April 15, 2024
AYC Home Branch 2023 End of Year Party photos

Photos of 2023 AYC Homes branch end of year party event

AYC Home Branch 2023 End of Year Party held on this day the 4th of December at Orie Achina Park was great.

Achina is a great town in Aguata LGA in Anambra State, Nigeria. A Town known from the time memory can stretch as a great town: “Land of The Great.”

This Achina Town in Aguata LGA, has a town Union known as Achina Town Union (ATU). And it has women wing, and youth wing.

The Youth wing of Achina Town Union is the today Achina Youths Council (AYC) National; as of the time of this post, led by Mr Nnamdi G.O Ugbaja (British).

And Achina Youths Council has branches almost all over the federation of Nigeria. And also has AYC Ghana branch as it’s first Diaspora branch.

However, Achina Youths Council (AYC) Home Branch under the Interim Administration of Hon Augustine Okpala, who is the First elected 1st Vice President of AYC National, organized this event.

Successfully, AYC home branch has celebrated it’s end of the year party for 2023, which is the second episode of this great event.

It was a gathering of citizens of communities far and near in Achina to celebrate!

Here is the 2023 edition:

AYC Home Branch 2023 End of Year Party

AYC Home Branch Early morning workout from Achina to Akpo Junction in preparation for the Event with Ogele!
Njima anchored the event and participated with other music groups like Igwe Noble Aguata: Prince Chichebem Ezeani (Noble Int’l Band) etc.
Traditional performance like Itunya, Idaiya and igbanmowu competition was part of the most exciting moment of the AYC home branch end of year party.
Here is the masquerade competition that shaped the 2023 end of year party of AYC home branch.
The winners of the 2023 AYC Home Branch end of year party competition was rewarded at the event.
BrainPower Digital Photobook captured important moments on camera; during the event.

AYC Home Branch 2023 End of Year Party

Hon Oluebube Ezenenwu was the 2023 Achina Youths Council home branch end of the year party committee Chairman.

Achina Idegwu Egbe Buru Ọku Asoghi Anwuru is rising great.

Hon Anayo Okpalaeke (Onye Achina), member representing Aguata 1 Constituency in Anambra State House of Assembly graced the occasion.

The working TC Chairman Aguata LGA Dr Chibueze Ofobuike was honored during the event.

The then Anyibuife Aga grade Chairman Mr Christian Okpalaosimiri attended with host of others.

Greatest Achina Youths!

Justice & Progress!!!

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