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Irene Ezenwa Egoigwe Biography is one full of greatness. An outstanding Mother General; with an exceptional quality of an: “Ada Achina tinyere ego na Bank.”

Born on the 5th of April 1940, the first child of Mr Ben and Mrs Margaret Ezenwa of Gbirigbo, Umuezeiyi village, Achina in Aguata LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Married to Mr Edmund Ezenwa of Umueleke village, Achina in Aguata LGA.

Watch on PLANET TV the Catholic Church Special service held in honor of Mrs Irene Onyemaechi Ezenwa at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church Achina:

Officiated by His Excellency Most Rev. Bishop Jonas Benson the Catholic Bishop of Nnewi Diocese on this day the 22nd of July 2023.

Church Service held in her honor at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church Achina

Mama Burial ceremony was full of celebration of well spent life. BrainPower anchored the event:

Church service / laying to eternal rest of Mother General Late Irene Onyemaechi Ezenwa

Condolences from friends and well wishers, relatives, in-laws, was captured on PLANET TV 22nd of July 2023.

Condolences to the Ezenwa family captured on PLANET TV by BrainPower
Celebration of a life well spent continued

Life and Time: History of Mrs Irene Onyemaechi Njemara Ezenwa

Portrait of Irene Ezenwa Egoigwe whose biography is captured on BrainPower

Fetch the inspirational history of Ezinne Irene Onyemaechi Ezenwa (Egoigwe Nwanyị):

Irene Ezenwa Egoigwe Biography: Education

Irene Onyemaechi Njemara Ezenwa started her Elementary school at Ikot Ekpene before relocating with her parents to Afikpo to start the then Standard School.

She was later sent home to Achina to stay with her Grandmother Madam Selina Oraebosi at the age of 9 years to help her.

However, she continued her schooling at Holy Trinity school Uga.

Very young, and beautiful, she started attracting marriage proposals from suitors early.

At 14, her Grandmother accepted on her behalf, the marriage proposal of an outstanding and upright Achina son – Mr Edmund Ezenwa Nwaogeri.

Nevertheless, her Orthodox Education was truncated, due to the early marriage, she was sent to Mrs Sebastian Ochuba in Umuahia to learn Sewing by the new husband. Where she spent one year.

Marriage: Irene Ezenwa Egoigwe Biography

Pretty Irene Onyemaechi Njemara Ezenwa on November 11th 1956 at age 16, was united in holy matrimony to Edmund Ezenwa.

The Marriage took place at St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Fegge Onitsha.

Incidentally, as fate may have it, her status changed, but her surname remained Ezenwa, which her husband equally bear.

Mama at this point became a full time Homemaker and started procreating.

She had her first Son, who unfortunately died few days after birth, in 1957.

Subsequently, over a space of 12 years, she delivered 9 more children out of which she lost 2 more sons.

To the Glory of God, her surviving 7 children, 3 sons and 4 daughters are celebrating her greatness on this day.

Inside Marriage

Ezinne Irene was blessed with a loving and wonderful husband. A successful big time business Man.

Mama’s husband Mr Edmund was a supermarket dealer, and a major distributor to Nigerian Breweries and Coca-cola at Onitsha.

Humbly, Mama joined her husband in the whole sale business, and also sold corn.

The proceed from her attached business, was what her husband used to resume business after the Nigerian civil war.

Because of Mama’s coordination, many people came to her for “Ọzụzụ;” right from the inception of her marriage. Yes! She inherited it from her mother.

Her own biological mother was legendary in this area in Achina. A lot of newly married girls was sent to her for training and guidance on marriage.

Good to others

As role models, Mama and her husband was a large hearted individuals that accommodated everybody.

While Mama’s husband was still alive, nearly all the Ezenwa kindred was living in one house with Edmund Ezenwa and Mama cooks for them.

One therefore, shouldn’t wonder why she went into catering services at the demise of her husband. It’s not unconnected with her role as a caring mother.

At the wake of the Nigeria civil war, Mr Edmund Ezenwa took his whole family to Achina where they withered the trauma of the civil war.

Back to Base

1970, immediately after the civil war ended Mama husband returned to Onitsha but soon after he took ill.

Ezinne carried her husband from one hospital to the other in search of cure for his ailment.

He was at the University Teaching Hospital Enugu (UNTH) and University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan, where his sickness defied medical treatments.

After a month at UCH, his illness was diagnosed incurable.

Mama did not loose hope, instead she took him to whichever hospital that was suggested.

The inevitable

It was while at UNTH Enugu on the 3rd of December 1971 that he finally gave up the ghost.

He died while praying with his Best Friend, late Bishop Eneje, then he was Rev. Monsignor Eneje.

May the gentle soul of late Mr Edmund Aneke Ezenwa rest in peace. Amen.

Irene Ezenwa Egoigwe Biography: Mama as a Widow

Life as a Widow was a difficult journey. But to God be the glory, He took care of me and my children.

Ezinne Irene Ezenwa: Interview response after her husband’s death

Unfortunately, it was at the tender age of 31 years that Mama was widowed. And she was heavily pregnant with her last child when her dear husband died. Life became tough overnight.

