April 15, 2024

Barr Earnest Ezenwa Aguata 1 Constituency for Anambra State House of Assembly the Man for the job.

The Man Fit for The Job

Anambra State is a great state in Nigeria with great people and politicians.

Aguata 1 Constituency, is the today Aguata South; in Aguata LGA in Anambra State, comprising of:







Barr Earnest Ezenwa is a native of Achina in Aguata LGA, and a proud son of the soil who has not relent in community service from time to time.

Why The Achina Man is the best for the job

Achina and her people has been so supportive to other communities; when it comes to politics and political positions. Achina has supported virtually all other communities in Aguata 1 Constituency politically; from time immemorial. And the time for other towns to support Achina Town is here!

Anambra State House of Assembly election calls for representation and Aguata 1 Constituency must field a candidate for the position. Who will go?

The Aguata people, very intelligent; with too many genius!

“We can’t let anyone from anywhere represent us;” was the opinion of the people.

We the people of Aguata South will no longer vote political party; but credible candidate no matter his or her party. Omego anyị ihe. Therefore, we have learnt our lesson and have decided to do the right thing by voting credible candidate this time.

Aguata South Opinion

How do we know who can do it?

When BrainPower sampled opinion, we discovered from our people that Aguata 1 Constituency need to know who is who; fit for the job. The best man for the job must be ready to:

  1. At the time, Present himself for the people to decide
  2. Present his past community involvement for others to criticize
  3. Be willing to carry everyone along and be patient with the people to decide
  4. Meet both market men and women with other non professionals like he has the power to interact with the intelligentsias
  5. Be willing to subject himself to the “power of recall” that he can be called back when he is not doing well.
  6. Hold Town Hall Meeting with the Constituency members to get first hand solutions that will continue to drive his ambition
  7. Eliminate barriers to meeting him in person
  8. call home to inform the people that gave him the representative power, the situation on top

Who is Barr Earnest Ezenwa Aguata 1 Constituency? find out

Portrait of Barr Earnest Ezenwa of Aguata 1 Constituency
Barr Earnest Okechukwu Ezenwa for Aguata 1 Constituency

Finest among all Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) political aspirants on the race for Aguata 1 Constituency, Anambra State House of Assembly. He is the PDP flag bearer for Anambra State House of Assembly.

Barr Earnest Ezenwa stewardship

You Need to Know How Qualify is Earnest Ezenwa Academically

Academic experience of Barr Earnest Ezenwa cum Manifesto

Barr Earnest Okechukwu Ezenwa is a grass root politician with good will. Seeking to be elected into the Anambra State House of Assembly for Aguata 1 Constituency.

We must vote! But we have to vote a credible candidate this time.

BrainPower present to you Barr Earnest Okechukwu Ezenwa the finest PDP candidate for Aguata 1 Constituency.

Use your vote ndị Aguata 1 Constituency; vote the finest.

Campaign portrait of Barr Earnest Ezenwa of Aguata 1 Constituency
PDP Finest: Barr Earnest Okechukwu Ezenwa

Barr Earnest Ezenwa is a Great Farmer, Lawyer, he has love for education; he has serve both his community and beyond. Earnest Ezenwa (Ọnwa Ezennabude) has contested this position before now, yet remain humble waiting for the Aguata 1 Constituency to decide.

However, we no longer vote political party; we vote for credible candidates; the finest will have our vote for a better day and for our great future.

Ndi Aguata 1 Constituency, be wiser this time, use your vote, vote the finest.

Picture of Barr Earnest Ezenwa of Aguata 1 Constituency
Barr Earnest Okechukwu Ezenwa

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