July 25, 2024

Church Activity

Church Activity on BrainPower is a special category that present most activities done by christians in the church.

Church is the body of Christ Jesus.

Church Program

There are occasions where the church anchors a special program worth attention.

BrainPower has some of this program captured for viewers far and near.

In a situation where the program came from a source, details will be communicated on the post.

Archiving Activities

It has been our priority to help keep special events save here for now and the future.

Most of the Church programs on this category are special activities worth documenting.

We may occasionally include program we don’t attend; as long as it is impressive and got to us genuinely, it may be considered to appear on this category.

You can add your church events on this category as long as you can meet the requirements captured on our special post menu for Blogging engagement.

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