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Late Sophina Okpara Life Celebration at 90 BrainPower photos

Photos of late Sophina Okpara Life Celebration at 90

Late Sophina Okpara Life Celebration at 90 held on this day the 1st of December 2023 at Akwu in Akokwa, in Ideato North LGA in Imo State, Nigeria, captured on BrainPower.

It was a celebration of a life well spent. Late Ezinne Sophina N. Okpara burial ceremony was captured on PLANET TV by BrainPower.

Lying in state and Church service held in honor of late Sophina Okpara Life Celebration at 90 on the 1st of December 2023.
Burial Ceremony of Late Sophina Okpara Life Celebration at 90 at Akwu Autonomous community in Akokwa, Imo State.
Day 2 burial ceremony by Umuada Akwu and condolences by In-laws and relatives on the 2nd of December 2023.
Condolences continued on Day 2 at Sophina Okpara husband’s compound.
Digital Photobook by BrainPower on the life celebration of late Ezinne Sophina Okpara at 90.

Late Sophina Okpara Life Celebration At 90 : Biography

1933, late Mrs. Sophina Ndijionu Okpara (Nee: Obiejesi) was born as a Princess into the Royal Family of Ezeoke dynasty.

Sophina was the first child of late Chief Onwuka Obiejesi and Lolo Emejuo Obiejesi of Umuodoma kindred in Umuanukpa clan, in Akwu Autonomous community in Akokwa in Ideato North LGA, in Imo State, Nigeria.

Her mother, Lolo Emejuo was the only daughter of her parents Mr. & Mrs. Egbenebu of Umulolo Ihedi kindred in Umuokwara autonomous community, Akokwa.

Early Life, Education & Career

Sophina was nurtured and brought up as a Princess in her father’s palace, under the tutelage of her mother, a virtuous woman.

At teenage , her parents sent her to Onitsha in present-day Anambra State to live with her aunt, Mrs Theresa Onwuelingo, a business woman who traded on women wrappers and accessories; and her husband, Hycent.

Young Sophina went through training and later became supervisor. She also trained as a seamstress.

However, Sophina had no formal education, not because she did not want, but at that period, girl child education was not a priority.

Her parents as the custodians of culture and traditions were pagans. Majority of those who went to school then, were those who embraced religion.

Marriage, Family Life & Christian Faith

The young enterprising beautiful Princess returns home to her parents during festive periods.

She was the admiration of most young men who came across her, however, the lucky man was the intelligent, very humble, neatly and well-dressed dazzling young Sylvanus Umeh Okpara, who returned from Agbor in Delta State, where he traded Groceries.

They got married and Wedded in St. Barnabas Catholic Church, Akokwa on May 7th , 1953. Sylvanus came from a Christian family. The marriage was blessed with Eight children, four males and four females. She is survived by Five of her children.

Burial Brochure Sophina Okpara

Late Sophina Okpara Life Celebration At 90

Sophina joined her husband at Agbor after their marriage and assisted him in his business before setting up a dress designing outfit and later incorporated the sales of women wrappers, till the civil war broke out in 1967.

During the war, Sophina went into different trades at Akokwa. She travels to Aguleri in Anambra State to bring in food stuff, fish, and other sea foods for sale.

Her home was also a rallying point for most families around in search of nutritious food.

At the end of the Civil war, she started Tobacco business; which she continued until 1973, when the family moved to Aba. She traded food stuff at Aba until 1996, when she retired from active trading and returned to Akokwa.

Sophina parents were not Christian at the time of her birth. She had her baptism at St. Barnabas Catholic Church Akokwa and had her first holy communion in the same church.

She was a member of the Mary league in her Youth and had her wedlock in the church. Until her death, she was a member of Roman Catholic Women Organization.

And she was honored as EZINNE in St. Gabriel Catholic Church in Akokwa, due to her participation in the church. And she remained a devoted Christian to death.

A life well spent

We saw our mum look after her mother, Emejuo in her old age, with her limited resources. We learnt from her, and we replicated the same.

Sophina was well looked after by her children and in-laws which enabled her to go through all the process of ageing with ease.

When she could no longer be alone with employed care givers in the village, she was taken to Port Harcourt to stay with her daughter for closer check.

She transited peacefully after having her breakfast, at a fulfilled age of 90 years.

Chief Ifeanyi M. Okpara (Omeziribe Akokwa) for the family

Condolences from High Places : Late Sophina Okpara Life Celebration At 90

Some organisations and institutions honored Late Sophina Okpara Life Celebration with tributes:

Association of Radiologist in Nigeria (ARIN): As of the time of this celebration, Prof Sule A. Saidu (President), Dr Ebbi D. Robinson (Secretary).

Izu Umunna: Prof. F. Nwafọ (Secretary).

University of Port Harcourt: Office of the Vice Chancellor (Professor Onwunari A. Georgewill) Vice Chancellor.

University of Port Harcourt: College of Health Sciences, signed by Prof. Angela Frank-Briggs

Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) River State Branch. Signed by Dr. Robinson, Ebbi D. (Chairman) and Dr. Avundaa, Hope (Secretary).

University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital. Signed by Head of Department of Radiology (Dr. Ray-Offor O.D)

Academic Staff Union of Universities: University of Port Harcourt Branch, signed by Dr. U. D. Chima (Chairperson) and Dr.S.O. Ejeba (Secretary)

Akokwa High School: Alumni Association, signed by Lambert Eze (President)

Marble Collegiate Redeemed Church of Nigeria: Christ Church Parish (City of Success) signed by Rev’d Canon Pharm. Chidozie Mmadu (Vicar), Bro. Dennis Ezesi D.C. (Catechist).

Late Sophina Okpara Life Celebration At 90

Also, Still on Marble Collegiate Redeemed Church of Nigeria: Signed by Bro. Uchechukwu Obi (Administrator), Bro. Chiemeka Ekejiuba (Assistant Leader), and Bro. Uzoma Maduneme (Leader).

SEMB Staff Welfare Association: Headquarters Unit Owerri, Signed by Mrs. Nwaogwugwu S.N. (Chairman SEMB S.W.A) and Pst. Akaonye G.C. (Secretary).

Government of Imo State of Nigeria: Secondary Education Management Board Owerri, Signed by Mrs. Udenkwo E.I for Executive Secretary.

Association of Radiologist of West Africa, signed by Obong Prof. Dianabasi Eduwem, FWACS (President).

Medical And Dental Consultants’ Association of Nigeria (MDCAN): University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital Chapter, signed by Dr. Yarhere Iroro. E. (Chairman) and Dr. Amadi Christian E. (Secretary).

Office of The Governor Imo State, signed by Barr Nnamdi Anyaehie (Chief of Staff).

Late Sophina Okpara Life Celebration At 90, may her soul rest in peace.

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