April 15, 2024

Nonso Ezeagu Foundation Outreach is an organizational platform designed to reach-out to those who needed some care.

What Nonso Ezeagu Foundation Does

Officially, this foundation is anchored:

To facilitate the improvement of social development in rural communities

Improve the advancement of quality education of children and young people

To help relieve poverty in rural communities in Nigeria by inspiring the empowerment of youths and women

Promote the respect and well being of elderly persons and community Leaders

Evidence of Community Outreach by NEF

One of the communities that have felt the Food outreach program of Nonso Ezeagu Foundation (NEF), is the Yimitu village Waru, Abuja.

The Nonso Ezeagu Foundation Yimitu village outreach program details can be fetch on NEF Facebook Page; where the foundation captured the event.

After meeting with the village palace heads, NEF proceeded to the field where it distributed food and drinks to the villagers.

Based on the success recorded at the Yimitu village, the foundation decided to continue the outreach.

It equally visited the Damagaza community in Abuja.

And the NEF Damagaza community outreach program is available on their Facebook Page.

According to the founder Nonso Ezeagu the CEO, Noobira Footwear; to the outreach beneficiary:

Not that you can not afford meal, but this is to support you.”

The NEF is simply out to touch life. And they understand those benefiting from the outreach program.

Find out what this foundation does, give them your support.

Nonso Ezeagu, is a native of Achina in Aguata LGA, Anambra State. A good man that always want good thing for the people.

Nonso Ezeagu Foundation is sincerely seeking ways to improve life.

The founder has good qualities fit for leadership position.

He is humble and love seeing people smile.


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