Thanks to her father, late Mazi Ben Ezenwa who took it upon himself to support her in raising her children as help was not forthcoming from expected quarters.

Mama tried very hard to keep all her children with her despite all odds.

Initially, she tried to resume her husband’s business but because his illness gulped a lot of fund before his demise, the business didn’t stand for long.

Then she had to diversify into other businesses to make ends meet.

She went into selling of food stuff and condiments at Ochanja market, to support herself and children.

The children were growing and starting school. School Fees became a serious challenge.

Many thanks to monsignor Ugwueze who first took it upon himself to pay school fees for some of the children, so they can attend school.

However, the children also contributed to the family’s upkeep by selling little things in the evenings after school.

For instance, Adaku and Chinwe sold “Akwa Ogazi” and oranges in front of their house at 15 Uga Street Fegge Onitsha while Okey sold minerals.

Irene Ezenwa Egoigwe Biography: In the late 70s

In the late 1970s Mama went into tailoring and catering businesses with her children still helping out whenever school permits.

God blessed her catering business. She made a lot of customers who were satisfied with her handwork.

Customers like Igwe Amiri made it a standard that she cooks for any event in Amiri in Imo State.

With her blossoming business Mama did not forget where she was coming from. She doesn’t like to see anybody suffering.

She took in and trained a lot of people on catering services. People like:

  • Mrs Belonwu from Akwa-Etiti
  • Mama Kate and Mama Ngọzi from Achina
  • Mrs Idika and Mrs Umeh from Achina etc.

Even her domestic helps were not forgotten. For instance, she took in Mrs Bernadine Anayo Ndiokwere when she was a little girl, trained her and she later got married.

When Bene lost her husband, after giving birth to her first child, Mama took her back and took care of her and the child, who is today a graduate and a big Boy.

Mama’s culinary skills and handwork as a caterer, is still sustained by Bene.

Mama as a Philanthropist

Ezinne Irene Onyemaechi Ezenwa was a full time philanthropist. Her largesse is legendary.

Mama used her work to accommodate those in need.

She coordinated and encouraged many widows who where facing one challenges or the other after the death of their husbands.

Ezinne gave them the “will and strength” to live and trudge on.

For a fact, she distributed Christmas food to the less privileged!

Egoigwe! Lived a passionate woman. She paid school fees for a lot of people including people she is not related with.

Mama contributed and has singlehandedly trained some graduates, Seminarians and even Reverend Fathers.

Social and Christian Life

Mrs Irene Onyemaechi Njemara Ezenwa was a staunch Catholic member, a true Christian who truly believes in God.

Mama believes in prayers especially the power of the Holy Rosary and indoctrinated all her children into this faith.

Egoigwe believe so much in the power of the rosary that she made it compulsory for the family to say the rosary every day.

Whenever she is alone, she is seen saying her rosary.

Ezinne Irene chose Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini (popularly known as Mother Cabrini) as her patron saint and mentor, hence she named her shop Mother Cabrini Store.

“Mother Cabrini founded the missionary Sisters of the Sacred heart of Jesus.”

Mama accommodated the Block Rosary center in 15 Uga Street in the 80s when they have to move from their primary location.

She was the patron of the block rosary crusade under the old immaculate heart parish Fegge Onitsha.

Mrs Irene Ezenwa was onetime President of the Catholic Women Organization (CWO), Uga Street zone Fegge Onitsha.

Severally, She was awarded the title “Ezinne” by the immaculate heart parish Fegge Onitsha,:

St Benedette parish Onitsha, St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church Achina and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Achina.

Life After Retirement: Irene Ezenwa Egoigwe Biography

In 2002, Mama was forced by her children into retirement. She was also relocated to Lagos to ensure compliance.

However, Ego Igwe Nwanyị undergone several phases in her life.

At the beginning when the husband was alive, things were rosy. But when death struck, it became difficult raising the children.

But through hard work and help of God, Mama was able to train all her children.

Today: “Mama has an Engineer, two Doctors, two Lawyers, and five business men and women, and a large number of Grandchildren.”

Her children didn’t stint in showing her their appreciation. Mama enjoyed the fruit of her labors.

Ezinne Irene Onyemaechi Njemara Ezenwa (Ego Igwe Nwanyị) toured all over the world, courtesy of her children who took her along as they travel.

Egoigwe has been to United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Dubai, Rome, etc. And she had visited some of these countries more than once.

Mama we pray God to grant you eternal rest in heaven. Amen.

Achina Community in Aguata LGA, in Anambra State is celebrating a great woman and a role model Egoigwe!

This Biography of Ezinne Irene Onyemaechi Njemara Ezenwa (Ego Igwe Nwanyị) is proudly sponsored on BrainPower by her Children.

Many thanks to “Nwanyi Ka ibe” Mrs Chinwe Ezenwa-Mbah Esq, the President of the prestigious League of Achina Women Professionals (Law-P), Mama’s daughter.

Visit Law-P official website and see great women of honor she leads as President and their capacity.

And to the family Engr. Okey Ezenwa and siblings, we ask God to continue to lead you all.

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