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Achina Town Union

Achina Town Union (ATU) is the administrative organ of the Achina Town.

Before the birth of Achina Town Union (ATU), Achina Town in Aguata LGA, Anambra State, was governed administratively by the Achina Patriotic Union (APU):

Which started after Mr. Patrick Okpalaugo pulled Achina out of Akpo and Achina joint community administration that came onboard in 1941, and formed an Achina Union in 1942, named Achina Patriotic Union (APU); which lasted till 1984.

After some crisis, Achina United Organization (A. U. O) was formed in 1986, the New organization also faced Achina Chieftaincy Crisis that ended in 1999 when the Achina Town Union (ATU) was birthed.

The Birth of Achina Town Union (A.T.U) and Achievement

Achina Town Union (ATU) 1999-2003

Elders of Achina community in 1999 saw the need for the town to enter the new millennium not as fragments but as one united union.

This peace move was initiated by Achina community in Awka led by Dr. Francis Ezenduka.

The emergence of a 15 man executive committee led by Chief Okey Okpalaugo as Chairman and Barr. R.O Ezenwosu as secretary under the Umbrella of Achina Town Union (A.T.U) was the outcome of this peace initiative.

The following achievements were credited to this administration.

•Reactivation of cultural groups and all administrative institutions in Achina

•Provision of infrastructural facilities such as:

•A modern dispensary block facilitated by the Executive Chairman of Aguata L.G.A

•Rehabilitation of Amaiyi bore hole sponsored by P.T.F.

•Replacement of the transformer at Eke Achina

•Installation of a new transformer at St. Peter`s college

•Provision of U.N.D.P assisted skill acquisition facilities and erosion control at Ugwunganga

•Regular rehabilitation of major roads

•Restoration of electric power supply and rehabilitation of Ezekoro stream after the land slide in 2000

•Provision of Achina customary court

•Provision of Eke Achina Borehole

•Reactivation of Akpo/Achina peace Initiative

•Restoration of a functional vigilante operation

•Establishment of education trust fund to cater for the educational needs of indigent students

•Facilitated CBN registration of Achina community micro finance bank

•Vanguard for the restoration of Amaiyi LGA

•Provision of Achina Town Union (ATU) constitution

•Restored the Idegwu Day triennial festival

Achina Town Union 2003-2007

This administration led by Chief Don Eze as President General and Hon. O.C.J Ezechukwu as secretary was the first administration to operate the new town union constitution.

The following achievements were credited to this administration:

•Registration of A.T.U with corporate affairs office

•Created database for all taxable adults of Achina origin

•Establishment of women wing of A.T.U

•Rehabilitated and restored Achina vigilante group

Achina Town Union 2007-2010

The administration of Achina Town Union led by Chief Boniface Umenwofor (Ebube dike) as the President general and Nze Emmanuel Akunne (1st Vice President), Dr. Alpho Harris Onwumelu (2nd Vice President)

Mr. Innocent A. Azike (Secretary General), Engr. John Ibeh (Treasurer), Chief Henry Ezeunara (Asst. Secretary General), Nze Charles Ezeobi (Financial Secretary), Nze Godwin O.C. Onwuka (P.R.O), Nze Bernard Ezenwanne (Chief Provost) and Nze Charles Ezenwaka (Admin. Secretary).

This A.T.U administration took many strides, as the following achievements stood to their credit.

•Launching and laying the foundation stone of a new civic centre complex for Achina

•Procuring a hilux truck for Achina vigilante group and equipping them

•Monitoring and rehabilitation of Achina road network

•Maintaining electric power supply to Achina

•Provision of an oil mill for Achina town, sponsored by the Anambra state government

•Setting up a committee for the acquisition of land for government and other development projects.

•Selection and coronation of a 3rd Igwe for Achina and his members in council.

Achina Town Union 2011-2015

This administration led by Hon. O.C.J Ezechukwu as President General. First Vice President Sabastine  Ogwulu, Second Vice President, Emmanuel Ezeaka, Secretary General

Henry Ezeunara, Assistant Secretary General, Anayo Okpalaeke, Treasurer, Sir Sunday Ubah, Financial Secretary, Emmanuel Ezeobi, P.R.O, Vincent Ochuba, Provost Gilbert Osuigwe.

Important to Note

Despite the electoral anomalies that saw the emergence of this new administration that sidelined one of our successful sons, Earnest O. Ezenwa Esq. during the ATU general election, Achina people have no better choice than to accept them to move forward.

 It is important to note that in an open letter by Earnest O. Ezenwa Esq. dated 5th March 2012 to Achina Town Union he said: “I write in good faith without any ill will or bitterness towards anybody.

I am not also writing that the election be annulled so that I will become the President General…”

I believe as a spirit of a true son of Achina Idegwu who sees election from the perspective of win or lose game. i.e. the spirit of sportsmanship, we all let bye gone be bye gone in other to move forward; but this we all pray should not be the future of Achina local politics in a democratic modern Nigeria.

This new administration is no doubt grassroots based. Before few months, this administration commenced work to prove itself to the Achina people.

The following achievements were so far credited to this administration:

•Grading of Iduu/Umuikpa (Umueleke village) road and other roads in Achina

•Developed plan and the utilization of Ohia-Ekweiyi ground for cultural activities


•Electricity supply

•Power supply

•Additional efforts to the development of Achina Town Union Civic centre

•Raffle draws initiative for community development

•Successful plan and the hosting of the first Ofala festival of HRM Igwe Godwin Nnaemeka Obiora (Ononenyi) Eze Idegwu III in collaboration with the Igwe-in-council

•Successful host of 2012 Idegwu Day celebration etc.

I guess you may also want to know the subsequent administration that has led Achina and their Achievements. And to the current ATU administration. You will have it here, when you stick to BrainPower.

Achina Idegwu History

There is a documented history of Achina by Nweke Ifeanyi Green, titled Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages; get a copy.

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