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Nweke Ifeanyi Green

Nweke Ifeanyi Green a Professional Blogger, was like every other normal person born in a Christian family on the 28th of November 1982.

Nweke Ifeanyi Green You Need To Know

Activist Nweke Ifeanyi Green formerly known as Nweke Ifeanyi Chukwuma, a Good Governance Activist, an egalitarian adventurer,:

Research consultant, and a public motivational speaker; Sagittarius, born on 28th of November 1982.

The author, and Professional Blogger Nweke Ifeanyi Green was born at Olufumilayo Hospital in Ajoromi LGA in Lagos State, Nigeria, African Continent.

Early Life Story

Because he wept a lot when growing up as a child, he begot the name: “Akwa na enye obara,” meaning in English: “Cry supply Blood;”

That made him very popular among his peers at Lord Primate CN Ezeude`s Chapel Headquarters in Achina.

4th child and the last son out of the six children, 3 males and 3 females of Mrs. Florence Odidika Nweke (Nee Ezeanuna of Umulekwe, Ebele village):

And Nze Ikwumere Beneth Nweke, the first son of Chief Ezenweke, “The First Native Authority Chief of Achina,” the ancestral son of Okwaraji, the son of Ezeleke.

Nweke Ifeanyi Green Childhood Hustle

Growing up as a child, the author as a young child was the first shoe maker to start walking around to collect shoes and slippers at Oye Achina Market:

To repair for customers at the age of 12 years; when his counterparts were fixed at a shop waiting for customers.

Because he just came back from Lagos newly, and was not immediately patronized.

His move attracted so many customers to him and changed the narratives in shoe repair for most customers at the native market:

From visiting shoe makers to shoe makers looking for them, collecting their shoes or slippers for repair and return it back for payment.

He Was a Footballer at Early Age

After the author came back from primary school in Lagos where he was popularly known and called “Baggio,” because he love and played football in primary school:

Mimicking the style of an Italian professional footballer “Roberto Baggio,” each time he appear on the field to play football in different pitch in Lagos State.

Especially during school tournaments wearing number 9 shirt and tying a ribbon or most time twisted rubber bind around his head that always pour down at his back touching half to his waist.

And most times when he scores a goal, and the post has a net, he will rush into the net and hold the net like the Nigeria footballer “Rashidi Yekini,” shaking the net.

Ajegunle Lagos State Know Him: Joker

He was also known throughout Ajegunle Lagos State: No. 134 and 143 Orodu Street precisely as: “Joker,” for always winning playing the game.

“Joooker!!! He echoes excitedly when he wins a strong rival in those old days.

Nweke Ifeanyi Green is Still That Brilliant Chap

His teacher and some students learnt Mathematics from him in primary school at Achina.


In secondary school, he was popularly known with the nickname: “B.I.G,” and was a disciplinary prefect.


At the University, he took the name “Charlse Green,” and was famously known with “National Green.”

But some close friends preferred calling him “National

Native & Experience

Above 6 ft tall, fair in complexion, with pointed nose; articulate and meticulous time conscious Nweke Ifeanyi Green the grandson of Chief Ezenweke:

Great grandson of Okwaraononaobu Ogbogu, son of forefather Okwaraanozie, great forefather Ezeokpuwe, ancestral son of Ezenwajiobu, son of ancestor Okwaraji:

And the progenitor Ezeeleke (Eleke); is hardworking, generous, and Charitable Anglican Christian.

He has assisted over 300 people, as of the time of this publication, secure opportunity into higher institutions, with many:

Both under-age who have benefited a bank account for educational financing assistance; through his pet NGO: “RoyalGreen Foundation.”


At the University he was a member of:

– Junior Chamber International (JCI International)

– Rotary International Club

– Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) World-wide etc.

Professional Content Creator Nweke Ifeanyi Green is a native of Achina Idegwu Egbe Buru Oku Asoghi Anwuru (Achina) in Aguata LGA in Anambra State, Nigeria in African Continent:

From Umuezeanowai sub-kindred of Umuokwaraji kindred in Iduu quarter in Umueleke village.

The indie (eBook) author Nweke Ifeanyi Green is a prolific writer and a professional eBook formatter.

Books He Authored

History of Achina, in Aguata LGA, titled “Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages is his Maiden book, launched in 2012, December 27th.

