April 15, 2024

Nigeria Business Name Registration is very very important for any one who wants to do a legitimate business anywhere in Nigeria.

As a business owner in Nigeria, you need to get your brand business name registered with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)

Nigeria Business Name Registration is done legitimately in Nigeria by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC); yes! It has marketers who are helping Business Owners registered their business legitimately with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

BrainPowerPlanet Nig Ltd Is Trusted Name That Can Help You Register Your Business With CAC.

You really want your business name registered? And you want a Company you can trust, hold accountable, that will deliver everything you need to run a legitimate business, then BrainPowerPlanet Nig Limited will assist you achieve these:

  1. Business Name Check: for you to register a business name in Nigeria, you first, need to come up with a business name of your choice. The name should be better when mentioned, will have connection to what you are already doing or wants to do with the business name. Then that business name you want your business to bear or be known for, will be sent to the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to run a business name check. The need for the check is to know if the business name have already been registered or can not be registered.
  2. Business Name Reservation: after the name check is confirmed not existing, or it exists; but some other name (s) may be added to it, for it to still be registered. For instance, Brainpowerplanet Nig Limited was initially created to be registered as BrainPower Nig Ltd. But eventually, the name BrainPower can not be registered alone, then the word Planet was attached and was registered as BrainPowerPlanet Nig Limited. Haven grab the knowledge, is time to reserve that your business name, which will be done by Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). It is called Business Name Reservation: the name you chose for your business will be reserved for you for at least 30 days (one Month), after which if you don’t register it, the business name reservation will expire and it will be counseled.
  3. Business Name Registration Process: In Nigeria, you really may go through some stressful protocol especially when you want to register your business. But is easier if you can secure a trusted Corporate Company doing it for you online. Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) does its business name registration online. But you need experts to help you. You have BrainPowerPlanet Nig Limited and we are ready to help you get your Business Name registered without you stressing yourself. Our Company will deliver.

Assurance if you register your business through us

  • We will deliver your Certificate of Incorporation (Business Name Registration) to you no matter your location.
  • You no longer needs Lawyers for witness and proper documentation and careful registration procedures, if you contact us. We have all it takes to help you register your business name and provide support for you at all time. Our Lawyers are at your service when you Contact our company.
  • We shall connect you immediately with Nigeria Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) for continuous updates and necessary details of your registered Corporate Business
  • We shall also deliver your Tax Identification Number (TIN) to you when you register with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) through our Company Brainpowerplanet Nig Ltd
  • We have channels through which you can communicate freely with us at your convenient time.
  • We shall assist you further on:
  • Your Business Name Corporate Account Opening in Banks of your choice. So that you can run a legitimate business in Nigeria from the comfort of your location.

Cost of Business Name Registration through BrainPowerPlanet Nig Limited

Nigeria Business Name Registration with Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission through the trusted Business Name Registration Company: BrainPowerPlanet Nig Limited cost a negotiable amount of N50, 000

With just N50, 000, we shall help you register your business name with Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with follow come assistance to own a Corporate Bank Account with your Business name at the commercial bank of your choice.

Nigeria Business Name Registration: Become a legal entity

However, If you make effort, you will become a Legal Entity. You will start your own legal business and be respected among your pears!

You are above 20 years already, you are supposed to have your business name registered by now.

Contact BrainPower, the BrainPowerPlanet Nig Limited will make these things easier for you, and you will get your registered Business Name credentials sent to you at the comfort of your location.

If You need us to assist you with your Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Business Name Registration, just pay into the company account and contact us with your receipt of payment.

Our Company Account Details

Pay N50, 000 to:

Account/Name: BrainPowerPlanet Nig Ltd

Account/No. 4650036841

ECO Bank Plc.

Contact our Company Customer Care (3C) on: WhatsApp/Call: (+234) 08113120481

Email: info@brainpowerplanet.com

Once you have made payment or want to contact us or negotiate for payment to help you register your business name, Contact BrainPower Company Customer Care on Whatsap/Call: (+234) 08113120481 be assured of transparency!

No matter your business, You can be registered

No matter the kind of good business you are doing, get it registered.

You are a barber, farmer, shop owner, Hair dressers, online business, buying and selling, etc.

Get it registered with Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Brainpowerplanet Nig Limited is the trusted Company that will assist you if you contact our Company Customer Care.

Nigeria Business Name Registration: Become a registered business owner

Join the world richest today! Start your big dreams small. Start from the comfort of your location.

Note, your room for even online business owners, can be your small office for a starter!

We encourage you as a young person to get anything you are doing for a living registered today if you have not. Make a move.

Start the process to your greatness, your financial freedom starts the moment you decide to get your business registered in Nigeria with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), contact our Company Brainpowerplanet Nig Ltd

Benefits When You Get Your Business Name registered

When you register your business name with Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) through BrainPowerPlanet Nig Limited, you will be able to:

  1. Open a Corporate account with the commercial bank of your choice and do business with your brand name unhindered. It creates trust in business. It means corporate bodies will not be afraid to do business with you.
  2. You will be qualified for certain Grants and Loans.
  3. You can upgrade to a Company any time.
  4. Your brand name will become a legal entity upon registration.
  5. Brainpowerplanet Nig Ltd will be your guide when you needs help both technically; if you contact our Company Customer Care on WhatsApp/Call: (+234) 08113120481

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You can support the growth of BrainPower through the US Dollar Support page, if you live outside Nigeria.

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