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Achina Development Home & Abroad Efforts: Moving forward, Achina Town has resolved for community development through its unifiers!

Achina In History

Both oral history have it, that Achina Town popularly known with Achina Idegwu, is a great town of great minds: “Land of the Greats.

Achina, is a town in Aguata LGA in Anambra State, Nigeria.

Achina is located in the Moribund “Amaiyi LGA” once declared Functional LGA in Anambra State, during the time of Chief Jim Nwaobodo the then sitting Executive Governor of Anambra State; and the First sitting Executive Governor to visit Achina.

Achina rest on geographical: GPS Coordinates of Achina, Aguata, Anambra, Nigeria:

Latitude: 5°56’59.99″N

Longitude: 7°7′ 0″E

Postal/ Zip code: 422120

Achina, by the population figures of 1963 census, ranks the fifth biggest town on Old Aguata LGA (Orumba North and South, including the today Aguata LGA).

The town Achina is bounded on the west by Akpo and Amesi, to the East by Umuchu, Enugwu Umuonyia, on the North by Agbudu, Oneh, and Ogboji, and on the south by Umuchu.

According to the statistical data of 2006 general census, the population of Achina stands at 34, 822.

The town largely site on a big plateau sliding southwards, Eastwards and Northwards, and well served with numerous streams; the best of which is the Ezekoro stream, which is the pride of the Achina Town and other towns surrounding it.

Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages, 27th December 2012, by Nweke Ifeanyi Green, page 2.

However, Achina Town as earlier pointed: “Land of the Greats” already, has its great minds committed to it’s development.

Not minding the historical “Achina Chieftaincy Tussle,” that restructured and shaped certain high profile issues that shape Achina Town; the great people of Achina made concerted efforts and still on track, moving forward for development.

The true stories of Achina is full of ups and downs.

But now, the Achina people has resolved to move forward in developing Achina Town of our dreams.

Achina Development Home & Abroad Efforts: Unifiers!

There are several bodies and individuals, home and abroad that is really committed towards Achina Development; the Unifiers!

The Town Achina is traditionally govern by Igwe Godwin Nnaemeka Obiora, the Eze Idegwu III; and the Igwe-in-council; cum the administrative arms.

Achina has an administrative body known with Achina Town Union (ATU). The Achina Town Union has its branches across different states in the Nigeria Federation.

The Achina Town Union, as of the time of this publication, is led by Nze Henry Ezeunara as President General, who took over from the ATU Emeritus President Barr. Chito Ezeani, son of Rev. Levil Ezeani (First Anglican Priest of Achina).

Yes! There is Women wing of ATU, and there is Youth body known as Achina Youths Council (AYC), all bodies, committed to the course of Achina Development.

We equally have Umuada Achina tinyere ego na Bank.

And we have the almighty Diaspora bodies of Achina citizens doing well in thinking, designing, sponsoring, funding, and accumulating important developmental data for Achina Development.

The Achina citizens living abroad, among other things, have not just showed, but have equally demonstrated great seriousness to the course of Achina Development.

It will interest you to know this Unifiers! Uniting Achina Town in Development.

Is Achina Development possible?

In the mind of many who has given a good thought to the Achina Development, question in their heart: “Is Achina Development Possible?” They always ask…. especially when the going becomes tough.

Now you should ask, ” Is Achina Development Possible?”

Yes! Achina citizens home and abroad have concluded is possible!

No wonder the greats; both men and women, Youths, and Old, whom origin is traceable to Achina Idegwu Egbe buru Ọku asọghi anwuru is rising to Achina Development.

Achina Development Association (ADA), USA, is one of the great unifiers! Uniting Achina at this expedient time of our history.

ADA-USA Developmental Stride in Achina

You may not have heard… The great efforts of ADA-USA; which other Achina developmental bodies should emulate for faster development: “anyukọ mamịrị ọnụ, ọ gba ụfụfụ!”

