April 15, 2024
Visit of Anambra State Ministry of tourism to Ezekoro stream

Tourism department visited Ezekoro-Stream in Achina, Aguata LGA, Anambra State.

Achina Town in Aguata LGA, is a blessed community in Anambra State, well positioned topographically.

Ezekoro Stream and forest, a tourism site received boost when the Anambra State Tourism Department Visited the site.

Achina Town Union (ATU) invited Anambra State Tourism Department to obtain expatriate advise in the ongoing efforts to develop the international tourism potential of Ezekoro Stream and forest.

Condition of Ezekoro Stream as of when Department of tourism visited Ezekoro-Stream

Getting to the Ezekoro water source, it was discovered that:

  • Some Ezekoro Stream steps are dilapidated
  • The water harvesting source for both males and females needs serious maintenance
  • The Ezekoro Stream and forest needs more serious protection from deforestation and bamboo fire wood fetchers.
  • Ezekoro Stream as identified should not be allowed to be a refuse dump ground etc.

However, irrespective of the landslide that happened to the Ezekoro forest in 2000, that swallowed some of the steps in Ezekoro Stream, the Anambra State “Tour Guard” got 276 steps in total.

Way Forward

According to the Acting Director of Tourism “A Tourism site is the traffic it command.”

He pointed that Achina Town Union should:

  • Take full ownership of the Ezekoro Stream and forest; by securing it from inversion of any kind.
  • Keep maintaining the Ezekoro Stream and forest, to attract tourist, Government and people patronizing it.
  • Refuse should not be dumped at any corner.
  • No traditional practice with potential to scare tourist should be carried out or allowed within the Ezekoro Stream and forest.
  • A monumental entrance gate be constructed to give a face lift to the proposed international tourism site
  • Historical background of the Ezekoro Stream and forest, and mythologies around it, and positive stories about it be documented
  • Achina town should invest more on publications, documentaries, books on Ezekoro Stream and forest.
  • ATU should officially write to the Anambra State Tourism Department, for official international tourism program and templates plan development

Achina people and leaders present on the 18th October 2019 Anambra State Tourism Department visit to Ezekoro Stream and forest was saturated.

The Ezekoro Stream and forest in Achina: situation, as of the time of this Publication.

Tourism Department Visited Ezekoro-Stream:Attendance

  • Mr Emmanuel Umeokana: Then Acting Director Anambra State Tourism Department
  • Mr Okpala Victor: Then Tourism Officer Anambra State
  • Onyenze Chidozie: Then Tour Guard Anambra State Tourism Department
  • Sir Barr Chito Ezeani (Omenuko): Emeritus President General ATU
  • Late Chief Cyril Ezenwa (Obinyelugo): Author, “The Plan of Creation in African Tradition.”
  • Ichie John Okpala (J&J): Then Chairman Achina committee on works, Erosion, and Environment
  • Mrs Ezenachi: Then Secretary Achina committee on works, Erosion, and Environment
  • Activist Nweke Ifeanyi Green: Then Chairman Aguata LGA WASHCOM (Water Sanitation and Hygiene Committee) Federation, cum Author “Achina Idegwu: The Mirror of Ages.”
  • Mr Osinachi Ezeagha: Then P.R.O Aguata LGA WASHCOM Federation
  • Nze Azubike Eze: Then National President Achina Youths Council (AYC)
  • Hon Augustine Okpala: Then Administrative Secretary ATU
  • Comrd Vincent Ibeh: Then National P.R.O Achina Youths Council.
  • Chief Pat Ezenwa: Then Member BOT, NEWSAN (Network for Water Sanitation) South East Nigeria and Delta State.
  • Engr. Ofoma
  • Mr Emmanuel Onuora: Member Achina vigilante service
  • Mr Romanus Okpalaebuluo.

For Your Information! Achina is a Great Town “Land of The Great.”

Ezekoro Stream and forest our treasure

Let this generation know: Ezekoro Stream and forest is our community treasure. We can bring it to live.

several groups, individuals and experts have suggested palliative steps to treasure the potentials of the Ezekoro Stream and forest.

Imagine if attention is giving to Ezekoro Stream and forest

Tourism Department Visited Ezekoro-Stream, suggestions:

  • It will look great if the steps are maintained
  • Tiles with coarse surface can be used on the steps
  • Stainless rails or golden rails that will not rust be mounted on both sides of the steps to guide visitors down the stream
  • Thatch houses, like bar, rest corner be created side by side along the stream steps
  • Art works that speaks much on Achina ancient History and important people in Achina be decorated to attract visitors
  • Connecting bridges be created at important places to beautiful our treasure Ezekoro forest and stream
  • Relaxation center can be built at a corner to lodge visitors
  • Youths of Achina be offered opportunity to be hosting events and youth carnival in a designated place within the Ezekoro Stream forest
  • Sure it should be powered with light to make the place lively at all time.
  • Entrance gate be constructed, and entrance fee introduced at the point of entry.
  • Security mounted to keep our treasure save for tourists
  • At least weekend events be hosted and special carnival anchored during festive season.
  • The Youths body has a part to play to keep our treasure booming. Elders and authorities in Achina will have their say and contributions to keep Achina Treasure busy.
  • Remember: “Tourism site is the traffic it command.”

Fetch more information on Ezekoro Stream and forest, how the Ezekoro Stream steps was constructed and those behind it.

Discover what you should know about the Ezekoro Male Deity in Achina; the masculine deity of Aguata.


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