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Anambra Databank The Rising Sun:

Anambra State Databank by Prof. Chukwuma Soludo is the Rising Sun.

The BrainPower

Long before now, nations succeeded; not as a result of gathering alone, but naturally playing truth with reality seemed achievable.

Anambra DataBank The Rising Sun: BrainPower insight

The Anambra State Databank collection presented to the Anambra people by Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo is the Rising Sun.

A state without a traceable database, is not working.

One not corrupted by frivolity, compromise, incompetency; but with a scrutinized system powered by creative and progressive minded citizens ready for more humanitarian services:

Resulting from their past freelance achievements in humanitarian gestures is rising.
Databank for Anambra State, is a BrainPower Solution by Prof. Chukwuma Soludo the Anambra State Governor.

First, as a think-tank, you should ask, why the: “Anambra State Databank..,” collection project by Prof. Chukwuma Soludo team?
No need to search for answers, yes! There is data, database; but not “Databank.”

Time to anchor the premium

We make money, have money; even at home, in our pockets etc, yet there is banks; and there is still the Central Bank also.
If we have data, we should not only have database, but Databank.
Now, what is important is not just the Databank our Rising Sun. Is important we take a back seat, sit down gently, think, and analyze what premium our Databank should contain:

Valuable information? Or mirage information with no premium? We should ask ourselves.

Professor May not be everywhere. Yes! we can help ourselves truthfully, without getting the meaning of the hand writing on the wall wrong; as a result of long practice of corrupt orientation:

“Is business as usual,” but: “time to get the work done.”
Nevertheless, is a launch for talents. Arise! Ndị Anambra. Embrace Good Governance.

Yes! Is also true good majority of our people has lost hope long ago on our leadership system; no doubt, is true.

Anambra DataBank The Rising Sun: Let’s embrace it

But the Sun is Rising! Again. The Anambra State Databank Project, the Rising Sun.

Just emerging having a true genuine data of talented citizens of Anambra State, from all works of life, irrespective of location, status-quo, “who you know,” etc assembled for humanitarian services:

With genuine quest for development and civilization; is nothing but the Rising Sun.

We need to know where we are, where we are going, and where we want to be, before we move!

Prof. Chukwuma Soludo Anambra State Databank is the Rising Sun for BrainPower. How do we play our part is next.

Contribution will keep the sun rising

State Databank our Rising Sun, needs the finest, best brain, star males and females assembled; from all works of life:

They are the human resources our dear state is endowed with; that should be valuable constituent of the Anambra State Databank for the Sun to continue Rising.

And should be a continuous process developing at progressive pace; to still get onboard every upcoming generation of Anambra talented:

Whom the system (Databank) source for; whenever their special talents start rising.

Which other ways can we get it right?


We need to believe the Sun is Rising! The Anambra State Databank.

Secondly, we should contribute our quota, and without compromise. Compromising the system (Anambra State Databank) will not help the Rising Sun.

Don’t join some who may rely on past issues of leadership failures as regards uncountable times our people has suffered “white Elephant” promises by the lead.

“Is time to get the work done ndị Anambra.”

What we believe is key

The natural Onye Igbo believes in Ezi na ụlọ, Ụmụnna etc. As a point of reaching a consensus on critical matters.

But the most important is that, every family (Ezinụlọ) and of course the kindred (Ụmụnna) knows what they have.

The Ogbe (small community), village, town, LGA, up to state level should have its own genuine Databank:

Later centered, well scrutinized under a strict uncompromised process, to help the Rising Sun, the Anambra State Databank.

Prof. Chukwuma Soludo and team is intelligent.

Let’s help ourselves, our state, our leaders, our younger generation and the coming generation overcome the fear of the unknown.

Anambra DataBank The Rising Sun: We have the potential

There is no fear of a failed state more serious than one with no Databank for the Rising Sun to shine! We need to see the need to take advantage of it positively; without hurting anyone positive interest.

The way Mr. A sees it may not be the way Mr. B may see it or understand it; like wise groups, leaders etc.

Including the presenters (New administration of Anambra State), whom we may not have collectively understood what they mean in terms of values embedded in the vision of the Anambra State Databank; the Rising Sun.