Logo of Achina Development Association USA home and abroad

What triggers development is the positive actions of people, individuals, or bodies committed in doing Good.

Great ideas irrespective of who has it first, lift a town, when authorities (those in position of power) sincerely nod to it.

Many great ideas have lost their positions in history; because authorities and those in position never welcomed it. Achina had won this particular war!

Achina Citizens living abroad; especially in the United States of America, took bold steps with other counterparts, to see to the Achina Development.

The great Achina Development Association USA has chapters across different States in the United States of America.

These Achina Development groups and individuals, know no boundaries. Achina to them is Achina Idegwu with a robust slogan: “Egbe buru Ọku asọghi anwuru.”

Whether you reside in the North or South, East or West, Achina is Achina Idegwu.

Achina, a town recognized with three major villages; Ebele, Umueleke and Umuezeiyi. Each village in Achina, has sub-villages totaling 24 sub-villages, larger than some villages in some other towns in Anambra State.

Do we have challenging situations like other towns? Yes!

Long before 14th February 2021, Achina already has ” Erosion control fund committee.”

Because of the Erosion menace at different quarters of Achina; like the serious case at Okwaranwa Erosion site, Ugwu nganga, Akawodida, Nkwere-Mmiri, and Nkwere-Otu etc., Achina Development Association USA President, Engr Cletus Ezenwa wrote to this committee aforementioned.

The Mentioned committee is powered by notable Achina Citizens:

Dr. Joe Onyilagha, Mrs.Liz Osuala, Mr Benjamin Uduji, Mrs Franca Okeya, Mr Francis Okpala.

ADA-USA, charged the committee to:

“Your committee will coordinate with the Erosion control Engineer’s Committee which is presently in the process of Obtaining project data From Home.”

From the quote above, Achina Town equally has ” Erosion control Engineer’s Committee.”

Achina Erosion Sites BrainPower Gallery:

Okwaranwa erosion site presented to Achina development home and abroad
Okwaranwa Erosion site, Achina, BP Picture
BP, Akawodida, Umueleke village new Erosion site

Do we have what we need to develop Achina? yes!

Good to Note, 20th March 2021 Achina Development Association USA “Erosion Committee Meeting” came up with a solution: Concise Short-term solutions from ADA Erosion control committee……..

However, the President of ADA-USA, wrote to the Achina people through the authorities:

“We are looking forward to partnering with you and the people of Achina in seriously address the Erosion problem which has reached a crisis point in our beloved town.”

The body proposed both in documents, good solutions for long and short-term.

Also, Achina Town has a great body known as Achina Citizens Forum, and this body is one of the created unifiers.

Is Achina Development Possible? Yes! Is the opinion of majority. And the greats have united for this course; both virtual and physical.

“Request to fund the environmental impact assessment survey of Nkwere-Mmiri, Nkwere-Otu, and Ugwu nganga Erosion sites in Achina.”

The above is a request efforts of 19th August 2021 documents by Chief Mark Anthony Dike of Achina Citizens Forum.

Even the elites of Achina Town has been putting their foot forward. All groups, worried for Achina Development.

Is Achina Development Possible? Yes!

Developmental laters have been addressed to Igwe Achina, Eze Idegwu III; and Obi Idegwu, Dr David Ezenmokwe, son of the First Traditional Ruler of Achina (HRH Igwe Job Ezenmokwe), and they gave in their best.

Now that Achina citizens both Home and abroad, big and small, including the Youths and Umuada Achina, have united to the course of Achina Development, we are right when we submit Yes! Achina Development is possible!

Time to Emulate ADA-USA: Achina Uniting Factor

Achina Development Association (ADA), USA is no doubt, the Uniting Factor; not because there are no other bodies committed to Achina Development; but they are continuously demonstrating possibilities in transparent manner.

If Achina must development, which is expedient this time; we must:

Accumulate important Developmental data uncensored, for Achina Development

Achina Development Town Hall Meeting & Prior announcement must be unavoidable to assemble champions and facts

Project Accountability and documentation have to become our community culture

No one should be too big to render account and report appropriately to the center both publicly; which will be supervised both by the fundraisers.

