April 15, 2024

Advertise on Brainpowerplanet.com and get value for your stories and business.

Cost of advertising on Brainpowerplanet.com

You have the privilege to advertise on Brainpowerplanet.com

  1. Advertise your business on Brainpowerplanet.com, no matter your location in this world
  2. Advertise your stories on Brainpowerplanet.com , the one you want the world to talk about
  3. Just anything good you do, that you want the world to know, contact Brainpowerplanet.com

A BrainPower page advertisement with at least 3 pictures and a PLANET TV short video between 10-30 minutes; and a backup write up (Business/post Description), between 50-150 words, cost negotiable amount of N25, 000 on BrainPower.

The advertisement shall include the information you shall permit, like: your business address, your official contact, and other official information, and official means through which you will wish your audience or customers should use to locate your business.

Even if is an online business. That needs no physical contact, we shall connect you and your customers for official business.

Let alone, when you desire that your customers meet you at your address. Is our job on Brainpowerplanet.com

Note: Not more than 3 pictures of what you want to advertise, with not more than 2 PLANET TV short videos of not more than 30 minutes in total, of your business, with business/post descriptions of not more than 150 words, with all necessary official information about your business, cost N50, 000 per BrainPower page.

Your benefits when you advertise on Brainpowerplanet.com

Your benefits when you advertise on Brainpowerplanet.com is numerous:

  1. We shall share your business advertisement both on our blog site www.brainpowerplanet.com, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. It will reach the world faster, and you will start enjoying great patronage from wide range of customers across the globe. And your brand will be known worldwide.
  2. We shall share the blog advertisement link with you, and friends, to make it easier for you and others to inform others on what you do. Is already there on Brainpowerplanet.com from generation to generation. Try BrainPower with your business advertisement today. We don’t need to see to make this happen. Just Contact Brainpowerplanet.com on WhatsApp no matter your location on: (+234) 08113120481 or Email us at brainpower1836@gmail.com

Please read through the BrainPower Special Post Menu and find out how we make it happen; and the kind of event we anchor on BrainPower.

For more information, please contact BrainPower through our channel. We will attend to you.


You can support the efforts of Brainpower through the BrainPower US Dollar Support page, if you don’t live in Nigeria.

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