May 21, 2024

Sponsored Post

Sponsored Post on BrainPower blog site are recommended post identifiable in the past with a special BrainPower code that start with BP… at the end of every post title paid for.

What to look out for

You may still see a code like BP001SP.. at every post paid for on site, you may see a code like: “BP30…” at the end of the post title; depending on the number (position) of the post as of the time of release.

We have shortened the code.

However, BP stands for BrainPower while SP means “Special Post.” The number attached to it represent the position of the post as of the time it was released.

Where to find the code

If for instance, a sponsored post title has at the end of the post title “BP40” it means that the post is a sponsored post to have the BP.., tag, and the number attached to it, is the position of the post on BrainPower blog site.

Sponsored post on BrainPower are paid for by someone.

Special Code

Once a post is sponsored (Paid for), it may have a code attached with the exact number representing the position of the blog post on BrainPower.

Is nice to have a code on BrainPower, because, with the code alone, one can reach the post faster by just inserting the code on BrainPower search button, and push the search button, to access the post faster instead of typing the post title; for those who may forget the post title.

It helps

Every post paid for, on BrainPower is sponsored by someone to have a BrainPower code.

We encourage you to sponsor a post on BrainPower and have a simple post code to remember.


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