Hand-book for practical guide towards how to smoothly grow reach, titled ” The Reach and the Poor.”

Autobiography, titled “I Saw Sodom” explaining every story that needs to be told about the historical survival, after a domestic accident he has two months after the launch of his Maiden book.


He attended Saint Mary`s Primary School Abukuru, Ajegunle, Apapa, Lagos State, and later Progressive Primary School Achina (Nwikpa), Anambra State.

And Saint Peter`s Secondary School Achina, cum Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), Petroleum Engineering.

Involvements & Positions Held So Far

As of the time of this publication, he is the:

 – Founder Achina Youth Council (AYC)

– Assistant Secretary AYC

– Secretary Umueleke Youth Council (UYC), a body he equally founded

– Secretary Idegwu Beauty Pageant (IBP) 2021

– Secretary AYC Planning and Fundrasing Committee 2021/2022

– Chairman AYC Idegwu Day Brochure Committee 2021/2022

– Member AYC National Executive Committee

– Constitution Review and Amendment Committee Chairman for Achina Youth Council Adopted Constitution, that produced the: AYC 2020 Working Constitution

– Founder/Incumbent President of Royal Farmers Assembly Cooperative Society Limited (RFA Limited)

– Elected Aguata LGA Divisional Cooperative Council (DCC) board member representing all cooperative societies in Achina

External Engagements

– UN World Toilet Day Event 2019@FIN Trust, certified World Quiz Master powered by Prof. Shyama V. Ramani of the United Nation University Merit (UNU-MERIT, Netherlands)

– Certified with 2020 Cartedo“Design Thinking Challenge to address Challenges possed by COVID-19”:

Supported by Yoma, Generation Unlimited, UNICEF, Foundation BOTNAR, RLABS etc.

Activist Nweke Ifeanyi Green has attended over 50 reported workshops and programs powered by European Union/UNICEF:

Anambra State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RUWASSA) cum Nigeria Federal Ministry of Water Resources (Nigeria FMWR); and have held the positions below:

Leading Role

– Elected Chairman Aguata LGA WASHCOM (Water Sanitation and Hygiene Committee) Federation.

Aguata LGA Washcom Federation is the largest in Anambra State with 224 Washcom Communities captured on Unicef community baseline.

– Chairman Achina Washcom Federation (AWF)

– Chairman Achina Ward II Washcom Federation

– Chairman Iduu Washcom

– Member Achina Culture and Tourism Committee

– Member Achina Works, Environment and Erosion Committee

– Secretary General Iduu Quarter Home & Abroad

– Active Reporter to the Presidency Public Complaints Commission (PCC) Nigeriaombudsman

  • Nweke Ifeanyi Green is the Founder/Pioneer Speaker, Public Complaints Network (PC-Network)

– Chief Coordinator & Editor of Everyone Matters Movement (EMM Nigeria)

Bankable Exploits

– Founder of over 50 online platforms etc.

– Now, DG/CEO Brainpowerplanet Nig Limited

– CEO Brainpowerplanet.com


Connect with Nweke Ifeanyi Green on:

Facebook wall of Nweke Ifeanyi Green: where you can fetch more information on his professional activities.

Checkout Nweke Ifeanyi Green LinkedIn handle; where he publish articles for professional online readers.

Visit the Instagram handle for Nweke Ifeanyi Green; and explore the handle.

WASH Activities by Nweke Ifeanyi Green

As member of Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) committee, Nweke Ifeanyi Green has served in different capacity. And have defended Washcom.

Defense of Water Safety Plan by Nweke Ifeanyi Green before Unicef Mr Adam of New York City at Iduu community in Achina.
Accountability and Sustainability presentation by Nweke Ifeanyi Green before Unicef Mr Ivan from France at Awka, Anambra State.
The Accountability Triangle presentation by Nweke Ifeanyi Green before Unicef Mr Ivan from France and Pillory from Spain; in the presence of Unicef Chief: Mr Ibrahim and WASH stakeholders.
World Toilet Day 2019 full video at Pioneer Secondary School Umuchu, powered by FIN Trust India.
Nweke Ifeanyi Green anchored World Toilet Day event under Aguata LGA Washcom federation umbrella at Umuchu: Pioneer Secondary School.
Meet Nweke Ifeanyi Green author, and a Professional Blogger.

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