certain principles or rules, designed by others he so respected and or admire:

Not because he or she wants to, but because nature made great men before him do so.

Everyone’s Dream

It is the dream of everyone to become rich.

If you can think it, you can achieve it.

“To be rich is to acquire much wealth; abundantly; having large proportion of something.”

The rich influence conditions and decisions. They enjoy the liberty of been served.

But the worst thing that can happen to the rich is to descend from a high profile position.

It is catastrophic to move down the ladder; from rich to poor.

Everyone will like to grow richer and remain powerful.

Discover the principles, the do and don`t to achieve greatness through this eBook: The Rich and The Poor.

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