April 19, 2024

Life & Time

Life & Time on BrainPower represent a post on a particular individual whose biography is worth reading.

Biography on BrainPower

We try as much as possible to capture realities. Originality is the quality of our post on “Life and Time” on BrainPower.

Everyone has a biography. But not every story changes situation for good. BrainPower is always interested on great stories with potential to change and shape our society for good.


The life and time of an individual written by that individual is known as autobiography.

Whether is a biography of someone’s else history written by another relatives or well wishers, once the history is rich with potential to shape our society for good, is good to appear on BrainPower.

Contact BrainPower whenever you have such biography or autobiography that has potential to shape and groom new models.

Enjoy our collections of powerful autobiography and biography of important people we have come across.

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