July 25, 2024

Burial ceremony

Burial ceremony is the final rite accorded to a dead person in most part of the world.


In most part of the world, burial, is a sober moment. It’s a moment of sorrowful reflections. Mourners stay cold in meditation.

Mourning a lost one is so painful. Is why during most burial ceremony, a lot of people, friends and well wishers converge in other to console the mourners.

Moment of Flashbacks

When a dead body is laid to rest, the moment, throws-in great flashbacks to many who are present; especially those who were closer to the deceased.

The moment usually command a comporting atmosphere at the arena where the dead body is being laid to rest.

Burials ceremonies on BrainPower

We try as much as possible to avoid scary part of burial ceremony. We don’t upload videos of the dead body on our company YouTube channel PLANET TV.

On our blog site, we equally don’t upload pictures of dead body on our site.

BrainPower reporting on burial, captures moment that worths viewing by majority. So be free to reach out to our posts on this category.

Activities on Burial ceremonies

At burial ceremonies, activities that are entertaining is inevitable. Therefore, we get this parts that help calm the tempo. Though not avoiding the important moments that shapes the event proper.

You can fetch details on what it takes to capture burial ceremony on brainpower through our post menu; and get that important memorable moments documented under this category

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