July 25, 2024
BrainPower Special Post Menu: SP Flyer

BrainPower Digital Flyer Special Post Menu

BrainPower Special Post Menu: SP, is a post page here on BrainPower, that inform blog readers and the BrainPower customers on BrainPower blogging schedule.

Here is the BrainPower Event Coverage Channels

  • BrainPower offer Brainpowerplanet.com event blog post
  • YouTube post of event
  • Facebook post of event etc.

Special Post cost Menu

The BrainPower Event blog Post: Silver

  • One page of BrainPower Silver blog post with:
  • 1-2 YouTube PLANET TV video (s)
  • At least 3 important pictures
  • Post writeup of not more than 150 words with up to 50 Digital Photobook pictures cost:
  • Negotiable amount of N45, 000 on Brainpowerplanet.com Note : You can secure as many pages as you want. More space, more pictures, videos, and writeup.

Blog Post: Gold

More than 2 PLANET TV YouTube videos, and not more than 4 blog post pictures, and more than 100 post words, with up to 80 digital Photobook pictures cost N55, 000 up, on Brainpowerplanet.com

BrainPower Special Post Menu: SP

Contact Channel

Contact BrainPower both on WhatsApp on (+234) 08113120481

Email BrainPower company Blogger at: info@brainpowerplanet.com

BrainPower have great potential to accept pictures and videos from you through both WhatsApp, email, etc.

Also, this company will help you upload your event on the company PLANET TV YouTube channel, and blog your event on Brainpowerplanet.com

Your content will also be shared on social medias like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. And you will be sent the blog post Link and the WhatsApp version.

Amendment of the blog post can still be made, even after the post.

Everything can be done online, without meeting physically. Just Contact BrainPower through the company channel. Manager will attend to you.

BrainPower Special Post Menu: SP

Yes! BrainPower make events go viral and saved for researchers and the younger generation.

Event like:

  • Positive celebration of any kind
  • Wedding, both Traditional, and anniversary
  • New song, launching
  • Burial ceremony
  • -Birthday party
  • Child Presentation
  • Thanksgiving
  • occasions of Classes (OoC)
  • community programs that need to be documented
  • Legal Title taken of any kind
  • Coronation
  • Political Party Events
  • philanthropic movement, and other positive social engagements
  • Social Festivals of any kind
  • School, organization, all kinds of positive activities that needs coverage and blogging contact BrainPower.
  • Foundation Outreach

Note: you have added advantages when you blog your event on Brainpowerplanet.com

Opportunities on BrainPower Special Post Menu: SP

You equally can negotiate with anyone or organization hosting an event, and inform them about Brainpowerplanet.com blogging potential.

Send BrainPower the event pictures and videos, through WhatsApp or email, then check Brainpowerplanet.com site the next 1 hour, the event will be live on www.brainpowerplanet.com

You already have your video on YouTube?

If you already have your video on YouTube, or audio on any site, just share the link with BrainPower; we shall blog it for you; and draw traffic to your channel. You know what it means!

3 Months Contract is what you signed when you blog on Brainpowerplanet.com

More than a 3 months contract is what you signed with BrainPower each time your activity, program, events etc is blogged on Brainpowerplanet.com.

Because, BrainPower shall continue to monitor, follow contributions, comments, and reactions of the audiences; especially on different social networks and medias where we share the blog post.

More than 100 populated platforms where we share your stories is possible.

We don’t stop taking traffic (your audience) to your stories Financial Windows when you blog on www.Brainpowerplanet.com

BrainPower offer you values for patronizing Brainpowerplanet.com.

Nevertheless, when you discuss with BrainPower to blog your event, and we anchored live, after the blog post on brainpowerplanet.com, we shall send at least most relevant pictures of the most important moments of the event to you.

Take the advantage of blogging your events on www.brainpowerplanet.com

Tell your friends about this. Brainpowerplanet.com is a professional blog site informing the world uncensored.

Reach the world with your stories and events; from the comfort of your location today.

You want to advertise your business, your stories or brands on Brainpowerplanet.com? Reach BrainPower.

Chat with BrainPower the Blogger on WhatsApp:

Support & Notification

You can support BrainPower through the BrainPower US Dollar Support page, if you live outside Nigeria.

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