Feedbacks report is very important; to be sure a problem that received attention is solved for others to be attended to. We can’t continue what has not being working.

However, we call on all lovers of Achina Development; old and young; home and abroad to join hand on Achina Development project.

Not time for: “who will say it.” Or the issue of: “Achina nchii….”

But is time for: “all hands on deck.”

Arise! All you sons and daughters of Achina Idegwu Egbe buru Ọku asọghi anwuru; to our beautiful town Development.

Everyone in position of authority should offer his or her best. Now, is the time. Achina Development is possible.

Logo 2 of the Achina Development Association USA home and abroad

Nevertheless, if there be anyone, authority, group or body, that believes at this expedient time, that Achina Development is not possible, the floor is open for submissions!

But we believe in our strength. “Achina Town: Land of the Greats.”

But, where is Achina? We should ask

Achina Development is non negotiable. Time has come for all and sundry to demonstrate the greatness we are made of. And we are rising to it unstoppably.

Achina in the community of nations is taking shape.

Achina Development Home & Abroad Efforts: Road Construction

Road construction in Achina Town, ADA-USA has a landmark history and footprint for Achina Development.

Watch videos of ADA-USA road projects on Planet Tv Executed in some parts of Achina:

Achina Development Association USA Road Maintenance at Ebele, Achina
ADA-USA Erosion Control Efforts at Obinikpa Achina
Heavy duty machines excavating and sand filling of Ugwu Nganga Erosion site in Achina by ADA-USA
Road construction efforts of Achina Development Association home and abroad
Ebele, Achina road palliative by ADA-USA

ADA-USA Medical Provisions to Ndị Achina

Our Achina people, like other towns surrounding Achina, the Amaiyi communities (Aguata South) and others, need medical provisions.

Achina Development Association USA in their great wisdom, has been playing lead roles along: “Lift A Widow Initiatives,” League of Achina Women Professionals (LAW-P) etc, in providing medical assistance to Ndi Achina, through the Amaiyi General Hospital located in Achina Town.

just recently, there was a Donation of Life Saving Ambulance by the Achina Development Association USA.

The life Saving Ambulance Donation to the Amaiyi General Hospital to serve the Achina people is a landmark history.

The Public Relation Officer of ADA-USA, Franca Onwumelu was present with Chief Danis Ezenwaka the Ex-President, and handed over the ambulance key to the resident Doctor Ikenna Erondu on the 31st of December 2022.

We can not avoid Achina Development, is what the great unifiers is demonstrating.

Where Achina should be

Achina in Aguata LGA, Anambra State, is a glorious town; with great history.

Achina won the British War tagged: “The Royal Battle” back in the 18th century when the beautiful ones were married by those who deserves them; as we were told by our ancestors.

Achina have great institutions and individuals. And has equally raised great bodies both home & abroad.

Achina Town in greater opinion, deserves great modern development this expedient time.

The Achina Town, is now ready and flying already; because leaders across board, have believed the past, and the present. And have nod to the future we are creating together.

Most community development project is not possible; if the authorities is avoiding developmental plans.

Do we have Developmental plans, yes! We have Youths and it’s body, we have unifiers home and abroad, we have traditional ruler fought for over 5 decades ago; we have town union. We equally have the women folks that can not be neglected in community development.

now the unifiers already demonstrated commitment and willingness, and committees have been raised; with hope for others to spring; is time for more robust Development in Achina Town. Play your part.


Achina Citizens both home and abroad is embarking on massive empowerment, for the emancipation of Achina Town.

since the authorities have nodded to Achina Development, Achina Development is possible.

Empowerment however, is not the Nigeria Political empowerment; where motorcycles and tricycles will be shared to the youths NO!

Empowering our Hospitals, like the new ward promised by the Achina Development Association USA at a section in Amaiyi General Hospital, whose Plan has been bided for; according to ADA-USA Executive.

