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Achina,  Idegwu Egbe Buru Ọku asọghi anwuru is a town popularly known and recognized by the government as ACHINA TOWN.

Town Slogan

Achina Idegwu Egbe bụrụ ọkụ asọghi anwụrụ is a town in Old Aguata LGA in Anambra State Nigeria the African Continent.

Book on Achina History

Visit Brainpowerplanet.com for Achina History by Nweke Ifeanyi Green titled: “Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages, ” published 27th December 2012.

Achina Town is a great town with very reach history dated back the 11th century.

Many writers and authors have described Achina Town as a great town.

It has produced great Men and women known in their field of endeavors.

The history of Achina is full of adventuring. No wonder it was named: “Land of the Great.”

Achina, Land of the Great!

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BP: This picture of Orie Achina Round-about is credited to MOAtv.

[caption id="attachment_2217" align="alignnone" width="300"]Achina Idegwu Orie Achina Round-about Achina Idegwu town[/caption]
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