Be part of a good system

But we need to believe is the Sun Rising, and play our part, and guide the implementation by taking part in the accumulation and the archiving of our endowed human resource potentials:

Into one system; the Anambra State Databank. The sun is rising, play your part.

Be part of how we are being govern and should be governed.

Let’s take a walk with a brilliant BrainPower idea: imagine if we sincerely, honorably, and respectfully source and gather our human resource data for the Anambra State Databank to assist the sun rising; through the family, Ụmụnna etc.

Every kindred should have a government mandated Databank.

Every kindred should be able to provide genuine Databank for their kindred; capturing at least some of the below:

Family making up the kindred should present what they have

Most family making up the kindred should be captured on kindred Databank.

However, every family must provide data of their family to their kindred. The kindred will collect its kindred data and create its kindred Databank.

In the kindred Databank, there should not be a struggle to fetch information like: how many children born in every family, how many males and females, age brackets captured: 0-8, 9-17, 18-40, 41-60, 61-99, 100-above.

Anambra DataBank The Rising Sun: Record must be kept

If any citizen dies, irrespective of age, should reflect on the kindred record.

Kindred should have the record of how many graduates they have, their discipline captured and qualifications updated at regular basis, kindred should have record of undergraduates and unemployed they have.

Then those with special talents must be captured with their special talents etc.

No matter what anybody is, his kindred should capture the person’s identity on the kindred Databank; including those in Diaspora.

By this formula, it will not be difficult for other levels to update its Databank; from Kindred – small community – Village- Town-LGA – State.

Anambra State Databank the Rising Sun will not be a mirage; from the line of Good Governance with our understanding and support.

As we understand the need, let’s drive the economic potential of our dear state to its destination.

Anybody can govern Anambra State with Databank

Sure! Anybody that passed through governing process can govern Anambra State with genuine Databank.

Once there is Databank, housing the genuinely collected talents data, and where human capital resources must be sourced, for services across and beyond Anambra, we are save; because of the Rising Sun.

Nothing should keep our mind out of the content of our Databank as the sun is rising. Let’s be part of the entry and usage.

Good it has actually started online. We believe it will get home to our remote villages, where talented men and women our dear state is blessed with now chose, may be because of situations; that now turn into blessing because of the local content experience this group is privileged with.

Local Resources

Though just few are taking the advantage of the local content reach experience at the developing Grass-root of our dear state.

With the Databank, this generation will experience global exploits, that will turn around the Anambra State economy into a global envy in just a short period of time possible.

If we pick interest now, and be involve in what should be in the Anambra State Databank, for the vision of a good governance mission.

Every Vision is a Mission

When we see a vision, we saw a great mission.

Believe & Practice! Every Vision is a Mission.

The good vision of Anambra State Databank is a great mission of the Rising Sun.

We can get it right with our younger generation. Even: “the impossible is possible” John Mason said.

Think how you will not struggle to know who is who and where he or she can be found and what he or she does or have as a special talents; because of the uncompromised accessible Databank you have access to.

If things start working

Think of how happy you will be to receive a good news that your loved one just got Government appointment without struggling for it, just because he or she is qualified as a result of his or her endowment fetched from the Databank.

Just imagine how easy it will be for any citizen of Anambra State to govern, including women when we support and be part of the entry process.

Not time to sleep or feel less concern; but “time to get the work done!” Arise! Ndị Anambra and take the destiny of the Rising Sun.

Anambra DataBank The Rising Sun: When the sun start rising

Think how happy every genuine person will be when our data is not a compromise information.

Our offices will not be filled with compromised information based on incompetency. But the true information.

The Sun is Rising! Support the Anambra State Databank.

For registration or entry into the glorious Anambra State Talent Databank powered by Prof. Chukwuma Soludo team, visite: www.anambratalentdatabank.ng and fill the Google form before the time.

On BrainPower, we promote Good Governance moves.

Note: as of 26th of February 2022, the Google form for the 1st Episode of the Anambra State Talent Databank was: “no longer accepting responses.

You can visit the Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the Anambra State Databank below:

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