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Late Clement Oguejiofor Burial Ceremony of 28th October 2023 at Agbana Ngene Village, Amawbia Town, Awka South LGA in Anambra State was honored.

Men of God of the Celestial Church of Christ Parish II Rumuokoro, Port Harcourt, Rivers State officiated the burial of Late Evangelist Clement Chukwujekwu Oguejiofor.

Though it was a sober reflection, but the legend who was a retired Nigeria custom Officer was given a memorable testimonials by Church members, relatives and friends.

PLANET TV captured the important moments that shaped Late Clement Oguejiofor Burial Ceremony on BrainPower.

The Celestial Church of Christ conducted the burial service of Later Evangelist Clement Oguejiofor.
Late Clement Oguejiofor Burial Ceremony was accorded the Celestial Church of Christ funeral rite; as a gentle Man who served in the house of God with memorable capacity.
Oguejiofor family and kindred received condolences from in-law, relatives, friends and well wishers who identified with the family.

Late Clement Oguejiofor Burial Ceremony

Late Clement Oguejiofor Burial Ceremony picture gallery

Barry My Love!

The husband of my youth, the young dashing Custom Officer who chose me above others, what can I say, we started from the scratch, raised our Children together to the best of our ability-

We may have had our differences but we never lost focus on making sure our Children achieved their dream.

You did your best my love, you accepted your challenges with courage and determination you kept being proud of who you were and managed your journey here on earth by holding on to God.

It was rosy, but there were thorns along the way and in the midst of all you made amends and pulled your family together again with so much love.

I wish you a very safe and peaceful journey my Love.

My OC Patrol

My Hero

The Husband of My Youth.


Jee nkeoma..Onyenkem

Goodnight my love until the resurrection day when we meet to part no more.

Laura Oguejiofor: Wife

Brief Biography of Late Evangelist Clement Oguejiofor

Clement Chukwujekwu was born on the 9th of January 1957 to the family of late Mr. Benjamin Jidenma and Mrs. Florence Chizoba Oguejiofor in Fegge town in Onitsha.

Clement was the second child and second son with 4 siblings, of which 2 are surviving as of the time of this publication.

Chukwujekwu Clement attended St. John’s Anglican Primary School Otu Obosi; presently Niger City Primary School Fegge Onitsha, Anambra State.

His education was interrupted during the Nigeria Biafra War, but he completed it.

Having lost his father during the Biafra War, upon completion of his elementary education, he proceeded to Agulu Boys Grammar School and finished in 1975 before heading to the Nigeria Armed Forces.

During his time with the forces, he proceeded to the United States of America.

He obtained a degree in Political Science and Strategic Studies from the prestigious University of Nebraska Omaha and graduated with exceptional flying colors.

Marriage & Social Life

Upon his return from the United States, he was reinstated to the force.

In 1991, he met and married the love of his life Laura Chinatu Oguejiofor in Port Harcourt when he was deployed to the region then as the General Officer in Command of Operations.

Their Union is blessed with 4 amiable Children (3 Girls and a boy) that is highly gifted and talented.

However, Clement was a man of few words and many actions. As a father, he was a highly lettered individual, blessed with unique sense of erudition.

He was selfless , and had strong will to sacrifice for his family, friends, etc., during his years as an officer.

Late Clement Oguejiofor Burial Ceremony: Clement as a Christian

The post-retirement era of his life, having achieved a colorful and brilliant career as an officer in the Armed Forces, had a shocking and swift turn in Clement’s character and personality to the point he then became-

An Evangelist for Christ and spreading the word all in the strong belief, and living life on the edge, he indeed acknowledged at some point in all sincerity and with all humility that-

“God Did” save him and that Jehovah was the reason he was able to serve, retire and finally have a life that was peaceful and happy as-

Compared to a life of chaos, noise, busts and booms he had been accustomed to all his life, which almost ousted him that at different points of his career and lifetime.

Clement Oguejiofor Burial brochure

Clement Chukwujekwu”Charismatic, strong, provocative, iconic and legendary.” These are a few words I feel that describe our father.

Not a lot of people pass through this phase called life, leaving indelible marks and irretrievable memories such as my father did.

He was a man of much discourse both in his public and private life.

For the life of my father, as his protege and effigy, I must say I am very proud of him, and his family and loved ones who knew him and what he meant to this world, would forever be grateful to God for his life here on earth.

We miss you Dad, Salute General, adieu Papa.

You may have gone but your memory will live on forever.

Goodbye! My Boss.

Mr. Ekene Moses Oguejiofor for the family

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