Why we should care: Lesson by Ven Chukwuebuka of Christ Church Achina

On the Sunday Service of 22nd of January 2023, the Venerable Chukwuebuka Chukwuemeka of Christ Anglican Church Achina gave a heart-touching story/testimony about one of his Twin-son: “Chiagbanwe” who nearly lost his life; on the very day, they arrived Achina.

His story immediately they arrived Achina for God’s work, was that one of his son was upstairs, why He (Ven Chukwuebuka) was down-stairs with some Christ Church members who came to welcome them; at the Vicar’s frontage, and in his presence, his Twin-son “Chiagbanwe” fell-down from the one story building, and hit his face on the concrete floor; from one story building.

The Venerable Said:

“The Child stood up immediately, and became unconscious. He has to rush his child that fell from one story building, to Nnewi Teaching hospital; from Christ Anglican Church Achina.”

The entire church of God at Christ Anglican Church Achina, was busy shouting Thank You God, after the Venerable landed how he has to leave Achina for Nnewi to serve the Child’s life.

However, the Venerable told us he made calls to other high priest etc., And they told him: “Don’t ever take the child to any private hospitals, don’t even try waisting time.” Why? I asked myself inwardly.

Then, Venerable Chukwuebuka of Christ Church Achina left all the Hospitals in Achina; including the Amaiyi General Hospital just a stone throw from the incident area (Christ Anglican Church Achina is very very close to Amaiyi General Hospital).

What was his reason for Nnewi Teaching hospital instead of Amaiyi General Hospital? I continued asking myself consciously…

Then, Venerable whose child fell-down from one story building and hit his chest and face on the concrete floor was told that hospitals around, don’t have Children’s Doctors.

How important is Children’s Doctors in Hospital?

ADA-USA and the League of Achina Women Professionals (LAW-P) foresaw the future; and they started on time to provide the future we deserve as people.

The Achina unifiers deserves praise and collaboration of other developmental bodies and well meaning individuals cum politicians who wants us to look up to them for our livelihood; because of the works of their hand.

Immediately the Venerable mentioned Teaching hospital Nnewi is where he has to rush his child to; what was running on my mind as an Activist, was:

“What if this has happened to someone in our community, and no private car, no information, no high profile calls opportunity, the child may just die in the hand of a Doctor not supposed to treat the child.”

It kept coming

Then I continued… and said to myself, what if the child gets to Nnewi Teaching hospital, and there is delay, without high profile calls, that will grant express access to Children’s Doctors immediately at Nnewi Teaching hospital without queuing, will the child live?

And if something has happened to the child and is a less privilege child whose parents has no such capacity to rush the child to far away Nnewi Teaching hospital from Achina; while we have Amaiyi Comprehensive health center, large enough to have everything needed to save life; what would have been the case?

Then I quickly said to others around me at the church: “our community and hospital is really not save.”

We should join ADA-USA and the LAW-P etc, to provide facilities, logistics and required Doctors; both for Children, and Doctors for the aged.

ADA-USA in their wisdom, handed over a life Saving Ambulance to the Amaiyi General Hospital recently. Good one.

Now, patients can be rushed to any location or picked-up from any location; without having car; just a phone call to the Amaiyi General Hospital. Is a welcome development by ADA-USA. Let’s emulate good things.

Achina Development home and abroad efforts: We can do it

We need to look inward, and start doing the things Politicians and Government is promising us since.

Let the truth be told and known by this generation.

We need to invest in our community. We need to start providing for our community. And the time to think home is now!

Akụ ruo Ụnọ!

Our people believe so much on: “Akụ ruo Ụnọ, o kwuo onye kpara ya.”

And ADA-USA is touring the part of “Akụ ruo Ụnọ.”

Glory be to God Achina Development Association USA exist. Let’s join hand sincerely; and lift our glorious town Achina: “Land of the Greats.”

Now, we move from where we are; to where we want to be. Achina Town To The Moon!

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