April 15, 2024

Event Security & Bouncers Contact E-Lord; the No. 1 BrainPower event security Program for your event is here!

In collaboration with DePrince Consult and other event security outfits, BrainPower Event Lord offers the best event security at an affordable price.

You need event security if you have planned for:

  • Wedding
  • Traditional Marriage
  • Burial Ceremony
  • Ofala/Chieftaincy title taken
  • Political rally
  • Birthday Party
  • Body Guard
  • House Opening
  • VIP Tent etc.

Event Security & Bouncers Contact E-Lord

Just any program or event, you need event security; and Event Lord have all it takes to protect you and your event.

All you need do is put a call to event Lord on 08113120481 or chat the same number on WhatsApp, you will be on to E-Lord.

Make your demand for event security or bouncers, you will have this intelligent men & women deployed to your event.

Event Security & Bouncers Contact E-Lord advert picture

Event Security & Bouncers Contact E-Lord

Because you can’t be everywhere during your event, you need a special event security to be your eyes on everything that needs attention during the event.

In BrainPower, Event Lord don’t supply security men because they are huge.

What you need also, is intelligent event security. And that is what you will get when you place a demand.

Is affordable! When you contact Event Lord. Intelligent Event Security outfits have enlisted to serve you better.


Intelligence supercede body size.


Chat with Event Lord direct on WhatsApp by clicking on the WhatsApp button below and book for your event security and bouncers.

Support & Notification

You can reach BrainPower through the contact page for local and foreign support.

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